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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Final Lamb, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 21

By Anna Von Reitz

The Bible is essentially an Egyptian-retelling of Hebrew history liberally edited numerous times by groups with axes to grind.  What remains is a very strange book indeed.

Even the name of the Bible is peculiar.  The words "Holy Bible" translate as "Sun Book".  Why?  Because the Egyptians who created it worshiped a sun god, Amon Ra, and their object in compiling the Bible was very different from what we assume. 

Didn't it ever strike you as odd that the Hebrews, out there roaming around in the desert, managed to compile such a record as the Bible presents? 

Well, the fact is, they didn't.  The Egyptians and Ethiopians compiled and kept it for them from the time of Joseph to the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria and beyond.

 It's an Egyptian Monotheist search for the True God that preserved the history of the Hebrews and later, the history of the Israelites, and as a result what comes down to us is seen through Egyptian-colored lenses.

This is also why you have been taught to say, "Amen" at the end of every prayer. This is like saying, "Dear Father in Heaven....blah, blah, blah.....Egyptian Sun God". 

We assume that "Amen" means "It shall be so." and that it is like a seal confirming the missive sent Heavenward, but like so many other things ---what we assume is undermined by other meanings of the same or similar sounding words.

Now, it may seem ridiculous and surely our Creator knows what we intend, so that no heartfelt communication is wasted----yet imagine the irony of it, that virtually every prayer in Christendom is factually indistinguishable from the prayers of Ancient Egyptian sun worshipers?

The Egyptians and Ethiopians were by far the largest contributors to the preservation of the history of the Hebrews and Hebrew writings in general until the time of the Romans, when  the Romans took over the task of preserving, editing, and passing along the bits that served their purposes.

And the Romans were nothing, if not pragmatic.

The story of Jesus that they allowed to come forward is tailored to suit the Roman desire to preserve the Pax Romanus, the Roman Peace, and to inculcate the values of good citizenship---- that is, acquiescence to indentured servitude and slavery-- among the conquered races. 

The Jesus we have inherited is a watered-down and tamed version of the actual story, and central to His story, are facts that we are never, ever told.  Jesus lived in Nazareth all right, and so, he is called "a Nazarene", but more importantly, he was also a Nazorean.  More of the usual similar word deceits have been used to cover up this fact.

The Nazoreans were a populous sect inhabiting the Galilea area and standing as a buffer between the Samaritans to the North and the Temple Hebrews of the South.  To put it mildly, Jesus came from the wrong side of the tracks, despite his bloodline to King David.

The Nazoreans as a group-- to which John the Baptist also belonged --- were famous for being polluted with Egyptian and Samaritan mysticism.  This is part of why the Pharisees were so offended by the popularity of a Nazorean---and fearful of it, too.

The many miracles attributed to Jesus were derided as circus tricks among the educated Pharisees who were themselves adherents of the Great Abomination, Semiramis, and practitioners of idolatry and supporters of her moneychangers sitting in the Temple Courtyard.

When Jesus drove the moneychangers from the Temple and raised Lazarus from the dead, they knew they had to do something about him or lose their own shooting match.  So they colluded with the Romans who were not happy with the prospect of a political uprising of the natives to put an end to His ministry.

Thus the charge against Jesus was that he was (according to the Roman viewpoint) claiming to be "King of the Jews" and was a threat to Roman rule in the Levant, but the charge against Jesus from the standpoint of the Pharisees is never revealed. 

They condemned him as a Nazorean Necromancer for raising Lazarus from the dead.

The Nazoreans have throughout history been a secretive sect. After the death of John the Baptist and the crucifixion of Jesus and the razing of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD the larger portion of the Nazoreans came to settle in the Tigris-Euphrates Delta, a vast swamp, where their descendants have lived ever since. 

Over the twenty intervening centuries the blend of Ancient Samaritan, Hebrew and Egyptian mysticism they started out with has been blended with the mysticism of their Muslim neighbors and the surviving Nazoreans have been hunted like animals through the swamps of the Fertile Crescent by successive waves of Bounty Hunters dispatched by the German and British and Russian and American governments. 

Why?  To discover their secrets---- and pound them out of the survivors.

Persistent rumors of "Angelic weapons" in the area inhabited by the Nazoreans provided the impetus for this action.  It was said that the remaining Nazoreans were the guardians of weapons that pre-dated the Flood of Noah, and that like the Ark of the Covenant, these weapons were of divine origin and surpassing power. 

The Biblical references to Four Angels being "bound" in the same area and being released in the Latter Days gave credence to the claims and so from the days of Hitler's search for the Aryans (Orions) to now, the Nazoreans have been hunted and tortured and decimated for their knowledge in the most systematic and ferocious genocide of modern times.

