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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Release of the Interest of the Holy See

By Anna Von Reitz

12 July 2017

Most Beloved Francis,

It is my understanding that the Holy See has released its interest in the bankruptcy proceedings of the Municipal and Territorial governments throughout the world, and that leaves the unincorporated United States of America as the only unincorporated government still standing in this matter.

We will proceed with your blessing to address the urgent matters of: (1) discharging odious debts; (2) off-setting mutual debts; (3) outright debt forgiveness, such as we have already offered Puerto Rico; (4) employment of new assets; (5) hybrid bond issues; (6) relief of the mortgage foreclosures; (7) establishment of new international trade banks; and final settlement.

Your assistance in the matter of the Divine Province would be greatly appreciated. It is our understanding that both people and governments can choose to accept the rule of our Creator and to accept the three simple Laws of Heaven as their Law, while simply retaining their beneficial interests on land and sea.

It is our intention to offer the governments of the world debt forgiveness upon their acceptance of the Law of the Kingdom of Heaven as their paramount national and international law. 

The Law of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as summarized in our presentation of the Payment Bond is:  (1) Keep the Peace; (2) Treat others as you would like to be treated; (3) Respect the free will of everyone else, so long as it causes no harm.

Beyond that, of course, each Man and Woman must make their own peace with Our Father.  We are speaking here only of public matters, not the private matters of each heart. 

It is to be hoped that the public commitment of governments secured peacefully and without their undue embarrassment will translate to a greater understanding among people of their own sacred nature and their role in the Universe.

Thank you for your patience in the midst of many trying circumstances and your generosity to all Mankind.

Anna Maria

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  1. Thank you Anna,, I'm on the same page here..

  2. His assistance would be highly appriatiated....!!! Only a week ago he actually told his parishioners that his God is lucifer, and his son Jesus. But he said it in latin, so no one understood it. But someone must have. Your dealing with a pope who clearly has no conscious. The Vatican will never give up its power or wealth...No one will. Recently on utube, there is a story about a "class action" suit against the IRS . The IRS lost and owes something like $150 million. That just proves there is power in numbers. Looks like that is what we should be doing. Find out who represented these people and let's bring a " class action" suit based on your liens and notices...!!! Let us know how much each of us has to donate to do it. Its time to bring this into court...District court...the court of " original jurisdiction" in diversity cases.

    1. The Vatican is Satanic & I heard she is an alleged disinfo agent. There are just too many conflicting things going around to make a clear assessment at this time.

    2. I read that it was a $175 million case the IRS has lost, setting an important precedent for us to really start gaining ground and payback from these pirates.

    3. The ignorance is showing again--- or should I say, still? The Vatican is the property manager for the Holy See. It has only been in existence since 1929. Wake to hell up or stop talking. I very much doubt that any "Vatican Agent" would bring forward the claims of the actual United States of America in the bankruptcy of the Territorial and Municipal Governments worldwide. The actual United States of America and its states and people were set up to be the losers and the debtors, who would lose their property via claims of abandonment when they didn't show up and record their claims. No other group in this world was there, able, ready, and prepared with all the paperwork in place to save your rumps.

    4. A A,
      Do not speak so ill mannered and untrue about the woman who has sacrificed her life to free yours!
      I think you need to restart kindergarten where we all were taught how to be polite.

  3. Release of the Interest of the Holy See--- what does this mean? How did the pope do that?

  4. yes and there was some talk of a major pedo bust as well very close to the him and the vatican.

    it should be "the people's" action and we need to move in numbers extremely important...

  5. From some info I got a few years ago the IRS isn't even an actual registered entity any longer and the 1040's etc have been fraud for a long time not even authorized fake OMB#'s etc, not to mention never authorized/published in the Federal Register as far as tax Returns being mandatory as they imply.
    According to this the IRS has not existed as the named entity since 2005.

    1. yep, see how well that holds up in court for you; they got guns and alot of money to waste on "individuals;" they are debt collectors for the Municipal Corporation, the District of Columbia dba. the United States going after "persons" that run through express consent, state agency's (birth certificate) and albeit without full disclosure, to be the resident agent (drivers license) to account for the expenditures for the Registered Organization.

    2. You can't act as an "individual" and win against the IRS, which is a private bill collection agency. See the post of Public and Judicial Notice - Number 5 which explains what the BLM, IRS, FBI, etc. really are.

