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Friday, July 14, 2017

Hello? Campers? WAKE UP!!!

By Anna Von Reitz

I want to cut out a lot of unnecessary silliness and panic and wasted effort by driving this point home to my readers.  

Almost every government on this planet is bankrupt. 

The exceptions are North Korea, Iran, a handful of Pacific Island kingdoms, the Holy See, and the unincorporated United States of America. 

Now you know why the Big Push to make war on North Korea and Iran.  Misery loves company.  If their governments could have been added to the big Slush Pile, it would have been a clean sweep for the plotters of this monstrous enterprise. 

They always knew that the unincorporated United States of America was still alive, but as decades fled by and the Americans didn't awaken, it seemed likely that we would stay asleep until it was too late and even if we did wake up, we would be "at sea" --- all misidentified as US Vessels in commerce and unable to reclaim our standing as Paramount Security Interest Holders. 

So what happened?
  The Paradigm Project happened.  

A group of DOD employees discovered something amazing--- fraud and embezzlement on a staggering scale, and from there, they discovered that all governments worldwide were incorporated and that all those governments were tied to the Holy See as the ultimate owner. 

Those of you who have followed along realize that all corporations were created by the Roman Curia, and so, you also know why that had to be. 

So after discovering this, the members of the Paradigm Project foreclosed on all these incorporated governments--- but they could only act as Secondary Creditors and they could only act in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  

The Paradigm Project could not claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders, because that is only owed to the land jurisdiction American states and people--- the same Rip Van Winkles that had been left adrift decades ago in leaky boats far off the coastline of North America. 

So-- all Municipal Governments worldwide (except as noted) were liquidated in Chapter 7 (involuntary) bankruptcy by Barack Obama.  The UNITED STATES (INC.) enfranchised all the other governments--- FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE.  

He also placed all the Territorial Governments worldwide (except as noted) in Chapter 11 Reorganizations.  The USA, Inc. enfranchised all the other governments --- France, United Kingdom...... and John Michael Doe. 

The Paradigm Project and other Secondary Creditors named Bankruptcy Trustees and created a gigantic "public trust" that they named the One People's Public Trust or OPPT, and they proceeded to create the Giant Slush Pile described.  

They claimed title to all assets presumed to belong to JOHN MICHAEL DOE and JOHN M. DOE and John M. Doe and John Michael Doe and John Doe.... all the land and all the houses, all the businesses, all the oil rigs, all the cows, all the cars and trucks,,,,,,all dumped into the OPPT and parceled out by Secondary Creditors.

All this while the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders drifted in their leaky boats, far, far out at sea, asleep, never told a word about any of this by their employees. 

I don't have a problem with the OPPT people.  They did as good as they could do given the situation without putting their own necks in a noose.  

They intended to provide people remedy within the system they had available to do that and to discharge all the bogus odious debt that had been heaped on Mom and Pop via the public bankruptcy. 

That is, I believe, what is going on with the "Treasury Direct Accounts"--- people aren't receiving money.  They are receiving discharge of debts owed by JOHN MICHAEL DOE--- debts that are naturally being discharged as part of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES. 

And this same blessed relief would then carry through to Mom and Pop in Portugal and Japan and Cambodia and everywhere else.  

Within its limits, it was a good enough plan--- but the problem then, is that because the Paramount Security Interest Holders were not  slated show up to retrieve their property out of the bankruptcy, all our assets would be "subsumed" as collateral owed to the Secondary Creditors and under their control.  

OPPT would own everything.  The entire notion of Private Property would be destroyed.  It would all be in one big pot under the control of the OPPT Trustees, a sort of global communism on steroids.  Nobody would own anything at all--- except in North Korea, Iran, and a handful of Pacific Islands. 

Those who set this system in motion were so sure that the Americans would not wake up and not be able to get back to land if they did wake up, that they set up their whole system using the presumptions above.  

