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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Turkey Farming in Colorado

By Anna Von Reitz

I told the Colorado Grand Juries not to do these things which have resulted in their members being arrested---and I thought they understood the reasons why--- but turn your back for five minutes.....

So, here they are facing a lot of unnecessary unpleasantness and giving those of us who are proceeding lawfully a bad name. 

To explain the situation by analogy: a bunch of Irish nationals got confused and thought that Spanish courts and Spanish elected officials were doing something wrong because they were not obeying Irish law. 

The sane person asks--- why should Spanish people be obeying Irish law?  What are these nutcase Irishmen doing crossing over the border and threatening Spanish judges and elected officials for? 

The only difference is that people of the land jurisdiction crossed over and attacked persons operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  It's the same sort of situation.  Land is land and sea is sea, just like Irish is Irish and Spanish is Spanish.  The ways, means, and assumptions of one don't carry over to the other.

These particular Common Law Grand Juries were so ignorant they thought that all courts had to obey Common Law practices and premises.  They didn't study to make themselves approved. 

The Admiralty and Administrative Courts  and the Territorial and Municipal United States were in fact approved under the same Constitution that these men claim to hold so dear ---but if they had studied and thought about The Constitution deeply enough they would have known this, with or without me telling them. 

If they had had the right attitude, once I explained it, they would have looked and seen for themselves.  Instead, they just bulled ahead and did whatever they thought was right.

So in a way, these people are hypocrites ---- trumpeting about The Constitution out of one side of their mouths, but not bothering to earnestly study it and the history leading up to it, so that they make mistakes like this and get in trouble. They want their guarantees honored, but don't want to respect the guarantees granted to others by the same agreement.

I tried to warn them for a period of over two months and nobody was listening. They thought I was a traitor to the cause because I wouldn't go along with their vengefulness and their errors and their methods.  The other night they were on the radio calling me names and blaming me for their own stupidity and the trouble it has bought them. 

Yes, I told them what to expect and I told them why they would get arrested if they did these things -- which is simple logic if you know The Constitution and know the law and the history-- but because I "knew" they would get arrested they now think that I had to have some kind of insider knowledge.....sigh.

Not all turkeys come in out of the rain.  Some just stand under a drain spout and drown. 

It is fair to say that I am extremely disappointed with the Colorado Grand Juries' performance, their stubborn error, their willful ignorance, and their back-biting toward all those who tried to warn them.  They just compound their errors and make a bad situation even worse by alienating those who would otherwise try to help them.

This is not the first time that I have seen patriot efforts go astray as a result of ignorance and vengeance-seeking.

It is absolutely true that a great many Americans have been abused by their own employees and by the usurping foreign federated courts presuming upon them and their private assets.  They have a right to be angry and they have a right to seek redress by every lawful means possible.  The key word is "lawful".  

That includes staying in our own jurisdiction and learning to use the abundant means that are available to us to guarantee change and redress of wrongs. 

We have otherwise made excellent and relatively unimpeded progress toward restoring the land jurisdiction government. More and more jural assemblies are forming under the able tutelage of the Michigan General Jural Assembly and serious-minded Americans are studying their history and law in ever-increasing numbers. 

I look forward to the day when misunderstandings like this are a thing of the past.

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  1. At present our old school common law have no teeth. Lots like to play in thair northern trust corperate sand box lots get slapped, leans declared fraudulent by judge , no evidence allowed ,judge intimidating jury, contempt charges for just talking ,prosecuting discretion (ditch anything for expediency ).color of law let you win if it's not a major loss.

  2. From what investigators have come up with.. is that some of these people are not who they say they are, but actual govt plants to achieve this outcome of hurting everyone... Which is why it is asked who they were.. how does someone just say they are a judge, without others vetting said judge, especially one that has been kicked out of other states and organization along with his sidekick. The defacto is organized and lethal...Whatever this movement is... Is no where close to being organized.. no recruiting to get the numbers needed... And then it's my way vs your way... My penis is bigger than yours... Nana na Nana...And ongoing. People who are interested have to go through an extreme paradigm shift, learning a very tricky language and law, all while working jobs and raising families... And when you have poor leadership... Noconsistant ideas, arrests etc... People will run ...Sad thing...Time is running out fast...Defacto has Thier game together.they play the globe.. Dejure don't have enough players... Many rather fight the coach... Maybe I'm wrong... Just an observation

    1. Pretty good observation , however there is more than one way to skin a cat state militias are stockpiling for sure and the feds know it.thair media blackouts are not complete now.OKC.face flag was multi purpose one destroy records room and frame the militias Oklahoma was leading a 13 state movement aginst the feds.
      So the way they roll is under deception and color of law .
      It can't hurt to learn all thair law in case we must engage them.
      Common law via. The jurial society's build up no body wants to engage the want to be passive like the Amish . Fine but it's weak tea in a ruff ass world.

