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Monday, March 13, 2017

What Has Been Done For You

By Anna Von Reitz

First-- to all my friends worldwide who are not Christian-- bear with me.  I promise that this has a message for you, too, but for reasons that are or will become obvious, I am obliged to speak to and within the confines of Christian history for a moment.

In 1302, Pope Boniface established the world's first and largest Express Trust called the "Unam Sanctam" Trust.  In this document he claimed that his office was that of Trustee for the whole earth and everything on it.  That is, he claimed to own the air, the birds within in, the sea and all its creatures, and the earth, too, together with all the land animals and people and buildings on it. 

He claimed to own it all and to be Christ's Trustee. 
(Editors note,  Here are 4 different translations of the text of the Bull. 
From the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia: )

From The Papal Register, published in 1889 by P. Mury in Revue des Questions Historique p 255-256

From Frederic Austin Ogg (ed.), A Source Book of Medieval History (New York, Cincinnati: American Book Company, 1908), 385–88.

In both English and the Latin original.

And the Roman Catholic Church set out to organize the entire world accordingly, and over the next few centuries, created three jurisdictions: air, land, and sea.

The air jurisdiction-- beside containing birds --- contains spirits and demons, angels, electric currents, sound waves and more---- is global in nature.  That province the Church reserved for itself.   Sins occur in the jurisdiction of the air.

The sea jurisdiction was farmed off to the British Monarch. Debts occur in the jurisdiction of the sea.

The land jurisdiction was farmed off to the Spanish Monarch.  Losses occur in the jurisdiction of the land.

And that, with more or less success, has been the "way of the world" for the last seven centuries. 

But wait a minute..... if the Pope in his office is Trustee of the Spirit Realm and in his office as Roman Pontiff the Trustee of the Material Realm.....why aren't all these bills being paid? 

Obviously, Satan has been maintaining a stronghold somewhere. 


Even though Jesus and Satan played for keeps, it wasn't the risen Christ that paid for the sins (debts) of the world.  It was a very real, very material man.  A carpenter from Galilee. And he is not here in the flesh to demand payment.

So, the theory was--- until He came back in the flesh it was business as usual. Satan just conveniently kept the Keys to the Kingdom of God and operated through the office of the Roman Pontiff, while the Pope held the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.


However, that wasn't the deal.  If Jesus had made a single misstep on his way to Golgotha, Satan's victory would have been assured.  He would have reigned forever on Earth, until he destroyed it.

But Jesus carried through on His part of the bargain, paid the price, once and forever and for the whole world---- both goats and sheep, both tares and wheat, His own Followers and the Hindus of India and the Buddhists of Tibet and everyone else, everywhere, for all time.   And--this is important--- all jurisdictions.

He absorbed all sins, all debts, all losses.

The Kingdom of Heaven knows no sin, no debt, no loss, no scarcity, no illness, but the Kingdom of God does.

These facts have been plainly stated in the scriptures for centuries and established in the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church along with the Unam Sanctam Trust and the claim of the Popes to be the Trustees of Christ on Earth--- His Vicar.


So it was time for someone, a Beneficiary acting as Jesus' Fiduciary Deputy in the flesh, to pull the plug.

Please see the attached Payment Bond.  I presented it to Cardinal Mamberti, the head of the Vatican Chancery Court, as of January 6, 2017. 

You will all note from reading the attached Original Copy of the Payment Bond, that it was delivered on the Day of the Three Kings, when the princes of the Earth pay homage to their Redeemer.  You will notice that the Payment Bond lasts for 1,000 years during which the peace of the Kingdom of Heaven and its abundance is to reign and the swords are to be beaten into plowshares.  You will note that it is for redemption of the Kingdom of God, where all the sins and debts and losses are stored up. You will note that it is for all NAMES or Names of any kind.  You will note that it puts an end to the Doctrine of Scarcity, and that it proclaims that the Law of Heaven is in force on Earth: to keep the peace, to love each other, and to do no harm.  And there is no other law we are bound to.