But against all odds, in the eleventh hour of the eleventh hour, the Americans did wake up and they did pioneer the legal means to return to the land jurisdiction of the states and they did appear at the bankruptcy proceedings and they did firmly lodge their claim.  

So, all bets are off, and the American states and people are here as the Paramount Security Interest Holders in all the registered assets on Earth--- not the OPPT.   Everything rolls over into our trust instead, and private property is preserved. 

Farms in Norway will belong to Norwegians.  Factories in Germany will be the property of Germans.  The people of England can come home, just as we did.  

The unincorporated United States of America owns the United States and owns the UNITED STATES and owns the USA, Inc. and therefore also owns all the many, many, many franchises of these corporations worldwide.  This is because the American states and people paid for it all.

Having paid for it all, we have no interest in creating a gigantic Ball of Wax worldwide trust to own everything and everyone via any shady legal process and no intention of destroying private property interests worldwide--- not our own, not anyone else's.

The forgiveness of all the debts of FRANCE and JOHN MICHAEL DOE will be accomplished, but not at the cost of the loss of any rights or assets rightfully belonging to living people.  The Great Fraud is at an end. 

Meanwhile, people need  to think and think carefully about what is going on.  The governments are all in bankruptcy at both the Municipal and Territorial levels.  This means that they are being controlled by Bankruptcy Trustees, and are functioning under the laws of bankruptcy, not the "laws" established by these corporations.

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  1. Respectfully as a country neighbour in Canada, I don't understand how the unincorporated United States of America is handling the "Corporation of Canada" and when we will be relieved of this oppressive federal, provincial and municipal governments when the courts are upholding the corporate structures. I am 69 and would love to see the Canadians free of this control, but not sure I am going to see it.
    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Not for sure but Anna did say before the US Congress is controld in it all all the corperations.

  2. That's why Jesus said, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. Even though all their wealth is an illusion, the currency manipulators believe themselves self proclaimed gods who are above the human race. They don't need a loving God because they think they are gods. What good is it to gain the entire world and lose your soul for eternity. Instead, these same people worship Lucifer, why? If they don't believe in a God that created the universe, then it would seem that, there would be no devil either. Their position devies all logic. That's why they hedged their bets on Hillary, not realizing the so called sleeping majority were waiting for someone like Trump to run so we could break their monopoly on the political arena. Hillary is so spiritually deprived, she probably still thinks Russia somehow hacked the election. The global owned media is also stunned by the sudden turn of events. Dropping out of the Paris-climate agreement also put a major dent in their agenda. They thought they could recoup 100 Trillion dollars by charging the entire seven continents with their carbon tax, which of course, would come with more interest. I believe they're getting ready to use NASA to initiate their last option, an Alien invasion. That's why the hugh crack in the ice in the Antarctic. The Flying saucers are getting ready to make their debut on planet earth. Every country will be convinced to join some kind of global revolt inticing us into another contract. I don't see any other option for them. For those of you that haven't figured it out yet, Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist.

    1. You are 3 beers short of 6 pack. Don't you understand that who ever sits in that office is part of the corporation and is there to keep the fraud going. That includes Trump. If he wasn't before he got there he is now. Your biblical knowledge is liking also if you think Obama is the antichrist. All of this is leading to the appearance of the man of sin but he won't be from the U. S. You already know whose the false profit. The head of the woman who sits on seven hills, the woman who has riden the beast throughout time. The woman who cause all small and great to worship the beasr and the image of the beast. Oh and in case you don't know a woman in bible prophecy is a church false and true. As Anna tries to eliminate confusion and all the misunderstanding, let keep unnecessary gibberish to our selves and try and understand what we need to do to get out of this mess. In brotherly love.

