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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Two Jurisdictions Down, One to Go

By Anna Von Reitz

Satan is a Liar, in fact, he is the Father of All Lies. He can't play it straight. It's not in his nature to be anything but crooked, because the Truth is not in him.

And where was Satan cast down, like a comet? Into the sea. So where is his kingdom and his law prevailing? The international jurisdiction of the sea. The Law of the Sea is pagan in origin and it remains pagan to this day.

It is also a law based on fiction --- and what is fiction, but lies?

So, there you have it. The Bible told you all this a long, long time ago. Satan's kingdom, deceptively called the Kingdom of God, functions on fiction -- lies --- and what are corporations, but "legal fictions"?
Does IBM exist? Point to it. Show me the entity "IBM"?

What happens when you try to do that? You discover that there is no IBM. It's a fiction. A lie. The most you can do is point to a man, the "President" or the "CEO" of IBM, but it is immediately apparent that he isn't IBM, either. He is just a representative of an organization calling itself "IBM".

The same exact thing happens when you are asked to point to the "State of Michigan". You can point to the Governor of the State of Michigan, but he isn't Michigan. Again, he is just the representative of an organization calling itself the "State of Michigan".

All incorporated entities are such lies, and so are their franchises.

The UNITED STATES has a franchise called the STATE OF NEW YORK and it has a franchise called the CITY OF NEW YORK and it has a franchise called the BOROUGH OF QUEENS which has a franchise called "PAUL ANDREAS MOREAU".

And they are all what? Fictitious entities, operating under the international law of the sea-- Satan's Law, the Law of the Sea.

Okay, so now you all understand what the Law of the Sea is and how it operates via, by, and through fictional entities.

Satan is also called the "Prince of the Air" --- while he is King of the Sea, he is "Prince" of the air jurisdiction. The Pope is actually the "King" of the air jurisdiction, but Satan through the Office of the Roman Pontiff, kept a toe-hold as "Prince".

This is because the global jurisdiction of the air is the jurisdiction of intangible realities, which may be truths or lies--- the realm of ideas, spirit, ghosts, copyrights, patents, logos, and dreams.
Just as a dream may be true and belong to Our Father, it can be false and belong to Satan.
So, Satan has retained a primary grip on the jurisdiction of the sea and a secondary grip on the air jurisdiction all these years after he was paid in full forever. Nobody kicked him out.
Until now.

Think about it--- if a debt is paid for good and forever, does it accrue again? No. All debts are pre-paid, including the debts of fictitious entities.

It was this fact that Pope Boniface used to create the World Trust in the first place, and a few years ago, the Vatican Chancery Court admitted this to me and gave a Final Order confirming it.
So if all debts are pre-paid, how is it that people are still being charged and worked to death like slaves?
It could only be Satan gumming up the works.

So on January 6 of this year, we pulled the plug in the jurisdiction of the air and issued the Payment Bond. Anyone on Earth can read it and understand what it says and make their claim upon it. The Kingdom of Heaven has redeemed the Kingdom of God.

And on June 29 of this year, we pulled the plug in the jurisdiction of the sea, and recorded our claim as the Paramount Security Interest Holders in the bankruptcy of all the Municipal and Territorial Governments and all their fictitious "citizens". The Kingdom of Heaven holds all the debts of the Kingdom of God.
It's over. The Truth has won.

When the Truth comes, what is False must pass away.

This means that we are all going home, both the sheep and the goats, and back to what and whom we are in fact, not fiction. It means that people now have the conscious ability to see what the realm of Satan is and how it worked to enslave them for thousands of years.

You can now choose to be free of Satan's yoke forever.

People and their governments throughout the world can now choose to live under the three simple Laws of Heaven and give up the millions upon millions of codes, regulations, and statutes. They can even choose to stop fighting over the Laws of the Land and the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Just three laws, all simple enough for a small child to understand.

Many new understandings must come. Many new ideas and revelations. Stay calm in the midst of these changes and have faith. The Good Will and the Love that has stood by you and for you despite all these trials, is with you still.

Now that we are back on the land, the final jurisdiction waits.

The three simple Laws of Heaven-- (1) Keep the peace; (2) Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself; (3) Respect the free will of others so long as it does no harm -- are sufficient to rule the affairs of men and nations, if you adopt them and keep them and require your governments to do the same.

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  1. Please provide links to the documents you refer to. Thanks.