Russian efforts finally yielded pay dirt two years ago with the recovery of "Gabriel's Hammer".

This weapon dates from the Great Plasma War which occurred 32,000 years ago.  Positioned in Antarctica it is able to punch down or pull up large sections of the Earth's crust by as much as 400 vertical feet.  Smaller models of the same technology can suspend or alter the laws of gravity----handy for dropping missiles and airplanes out of the air, or sinking battleships to the bottom of the sea.

Conventional warfare as it has existed on the planet is at an end, and the Russians hold the winning hand.   They continue to scour Syria and loot Sirian (as in Sirius B) archeological sites for the remaining three "angels".  If there are any Nazoreans left on Earth, they are few and far between.

From these sobering ruminations we must rouse ourselves and ask--- what of the Lamb of God?  Was he not sacrificed once and for all, for the goats and sheep alike, for all debts in all jurisdictions of the Earth?  Yes.  That was the deal.  All our sins--- that is, all our debts --- are "fore-given" before we can even commit them.  The slate is wiped clean and our debts and mistakes no longer stand between Heaven and Earth. Our Father no longer remembers our transgressions.

So how is it that we are being plagued by Rome---  the Roman Catholic Church --- with accusations of indebtedness, after they have claimed and seized hold of all the corporate governments on Earth and absorbed all the riches of both land and sea?  Why aren't our debts being paid for by these feckless Trustees? And paid in every jurisdiction?

Why, indeed?

Jesus, the Nazorean, triumphed over Satan.  The contest wasn't even close.  Yet, over time, Satan's followers embedded within the Church have found their ways and means and most of all, their excuses for not paying up---- especially on their home turf, the international jurisdiction of the sea.   

First, we were told that only confessing Christians could inherit the Kingdom--- and only Roman Catholics were confessing Christians, so that left everyone else out.   

But no, that was not The Deal. 

Satan was allowed to do his worst and he failed.  He lost the bet.  Both the goats and the sheep belong to Jesus, the Nazorean, and Satan has no claim against them.  All people of all faiths, existing in all jurisdictions, have been bought and paid for---and set free. 

All other pretensions are nothing but filthy, dirty lies.

Second, we were told that we are bound by the Doctrine of Scarcity, that there just isn't enough to go around, and that's why people starve to death and die of thirst, the reason we must allow abortion to prevent overpopulation and the excuse for so many other evils.

But that isn't true, either.

This planet was blessed with inexhaustible resources, far more than enough to provide all the actual needs and many of the vain wants of every man, woman, and child ever born. 

Any claim otherwise is simply another filthy, dirty lie and a blasphemy against our Father who has loved us and provided for us and lifted us up as true sons and daughters.

As beneficiaries of the Divine Trust, it is long past time for us to sit up and take notice and action: what possible excuse is there, that all our debts aren't being paid?  Every single one of them?  Literally?

We are all Exempt and all our "vessels" in trade and commerce alike are "pre-paid" and tax percuse----goats and sheep alike. 

We have no further need of "redemption" for all have been redeemed for all time, and yet, the reign of Satan has been allowed to continue on.  His deceptions and deceits and false claims have been entertained and the Children of the True God have continued to be oppressed.

The Storehouses of God that Benedict XVI ordered to be opened, have not been opened.

No matter what else happens in the world of men, or which country holds the weapons--- it's time for the actual Mission of Redemption to be fulfilled and for the Trustees to render the accounts.
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  1. Am I stupid if I believe this? I don't and think I'll stay with the Bible as I know it to be, and leave this kind of stuff to people who want to believe otherwise, and I'll leave it at that.


  2. Well for sure we don't know much. This modern day concept of God, well its mostly just crap. Think of it! What kind of a God would demand the blood of his own son. Blood sacrifice is to satisfy the blood thirstiness of demonic beings. You cannot serve two masters!

    The whole idea of religion has lost its value for the human race. It never rose to the grandeur its creators hoped. The concept of religion has held the world in sway for thousands of years tho.

    Jump out of the box. It is much safer out here than in there!

    1. If you are right, I have nothing to lose by living my Catholic Faith, but if I am right you might be in a lot of trouble.


      We also have to realize the JROCCC has a massive number of documents in their underground library vaults. My guess is because Rome sacked the Library of Alexandra more than once that they also stole very important documents before they burned the library, which are in these underground vaults today.

      We are worshipping a RISEN SAVIOR not because he rose from the dead but because he rose up out of sight when he left with the message that he would be back today.

