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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Psst...... What the Corporations Don't Know

By Anna Von Reitz

This is on the QT, faithful readers.  This is something hidden from those who consider themselves wise and powerful, but unless some of them wake up, it is going to uproot their worldview.  

People incorporate businesses for various reasons -- purported tax advantages (churches and non-profits) and limited liability and bankruptcy protection (commercial corporations) are the typical reasons for incorporating. 

Most businesses that incorporate see no benefit from incorporation, and they suffer many, many disadvantages, but they have been advised by legal professionals to incorporate----and so they do.  

Let's see what they lose by incorporating:  

For starters, they become subject to the rules and regulations of the parent corporations issuing their charters.  This means that they have to pay for business "licenses" and meet periodic reporting requirements. They are obligated to obey all the various regulations imposed by statutory laws and codes.  And they are also obligated to pay many forms of taxes--- income taxes, regulatory taxes, property taxes, franchise taxes--- that they otherwise wouldn't have to pay.  They also have to subject themselves to audits and investigations and lose their privacy protections.  Most damaging of all, they become responsible for the debts of whatever entity issued their charter because they are franchises.  

So, all those corporations that received charters from the UNITED STATES, INC.?  And from the STATE OF MICHIGAN?   And the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA?  

Guess what?  You are about to be "subsumed" into the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC. and subject to liquidation by international bankruptcy trustees.  Why? Because the UNITED STATES, INC. insured your business and subrogated your corporation as a franchise.  Oh, sure, they offered the "safety" of the so-called "corporate veil", limited liability for actions or accidents, bankruptcy protection, yes-----but at a cost.  That cost includes all the things noted above, plus this last kicker.  

When the parent corporation that granted your charter goes, so do you.  

Obviously, they can't insure you or offer you limited liability anymore, and just as obviously, as a subrogated franchise, all that you think you own is in fact owned by them.  That was the real price of incorporating your business, but nobody told you that, did they?  

So the question naturally arises--- OMG!  How do I "unincorporate" my business?  
It's not as easy as you might assume.  Incorporating is stupidly easy.  Unincorporating is, as you might expect from my lead up---- a real B. 

For non-profit organizations like Churches, you have to give all your property to another non-profit corporation and walk away from it.  Otherwise you have to pay back large sums of money to redeem your assets -- so much in fact, that it is like buying and paying for them all over again.  This is because the parent organization that granted your charter and offered limited liability in exchange, owns your assets--- which you gave them, voluntarily, by incorporating --  and naturally, the charter granting organization wants to be paid back for their property, which you gave them as a gift--- a free donation in exchange for the benefits of limited liability.  

So the Grace Lutheran Church can turn over its assets to the local Friends of the Library organization, but can't return it to the unencumbered use of the people who paid for the land and bricks and the buildings and all the rest of it.  Why? Because they incorporated in order to avoid taxes that they never owed in the first place, and unwittingly donated their assets in exchange for a charter as a non-profit corporation. 

Hey, the same fabulous deal was offered to the C-Corps and S -Corps, too, and they fell for it and thought they were smart.  

Yeah, they could buy, sell, and trade stocks.  Some of them could even issue bonds. 

They could do awful things and get away with it without harming their shareholders and corporate officers' private holdings.  

But they are all just franchises of the organizations that offered them the carrot of limited liability, and when the UNITED STATES, INC. and its STATE OF STATE franchises dissolve as a result of bankruptcy liquidation?  Guess what?  

All those corporations that were so high and mighty, which lorded it over their employees and fought among themselves, that strode triumphantly across the pages of Forbes and strutted down Wall Street ---- never knew what they gave up when they followed the advice of all their legal professionals and decided to incorporate their businesses. 

In order to "un-incorporate" an S-Corp or C-Corp it is necessary to buy back all the shares that were issued at the current stock price.  

Good luck with that, especially in view of the recent run up on Wall Street.  

Given this information it may occur to you that all these corporations worldwide are in a world of hurt, because when the ax falls, so will they.  

What they ought to be doing is making peace with their creditors, the actual American States and People, who are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of all these incorporated entities worldwide.  