    2. I have been studying the physics of UFO's for several decades. Hitlers scientists fled to Antarctica towards the end of the war. They have been developing flying UFO technology ever since. I have seen the plans for how antugravitonics works via Youtube videos. As a scientist and engineer, I can tell you definitely that the military industrial complex is at least 50 years ahead of what the public knowledge is. The USA Inc. has been manufacturing them in Paraguay for several decades and moving them to the underground Antarctic bases. Aliens are going to be modified clones of humans via DNA manipulation. There may be many kinds. The greys most people talk about are probably androids. Roswell crash of 1947 was a battle of 2 rival companies manufacturing the craft. In essence, if we survive all this, it will be just as Ben Rich stated upon his retirement speech in (1994?), "we have the means to take ET home". We will not only have our flying cars, we will be able to travel to other galaxies and planets just as quickly as we take a plane flight across the globe. I can't wait for the 1000 year reign of peace!

    3. I believe these Antartica aliens who are said to be Nordic blonde haired, blue eyed Nordics are the ones who are controlling the politicians. It is said that John Kerry went down to Antartica to try to get Hillary elected as President. And then when he was refused help, he left for another country where an earthquake went off close to his location. Apparently someone wrote that this is how the Nordic's warn politicians to back off to their plans.
      If you have ever seen the tv series, "Westworld", I believe the way politicians and humans are controlled is very similiar to what is in this show. I recommend watching the first couple of episodes on the internet to see what I mean. I think that WE are the Westworld.
      I worked with a scientist who was the go to healer for those who figured out they were implanted with chips and controlled. And I know high profile presidential and political groups would call for help. I believe all politicians are controlled via directed energy weapons and nanotechnology implants. That is why it is so hard to understand how humans could harm other humans. But, the truth is, it is not the humans in control of the body anymore. The brain is controlled via implants, and I'm suspicious of these Antartica Nazi ET groups that helped Hitler being involved in the control over politicians via advanced technologies. There is a CEO of a large potato chip company who I know had a foundation exposing directed energy use on citizens. I also know that other head CEO's of banks were clients and needed help with implant removal. It was suspected that this CEO's home was sprayed with nanotechnology. What if all politicians and high profile CEO are implanted and controlled via advanced technologies controlled via our military and alien factions??? This is what I believe to be happening after 10 years of research. That is why spreading hate for the Jewish race is very wrong, as these implanted politicians, bankers etc. are controlled via implants and directed energy weapons and do not represent the average jewish person.
      Also, on youtube is a Hollywood producer from the 1970's named Phillip K Dick exposing that fact that he was approached by military along with ETs that reside in underground bases. They wanted him to create a movie based on their future agenda of infecting the population with viruses or pathogens that would lead to some type of spiritual right brain opening, then drive the person mad, and then they die young. I believe this agenda is the chemtrails, and the black charr they are spraying is the nanotechnology implants that they are testing on us. Why they want to do this, I have no idea. I have not figured out the why yet. But they are implanting the population and everyone has this black sludge in their bodies. I recommend looking up detox specialists to get help with detoxifying the body. I recommend the grape cure fasting, lime water as well as herbal tonics for kidney, adrenals, lymphatics, liver etc. I don't want to mention any particular doctor as we know what happens to them. But lime water, grape juice (freshly pressed) can help bring this stuff out of the body along with herbal tonics for organs as well as glandulars. Its important that people clean up their bodies and always continue detox. fruits are the most astringent and more then veggies.

    4. Con't...

      I believe that we are a testing ground for other races, such as the ETs in the underground Antartica Nazi bases, and possibly we were used by other races over thousands of years ago. We are being studied similarly to how we study animals in the wild. Our thoughts, consciousness and actions are being studied via the nanotechnology they have implanted in the population. Lavandar at Star Seed Radio Academy has experience being aboard the UFOs and learning from some of these races. She said that there are many tests going on. They use events and catastrophes to test our consciousness. Like we test on lab rats. I guess the satan worshipers are used to keep us asleep so they can continue to utilize us. Because if we grow spiritually, they can lose their lab rats. So grow spiritually everyone, there is a way out. That means, no hate for anyone, no ego, no divisiveness. Think, what would the divine do...Bhudda, Jesus, Krishna, Yogananda, etc...what would spiritual masters that come help free us do. That is the answer. They can't keep us if our spiritual connection is too high to play their game anymore. And yes, I do think there are positive and negative factions in the multi verse. But no one is going to save us, we have to save ourselves by being a force for the divine in this world and being the wayshowers.

