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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Misuse of Trusts

By Anna Von Reitz

Trusts have been used since Roman times as a means of transferring and preserving property.  The word “trust” comes from the Latin word, “trucido” which means to kill, slaughter, or murder wantonly. 

This nicely points out that trusts have always created as much havoc as they prevented, as donors of property changed their minds, trustees proved themselves greedy and dishonest, and beneficiaries were often killed so that the trustees or someone else could inherit 

For these reasons, trusts fell out of use until the Roman Catholic Church revived them during the Crusades.  Having somehow concluded that killing for Jesus made sense, they brought back the use of trusts as means to hold the property of Crusaders who rode to uncertain ends and for equally uncertain periods of time. 

Trusts proved just as troublesome then as ever, but the Church was often the ultimate beneficiary profiting from the deaths and absences caused by the Crusades.  In their view, it worked out well enough, thank you.

From then on the use of trusts continued, usually in the form of land trusts that guaranteed the orderly transfer of land from one generation to another and prevented it from being stolen via local taxation and other gambits.

After the Crusades the next big advancement of trusts and trust law came as a result of the Great Fire of London, which left a large segment of the population either dead or missing. Survivors were forced to find new places to live, return to ancestral haunts in the country, or even leave England for a time.  This left the municipal government ham-strung, in that it had to clean up the wreckage and rebuild, yet in many cases couldn’t find the owners to ask permission or return salvaged items.

The Cestui Que Vie Act published in answer to this dilemma in 1666 is still alive and kicking.

Imagine any situation in which a man left home for some reason and didn’t return for years: he fled to escape a fire and afterward assumed that all was lost, he was shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion, he was marooned on a desert island in the South Seas, he became a trader like Marco Polo, or like Bilbo Baggins, he simply stepped outside his door one morning and followed a road out into the wide world.   What happens to his home and possessions?

The short answer is that after a period of time set by law, he is declared “missing, presumed dead” by the courts and his material possessions are rolled into a Cestui Que Vie trust and his next of kin becomes his “presumed beneficiary”.  If there is no next of kin, the municipality or other unit of government becomes the presumed beneficiary. 

This is precisely what happened to millions of Americans as a result of the legal chicanery and public bankruptcies that took place prior to World War I and again prior to World War II. 

Their land was used as surety backing the debts of The United States of America, Inc. and their private property and labor was used as surety backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc., all without their knowledge or consent. 

Moreover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt deliberately created the legal presumption that they weren’t living men at all, but were instead US Foreign Situs Trusts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, which effectively supported the presumption of the courts that we were all “missing, presumed lost at sea” and enabled the Municipal government of Washington, DC to create and operate Cestui Que Vie trusts operated in our NAMES.

JOHN MICHAEL DOE was created at precisely the same moment that John Michael Doe was presumed dead. It’s HIS birth certificate you’ve been carrying around all these years.

And the beneficiary?  It could hardly be the Municipal government, since they were saddled with the responsibility of creating all these trusts and acting as trustee, so instead, they named the Territorial State of State franchises, such as the State of Ohio, as the beneficiaries. 

As a result, when Americans were summoned to a court hearing involving what appeared to be their NAME, they were actually being addressed as Municipal Employees acting as administrative agents of a Cestui Que Vie trust that just happened to be operated in their own names.

The victims were never told a word about any of these convenient provisions so kindly made “for” them by the Territorial and Municipal government corporations responsible for this mess.

As a result nearly all Americans have a public trust--- a Cestui Que Vie trust --- named after them. As a further result, that Cestui Que Vie trust is set up to benefit the Territorial United States franchises operated as “States of States”.

We were stripped bare and picked clean by our own employees. Our international trustees -- the British Monarch and the Pope, who were supposed to prevent any such chicanery -- went right along with it and profited handsomely from it. 

The municipal government corporation dba UNITED STATES and all its franchises including its “wards” doing business as Cestui Que Vie trusts with names like JOHN MICHAEL DOE, have been placed in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are being liquidated by Secondary Creditors.

