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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Trump years are going to be crazier than you think.

I found this video to be interesting. Please Comment!


Found here:

Pay attention to what will happen this weekend in DC at the inauguration. This is not the time for Americans to let their guard down.


  1. Posted by Paul for Bryan,

    The communists never, ever rest, Paul.
    Communists are who we are dealing with in all of this, and they've had lots of
    time to organize effectively. Soros et al are just a bunch of communists.
    And, they have a lot of federal reserve notes to work with.
    How badly do they want to bring the October 1917 "Bolshevik revolution" which occurred in Russia,
    to the remaining white people in America ? We have seen their obvious frustration
    that it can't be this year 2017 - the 100th anniversary of the original.
    My opinion is Trump deferred that outcome, though I do not like his support of IsraHell.
    But, if he is just going to put a new coat of lipstick on the same old PIG (federal reserve
    private currency system), then changes he makes will not last, just as Reagan's changes
    did not last - the new coat of lipstick on the PIG always wears off, and the PIG remains.
    It will be interesting to see what Trump actually does. He appears to believe
    the debt belongs to the people - and I have not heard him mention the national Credit.
    But, as you know, I'm not waiting around.
    My notarized declaration is at the Holy See (multiple times), a court in Texas, and the Offices of Treasurer and Assessor
    of my corporate county. I think my declaration is pretty good, now. It has evolved.
    No rebuttals have been registered.
    This is not so much courage - it is self defense.
    Anna Von Reitz has the true knowledge base - no doubts about it.
    Judge Anna has to be frustrated with lack of action from the Pope,
    who promised the personage and barratry frauds would end by 9/1/16.
    I guess FRANCISCUS lied. Judge Anna has not mentioned the Pope lately.

  2. Last mention of the Pope 04 Jan 2017 09:40 AM PST

    In July 2014 we took an unprecedented step. We issued General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We told them what was going on and we told them explicitly what to do about it. We stood on our own flat feet in our sovereign capacity as American state nationals acting under the Last Man Standing Rule and we read the Joint Chiefs the Riot Act in language they could understand. And then we published those General Civil Orders from coast to coast and around the world and we sent copies to heads of state and to the Pope and the Queen and the heads of all the security services worldwide. And we fingered the rats for what they were up to.

    What kind of reception did we get? Why, blank astonishment. If a horse had started rattling off orders they couldn't have been more amazed, amused, outraged, astounded. What are these people talking about...well, ignore them... Tin Hats... but then, there was Benghazi, and have you checked out what the Engineers and Architects for 911 Truth dug up? And oh, damn... General Dempsey needs a new pair of shoes... Shut your mouth, or you will lose your commission!

    But they heard it. They had to hear it. It was repeated. It was placed in the public record. It was recorded. It was re-broadcast. It was published all over the internet. The Dalai Lama saw it. The people in Western Australia heard about it. The flipping Koala Bears heard it. And even if they initially thought we were crazy, the fact remains that they heard what we said, and as time progressed and the pieces fell in place, they'd remember it.

    They'd all remember it. And that's why losing plausible deniability is such a B.

    In Christ's Consciousness, Light and Love for all.

  3. Do we think it would be wise at this point for The Donald to mention anything about the Fed Reserve? I have said, I hope he folds the company and drops the mic on the stage at the ceremony, but we all know that probably wouldn't even work the way we would want it to.

  4. It seems that the vatican operates their bank accounts much differently than all others, with a lot more secrecy. Until pope benidict unexpectantly stepped down. Then they were asked to explain certain accounts, upon which one of the cardinals in charge of the vaticans books replied....we answer to a higher authority. Deutsche bank then cut off the vaticans credit. And because of its exposure to fraud now, HSBC and B of A did to. Seems the vatican doesnt have the wealth judge Anna says it has. Or the power...


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