We are the only ones that can release them and allow them to "convert" back into unincorporated businesses.  We are the only ones who can indemnify them, issue asset backed bonds, raise capital, pay off, set off or forgive their debts.  

But they are still busy staring down their noses and thinking that if they ignore the looming crisis, it will just go away.  They imagine that it doesn't affect them.  They think that we are just ignorant hicks who couldn't possibly know what we are talking about---- and they are doing this now, when what they should be doing with hammer and tongs, is assisting us in the work we have taken on.

There should be corporate donations pouring in by the boatload, from every corner of the world.  

Because if we fail, foreign bankruptcy trustees will be ordering the proud captains of industry around and selling off their trademarks, their patents, their copyrights, and everything else that these corporate moguls think they own.  

The same fate will befall millions of hapless Americans who don't even know that they have been "enfranchised" as "US citizens". And Brits who don't know that they are just berths belonging to the UNITED KINGDOM.  Germans who don't know that they are chattel franchises backing Angela Merkel's GERMANY, and Frenchmen who can't imagine that voting in what appear to be public elections enslaves them as franchises of FRANCE.   And they are all bankrupt. 

Unless we prevail.  Unless our lowly unincorporated land jurisdiction government seizes control of this situation, it's all down the tubes.  

So, Warren Buffet, where's your money now?  Paris Hilton?  Oprah?  Kim K.?  All you Hollywood pundits?  CNN?  All you Wall Streeters?  Anyone care to say a word?  

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  1. The system is one massive Star Chamber !

  2. Bankruptcy court ? Were? Our courts are corrupt , international court ?this is not a country issue it's global who oversees ?

  3. Should we be filing UCC-1 financing statements naming the STATE OF as the DEBTOR?

  4. "What a World, What a World"...said the witch as she was melting. And that', ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what this article is talking about. Great Job Anna!!

  5. Are LLC's in the same boat as above? Is dissolving an LLC as complex?

  6. What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive....

  7. I began my small, one-person S-Corp a few years ago in order to try to make extra money doing internet marketing. I found out I sucked at it, and have stopped trying, but still retain the corp. due to needing a business to have a self-directed IRA (or so I was told). I only have one share of stock which I paid nothing for. Would I be better off to change from an S-corp to a sole proprietorship or an LLC? I have no great attachment to the corp.

    1. Just fold it, so they can't come after you for everything you've got.

    2. And what should I do about my self-directed IRA? They tell me I have to have a business to have one. True or no?

    3. Jewellsmom, will a DBA suffice?

    4. I don't know. I can check. Not sure how that would work, not at all familiar with DBA's. Any thoughts on where I could find out some info? Great question! Thank you!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Paul Ryan and Obama passed a law with united Nations "SUBSTANTIAL"2030" GENOCIDE OF AMERICAN PEOPLES,obama just ordered united Nations to set foot on american soil to take over america because of racism because of Trump its Obama agenda to kill us all to put in the Muslims and for his agenda. Paul Ryan is and has been working with Obama and the deep state all along have them both arrested.

  10. More half twit history from Anna!!! Churches CAN

    More half twit nonsense from our demented and dementia historian, and I use that term lightly from Anna!!! Churches CAN "in-incorporate" it is spelled out in the charters how to dissolve the corporation. ANY business can dissolve the corporation but it has to be done according to the terms in the charter. There was a Baptist church up north that decided, after years of being incorporated, and forming several more that they decided to be a REAL "church" again, and did not do the legal requirements to dissolve the corporation. They got into big legal and financial trouble, but as the judge in the case noted, they HAD the means and right to in-incorporate their charter, they chose to not do it for their own erroneous reasons. But for a person to run an in-incorporated company, they are at a major legal and tax disadvantage. THAT is why so many incorporate. Anna does not have all her facts straight, especially when she gets off the gov't tract that she is good at and then ventures off on some galaxy adventure on subjects she has no clue of facts and has no business giving out half with claims. Yes, she can state whatever errors she wants, this is her site, but "buyer beware"!!!!!!