The stage was set for the biggest heist in human history.

Everything that we rightfully own, everything that the Territorial States of States own, and everything that the Municipal STATES OF STATES owned, was put up for grabs by Barack Obama in 2015.  It was a domino effect.  He bankrupted the UNITED STATES, INC. which bankrupted its franchises, including our Cestui Que Vie trusts, which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our Beneficiaries, too.

Even though we Americans paid for it all and are the Paramount Security Interest Holders in this gigantic bankruptcy, we were nowhere to be found---left drifting around in a leaky boat somewhere in the Atlantic thanks to FDR, asleep, never told a single syllable about all the legal presumptions being made about us and our property interests, much less all the unscrupulous, self-interested, backdoor double-dealing aimed at stealing our assets.

But we weren’t all asleep.  Some of us woke up and paddled back to shore, arriving mostly in small groups and in the middle of the night, cold, hungry, and angry as hibernating bears.  We set to work.

At each turn the managers called – “Presidents” – of the criminally inclined governmental services corporations tried their best to undermine us.  Barack Obama was especially brilliant.  He couldn’t weasel his way out of the actual Constitution, so he tried to vacate it by bankrupting the corporations that were holding up the federal side of it.

We promptly issued new Sovereign Letters Patent and a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and concluded agreements with the American Native Nations to take over the federal side of the constitutional contract under their separate charters.
The Constitution was preserved and those responsible for this mess are still on the hook.

We continued to research the situation and set our house in order.  We gave ample notice and due process and we established liens, including agricultural liens, against their whole apparatus and all their franchises. We claimed back everything, every iota. 

We claimed back our Trade Names and reconveyed them to the land and soil of our birth and permanently domiciled all “vessels” related to us on the land jurisdiction we are heir to and secured it all on the public record. We also claimed back all our purportedly “missing” relatives to before the Civil War.

Last but not least, we visited The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and announced that against all odds, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and the USA, Inc., are back home and on shore.

That is the one flaw in their whole plan and in the structure of Cestui Que Vie trusts in general. If the original donor of the estate is located and comes forward to claim it, the estate has to be returned free and clear of debts accumulated by the merely presumed Beneficiaries, and restored to the original owners unharmed.

Of course, the real harm these disloyal employees have caused for six generations cannot be made good by any amount of money or browscraping.  Lives and time lost can’t be replaced.  Opportunities and dreams that Americans lost out on individually and collectively as a result of these schemes will never come again.  The damage done to the rest of the world can’t be wiped away, either.

It was the plan of the Roman Catholic Church and some other elements to just bankrupt everything and everyone worldwide, roll up all the assets into a giant public trust – the One People’s Public Trust--- and call it good.  This would have ended private property ownership throughout the world and created a larger version of the Public Charitable Trust that was used to implement these schemes in America.  It would have put unaccountable, unelected, and largely unknown trustees in control of all assets worldwide. 

Pardon me, but we have already seen where that goes.

The Public Charitable Trust (PCT) was set up in the 1860’s as a welfare trust to benefit the freed plantation slaves.  Instead, it was used as a holding trust to seize upon everyone else’s assets, especially our land assets.  It was the vehicle for the vast plundering and pillaging of all the individual public trusts that took place here over the past 150 years. The OPPT would have simply been a larger, global version of this same evil. 

Respect for the rights and especially the property rights of each man and woman has never been a strong point with the Roman Catholic Church nor of the various Monarchs the Church has set up to rule over people.  Respect for free will, though ordained by the True God, hasn’t been a strong suit, either.

They created the Cestui Que Vie trusts in fraud, and we have reclaimed them in truth. 

There won’t be any giant communistic global public trust run by faceless and unaccountable trustees and there won’t be an end to private property rights on Earth. The days of Commercial Feudalism and universal enslavement washed down with artificially created scarcity are over.   