      You can't put an incredibly powerful heavenly being like Jesus Yashua on a cross any more than you can nail a cloud to a tree. He is so powerful in fact that Satan (Nordic Alien) was NO MATCH FOR HIM. He supposedly said to Satan "You shall not tempt the LORD YOUR GOD." That to me put him in the other worldly category that is beyond description. Satan at one time was one of the highest orders of the WATCHERS lead by Jesus Yashua until he committed a mutiny and fell along with others.

      Peole did not follow Jesus Yashua because he was a nice religious guy that wore white, they followed Jesus Yashua because he was a being of light that took human form, who could appear and disappear at will, change forms using some type of holographic technology and produce miracles no human being could do.

      The real truth is so much more incredible that the lies we have been told by the JROCCC.

      Angellica Goodson - Lord


      FINALLY a letter from Anna that is up my alley.

      People also don't realize that the god of the Jews was an EVIL entity Jesus Yashua called Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka YHWH who Jesus Yashua described as a lion-faced reptilian who Egypt claimed was the worst of the two alien gods (YHWH vs SATAN).

      It is time people realize who the Nazarenes were. They were a sect of VERY POWERFUL SCANDINAVIAN HEALERS (original mitochondria mother line). They wore white robes. They had there own scriptures and their own SEPARATE beliefs. They were considered mystics by some because of their spiritual connections to Our Heavenly Fathers technology and their abilities to heal etc. They possessed spiritual knowledge and probably did have weapons that would blow the socks off the average person today, simply because they were the KEEPERS OF THE MYSTERIES of OUR FATHER and the the original worlds that existed before the flood of Noah and the recreation of the Middle East by Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge. They were actually admired by those living in Israel. They lived in the forested region in Northern Israel long before the Semites and darker tribes moved into Israel. They lived next to and along side of the INDIAN tribes who have never been properly identified either who were the Hyksos, Hittites, Amorites, Hivites etc., who at one time occupied the entire Levant. Science refers to these Indian tribes as the Solutreans. They were among other things sun god worshippers. 22.000 years ago the Solutreans migrated into North America.

      I actually do not believe Jesus Yashua died on the cross I think that was a lie put out there by the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church (JROCCC) as a warning to those who refused to follow the dictates of Rome and to demean Jesus Yashua as a blood sacrifice, which is sheer paganism. To this day we are EATING THE BODY AND DRINKING THE BLOOD OF JESUS YASHUA in our churches and we never question it because the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church (JROCCC) states that IT'S HOLY. People are finally waking up to the lies we have all be told by these POWERS THAT BE.

      I have several book at Kindle E-Books in which I describe Jesus Yashua as an other worldly being of the highest order essentially who appeared on earth. He was not born here on earth and he did not die here, he appeared to the crowds and then disappeared if you really study the ancient literature. He was incredible and taught the Nazarenes his "SECRET TEACHINGS." When I tried to learn when the REAL JESUS seemed to show up on the scene what I found is that one day he simply appeared on a mountain in Israel. My guess is that it was Mt. Carmel. Before than no one had heard of him. Mt. Carmel is a Nazarene mountain range.

      The Jesus Yashua I worship is an other worldly being who is so incredible that only he has the spiritual wisdom and technology to take on these aliens we call the Nordics (Satan and his minions), Reptilians (Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge and his minions) and the Gray's (RD2 C3PO of the living alien robot communities). This all sounds crazy to people who have NOT DONE THERE HOMEWORK but the truth has always been kept from us by Rome and those who had the power to deceive the nations.


  3. Judge Anna, we all understand how semantic deceit plays a role in all this, but how are you finding this all out, when the only way it can be proved is by ancient books or some text that seems only you have access to. Im inclined to believe you, because you have dedicated most of your life to following real evidence for honest conclusions, instead of opinions based on pre conceived theories that can make all your findings falsely fit nicely into your theory to make it correct. Thats what evolutionist do continueally to this day, so to give credance to a flawed theory. Thats not the way true scientific theories work, and id like to believe you know that and avoid it if the evidence leads you to a different conclusion than the theory you started out with was found contrary to your discoveries, in which case you would have to discard your original theory, and admit yours was defective once the facts , once examined, lead you to another higher truth through actual discovery leading to "factual truth" that is no longer theory, but the honest truth based on only the real evidence dug up by you through non stop investigation. Starting with a theory, then making all evidence fit you theory, when it doesnt,like so many people seek to do out of pride or arrogance, doesnt qualify as a legitamate or honest accessment of the "TRUTH" or your original theory....And im willing to believe you. But how are you getting this evidence. Why dont we access to it. How are you finding it..??? Do you have actual evidence or are you receiving it directly from god. I recently went to a law library to look up anything i could find on a "Writ of Error" which i know is one of the great "Writs", but couldnt find any info on it at all other than a brief statement calling it a "Corum Nobis". And thats it. The legal profession removed any trace of its exsistance in all libraries and even the internet. So how are you able to get info that no one else seems to have access to....!!!! Again, i tend to believe you because my brother and i were just having this very discussion today...and i came to the same conclusion. But without the evidence to back it up. It was merely an educated guess. Why cant you share you evidence like any scholar or professional investigator would do. That simply isnt fair to us. Or anyone for that matter. At the very least cant you explain how you come about getting all your evidence....thank you in advance. !!