    2. Yes in time the numbers will back each other up and persuade the sheriff's to stop siding with the judge we are the rightful government . What's you cup of tea weak or strong? If we can get advance funding from a commercial lean agin the bar that can Grease. Some palms .most nationalist are looking at complete relocation to remote northwest or deep in woods of Tennessee or something . Personally I'm learning law and history and try and talk like minded ppl to form jurial so cities 13 to have a pitite jury.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anna advocates the Michigan jurial society's method and it's intelligent rooted in law a persecution will try and paint you a seditious anti government radical. You paint your self in proper lawful terminology we are guaranteed the right to assembly , so call you self an assembly you guarantee militias so call your self a militias . Then the can't call you a domestic terrorist .

  4. PRAY TELL Anna, how?
    I want a redress for compensation for twelve years of my life being thrust to defend against a bank which attempted and failed to steal my home.
    Further, my workers comp insurance has done all it can to kill me off, has committed medical neglect, has threatened me (on legal taping) also admitted to coercing with my ex doctors, they are relentless, as well as still in contempt of court, HOW can I obtain justice, and compensation. I am forced to sleep in a CHAIR for going on 15 or 16 yrs now, as they are in contempt of courts as I state, and other things they were court ordered to provide and havent. PLEASE ANSWER ME!
    That includes staying in our own jurisdiction and learning to use the abundant means that are available to us to guarantee change and redress of wrongs.

    We have otherwise made excellent and relatively unimpeded progress toward restoring the land jurisdiction government.

    1. go back and try to read up from annas website many of the answers you ask are answered. it is all about status and if you know thyself. you can also check out hindsight radio and their archives, they touch on many subjects... also start reading multiple times your states and federal constitutions over and over as many times as you can. it is their trust indenture that they signed an oath to uphold, you must enforce it the proper way in the proper status in the proper venue. the constitutions tell you the recipe.

  5. Excellence of the Common Law, by Brent Winters oughta be required reading for anyone being schooled or can read. Reading it clears up foggy ideas about what common law is, makes it obvious the courts are appearing to provide common law ( but are not most of the time) and what the big picture of the last 1000 years of so, how it grew, where it came from, why God is given so much appreciation and honor ( versus the president or some popular idol) when it comes to law. Sure cleared me up on it, I admit common law before reading it rested in a part of my mind called "stuff that is confusing but need to learn more on it"

  6. Your right CAROL...Especially when it comes to foreclosures. They absoluty will not even consider evidence or proof that the banks that are foreclosing arent even the "Real party of Interest"(FRCP 17a), unless you have an attorney, who only charges you $5000-$10,000 just to tell you that the court granted the bank a win... Its getting worse everyday for pro se (private parties like us) to even be recognized, let alone get remedy from these courts. And like i said before, we dont need "jural assembles" who will only degrade to the same system we have now, unless we have "oversite committies with the oower to arrest any "jural assembles" that are overstepping or committing fraud no matter how small. And the "Accounting.Office" for each city has to be checked everyday and all books and ledgers open for public inspection at any time. All money has to be tracked and accounted for right to the penny like any bank. No one goes home until the books are balanced. Without "oversite" there is no system of law or govt. to keep people filling public positions who wont become corrupt or theives, because 90% of the public just wont care. It wont take long for the "jural assembles" to find that out. All of a sudden, $100's will be missing, quickly escalating to $1000's and so on. No one can be trusted with money....NO ONE..!!! The money has to be tracked everywhere it goes, with public access to all records for anyone, anytime for FREE. City records can no longer be privatetized. Someone better have a good reason why the books arent balanced or the entire "jural assembly" needs to be fired and replaced...!!! Is everyone ready to take on this much responsibility...!!! If not you can forget about "jural assembles".

  7. I see a major flaw in the "Common Law". Under common law, no one can be charged with a crime without someone being injured or property. But what is the definition of an "injury". That is a very subjective term. People who insist on having 5-10 animals in a house living next to me probably doesnt seem like he is injuring me. But in my view he ignored the letter of the law as well as the nature of it too. People do not have as many rights as that ancient document "the constitution" claims to give people, especially in a major city or metropolis, where people live on top and beside one another. There are no "RIGHTS" without moral regard and consideration of your neighbors FIRST. That entails common sense, which is in low supply these days.

  8. The Colorado Grand Juries have done nothing wrong. They formed lawfully under their assemblies.

    It is your opinion that they were proceeding unlawfully. That is not a fact but an opinion.

    Declaration of Independence (1776) states:

    We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. … Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    “and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. …”

    The People get to organize the powers in whatever form shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. In other words….. there is NO FORM for the manner by which the new government is to be set up.

    The 8 people in Colorado that are under fire are were kidnapped from their homes and their place of employment by CORPORATIONS. THE STATE OF COLORADO is a corporation under the daddy corporation UNITED STATES INC., The Denver Colorado FBI is a corporation. From dun&bradstreet lookup: “The following is the DUNS number for FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: DUNS number: 182875401”

    The People have absolute power over these corporations.