  2. Yes, please do provide the links as to HOW to do this.

  3. Anna - Thank You! PLEASE draft a Notice or Claim declaring all traffic stops by law enforcement illegal which we can copy and mail registered mail to all local Police Departments. They are ALL illegally applying the commercial transportation code against the unaware traveling public - 99% of whom are not engaged in the Act of Transporting Cargo or Persons for hire at the time they are pulled over for an alleged "traffic" infraction. This inland piracy must end! Thank you!

    1. Excellent idea! The individual spoken of in earlier recent articles at hearing today and had to enter contract to pay more money and take probation for 6months due to traveling not driving on roadways without a drivers license and knowingly doing it. No policy officer listened at the scene or was there ever an opportunity to discuss it-it was all about money. Citations were returned as conditional acceptance within 3 day no acknowlegment by anyone even city clerk. Defendent went ahead & pd them later before hearing since booked in jail leaving him with post traumatic stress & threat of jail time. Over all cost to defendant $1,787.00 in 3week period not including supporting friend who gifted him with time and energy to meet this horrific challenge in his life while looking for the golden silver lining within it. For a 65yo it was a very tough time never ever experienced before. He even expressed he felt his soul was leaving his body at times. We stayed in the now with Trust all will be ok, today it happened.
      Yes,a Notice of Claim as Jason requested should be helpful and choose it stops them dead in their tracks even though we realized their spokes in their wheel keeps on turning no matter what. Breathing comes easier now and do wonder if they realize or even care how much suffering admirality color of law causes.It doesn't appear this way, since this is all they know or at least give the impression of.

  4. Proceed with caution. The only one that can put that dude away is Christ.
    Revelation 20:1-3 NKJV
    Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. [2] He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; [3] and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.

    1. Yes, proceed with caution, at least move about in public by two or more.

  5. I hate to break it to you judge Anna, but those so called 3 simple rules of heaven.....there isn't more than a handful of people on earth that can keep within those parameters today. Just about everyone on earth has been corrupted morally and spiritually for the last 200 years. You are trying to say that a 500lb man or woman, grossly overweight, suddenly, overnight can be their normal weight of 150lbs. If it took 200 years to get to this point, it will take at least 100 to correct it, unless everything is, homes, food, utilities, etc. Until people get so bored that they are willing to work again out of sheer boredom . Only the doctrine of "overabundance"(not just abundance) can correct our current situation quickly. That includes people's moral and spitual character which have all been compromised. And still there will be people that will always want to live a lie. I am not being cynical, just realistic. Why do you have so much Faith in people. I've lost all Faith in people after what I've been through. The only time people come together is when their is a disaster endangering everyone. I only want to be amoung the few good people that still exsist, and always looking to learn new things and productive in life.

    1. We desperately need divine intervention and the eradication of the evil global apparatus of chaos, division, and oppression.

    2. This sounds like going away!

  6. What about ID do we need it, am tired to carry any personally, make ourselves? But police dogs dont see it that way, they give notices and steal property our rights...

  7. All you need is an Assumed Name Record of Ownership for unincorporated business recorded in the public land record which I and many of my friends have done. In essence, as it states, no other entity may access the estate once you claim it. I'd like to run it by Anna. It's worked brilliantly several times. The thing to remember is that unless you are actually being paid by the mile, and are transporting cargo or persons for hire, the police have ZERO authority to interfere with your private travels which is a fundamental right. All you say to the public servant is: "I'm not engaged in the commercial use of the highways or the byways, nor am I acting in any for-hire capacity. Please acknowledge that you've been so informed!" They presume and assume that you are engaged in the Act of Transportation and use word games to trick you into their jurisdiction. The words "Operating", "Motor Vehicle", "Driving" are ALL commercial terms. You are "Traveling" in your "personal conveyance" which falls into the category "household goods." Unless you cause an accident or damage property, the minute they turn on their lights, they are violating your rights. When traveling for your pleasure, they have ZERO authority to regulate it and their statutes and codes do not apply to you - period. If you hand them a license, you're admitting you're engaged in the act of transportation which is what that license is for. "I don't use a Drivers License, but you can have this": (Assumed Name Record of Ownership or DBA). It's hands off at that point.

    1. Good Luck with this. See our earlier comment. They will book you in jail and if bond not paid you see judge next day to schedule hearing date, can't pay bond you sit in jail until your hearing date. Proceed with caution, stay safe. Statues for humanity control and not applied to others.

    2. Wrong, you are transporting property in the custody of the State. That vessel is commercial, however, if you claim it back, then you may be protected, who knows anymore. A certificate of title is being issued by the State. So, who has the equity and who holds the ledger? Trustee

    3. Jason Mcloed, the FBI has deemed the "sovereign citizen" movement as " paper terrorists".

  8. I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you, Anna, that we only need 3 laws, tops, and you've stated it beautifully. Similar to Mosaic Law but even more simplified. The rest is chaos-making piffle.

