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Sunday, August 27, 2017

WARNING – Do NOT Participate in Any “Free Speech” Rallies or Protests!

by IWB (Investment Watch Blog) · August 26, 2017

The media and George Soros are all in on starting a civil war, or widespread civil unrest. The rallies are scheduled and set up by fake right wing activists, then paid Antifa protesters are sent in to start fights. Soros pays both sides. They are then joined by fools who think the whole thing is real.

The goal isn’t to remove a statue or protect free speech. The goal is violence. The goal is to destroy the fabric of our society. They don’t care if it’s about monuments or free speech, all they care about is destroying the constitution.

If civil war, or widespread violent unrest breaks out:

1. Guns will be confiscated. Houses will be searched. Think Katrina. Think Boston Marathon.

2. All conservatives will be declared terrorists.

3. Conservative websites will be declared hate sites.

4. Trump will be blamed. McCain and McConnell will join the media and call for his removal.

The entire Antifa and Neo-Nazi protest issue is fake. Both sides are seeded to kick it off. It’s designed to strike the emotions of peaceful people and make them join a side, then attack the other side. The media is the paid cheerleaders who freely advertise the locations of the action.

Don’t be fooled. Do not join in.

If Trump doesn’t do something about George Soros, his entire Presidency is at high risk. Soros is the money and muscle behind all of this. It’s treachery and sedition. Blatant sedition.


  1. What kind of traitors and war mongers do we have in this country when they will actually take money to destroy their own country. There seems to be a small percentage of people in every country, that will do anything for money, without thinking about the long time consequencies of their actions, which will eventually destroy them to and their families. But the way our courts dish out their version of justice, its not hard to see why they wouldnt care about anything or anyone...!!!!

  2. There are emerging alternatives for how some of us see things. The Mental Militia and Freedom Force International are joined recently by Cynthia McKinney's epiphany concerning this false "Left Right" paradigm. Here she is on Press For Truth discussing her new project called "Unrig", in which she proposes that all factions lay aside temporarily for the purpose of reclaiming the national government and placing it in the control of We The People. Cynthia is moving out of the "Left" and into the very premise G. Edward Griffin promotes with his Red Pill Expo and his Freedom Force International. Cynthia was a featured speaker at that Expo in late June, 2017, at Bozeman Montana.


    I feel that Paul is absolutely correct in his analysis of the hidden force or power behind the current social unrest. I am trying to complete the basics of my site as a means to combat this mass deception. Learn more at this page please.

    There is a better way. Let's come together and discover it.
    Elias Alias

  3. Aug 28 CHICAGO — Illinois residents will be automatically registered to vote under a measure signed into law Monday by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

    The new law automatically registers Illinois residents to vote when they sign up for or renew a driver’s license or state identification — unless they choose to opt out. The old law asks Illinois residents whether they want to register, which voting rights advocates say is less effective.

    The new law is expected to add 2 million people to the rolls of voters, supporters said.

    The bill was passed unanimously by the Illinois House and Senate.

    Cook County Clerk David Orr has praised the measure, calling the current system "inefficient and inconvenient."
    Rauner vetoed a similar measure in November, prompting lawmakers to revise the bill to address the Republican governor's concerns about voter fraud and conflicts with federal law.

    To address some of the governor's concerns, license renewal or application forms now include a provision that informs Illinois residents that their signature counts as a voter registration application and gives them the option of not registering to vote.

    In addition, the law allows more state agencies — including the Illinois Department of Natural Resources — to register voters.

    With Rauner's action, Illinois becomes the 10th state to approve automatic voter registration, which is also law in Washington, D.C.
    .... o goodie... ~_~

  4. the states that have this are Alaska,California,Colorado,Connecticut,Georgia,Illinois, Oregon, Illinois,Rhode Island,West Virginia,Vermont..

    states that are not considering doing so this year are Idaho,Wyoming, MOntana, Kansas, S/N Dakota, Lousiana, Wisconsin,Kentucky, North Carolina,New Hemphshire...

    states not listed are considering it

  5. God said, let them spend their money, it will be like throwing into a fire.
    Soros has already been on record saying he will spend every last penny to defeat Trump. Let him.

    What people should be doing is once a location is picked for these events, there needs to be a mass of force with signs that say Soros funded. Come join for 25/hr. Make sure the madia cant miss it. In fact, they should go the day before and have just George Soros protesters.

    Evil persist, when good men do nothing.
    I'm not advocating violence. It needs to be a peaceful grassroots movement to expose Soros and his croonies for what they are, antagonist.

    What are his foundations? We need to target everyone of his foundations. Anonymous need to write letters with fake addresses and tell the IRS about him hiding massive amounts of unaccounted funds that have never been exposed.

    It's time to get every abusive agency aftet him for one thing or another. Let them do the work for us.

  6. Soros funds Black Lives Matter and Antifa!!

  7. Russia has had a long standing Warrant out for the arrest of sorry-azz.
    Trump ought to notify Russia that they can send their arresting officers here and they can haul this guy off to russia to do with as they please. Seriously ! Trump needs to get a spine on this issue and take some real action against this guy. He is a treasonist. What does it take, Donald !

  8. I guess its useless to ask the CIA to bring Soros in. They probably all get kick-backs from the Vatican and Obama.

  9. It is absolutely true that both sides are being played for suckers. They are all playing right into the hands of the Destroyer soros.
    Two things going on here: The love of money.....those who would skin their own mother for money. AND ''fools despise wisdom and correction''. They are too stupid to see they are helping to bring on their own demise.


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