    1. Unknown, I bet you grew up sassing your parents, too, right?
      But then maybe they deserved it for not teaching you any manners.
      Shame on you.

    2. Unknown, what part of Anna's piece stated "churches can 'NOT' incorporate"?

      i've just read Anna's piece for the third time and cannot find the words 'churches CAN NOT incorporate'...

      What the hell are you talking about?

      Of course incorporation is undertaken to limit liability but, upon whom is the APPLICATION for INCORPORATED CHARTER petitioned TO?

      Whom is 'granting the charter of incorporation'?

      That would mean the position of the entity granting the charter (Grantor) would higher than the entity applying for the charter (Grantee)....

      So what is the point of your critiscism?

      The Pennsylvania common wealth

  11. 🎤 and she drops the mic..
    Serves them all right!😆😋

  12. And who were these supposed experts or financial geniuses that convinced everyone they should incorporate...wasnt it same old friends...BAR ATTORNEYS!!! Screw the banks and Sorus, and the global elite...When are we going to address this massive cancer before they kill us all. Why are these fecless reprobates getting a free pass like they are innocent bystanders......Its time to start in on them. God, is Andrew Jackson the only one with huevos to go after these basterds of mass destruction. Even he realized that the banks are nothing without there front men to protect them or make laws to make fraud legal...How can anything get better with these people still allowed to walk around freely amoung us. Its tatamount to putting child molesters into a community of good familys with lots of children... Doesnt anyone out there see them the same way i do...??? Where do you think all these forms we fill out for everything we apply for come from...including the know.. those incredibly long , boring legalese pieces of artwork that when you get to the end, only gives you one choice....check here to agree to the terms. Of course they conviently leave out anyway to refuse and still get service with a legal rebuttal..!!

    1. Yes we see the slick legal writing . And like the banks just print money out of thin air or go to club fed and get zero interest loans and invest and keep the spread. But mass mind control is in effect however being forced to resort to setting up printing presses that can't be blocked on y tube will become our voice.

  13. How can one safely start a business lawfully, and avoid all of this incorporation? Just ignore it and defend ourselves when the taxman cometh? Any filings one can do to avoid harassment when one starts said business?

    1. In my business here in CA, if you want to have 1 employee, you cannot be a sole proprietor. You must incorporate or be an LLC.

  14. One way is to add a statement that you only transact business with "lawful money" under 12USC411, which means you arent using the FEDS private elastic script for transacting business. That means you do not enjoy the benifit of their currency, and therefore you owe no taxes because real money actually "pays" for every transaction, instead of merely "discharging" any debt. The transaction is therefore closed upon payment wheather from you or you customers. There is nothing left over like there is when you discharge something. And since you are stating that you only transact business using lawful money, which Nixon had to put in to the law at 12USC411 and 95(a) when he removed the last of substance from our money(gold), he had to make a law which created a remedy for people who only wanted to use real money(U S Notes) instead of "debt instraments". If you do this right you should only have to do it one time by filing a letter of understanding noticing everyone of your intent with the county recorders office. When Nixon made the law, it was stated that because US Notes serve no purpose that FRN dont already serve, there was no reason to print both Notes. So we have no choice but to use all there instraments, but claiming we are using it as "real money", whether its stated or not after that filing. You will need to get a copy of at least 3or 4 deposit and withdrawal slips from your bank as evidence of your letter of understanding, and attach them to that letter, so you can overcome the rules of evidence of the heresay rule. Its because we are using their currency that we owe taxes...and no other reason.... check out some sites that talk about 12USC411. There is a special way to file a 1040 this way, using only one of the boxes. I forgot right now what it was...but look into it. And dont make a big deal at the bank if they question that demand on you withdrawal/deposit slips since some are aware of that demand, but interpret it as you are demanding the bank gives you gold or silver, and cancel your account. Just tell them you are only pitting that demand on your slips for legal reasons. Also when you claim to be using only "lawful money", they have to treat your account as if were private, and not under their control. So the bank is not allowed to lien your account because the IRS said so. And it has to be a non interest bearing account. So the bank cant make any money on your account. There is no upside for the banks, only you..!!!


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