  9. Where's the PROCESS ? Much great info shared! Thankful ! However, without a PROVEN PROCESS it is easy to be denied through improper claim structure. Aka Word Magic !

  10. Prayer: Father, I thank You for not forgetting about me. I know that Your eyes are on the sparrow and that You will also take care of me. I want all that You have for me on this earth. Walk with me, talk with me, speak to me and through me, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

  11. Great Information Jason, I'd like to more understand the process in putting this together please?

    My license was suspended due to the fact I was traveling through Virginia and was pulled over this past February I didn't show up to their courts nor did I make a payment so they went through Ohio and they suspended my license and I'd really just like any form of document that entitles me to trave..

    1. Not Jason, can do search for Right To Travel, a two page document supported with Supreme Court cases, will it keep you from being booked in jail most likely not, see our earlier comment. Proceed with caution, does darkness honor the light? No.

    2. An Honorable man, Mr. Strout mentions, " When I get a traffic stop and after
      running my STRAW MAN on their NCIC computer, the officer just comes and gives back my paperwork, and sends me on my way."
      The million dollar question is what paperwork did Mr Strout have that cleared him to be on his way after a traffic stop after policy officer ran his STRAW MAN on their NCIC computer?

    3. Write to your STATE DOT/Driver License office. The statute says you must be a resident to obtain a Driver License. Ask them where they get their definition of "resident." Tell them that the "Law of Nations," referenced in the federal constitution, says a resident is a foreigner. Tell them that the Definitive Treaty of Peace says a resident is a Crown subject. Tell them that you are neither, being born on the land and that you are a native--of the free sovereign and independent people. Ask them if they can show you a different definition. Ask them how you can obtain their private Driver License if you are not a resident. They will respond that if you are not a resident you cannot get a Driver License, but you will need one to "drive." Respond to them and ask them if they are using private terms of art, such as "Drive" and ask them if the law requires you to do the impossible. Give them thirty days to respond. You will probably not hear from them. After thirty days send them a letter of "Finding of Facts and Conclusions at Law" telling them that they have failed in their administrative duty and have admitted that they have no jurisdiction over your right to travel by any means you choose and that they are in estoppel from hindering you in this right. Send all letters certified through a Notary Public with proof of service. Get an affidavit of non response from the Notary.

  12. In all matters and at all times I am acting as executor of an estate, affairs of their all caps NAME) I have written a letter (EL ...executor letter) which is with me at all times.I use my EL to send to judges. I use it to tutor cops when I am stopped. Multitude of uses for me. I realize this is not the American system, but it is the successful method of this American out there in a treacherous society, which I utilize w great enjoyment in the face of any agent of the Satanic pageantry. I would like to get my EL into anybody's hands to emulate. Further involvement in individual matters is possible but too spendy for many.

  13. In all matters and at all times I am acting as executor of an estate, affairs of their all caps NAME) I have written a letter (EL ...executor letter) which is with me at all times.I use my EL to send to judges. I use it to tutor cops when I am stopped. Multitude of uses for me. I realize this is not the American system, but it is the successful method of this American out there in a treacherous society, which I utilize w great enjoyment in the face of any agent of the Satanic pageantry. I would like to get my EL into anybody's hands to emulate. Further involvement in individual matters is possible but too spendy for many.

    1. In assisting an elderly friend recently we were shown the following.

    2. This is what I wrote to Mr. Greenberg.

      Dear Mr. Greenberg,

      You don't know what you think you know about sovereignty.

      There is no such thing as a "sovereign citizen" That label was invented by the enemies of freedom including the SPLC.

      One can not be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time. Anyone that claims to be a "sovereign citizen" is just showing their own ignorance.

      I ran across your article of 2013 in a recent search. If I might be so bold as to recommend a book that might clear this up for you.

      It's the most peaceful and lawful book you will ever read.

      The Fraud in the system itself is really what should get your attention. The injustice in the system should be your real concern.

      This is the author's website I am the webmaster for this website. I am a publisher and blogger, and have several businesses on line.

      Thanks for listening.

      Paul Stramer KC7MEZ WQVW245
      SLC Distributing
      PO Box 116
      Eureka MT 59917
      800 889 2839
      montanablog dot us

  14. Anna, where can we find this Payment Bond you issued on January 6th?

  15. All I have to say to that article is, praises be to the father!; the creator of the universe the heaven and earth and every creeping thing, that creepeth upon the earth, praises be to his holy existence!


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