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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Change in Presumptions

By Anna Von Reitz

I guess I didn't make this clear enough to everyone and need to explain that the legal presumptions about Americans and their political status have just been flip-flopped as a result of our directions to the bankruptcy court.  

Instead of us all having to prove that we are not federal employees nor dependents, they have to prove that we are.  

The standards they have to meet are stipulated in the Judicial Notice of Claim dated June 29.  They can no longer just "presume" that you are either a Territorial or Municipal citizen or both.  

This changes the entire paradigm that we have all been struggling with.

Although it is certainly good to get your own affairs straight and surrender the federal PERSONS and expatriate on the public record from these old claims against you, they are old claims and the basis for them has been shot through the heart. 

It is also important for everyone to know that the Cestui Que Vie trusts are being liquidated---- either in bankruptcy for actual federal employees and dependents, or in probate for everyone else.  

This was forced by the UNITED STATES bankruptcy.  Their plan was to discharge all the debts of the federal PERSONS entirely in bankruptcy, which would confirm their claim that we are all Territorial or Municipal citizens and pave the way for them to them to claim all our assets.  

We prevented that.  They must now regroup and provide the probate option which not only wipes away the debts of all federal PERSONS, but also returns your birthright estate to you, free and clear.  

Obviously, this is a very recent turn of events and there are no instant answers, but the process coming out of this should be much simpler and easier for everyone concerned.  

Most likely there will be two kinds of "Treasury Direct Accounts"---- one for federal employees and dependents and one for American nationals, both of which will be used to discharge debts--- one through bankruptcy and the other through probate.  

Stay tuned for more information as this plays out. 

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  1. Don't have time for this I have IRS
    Forms and bills .so off to work I go.
    Seriously so mad at the corruption so vast Jimmy carter tried to shut down the CIA's use of cowboys hired killers but they came back and bribed hold on to the hostages to make carter look bad low and behold 15 minute in office under Reagan they were turned free.CIA got the poppy fields up and running again in alfganistan

  2. Paul im so sorry, all i can offer is my prayers, right now. Thins are so tight, but you'll get my steadfast prayers.

    1. May God bless you for your prayers Victor, and thanks.


  3. I just read that african american means immigrants and we are slaves and is not citizens of america! My family and I was borned and raised in the state of Texas, so what does that make us???

    1. Terran. We are not citizens of anything. We are global nationals. The world was created by God, yhvh, everything belongs to Him anyway. You were born here on Earth. That makes you a Terran. There are no borders, it is a fiction in your mind. There are no countries. That is also a fiction. Fictional entities created in your mind. Just like the Cestui Que Vie trust. Doesn't exist in reality, but it does exist in the corrupted minds of the Satan worshippers, and maybe yours, whom use it to enslave you.

    2. The 14th Amendment made Blacks free, but it was the 'emergency' session created by the house to save the freed slaves as they had no $, no place to go and being illiterate, dropping dead all over the place. In doing this made you 'tighter' citizens with no way to become sovereign. Or the fugitive slave act will become active. But that's still not of concern as you were really never freed anyway. There was no congress to enact freedoms to slaves as no law has been passed since March 27, 1861. And it was wealthy Jews that owned the boats with British sailors that brought you to this country. You should get mad at them and lay off the good old boys from Alabama

    3. PS: Hey Paul, Next week I'm donating and buying one or 2 of your flags. That is when my Navy Pension deposits, and hey let's look at that for a minute. How can I be sovereign, and still draw actually 3 separate US Government pensions? Well, for starters, were they ever really coming to 'Me'? Or to 'ME'? lol.

  4. no soup for you paul. but I did give $20.00 to the cause. GOD BLESS YOU SIR... J.T. L.O.L.

  5. Watch this video.

  6. Aloha and many many mahalo's for all your hard work and enlightining us all to see through the mess that we all have endured, there is for once truly a bright future for our sons and daughters and also we can now put the pieces of our true essence back into practice. Thanks again to Anna, Paul and probably thousands that have worked quietly so hard behind the scenes. As a man on the land here in Hawaii, it brings tears of joy to now see clearer than ever before. That now through all the hardships and big losses, the many sleepless nights and tears shed in trying to understand truth in the convoluted travesty of legalise vs Natural law, just to secure safety for my wife, three sons and one daughter all the while trying to help others, I can truly exhale in releef. The universe (one verse ) within can now spring forth in creativity, expression, exuberance, pure joy and live truly Live! Lastly thank You! to the true Source, the One who can not be named and who we are all the seed of, the I Am in all of us, the you in me the I in you and the One in all.
    Thank You!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I have found a very good source of law videos that have woken my clarity of truth about jurisdiction that I wish I found many years ago, very straightforward, clear with no wavering in standing in our power. I am acting also in the concept of paying it forward.
    The YouTube channel is sovereignliving
    And also his yahoo group is Administrating-Your-Public-Servants


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