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  1. What are my rights as a daughter of the American revolution as well as the mayflower? How do I obtain my remedy?

  2. Well Judge ANNA Your Right Again" This Hear" Heather A TUCCI J, Seems To Want The Way Of The N.W.O.! She TALKS To Much, On Much She Knows, But Where I Come Frm Loose-lips Sink Ship's. hope she's ok god help her. Ass For Me I Am Sticking With Jesus It's Easier & He Get's It Done In Jesus Name Amen .


    2. 7/25/17:
      Cindy Curry
      404 Error. Page not found.

  3. Article Excerpt: "They created the Cestui Que Vie trusts in fraud, and we have reclaimed them in truth.

    There won’t be any giant communistic global public trust run by faceless and unaccountable trustees and there won’t be an end to private property rights on Earth. The days of Commercial Feudalism and universal enslavement washed down with artificially created scarcity are over."
    As It Is Decreed, So IT Is~Lila

  4. Roosevelt was a real Lincoln deliberately left those antique ww1 battle ships unprotected miraculously the carriers were the only ones gone. His secatery.of treasury Morganthau shipped treasury plates to russia 5,000&10,000 exchange for gold.communist helping communist . With more taxpayers hard earned m9ney.

  5. Your history is correct and the liens you have created are all (hopefully) valid, and there is no doubt about the systematic theft that have been perpetuating over the last 200 years on us and the world in general. But we have learned time and time again that that just because we have the truth and the law with us, they always have the "control". Americans in the 1800's were much smarter than our contemporary counterparts because there wasn't all the distractions we have today. And even though we lost our original Congress after the civil war, and the banks got their wish in 1913 to control our monetary supply, and FDR did his part to bankrupt the States, giving the central bank's absolute control of this country as a central base for achieving their globalist agenda, they didn't start to implement their force against us until 1953, the year I was born, and the exact year that Queen Elishabeth 2, who was only 18 at the time, was corornaded. That's when they really started to pull a full court press on us. The process was so slow and methodical, hardly anyone knew what was really happening, and really didn't care because just about everyone was working , had nice homes they bought for under $20,000 (less than the average car today), and gas was cheap, and so was food and everything else. They got away with their deception because the "greed" was under control. As our criminals in Congress, all attorneys, considered themselves entitled to more and more unreasonable raises every year, now at 25%, the greed throughout out govt. started to reveal itself. And after Bill Clinton opened Pandora Box by repealing the "Glass Stegal Act", the "greed" had no where to hide. It's become obvious that these "elitist" won't play by anyone's rules but their own....and they constantly make them up as they go to keep the illusion of justice. We have got to confront and demand that our real enemies are the BAR Attorneys who represent the "infantry"(front lines) of the banks army. The masters of deceptive semantics and unlawful definition of words. I know there are good ones, but we have to see them for what they really are...."Traitors". As long as they control the courts (our only REMEDY for redress), they will always be a thorn in our side. They need to go once and for all if we want the law to work for us. What good is it to learn law, when all the evidence is there on the record, and they still won't comply. North Korea is no where a threat to us than "the attorneys". Get rid of them, and the banks don't stand a chance of pulling this off again.

  6. Everybody forgets that there was actually a time in history where there was an honest and almost littery impossible way to commit theft when it was in place...and it was low tech. I'm taking about the "tally" system during the renaissance. It consisted of using branches from trees, which no two are alike, and cutting notches on both sides and then breaking the branch in half (over your knee, not a straight cut) , where both sides represented the exact amount of money someone was paid for their labor. One half went into the Kings Tresury for safe keeping, and the other half went to the worker. Then both half were initialed by etching the wood with the person's initials, and the Kings for authenticity. Rarely did anyone try and steal anyone's branch, or worse try and counterfeit it, because every branch was different, and had a unique breaking point. If you tried theft in those days you faced the death penalty. It worked so well that it was said people only had to work a few days out of the week to support a whole family. It was probably the happiness time in our whole history. And longest lasting....over 600 years. This high tech world we have created has made it easier than ever to commit theft. That's why the "chip" is coming. There is a company that has recently developed a small , almost pill like capsule that inserts right under the skin in the hand (sound familiar). Everyone in the company HAS to take the chip as a test to see how everyone likes it. However, if they dont, they can have it removed in 30 days. No need for money, or credit cards. The chips are recognized by sensors automatically. This was on the mainstream media TV. It's getting close.