This has been done for each and every one of you regardless of your belief or disbelief, your faith or lack thereof.  You have been dearly bought and are now redeemed, set free of sin, debt, and loss.  The cruelty of Satan's Rule is ended. A new life lies before you.

In embracing this new life, leave behind the ideas of differences and tribes.

Dear children, note---- we are all unique.  Each one of us is utterly different from all else that is created.  Protect and care for each one, for each one is sacred.  Let all law and caretaking be focused on just each one, not on any group identity.

As long as we define ourselves as members of groups --tribes, nations, etc., we condemn ourselves to a world in which bigger nations will always subjugate smaller nations and larger gangs will punish smaller gangs.  Let this thinking go. Let all tribalism diminish until it is only a dim memory.

In the end, there is only each one of you, utterly precious, utterly unique--- and All That Is, that you are part of. 

My name "Anna Maria" means the "Grace of Mary", who, when the angel came to her, said--- "Let it be done to me according to your word."  These words have echoed through the centuries in the hearts and minds and experiences of all those who have given themselves to the Lord of Heaven.

So let it be and let it begin. 

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  1. Magical. Does that mean if you have redeemed and freed all in full view of God, the pontiff, and the world, that we are liberated from the ridiculous suggestion of having to liberate ourselves from the scoundrels who corrupted the original Constitution and set up the "United States" offshore corporation as well. That is with no further hardship on our part, and full disclosure and recompense on theirs, the deceivers? Because, if you can do the first, why doesn't that automatically translate to the latter?

  2. Jesus, the King of Kings, walked in humility, inspires humility. If your deed is as great as his, compleats his, you can walk in humility too. It must get lonely in Alaska, with intelligence to your degree a very rare occurrence, indeed. But as you travel for the Master, work for the true Master, please try to walk in his demeaner, as well. We little people slaves humble ourselves daily to prop up what God has created and keep it moving forward until full freedom and redemption. And we go unnoticed. Lucky you, at least you get the glory. Amen

  3. So, what does this mean for America, that the court systems will be just, that everyones slate is now clean, who may I ask is now going to enforce this and when?

  4. Ive never heard that version in a charles standley sermon ever. I think he would enjoy hearing it. Why dont you bring him up to date...!!!

  5. I need a house, as do millions of Americans who are financial refugees to our predatory system of property ownership. Can we simply claim a house and send the bill to the Cardinal Mamberti, the head of the Vatican Chancery Court? Just askin'!

  6. Very well said, I for one avoid being grouped and will say sometimes "Do I look like a group?" How could I possibly be? I am myself, one of many who are each greatest of all treasure. Would you trade your self or your life for a fine diamond or gold of great value? What would you have? So which is it that is the greater, your unique, one of a kind individual existence here or the treasure? How would you feel if you were judged in some great court and simply called "this or that group" and your personal actual actions, your deeds were viewed as some group or another? Yes time to do away with the groups and just be our selves caring as much for each other as we do for our individual self.

  7. "Amen"- Come Jesus Come Blessings to all...

  8. Yeshua may have died for the sins of everyone at the time of His death and resurrection, but after that, if one does not believe in Him, and exhibit the belief by being born again, taking up their cross, and following in His ways, that man or woman will not receive salvation. On another note, is Anna saying her payment bond is commencing the millennium?

  9. On Judge Anna's website posting #190 I think a good refresher course of Mathew is in order.

  10. Traditional esoteric wisdom defines the forces of the universe in terms of four elements--air, water, earth and fire. Fire can be considered to be energy, consciousness, the foundational life force that vibrates at specific frequencies which elicit and attract its own kind through resonance.

    Pope Boniface overlooked the element fire/energy in his claim of ownership of all the Earth on behalf of Jesus Christ.

    So, if we consider ourselves to be spiritual/energetic beings with consciousness that has chosen to manifest temporarily on Earth in a specific human form, and if we know ourselves to be co-creators of our world through our own creative imagination, then it seems to me that we are justified in renouncing its alleged jurisdiction over humanity by the Roman Catholic Church.

    And it is appropriate to pull the plug on all this fakery and embrace the energy of Oneness, the spirit of the Creator. Let's continue to kick all the pompous hierarchies to the curb and move on.


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