    5. Unknown....lets say for now that what you said was true. How would someone check for these nanoparticles. Is there some way to prove it. A test or something. Also, i read a health post that said "frozen concentrate hrape juice" is the best for cleansing the system. He said it contains something that normal grape juice doesnt. But i cant even find frozen concentrate juices anymore....

  3. ...and everyone here was basically born into this bankrupt system, the New Deal was the banker take-over deal America's money funded the BIS and all the global hell they have unleashed every since beginning with WW2, its been banker laws implemented ever since and all these corporations also sprang up under banker laws, the courts are nothing but banks creating bonds on every case and selling them through the Fed. off setting national debt. we were all made franchise bankers through the SS system but never explained all the rules as co-trustee's the government kept that to themselves and then corporations learned to game the system, the IRS converted everyone into offshore trust estates when we filled out our fist W4 forms your SS# was converted into a Tax ID # creating an entirely new entity, your DL # is also a 9 digit banking number franchise transmitting utility your a banker transporting currency (there is duality to the whole system). US citizen is an international designation through the UN it's a global citizen status denoting residence in the US. SS is in almost 200 countries now I believe and this is the NWO and everyone is already a citizen of it since birth unless one can prove ZERO contact with any governmental political subdivision of the master banker global NWO.
    Not naming anyone but there are people with more legal knowledge and experience then most and seem to have it all figured out yet they still have the government coming after them for property taxes, I do not buy into any true ownership especially of land since through my own research I found "land lease agreement" between the Dutch and British going back to the mid 1600's SO understand America did not win any land that the British never owned, treaties trump the constitution as stated in the very document itself, America gained the right of political self determination to self govern and reap the benefits as new management of the Colonies. It's all one big fluid incremental continuity of government program , convince the masses everything is status-quo business as usual while everything in fact is beyond understanding and far beyond what is believed to be true.

    Excellent piece by James Montgomery talking about property...

    1. Right soon as you submit you first 1040 you hit the subscribe

    2. I agree with Mike v.(hey, that rhymes). The original natives (indians) who have been here on the planet at least as long or longer than us, going back a thousand years before christ, has always believed that the land never belonged to anyone. It was sacred. And spiritual in nature. They had it right all along. No longer did land become private, due to the English (from england), already trained to think like Great Britain, we started fighting immediately. With the natives, with England, and eventually the entire world. But Anna, again you gave us a good history lesson, but how does it translate into our REMEDY and RECOURSE!!! Why are people still losing their homes, and going to jail for ridiculous things, with the only one claiming injury is the Corp. STATE..!! Are we getting rid of attorneys or not. That's the only thing I want right now. How can anyone in Bankruptcy claim to have the right to do anything or charge anyone with a looks to me like this whole think is self-sustaining, even if we remove money, or Debt instraments,. from the board. The system is on auto. How do we push the manual button and get out of this or have someone at least take notice of our status, without worrying that we will go to jail...??? Paperwork alone is not going to do it, because they never planned on setting is free in the first place. It looks like all our problems rest on President Trump, who has taken on even more than you. He has the whole world on his shoulder. Remember that song..." He has the whole world on his shoulder, he has the whole wide world on his shoulder.....He does!!!!

    3. There are bonds attached to everything you sign and your SS is on, the 1040 goes back to bonds that were around during the Civil War (10 years to start paying out and 40 years to maturity), your tax payment is actually a yearly Annuity (profit) payment to who ever is holding the bond attached to your foreign estate set up with the W4, notice the W4 does not ask for your full legal name as printed on the birth certificate it wants First M.Last so you are voluntarily creating this new entity though forced upon you to secure a job.

