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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Your "gOVERnMENt" is Robbing you Blind to Fund their Global Agenda

For the full Story on how government steals more money than they need to fund their lawful duties go here:

There are about 4600 CAFR reports of accounts hidden from most people.

What is gOVERnMENt  doing with all these millions?

Paul Stramer


This caricature picture has very high impact per generating a strong cognitive thought for the viewer who is unaware of the CAFR to investigate further, triggers curiosity carry-through, and after review of a few, to share the same with others.
It has the effect of exponentially breaking the "Silence is Golden Rule" that has been well in place for the last 70-years relative to the well in place suppression of the CAFR (Local Government's Holy Grail of accounting) being mentioned by the syndicated media; controlled education; and Political Parties, which is in accounting terms; local government's: "Statement of Net Worth" that every taxpayer should be going over with a fine-toothed comb.
I request sincerely that all on the CAFR1 National email list use this caricature picture on their website, postings, Facebook, email communications, etc. and that they share with all that they know to do the same.
The picture can be copied (right click your mouse over the picture and select "save image as") then when saved it can be re-sized larger or smaller to fit your use needs and make sure to embed the link (you need to re-embed the link after the picture file is saved and then used by you) to the CAFR example listings page.
A strong wish to you from CAFR1 and the TRFA of the best in life for one and all.

Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
Manager - TRFA and CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936
 (928) 458-5854 Arizona




  3. Making this public, cost Walter big time, one of the good guys!

  4. MY fellow Nation people of the union states. You have to look at this logically. when dealing with criminals from a lawful and a legal points you have to ask yourself the question. have you ever known any syndicate Criminal organization to ever just turn they self in and give up everything they stole willingly voluntarily? not in a million years correct so will we have to do as the dejour government that's a waking and taking back our office have to hire unincorporated lawful law enforcement even military there are four and supportive to the organic Constitution law of the land and we have to arrest excuse my French even the head any tyrants or foreigners on our land acting As government services dilating with the substantive substantial organic rights of the people the time is now there's no more room for playing complaining or acting like we all are dead. see what's happening these people have grown so large that they almost feel as though they are untouchable now if we are not willing to stand up and fight for our country than we need to say f*** it and just continue being slaves and put our Tails between our legs I'm out

  5. also please excuse the misprint and misspelled words because I need better glasses which I cannot afford at the moment so I used my voice to text on my phone and when I go back to read it later on I found out that the phone text what it want to text basically so this is why I am willing to fight for my country because we are in the landlords and the tenants no correction we are the landlords and forced to be tenants. foreigners at that by our government I am not with that s***

  6. Walter has been hard at work on this for many years... have spoken with him several times. Each county needs to address this topic with their Board of County Commissioners in a very public meeting and maybe in the local paper. The tax burden could be lowered considerably...

  7. I shared!

  8. Atlantic charter 1941


  9. What's TRFA and CAFR1? what do these acronyms stand for?

  10. CAFR is Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

    TRFA is Tax Retirement Fund Association

  11. (PART 1)

    Keep in mind that an intentional vacuum / void was maintained for over 70-years towards your cognitive thinking per this issue due to THE MONEY AND POWER involved.

    The syndicated news media / controlled Education / Political Parties / Government Representatives, all were given the CAFR reports for the last 50 + years, the one group that was intentionally excluded was the general population. The "Silence is Golden" rule was 100% enforced, again due to the MONEY; WEALTH; and POWER derived therefrom.

    And yes, these organized gangs were VERY effective for not a peep, or distraction(s) exerted if the population got a clue and started to look there.

    We all hear people complaining about government extortion and theft every day and from every corner of our life.

    Well get this point very clearly: We all have been very effectively Parrot trained to think in ways and talk in ways that are as far away from the "BASICS" that actually effect the reality of the government hold over us. That being:

    1. How much money did your local government (City, County, School District, State, etc.)actually bring in total for the year? I note look over the last 15-years to see the in crease of "the take".

    2. The total investment account fund(s) each local government is sitting on, and the revenue generated from each over the years. Keep in mind your local government my oversee / own several "Enterprise" operations like a golf course; water shed; waste water treatment; land development; or many other named entities. Each will have its own Financial Statement / Report that is separate from the local government report that you are looking at. It is imperative they are looked at also to track the transfers made back and forth as well as the investment fund(s) each is holding. Many games are played here per movement of funds "out from the local government" into their enterprise holdings and then having the enterprise holdings "fund debt" (giving the impression that local government is operating at a shortfall) of the local government or to act as an unseen "Parking Zone" for wealth of the local government while at the same time creating a shortfall on the same local government's balance sheet to reflect a shortfall on their promoted "Budget"

    3. Most local governments get allocation of State Funds via different State / Federal programs. Those funds could be from Gas Taxes; Federal Grants; etc. Well the allocation the local government may get can "build" in that fund. If a local government has not accessed their annual allocation say for 15-years, with compounded interest that local government's sitting allocated balance in that fund may be massive.


    1. I looked at an Oregon County CAFR back in 2003. The County was crying poverty. Well, on their published budget all aspects of the county were operating on vapors. The private sector was funding 7 million out of the 21 million dollar budget. I looked through the County CAFR and yes it appeared they were operating on vapors. UNTIL I came to the third to last page of the CAFR. The on the lower left page was two lines: State Gas Tax Fund, Balance 128-million, return on fund balance 19-million (almost a return equal to their Annual Budget) No mention of this fund openly to the population of the County. What the government was doing was giving a showing of a Budget operating on vapors to then push through several tax increases, and then access some of the funds from their allocated Gas Tax revenues.


  12. (PART 2)

    2. Yavapai County, AZ in the year 2000. There was a Breakfast Club meeting where the County Board of Supervisors were there to be speakers. The Supervisor Gerald Feldmier, gave a pitch of how the roads were terrible and how he thought we all should agree that taxation should be raised to improve the roads. Well, this guy Walter raised his hand and asked: "Mr Feldmier, did you ever hear of the State of Arizona Comprehensive Annual Financial Report?" he said "No". I then said: "So I guess you never heard of the "State of Arizona Capital Project Road Improvement Fund?" He said "No". I then said: "Well, it is the second largest fund held by the State designated each year for allocations to all Counties in the state for road improvement. Four months latter all of the roads were re-done; new lights and signs; and the county road trucks were all replaced with new more expensive models. No taxation was need to do so, the County accessed that fund for about Four-Hundred-Million Dollars.
    I note will most of the readers here effectively dig into what shenanigans are going on in their local governments?

    No they will not. They will be expecting someone else to do it for them. Will someone else do it for them? Maybe. You will NOT get the cooperation from your local government officials. That would be like asking a Fox how many hens are being eaten by Foxes from the hen-house and if he would please block the opening were the Foxes were getting in from. Ain't going to happen.

    The Public needs to get a clue by looking themselves, seeing, then discussing their findings. If correction is needed (which it probably is), THEY need to effect the correction in "definitive terms" for "MANDATORY" compliance.

    And for a local slogan / saying: "Don't let the chance slip away, shoot a Fox in the Chicken coop today!"

    Good Luck and effectiveness for you population in YOUR Government venue!


    Walter Burien -

  13. Thank you for your comments Walter. Feel free to comment on any articles you find on this blog.
    Paul Stramer


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