    The land jurisdiction has a right to uphold the inherent rights of the People. It is the international jurisdiction of the sea that has crossed the line many times over. The jails are full of People that have not harmed anyone or harmed another’s property.

    Common law courts of record are separate and independent of the other courts. Common law is the highest law of the land and no statutes that those other courts are under supercedes common law.

  9. Courts of Record comment continued
    The People did not authorize Admiralty, Administrative, Territorial or Municipal Courts. What law proves your statement? Those courts are the fabrication of rogue men who created the corporation United States Inc. and they were passed off as the ‘government’ courts. The corporation formed its courts: Admiralty, Administrative, Territorial and Municipal. Those courts were never authorized by the People and they do not have the authority or jurisdiction over the People. How can the People have dominion over all the earth, granted to them by God the Creator and then be ruled over by those that they have dominion over? That doesn’t even have an ounce of sense attached to it. The People are not ever to be administrated. They belong in no court BUT when they harm one of the other people or their property, they may be brought before the Grand Jury to have the Grand Jury decide if the facts presented do show harm and if so then the Grand Jury can determine damages and whatever retribution must be made including jail time.

    A sovereign wo/man is self-governing at all times. This has been written in many decisions and in international papers. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights reiterates this fact. The people are self-determining of their political status. i.e. if they chose to be a US. Citizen or a State Citizen they can. But the sovereign wo/man does have dominion over the earth and all that is in it. That includes government and corporations. The united States exist only because of the sovereign wo/men in them. That being said there is NO borders around the people. There is only the borders as set by men in the Constitution that pertain to sections of land so as to determine what union state owns what. It is not about borders on the people fencing them in.

    The Colorado people did nothing wrong but stand up for their inherent rights and lawfully file documents that gave proper Notice to the wo/men acting as IF they are in a government role when, in fact, they are NOT government servants at all but corporate employees. The crime committed by those FBI and other Colorado actors is impersonation of a public officer. The only ones acting in their correct role is the attorneys. However, that being said, they are likely not filed as the foreign agents they are so that they can even work in our united States. A search of the Foreign Registration site will likely not yield their registration. So, in that regard the attorneys are acting illegally as well.

    The sheriff’s of the various counties where these 8 living souls abide, likely were actors paid by the corporation. The police officers that assisted in kidnappings are all corporation employees – NOT government employees. They are paid private mercanaries.

    The 8 Colorado people are not doing any illegal act. They are standing up for the People in Colorado and giving proper notice to the ‘actors’ in those counties and then lawfully liening the property after they have been found guilty by the Grand Juries.

    “So in a way, these people are hypocrites” Standing up to the actors pretending to be the public officers of the limited government makes these people heroes for holding the rogue pretend public officers responsible for their actions.

  10. Courts of Record comment continued
    The people of the Colorado assembly are not acting with vengeance but with the inherent right God gave them – to call these rogue pretenders to answer for the harm they commit on the People daily even hourly.

    What is the name of the radio station where the people were calling you names?

    If you know the Constitution and know the law, you comprehend that what acts like law today is mere statutes that are for the corporations to be under not the people that God gave dominion over all the earth.

    Belitting people by calling them stupid, turkeys etc. is not the sign of one who knows the Constitution but of one that cannot speak truth so resorts to petty name calling.

    Anna you state: “It is absolutely true that a great many Americans have been abused by their own employees and by the usurping foreign federated courts presuming upon them and their private assets. They have a right to be angry and they have a right to seek redress by every lawful means possible. The key word is "lawful".” What the Colorado Grand Jury did is actually lawful and they are not being abused by their own employees. The People did not create US Inc,, United States, United States Inc., or any of those corporations. The ‘employees’ you speak of are employees of the corporations and not the People. There are no employees in the People’s government – the offices of the government formed by the people are vacant and have been for many years. One look at the paycheck of those so called employees will reveal the corporation name that they are employees of.

    The People have no certain jurisdiction. They have jurisdiction over all – inherent rights, dominion over all remember?

    The Admiralty, Administrative, Territorial, and Municpal courts are the ones who must keep in their jurisdiction and not cross over trying to administrate the People. THAT is the problem, not the Colorado people that assembled and the Colorado Grand Jury that indicted those BAR reprobates.

  11. Here, here...!!! Why is it that patriots are so egar to chastize other patriots who are only trying to find their way out of a complex maze purposely designed by the BAR to confuse or frustrate even the most tenatious patriot having put in 100's of hours of research committed to uncovering the "truth", only to be denied any remedy because of some proceedural flaw of theirs that we either missed or overlooked or didnt object to timely. How can a court of the Corp. State ever claim to be dealing with "clean hands" and in "good faith", but at the same time use the insideous doctrine of "Silent Judical Notice". Where is the transparency there...!!! Remedy is going to be reduced to a gun when the courts no longer work for the people and outwardly display it with arrogance...!!!

    1. I once knew a guy whose solution was to hang a judge every week. I didn't agree or the time.


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