    4. Everything we do now in the digital world, using computers or cell phones, and all unilateral contracts, with no way to add or subtract anything from the contract. All sites simply say read the "terms and conditions" and check agree to continue. That is blatten FRAUD. Their has to be a choice to accept the conditions or not, and still continue. We are being forced, or "press ganged" into unilateral contracts everywhere we go. Thats called an "unconsciousable contract". Does someone know away around this, or is this something else we have to sue for....???

  4. And we're is the oversite ? ? The congressman and senators appear to be asleep at the switch.the senate intelligence committee lysine Gramm, John McCain oh they work for the deep state.

    1. realize there is no "deep state" there is only the actual state in its real nature, what you believe to be the state is nothing but the actors playing political theatre they puppeteer to create the illusion of real government, these are your cover models instead of a monthly issue magazine you receive a new cover administration every 4-8 years.

    2. Where is the oversite......??? Simple, there is none. At least not until we get rid of, jail, or kill all attorneys. There can never be piece on earth with those self serving foreign agents who fancy themselves as special.

    3. "First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." -- Henry VI, Part II

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. He actually quoted that. I'm going to have to Google Henry Vl. Wow, even back then they couldn't stand them. People just recently won a "class action suit" against the IRS For millions. We need to focus in on all BAR MEMBERS. We should bring a class action suit against THEM. Does anyone have a better idea. I wonder how much money it would take to make a benidick Arnold out of one of them, for a win for us..!! Everybody has a price for betrayal. I bet we could find a couple. And if it got to the Supreme Court, don't you think ""the DONALD would tell his supreme court to side with us...!! Someone said that he may have turned already because of the corruption surrounding him. Maybe, but one thing is for sure, the longer he's in office, the greater the chance of him being corrupted or killed go up astronomically. It's obvious we will always be enslaved until the BAR is gone. Thanks Chris.

  5. well if the fraud is coming to an end the judicial system is operating as one fine oiled fraud machine. It summary away all my life savings, has my 94 year old mother enslaved, and she was bypassed of all of her inheritance ordered in my father's will.

  6. Lets approach this opportunity on two tracks, first let's take advantage of this situation (OPPT) and start tapping into our personal TD Accounts; while we "muscle-up" the Republic. Talk about Trump's nationalistic view of the world. The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just,.... where did I hear that before?

  7. Where can I find record to prove that each State are part of "The United States, Inc" ? Are WA State Courts art of Federal State Courts? Could someone please post a link and instruction? Thanks.

  8. There is a comment by a sheriff's deputy on a YT channel that debunks Anna's credentials. Here's the link to the channel, scroll down to the comment. But I will paste it here as well if the server allows. Link to channel is:

    One of my friends, a former sheriff deputy here in Florida sent me this...
    "Ron, I utterly implore you to come to your senses concerning this non
    judge. She was never a judge of any court in any state in the union
    address states, or in any judicial body appointed/elected or otherwise.
    There are no common law courts, there is only common law jurisdiction
    when you actually claim it and establish a court of record nisi prius
    where you are the tribunal and in possession of a seal and are
    independent of the magistrate.Let me repeat that. THERE ARE NO COMMON
    LAW COURTS in any state in the union of states. The common law is a
    practice of courts of record which follow case law precedent by custom
    from Anglo-Saxon laws. In other words, courts would hear cases and
    those cases which had similar elements and facts would have similar
    applications of laws based on custom applied to the case at hand. A
    theft of s farmer's chicken, as an example may have been heard and ruled
    on and the ruling may have required the defendant to purchase another
    chicken of equal value and as a punitive measure the thief may have been
    required to supply his labor for recompense for a certain length of
    time. When another case involving a chicken thief is heard, having
    similar elements and circumstances it would be improper for the court to
    impose a fortnight in the stocks in the town square and 60 lashes by
    the catO'ninetails by the town oaff and drunkard. You see? Now My mentor
    and personal hero Bill Thornton has a wonderful website
    wherein he provides excellent material on common law actions, which
    still exist by the way. And the differences are mind blowing comparing
    the offense and punishment using common law application v. Statutory
    code sentences for the same offenses. As an example, burglary under
    most statutes penal codes in most states will get you 5 years in a state
    prison, while under the common law the sentence upon conviction is the
    death penalty! Bill provides an actual case where he established a court
    of record and was the movant and the tribunal being independent of the
    magistrate. Bill never allowed the magistrate to act for or against him
    in the proceedings at anytime. In fact he charged the clerk of court and
    the magistrate with criminal contempt of court, his court of record. If
    you've not seen it I strongly recommend you take a look. Nevertheless,
    there is no judge Anna Von Reitz ever having been a judicial officer in
    the US courts trial level, appellate level nor federal level ever.
    Sorry, if she was a legitimate judge she'd be willing to provide a
    citation of any case where she was the presiding justice I'd think. Many
    people have requested this very thing and I have yet to see the first
    citation offered by her. If she'd produce/provide just one it would
    alleviate all the puffery and bravo sierra. She may provide ideas which
    are appealing to the untrained and layperson, but for those of us who
    have experience in the three branches of government, we know she is full
    of shit, period! Sorry Ron."

    1. LOL so what exactly is Ron's credentials besides scoring low enough on an IQ exam to be eligible for Florida Sheriff department? LOL I personally lived there half my life and know most of these clowns are not high up on the depth chart and went to school with a few future prospect.
      So he figured out how to read Bill's website, and has experience in this administrative corporate state of B.S. as a full time occupation.
      When exactly did Anna state she was a sitting Legal Judge, or claim anything beside the need to set up Lawfull common law courts?
      The great experiment of this United State of America was the concept of man being able to self-govern, in order to do this one must be 100% Liable for there actions and essentially be a "judge" in their everyday affairs and actions without the need of a damn administrative nanny/daddy state to govern every damn action they do, the same exact nanny state Deputy Ronny "P. Coltrane" and his Boss Hog overlords like to worship and perpetuate.

    2. Some folks need to go read some of the previous 600 documents first. Then come back to debate.

    3. I was also in FL for most of the rise and fall of the housing market crash FL being 1 of the top states that felt the blunt of the trauma.
      Please ask Deputy Ron if he kept a tally on how many innocent families he personally served foreclosure and eviction papers on, and personally kicked out into the streets and made homeless? ALL while the municipal corporation that employed him was racking in the hyper inflated property taxes that sky rocketed just over 3-4 years. So essentially what master does he serve but the Masonic Baal priests in black dresses LOL who the hell would want claim to be one of those Satanic bastards???

    4. Ron is wrong. Under Title 28 USC subsection 1333, you can turn any admiralty court (that's any judicial court now in the US) into a common law venue with your "saving to suitors" right to bring civil suit in propria persona against anyone -- transgressing public officials included. Cops and most sheriffs are ignorant of the true law and our power as freeholders of the land as non-U.S. citizens. Thumbs up, Mike V!

    5. From Anna:

      Everyone please pay close attention: the actual physical state is Wisconsin, the land jurisdiction state (Unincorporated business) is the Wisconsin State, the Territorial State is the State of Wisconsin, Inc. and the Municipal Version is STATE OF WISCONSIN, INC. On top of this, the UN Corp was trying to force a "regional state" on you called "WISCONSIN".

      Please carefully note the differences in nomenclature so that you know which entity you are dealing with.

      Also teach your friends and neighbors, children and local politicians. When the fraud artists get going they just rename things in deceptively similar ways and lull you into thinking that nothing has changed when it has-- and usually not for the better.