    1. I got some "chips" for them, mine are made of lead and delivered very fast and efficiently.

    2. You, and~100 million People Armed Forces feeling the same thing...

  7. URGENT, URGENT, URGENT PAUL STRAMER, do you know Heather Ann Tucci-Jarrafs was arrested today 7/25/2017 at Washington DC? They are holding her at the First District 101 M. Street, SW. 202-698-0555. They are not releasing any info why they arrested her. Will you please let Anna Von Reitz knows, thanks.
    FYI, today is the 25th of July, the same day of “Lucy”, the Luc Besson movie released, two UCC filings which were made on July 25, 2012. Quote from Heather October 2013 ” … return title and possession of value AND free imbodiments of I/Eternal Essence” …On 10/13/13, at
    [9:37:20 AM] jayselect: Hi, Ouestion Is the Oppt working with the W.D.S..?? and the United Nations..??
    [10:46:46 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: GO WITHIN LOVE, USE YOUR TOOLS OF RESONANCE, THAT IS IN TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY, I AM CONSCIOUS……..IN LOVE, I CHOOSE TO DO THIS ONE LAST MOMENT AND THEN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SPENDING THE ENERGY YOU HAVE TO BE AND DO THE RESEARCH: OPPT no longer exists…by law (and it was also recognized in the former legal structures under their trust codes/statutes) when a trust completes its purpose it must either be retired/reconciled or repurposed…..OPPT finished its purpose (inclusive of July 25, 2012 = return title and possession of value AND free inbodments of I/Eternal Essence; August 3, 2012= return title and possession of land, sky, water, etc. to Eternal Essence AND free Gaia; August 15 and 21, 2012 = fired all custodians/corporations operating under the guise of government, especially UNITED NATIONS; October 24, 2012 = foreclosure; November 28, 2012, Declaration of Facts; December 10, 2012, Certificate of Satisfaction of all Universal Contracts; UNIVERSAL NOTICE December 25, 2012 of OPPT’S completion of purpose)……..and was retired/reconciled back Eternal Essence March 18, 2013. I REPEAT FOR THE INFINITE TIME: OPPT FINISHED ITS PURPOSE, WAS RETIRED/RECONCILED BACK TO ETERNAL ESSENCE ON MARCH 18, 2013. UNITED NATIONS NOT ONLY CEASED TO EXIST ON AUGUST 21, 2012, BUT DUE TO THOSE WITHIN/OPERATING/OWNING THAT PRIVATE CORPORATION AND THEIR OWN FREE WILL CHOICE TO FAIL TO CURE, THEY WERE DULY LAWFULLY AND LEGALLY NULL, VOID AND OTHERWISE CANCELLED….NUNC PRO TUNC, FROM THE BEGINNING. LOVE, ALL OF THIS IS IS A MATTER OF RECORD…….IF YOU TRULY CHOOSE TO BE CONSCIOUS OF WHAT IS, THEN PLEASE SPEND ENERGY LOOKING AT WHAT IS AND HAS BEEN DONE …..LOOK. I have been approached on skype/email directly by so many purportedly from the Qing Dynasty, Sackli/Sackley (purportedly bis), swissindo/un and indirectly by many others, including the purported seven, w.d.s., texas camp (bush, etc.), etc., etc., etc….……I CHOOSE TO PAY ENERGY INTO WHAT IS NOW….ALL IS PERFECT EVERY MOMENT OF NOW…..AND PERFECTLY DONE!!!!! (heart)(inlove)(hug):*
    [7:19 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf . <<< I LOVE THE ABSOLUTE PLAN!!!!!!!!!! (inlove purported swissindo, wds, keenan, sakli, etc…..all centralizing (chuckle)(heart)
    25th July, 2012 – Doc #’s 2012079290 and 2012079322
    My personal note: This is NOT a coincident you all! This reminds me of what Anna Von Reitz wrote about her article also today July 25, 2017, "The Misuse of Trusts", think about it. Thank you Paul. Heather needs all of us regardless, now.

