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Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Thanks to Mary

By Anna Von Reitz

The name "Mary" is a sorrowful name, the opposite of "Sarah". She who weeps v. She who laughs. Let both come before Our Father for settlement of their claims.

It's time and indeed, past time, for these things to be settled. We are weary of waiting and existing and watching the old falsehoods pass away. Let them be gone, like a bad dream, like foam on a wave of the sea, like the darkness fading before dawn.

An end. A funeral for falsehoods.

The World Bank signed accords under the auspices of the "Committee of 300" distributing the "Spiritual White Boy" accounts in 2012, in response to foreclosure of their various organizations by the Paradigm Project. They assigned an "M1" --- King Anthony Santiago Martin, and allowed each government to appoint a countersigner on accounts provided for humanitarian purposes.

And still nothing happens.

Five years later, and still nothing happens.

Just the same old, stale, ugly crap.

And Karen Hudes, pretending to be a "Whistleblower" --- LMAO--- accusing me of being an agent for the Vatican.

For the ignorant among us, the Vatican is just a Property Management Firm for the Holy See. It has its own bank and so what?

The actual Bank of Banks is the Vatican Chancery Court.

All courts are banks.

And so, the Vatican Chancery Court is where I went to lodge our claims in behalf of Yeshuah, also known as Jesus ben Joseph, the Nazorean, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

Grief, as His Mother wept. Grief, as He struggled to enlighten Mankind and found that even His Disciples were stupid and unclean and disloyal and unable to decipher even the smallest part of Divine Wisdom without help. So He sent the Holy Spirit upon us, all who love Him.

I want to thank Mary and those of her namesake.

There is one woman named Mary who has faithfully, month after month, sent me a check for $25.

I suspect that she is like millions of Americans living on a fixed income, perhaps a retiree, or one of the millions who are disabled, who has been sharing her "Widow's Mite" in faith that we are doing the right thing.

Her contribution amounts to $300 per year..... the lion's share of three telephone line extensions, 2700 black and white copies, a decent laptop for a paralegal working in a remote place, one month's worth of an office electrical bill.

Does it matter?

Would we have been able to make the progress we have made without Mary? No, we would not. It is because of her and people like her that all justice is upheld in the world, that all kindness is remembered, that our race is worth saving, and that all our lives are made noble.

Can you stub your toe without hurting your whole body? No.

And if the smallest part of you rejoices, does it not have its impact on all the rest?

Never give up and never think that just because you are only one person or because you are old or you are poor that you are not important. You have a choice and you have a voice.

Never think that because you weep you will not laugh again.


  1. Amen!
    They do in fact kill people here on Earth for suggesting that they love their brothers!
    SO SAD!
    Go ahead and suggest so anyway! They will try but, they can't kill all of us.
    And, they can only kill any of us temporarily!!!
    All The Best,

  2. These agencies of government and the world courts and banks love to make contracts to make sure we keep our commitments and obligations to them, but when the shoe is on the other foot they fail completely. We should all get together and simply go into every bank at the same time and take everything out, including the computors, furniture, and the kitchen sink. Let them open the next day. Why wait like Venezwala did and now everyone is eating anything they can. I hear "Rat" is at a


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