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Monday, March 13, 2017

Clarification Regarding the Continental Marshals Service

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a bunch of people who are wildly off-track trying to call their state militias "continental marshals" because they thought it "sounded good".

And they haven't even bothered to correct their political status and re-flag their VESSELS in commerce to be recognized as Americans, so they are doing this as "United States Citizens"---- who aren't allowed to have militias much less continental marshals and have no guarantees under the actual constitution.

I have tried and tried to talk sense into these boneheads and show them what they need to do and how they need to organize to no avail, despite the Public Law and the known history in front of their faces. 

Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton have been provided with all the information I have given everyone else--- about the need to expatriate, the need to re-flag, the need to establish jural assemblies, and so on. 

They won't listen and they are misleading others, needlessly endangering innocent people. 

As things now stand and until they wake up all the way, they are off in LaLa Land and trotting down the same path as all the other patriots now rotting in federal jails.

The only Continental Marshals who have taken the correct oaths and who are operating in the correct manner and in the right jurisdiction are those under the command of Chief Marshal Tresa Haywood, and they are all members of the Continental Marshals Service. 

Any claims otherwise are incorrect and bound to fail. 
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  1. I really do not appreciate that you default all Americans as United States Citizens. Thank you for informing us of the confusion and fraud. Now, let it go.

    It's a fraudulent citizenship without consent. That is all anyone needs to know. When confronted by fraudulent courts, we need to stand together and make our case.

    We surrender to Natural law. WE surrender to a Natural law jury with unhampered full powers to determine fact, evidence, testimony, punishment, and law. We surrender to a court administrator/judge and bailiff, operating under Natural law, that informs the jury of its full unhampered powers, protects those powers, and honors fully those powers. We surrender to Natural law justice decided by a Natural Law jury in every instance.

    If the court cannot provide a Natural Law jury and insists on its own form of justice, it is not a court, but a gang of bullies that should be arrested.

    By the way, these courts have already been disbanded. Universal Martial Law—Public Order #18: Prosperity Initiation Orders

    Quantum leap: Law (IQ 200, not required)
    Youtube channel:

    It is time to get on board. The arrest warrants and necessary court orders are all done.

    Let's get on board enforcement, but not the same brand of bully law from the deep depths of our hell history.

    Thank you for that information. For those born in hell, someone is needed to inform them where they are, otherwise, it's just business as usual.

    1. From Anna:

      Well, Coach, I would take your "advice" if it was my intention to fall into the trap set for us and lead a rebellion that would in fact cause "martial law" to apply to Americans.

      However, that is not my intention.

      My intention is to bust the fraud and the fraudsters and deal with this as a crime instead of a political matter.

      To that end, I suggest you sit down and shut up, as you obviously have no competent grasp of the situation and are likely to just get yourself and a bunch of other innocent people in trouble.

    2. LOL sounds great and "Lord of the Rings" describes an imaginary land to live in also.
      Unfortunately we are living under Roman Civil law and every government benefit you accept is a silent quasi-contract consented to OR NOT.
      Notice your constitution clearly states contracting powers and the 13th basically defines voluntary servitude (quasi-contracual or contractual) so the presumptions are infinite and one can claim Fraud all you want to BUT if it walk talks and acts like a US citizen by accepting all the benefits/privileges of a US citizen then there is NO fraud in their courts and your but a lunatic awaiting a psych evaluation.

  2. By the way. If you can use a continental marshal and shut the fraudulent courts, more power to you.

  3. handbook

  4. Im sorry judge Anna, but i have to agree. They are the ones that committed fraud through "semantic deceite"(personage) and suffleing us through their unlawful courts using the law of the sea, instead of the law of the land. And using unlawful unilateral contracts enforced by armed corp. mall cops, to paraphrase you, all performed by the corp. state which gave us NO CHOICE. Last time i looked thats called an unconsciousable contract(cannot be enforced lawfully). They are the ones that need to wake up. Why should we keep playing their game. Its time they started playing ours. You know....the ones with the truth.!!!! Why does everyone want to blame the patriots everytime we suppossedly do something wrong or misfile something or say the wrong thing in court. What honest court or judge , using "clean hands" and "good faith" would also use the doctrine of "silent judical notice" as a means of getting jurisdiction...Rebrobates only. Now we also have to be the ones responsible for correcting pur false status. The only thing necessary for us to do is simply write out a "letter of understanding" (a stitulation bond) stating our true status and challange anyone who disagrees to prove otherwise without fraud being involved. And then file it at the county recorders office. Thats it. And maybe a public filing in the local newspaper for two weeks, and its over. Even if we completely change our status using infinite forms, you really think that the cops or courts are going to roll over if we have illigal drugs on way. Thats not a status problem, thats a corrupt court problem that can only be solved by them, from the top down. Especially in Calif. Argueably, the most corrupt state in the union, because its the richest. It has recently surrpassed New York for the most expensive real estate in America with two houses that have been built and for $250 million and another for $500 million. Hell, even Bill Gates only spent $200 million on his state of the art mansion in Washington.


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