  8. James Pansini you've done some good study as you are correct. Attorneys (unbeknownst to the saps that became their clients), yet morph again to become your TRUSTEE`as soon as you walk past that railing in court waiving all rights. Attorneys can not be lawyers once they have accepted certificate to the 'Inns of the court' (British). How did you get rid of your certificate Anna?
    I am a trust that I hold 'Title' to as fiduciary/secured party/beneficiary. If I was to be summonsed, they will get a letter very quickly correcting them as to who is alive and who is in control of the dead entity. ( "Own nothing, control everything." John D. Rockefeller ). On the contrary again I enjoy being free under the Declaratio9n Of Independence, and have no need to appoint an administrative executive (there have been no judges since 1789) as 'TRUSTEE' of the Constitutional Trust (It became a trust from Act of 1871), and if you didn't sign the constitution then you are NOT a party to it. Jefferson and Franklin were against the constitution and rightly so. I enjoy this Life having Title of my NY State BC (1776) and NO SSN, (SS has always been voluntary). I live my Life peacefully following the Golden Rule, and under what is Lawful, (Legalities are meaningless, for it is what is lawful/unlawful that counts).
    BTW, Christ isn't here. He sits at the right hand of the Father who also, is not here. You and I carry them in our Hearts, but this is Lucifer's domain here on Earth. And I know that one day standing in front of the Father the last thing I want to do, is try and convince Him that I should be granted eternal Love because I was doing what they told me to do. As that would be the fastest way to get a ticket to the basement, (removed from Gods Love). Fact is that's all you need to concentrate on, and anyone's movements through this stuff is going to be different than the guy next to you. What works for me may not for you as our Lives are completely different. And if and when the day comes that someone attempts to install a chip in my body, they best be prepared to talk to God in person. But I think y'all should take a look first, at that number you have currently that you can't buy nor sell anything without having. I don't have it and I have no problems taking care of business. And the trust that you all are, is called an 'ENS LEGIS'. Keep The Faith...

  9. Do any of you on this page let this information be disseminated to Facebook or Twitter or any other format? The trouble with patriots is they love to learn from one another but if your not sharing this information with other sites, then what good is it?

    Anna cannot wake up the entire world by herself, just like Trump cant correct two hundred years of corruption by himself. They need our help. If your on this page only to find a remedy to save your house from foreclosure then your not seeing the bigger picture.

    Ive been in this fight for years. If you have steady employment and you've worked there for years, it's not worth it to risk your kids livelyhood or your house just to see if you can take back your property free and clear. Our whole system is bankrupt and whole nations and city's are trying to stay afloat.
    Unless they're already foreclosing on you, then don't risk it. People are getting murdered in Washington D.C. right and left, and you think your going to walk in to our corrupt court system and get some kind of immediate remedy. This is a spiritual war now, its no longer about how they decieved us into corporate vessels on the sea.

    This system is imploding and if you have any assests, especially property, it's probably already been claimed to China in bankruptcy to settle with the Federal Reserve. All we can do now is spread the word of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. It's more important to focus on saving souls now.
    If your losing your house, your better off trying to tell the bank how to work this out, since no one has claim to anything anymore. If they have a superior claim than yours, ask them to send you the paperwork that shows how they got to be the secured party creditor of your strawmans signature.

  10. You are more right than you know, and the core issue is the eternal salvation of immortal souls, rather than what we can have in this life.
    Yes we do send every post to twitter, and the big ones to Facebook.


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