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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Just the Facts Ma'am --- AGAIN....

By Anna Von Reitz

You are the heir of a vast fortune, but you were never told about it.
Instead, your own employees kidnapped you to a foreign land and sold you into slavery. All your life you have worked and paid taxes and mortgages and utility bills you never owed.

The perpetrators of this scheme flourished and multiplied and grew fat from their misuse of your credit and your assets.
Billions of people have labored under their yoke. They are all owed remedy and recompense.
Now, the perps have tried to enter you and your assets into a giant worldwide bankruptcy. They have pretended not to know who you are.
They have pretended that instead of being a Priority Creditor, you are a chattel property backing their own debts.
They have offered to have "YOUR" debts --- which you never owed in the first place -- discharged in the giant bankruptcy.
Taking advantage of that "Treasury Direct Account" at this point leaves you listed as a bankrupt indentured servant, and it leaves them still in control, still acting as your Creditors, still siphoning off all the benefit of your labor and your land and everything else.
It's time to change that.
There is another way to have all those debts discharged. When you "return home" to the land and soil of the state where you were born, they have to give you back your estate free and clear and fully restored.
You are the actual landlord.
You are the Priority Creditor of their bankruptcy.
You are the Paramount Security Interest Holder.
And they are disloyal, crooked employees who have drunk your wine, paid themselves your rents, and enslaved you under color of law.
(1) Get the bogus debts discharged in bankruptcy using the offered "Treasury Direct Accounts" and give up your claim to your birthright and be a bankrupt indentured servant the rest of your days...... and your children after you.
(2) Or, get the bogus debts discharged AND reclaim back your land and labor and name and everything else, too. Stand up now or there will never be another chance to reclaim your birthright and force the rats to run like cockroaches in a bright light.
Your choice.
The Living Law Firm needs help to do this. We made the initial claim in behalf of the American states and people on June 29, 2017 and we are prosecuting it.
The PayPal is:
The mailing address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.
Just as I told you about the "M1 Prosperity Bonds" being another trick, the Treasury Direct Account is also another trick at this point, because it creates the legal presumption that you are subject to their bankruptcy and leaves you at the mercy of Secondary Creditors, when you are in fact the Priority Creditor.
Until we negotiate this and get it straightened out, boycott the Treasury Direct Account offer and tell all your friends and neighbors what it means and what is going on.

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  1. At this point there is only one thing to negotiate......turning in all the BAR Cards, and wiping all statutary law from the books, and starting over from scratch. There is only one law we need or ever needed....common sense. No more limited liability. Limited liability leads to attorneys again and crookard judges. It also leads to the moral decay of a sociaty. It was the other guys fault you honor. I would rather we draft a bill to get rid of all titles of nobility(attorneys), because we already have the oringinal 13th amendment. And then nullify the 14th amendment completely. No more "District of Columbia", or servicing companies for those 18 delegation of authority. We are going "in house" for that. Right here. And not the military. A special agency that all people must put time into so that everyone understands its importance. Forget about the money right now, other than to enter the bankruptcy of the US,INC as evidence of insolvancy, with no standing at all in any court, unless it is a true article 3 court. And the concept of "Corporations" have to go to. All large Companies have to be listed as an indivdual, with only one person answering for any fraud taking place for the company....!!! Did I forget anything....???

    1. I think you covered the most important things. I am just wondering what Pope Francis'Moto proprio decree Really does to Corporations that were always morally bankrupt, and have been financially so for a long time. See you there! Peace and Happiness to you and yours...

  2. New Ager are some of the most programmed people, jumping onto every hype they are told about. They believe all the nonsense they are fed and are moving from one program to another mind control program.

    1. I'm speaking above in reference to the Treasury Direct accounts. Oh and the "Galactic Ashtar will save the day" emails that go viral. I have entered the land of dumb and dumber.

    2. It is easy to speak this way hiding as Unknown.

  3. Who is this mysterious secondary creditor? Who did the Treasury hand the ball to? Pretty soon, there wont be any creditors, just debtors with a supreme debtor over the whole world.

  4. I don't understand Ms.Anna when you say go back home, I'm home born and raised in Texas, only my mom was born in North Carolina and her Dad was Cherokee Indian, Is that what's happening??

    1. She is talking about the fact that you are shipwrecked and lost at sea, in Shark and PIRATE infested waters, and need to get yourself back to the Dry Land of your birth. It's all about the Unconstitutional Admiralty laws that control your every move. I hope that this wasn't more confusing! I thought I was a poet there, lol. Best Wishes for you and yours.

  5. Anna Heather Tucchi has claimed the accounts for each Pearson and given us the paperwork to claim the name. That paperwork alows no one else to use the accounts.Any uniladeral contracts would not be enforceable and biladeral contracts would would be uninformed.

  6. i still feel paralyzed just because i was not born here, was born in europe.. there is no real american office in chicago, to be able to naturalize over?. so i feel stuck. my father racked up a bill of hospital stay for $34,000.. & i just feel lost. sooon enough probly in a few yrs he would will just lose the house over this(if enough times of that happen or be forced to sell it.

    1. There is a Living Law Firm lawyer in your area. They can help you get this debt discharged and help you keep your house.

    2. Is there in any way i can contact them, i live somewhat closely to o'hare.

  7. NO worries most born here also feel paralysed, look up "the shock doctrine" it's all part of the plan.

  8. They have been using "shock testing" for the last 40 years. It goes something like this....Create a some "false flag" incident, then use the media to hype it up , then accumulate info from all over on how people initially respond to the threat, and how long it takes to forget the incidence. Thats how they know when to implement something.

    1. America is just one big lab experiment and were all the consumer subjects, our so called leaders got us spun out worried about terror and cold-wars and this war and that war (while they never win any of them but create more debt which is the real victory, and this boogie man and that one, they are the ones killing us through the food, chemicals, vaccines, fracking, LOL not to mention they tested over 400 small to medium nukes in and around the United States since the beginning of the Nuke programs. So who is the real nuclear threat on this planet, they got a free pass to destroy every damn thing but if somebody else has aluminium tubes or some yellow dirt raw material or a science lab they need to be taken out as a threat LOL!!!!!
      LOL while the Elite parasites in Switzerland are trying to create the GOD particle with CERN and split the planet in half in the process.
      But don't try to grow tomatoes in your front yard and disrupt commerce unless you want a SWAT raid on your family.


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