    3. LOL ??? what private "kangaroo"tax court ??? If they are debt collectors for a third party then they must prove the claim by contract and verified claim instrument by the party they represent, and done in an actual court not private tax court.
      And in the process you force them to prove they have actual jurisdiction and prove any damn enabling act that gives them any authority outside the 1040 etc contract you signed to do business with them.
      If your a registered corporation you owe taxes outside of this 99% of tax cases are based on the fact an idiot signed a 1040 etc contract. Or they have there computer fraudulently file for you then you force them to prove any of these documents actually exist NO EVIDENCE NO CASE!
      I have a recent case where they won and beat the IRS based on the fraudulent OMB number alone + they couldn't prove jurisdiction over a non-citizen.
      Your BC and Drivers License are not required to fill out a 1040, or W4 setting up a foreign trust to pay excise and gift taxes, these are separate issues ALL by contract.
      None of these document are surgically attached to anyone so if you choose to claim them and create joiner/surety best of luck, my last name is private and I'm not in a fiduciary representative capacity period SO outside a bonafide contract with a witness and authorized signature best of luck proving a case.
      "Individual" and "person" are legal vague terms, force them to define these, I can be a natural-person as created by the creator, and an individual can mean a natural-person in their private capacity, So again prove your contracting instrument or my political allegiance to your municipal jurisdiction.
      I've never elected to vote or cast a vote in their political system and have never paid $1 in taxes only had all my withholdings returned. I have not contracted or heard from the IRS in about 15 years so really not any of my concern at this point.
      A SS# is not a proof of identity or form of identification even Ron Paul stated this fact, A IRS agent on the stand defined a tax payer as one with a SS# , unless you claim the # you are not a tax payer or owe taxes, nobody can force the mark of the beast on you.

  6. Dear Anna, This is so beautifully worded, so simple and profound! I don't understand some of the legalese but the intention and presentation bring tears of appreciation to my eyes. I pray for your well-being and glorious success.

  7. The pope is wicked by what energy he has been focusing all his worshipper energy on him which he channelles into siphonines of demons that are vampiring our spiritual energy in and through his spell(ing) in and through our names, he is casted furthest in to the abyss of darkness, he is a black hole incarnate ,all who approach him mistake luminous qualities as his but it is their own seemingly brighter when emanating near this black whole ,for to accept any of his illusions that his heart is open when really he is a world sacrilegious pimp of all sacrifices in the name of Lucifer father of Black holes at least in our quadrant of the Cosmos who knows ,Lets make him an international offer to confess his sins in he open public that he is a war criminal and responsible in part for world genocide contracting.We need to redistribute all Our (mankinds) assets from the holy sea accounts ,digitize his holy book collection and send him to mobile home park in Waco Texas where he can live on welfare checks ,we will buy him McDonalds gift cards so he can bless that sinful food 48 million people eat a day,He can become our real time social welfare poster babe ,we will just dress him up in the latest pizza gate clothing .We can always use his Demon siphon's to suck his evil soul through his 3 chakra ,Anna we have been here before ,why would you approach a high level occult leader ordained by conscriptions on infant skin as parchments.Just his karmic confluences can destroy others within his physical wake ,Any psychic or sensitive person can tell or feel that he is a black hole where light doesnt escape and has a massive pull in the static fields he propagates his sorcery.

    1. Good ideas! Yes, he is a war criminal, his real name is Jorge Bergoglio. Look up "Dirty War 1976-1983 Argentina" and read all about the atrocities he oversaw, and which, no doubt put him further ahead in line for the papacy. He will only make empty gestures of "reform," but with the other hand suck the lifeforce from everything around him, I agree. I grew up Catholic and know how these demons work -- have seen and felt it firsthand. He cannot stop the cosmic waves of higher human consciousness and attendant change, however.

    2. Whatever you believe or want to believe is up to you. I have to deal with what is. If you fault me for that, you are welcome to go home, put your head under your couch cushions and hope for the best. I am a woman of action and I have no fear. I have been guided by the Holy Spirit since I began this work and am guided still. And no "black hole" can stand against me.

    3. Thanks again Anna!
      In my humble opinion, Some of these folks spewing vehement vomit should sit down, take a very deep breath, exhale, go for a short walk and look around for anything that is NOT dangerous until they feel better. Perhaps a vitamin B12 shot as well.
      i'm jus sayin...
      All The Best,

    4. I totally agree!.

      Any one wanting to disparage Anna will have to deal with me and millions of others!

  8. Beautiful Anna, Heart Love and Sincere Gratitude for your service to others <3

  9. Well Since This Happened, Know They Have The Right, To Des-pose Of Us All, They Can Collect On Us All,This Hear Pope Is Evil, They Run The CIA By The Jesuit Rule Of Power, You Need To Really Find More Info To Make Sure!

  10. Mike V, I don't know where you work, but employers REQUIRE a SS# to be hired. Also, if you "always get all your withholdings back" that means you are filling out a W4 1099 what you are saying about "claiming" your SS# makes no sense to me...


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