      We have very narrowly avoided becoming just another UN Corporation franchise and losing our land and everything else.

      Learn these lessons and teach them and know them well, so that nobody on Earth is fooled by these Shysters again.

    6. Melvin stamper in his book fruit from a poisonous tree the dual identitys is used all in the US GOVERNMENT and one secretary of treasury the authority vested in me I Chang the name .
      From BIR. Bureau of internal review
      Too. IRS. boom new agency

    7. MrGumm studies Mike V's swift kick to Deputy Ron's groin. Artfully done.

  9. I have to say this promise land story is pretty much lost its sheen ,it all sounds like a perfect plan for a perfect ending yet it defies reason to believe one can predict with such accuracy what we are entitled to achieve and receive, when that presumptions assumes one of a million variable ,this assumes this ruling entity(s) are from this planet or dont have the means to destroy any opposition ,we are talking about some group who could afford Anything to develop their exit plan for 100s of years? mankind is deeply wounded by indoctrinations that run so deep in the blood of the masses,our natural desires have been debased so far in the artifical world that it would be poisen to the deprived senses if the mass consumers could not continue to fixate on their dead false idols with lots of memorizing symbols like nike and McDonalds with some 50 million consumers a day ,just the unsustainable consumption of these masses (Us)creates concern and reason to want to kill it ,,,
    This planet is a run away experiment, any one who is spiritually developed can tell you what you see in the external world is in actual fact your own mirror of who you are internally ,We need a sage and a visionary combined to teach the masses to become centered and present ,becoming naturally synchronized within nature where everything is regenerative and abundant and all is known when needed ,this reversed engineered consumer being that is corrosive in an
    un-centered un-sustainable capacity is the collective best that has no head ,but the all seeing eye is truly the web ,we are all entranced with the cyber automated paradigm seeing all the accumalitive knowledge in and through one portal which is really in our minds eye its all energy ,can be seen in fractal theory to be an immutable being expanding and contracting simultaneously in multi dimensions with millions of realms of being churning out infinity of probabilities with boundless potentialities

    All this legal knowledge ,history and political society group think diliniating our planet into its portions like someone owns some part of are planet when it belongs to all of us equally without an excuse for payment ! this is just another pseudo science and a pocket of paper bulls ,WHAT PHYSICAL CHANGES HAVE MANIFESTED FROM THIS CAUSE OR THE POPE DECLARING WE ARE ALL FREE AND ALL property is to be returned IF HE IS THE ONE WHO OWNS IT ALL.
    I Am not impressed with this Anna shell game ,ALL of a sudden I have a head of state if I want to continue to benefit from this cause ? I respect Annas dedication and hard work ,but this is not anchored in a physical reality ,its all paper,words,script .I dont see it anywhere but in the cyber world ,WHAT AM i MISSING ? i AM DONE REVELING IN THE NOTION OF LIBERATION AND THE PROMISE LAND ,ITS STARTING TO FEEL LIKE A RELIGION ,EVER SO SLIGHTLY TURNING YOU AWAY FROM CERTAIN FACTS OF LIFE FOR SOME PROMISE OF BETTER SOMEWHERE UNDISCLOSED ,BUT IN THIS CASE ITS ON THE LAND ,DOES THAT MEAN WE CAN NEVER GO ON THE WATER ,BECAUSE THIS LOT AINT GOING TO BE VERY HELP FULL WHEN THEY ARE LIVING ON OUR OLD CARRIERS ,THEY WILL JUST BE PIRATES AT SEA INSTEAD OF ON LAND .SORRY MY CRAYON BROKE ,


  10. Good day everyone. Anna, the paragraph concerning The treasury direct account, after submitting A4V twice trying to discharging my mortgage debt, why aren't I getting a notice from the treasury.. or whomever, department letting me know that the account has been settled and discharged?
    How do I check the accountability for these transactions?


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