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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The "Federal Reserve" is Only The Whipping Boy

By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the days of overt slavery there was a peculiar practice called the "whipping boy". When the Master of the Plantation did something bad, something worthy of whipping, he simply called his "whipping boy" and the unfortunate slave took the beating that the Master deserved. 

This caused righteous indignation on the part of the slave and did nothing to improve the behavior or moral character of the "Master".

It is the same with the Federal Reserve.  They were de-fanged and and mastered long ago and only exist as a repository bank and store front for the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) not be be confused with the Economic Security Fund --- also "ESF". 

And what is the Exchange Stabilization Fund?

It is essentially a mindlessly large hedge fund, designed for manipulation of the currency markets of the entire world.  

Money in all its forms is a commodity.  

So the Exchange Stabilization Fund is just a giant commodity market rigging scheme, dictating the value and availability of national currencies, through its ability to buy and hold these currencies.  

It's illegal as hell. 

It should have been busted long, long ago.  

Every country in the world should be stomping on the "Congress" and all those responsible for this, without exception.  

And instead of whipping and beating the Federal Reserve, why not whip and beat the Exchange Stabilization Fund?   Go to the source of the problem and by-pass the store front.  It would be better for the morality of the whole world to -- once and for all -- identify the actual source of the problem. 

And there it is: the Exchange Stabilization Fund.  

Now you have a name and a diagnosis.  The next part of the progression is treatment.  

Call your Presidents, your Congressmen, your various Poobahs and Pundits. 

Shake the walls and rattle the cages. 

Let the perpetrators in Whitehall know that their schemes and deliberations are known.  

Let the flunkies in the Philippines drafted as the Arbiters of this Grand Farce and Great Fraud take Fair Notice from the rest of the world.  

Let Donald Trump have lots of sunshine pumped up his skirt, and Pope Francis, too.  

Let the "UN" and "NEW YORK" and all the old Nazis get a thrill as they realize that everything--- absolutely everything--- isn't "secret" after all.

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  1. I found out all about the Exchange Stabilization Fund when fighting my foreclosure. It seems to never end when it comes to the matrix of modern central banking. You never really know where it ends. First it was the Federal Reserve, then the IMF, then it was the "Bank of International Settlements(BIS) and LIBOR, fixing the exchange rates (interest rates)that banks have to pay, now its the "Equalization and Stabilization Fund". Or is it. The entire thing is one big gambling casino rigged at the largest exchange of all...Wall Street, where the only thing happening is "insider trading". Unless you are one of the unwashed masses. But who is underwriting all this liability....isnt that "Loydes of London".

    1. I believe it is "Certain Underwriters at Lloyds". They're a corporation not liking any affiliation with "LlOYDS of London".

  2. I love send out bitch messages but helps to have an email or something as i dont know all PLayers ... just saying

  3. Well, ya learn something new every time anna re-writes History, what an amazing imagination she has!!! So, EVERY plantation owner had their very own "BLACK whipping boy" to take the punishment that the owner deserved!? I had read more history books than Anna could ever dream at night, at least the factual ones, and as usual, her "history" is a load of crap, which lessens her credibility on anything else she states. As usual, she is beginning to confuse her "fantasies" with "historical fact" as there were MANY decent slave owners. I could just as well say that every white person in the South had slaves as a status symbol, or, as anna would put it, just to have someone to "whip" around!!! But the Truth of the matter, of the approx. NINE million people, I googled this number, that lived in the South in 1861, ONLY ten thousand FAMILIES in the South had slaves!!! In fact, a slave in 1850 would cost $500 to buy and I can assure you MOST southern people could not afford to pay that let alone support a slave. Yes, the very ones that gave us slavery and could afford it are the very ones that are enslaving us today.
    And while we are talking about FACTUAL history, here is a damnable self expose' from the mouth of anna's Saint Jew that admit they were culpable in slavery, probably had their own "whipping boy" and this is one of MANY sites that state these truths:

    1. why don't you say who you are. you chickenshit! unknown my backside.

    2. if you want to propagate the truth, look at the derivation of slave, where does it come from (slavic?) hmmm, and what color were the first slaves sent here under transport/ation laws?

      1800's and prior you will see that, as everything else has been inverted, black and white were inverted and not about race/color, it was all status. do the due diligence.

  4. Well, you could if you had the money and of the elite, pay for someone else to fight in your stead in the war. Not to get whipped cause you owed a debt, but to be killed, tortured, suffer and whatever else was encountered by the poor wretch who went in your place. Slave owners, slave traders, factory owners in the north that used imported cotton and poor white "workers" and high political figures were the ones who did not mind sending someone else to suffer the consequences of battle. Were there some nice slave owners who stayed the course and bravely fought to protect their people?


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