    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz: Part 1

      I share my evidence and share it and share it and share, share, share..... and when I make a mistake, as I did about Frank O'Collins, I eat my crow in public. That pretty much explains the process. I began life as a mathematician and left to myself (without the IRS) I would have happily lived out my time here as a Histologist. So that pretty much explains my "process" in terms of evaluating information. I use plain old scientific method and process of elimination and deduction in a logic train each step of which has been connected by known facts.

      Like Dr. John Trowbridge, I have been trained to research things and that is what I have done most of my life. It doesn't really matter if I am researching the genesis of cell differentiation or the abuse of insurance annuities by corporate government agencies....

      The Common Law Writ of Error (Coram Nobis) is not used in these courts anymore, because they are not operating in Common Law. Imagine the situation --- an English-speaking Court suddenly decides to operate only in Russian? Would an English Memorandum of Law do any good? No, especially not when the court is not willing to translate.

      The trick is not to present them with information and paperwork that they CAN'T or WON'T process, but to put them into a position where they are obliged to either recognize Common Law and use it (translate from Russian back into English) or force them to admit that they lack jurisdiction---- which is the actual fact.

      Sheriff Richard Mack and a cohort challenged the current situation in a Supreme Court case called Mack and Prinz v. USA. The Supreme Court found that a county sheriff could uphold and enforce the public law (Constitution, etc.) even though he is now being paid to enforce statutory law and regulatory code instead. In theory, the same considerations apply to judges and other officers of the court. They can set aside their membership in the Bar, enter the vacated public office of the land jurisdiction circuit court, and address a suit in Common Law----- but will they?

    2. Part 2:
      Most likely not--- either because they are too ignorant of the Common Law to do so, or because they are so deeply indoctrinated into Bar Association practices that they don't dare to take this action for fear of reprisals.

      So, except in very rare instances, Bar Members will not undertake the public office and its hundred percent commercial liability risks---- and it is a highly personal hit-and-miss occurrence when they do. I have only found one judge out of thousands (a guy in Wisconsin) who has maintained his proper judicial credentials. That is the only way they have public bonding, so if you want them to act in a public capacity, you have to provide the bonding for them.

      That in turn entails another whole process of declaring and proving your own standing and ability to bond their actions in the international system. Otherwise, their only other option --- if you push them to it --- is to admit their total lack of jurisdiction.

      If you are interested in learning more about the Common Law I recommend "The Excellence of the Common Law" by Brent Winters. He gives you the entire background, theory, and practice in an overview of rare clarity, set against the backdrop of the current court practices.

      Once you get familiar with the different jurisdictions and kinds of law being practiced and with the processes and documents of each you can thread your way around and recognize where the various pieces and actions fit.
      That then allows you to present your claims and get the results you want, but I warn you that it places a completely unfair burden upon you as it requires you to do a LOT of study, virtually forcing you to become a good lawyer yourself in the process of addressing a single issue like a foreclosure or a tax bill.

      That is why I started the Living Law Firm --- to get people up and functioning outside the Bar Association so that Americans don't have to have the equivalent of a Law Degree themselves simply to deal with the courts.

      Anyway, as far as my sources go, they are continually expanding--- but a good place to start is the book by Brent Winters on Common Law and my published affidavit, "You Know Something is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and also the eleven pages of references included in my book "Disclosure 101" available on

    3. You do have evidence, it's called get off your ass and jump down the rabbit hole. Everything has been written but in my opinion it's all crap. Everything needs to be dropped and restructured because this earth plain sucks a big fat ass!! Everyone is retarded and nothing works the way we are told. Everything is upside down and backwards. To sum this crap up with one word it is "slavery" period. What sucks is we are born from our parents just to be that, nothing more. We have to pay with fake money to have a life experience. That concept is total bullshit yet everyone supports it and thinks that's just the way things are. Screw that it sucks and will always suck and unless people stop participating it continues like an endless cycle.

    4. Thanks anna for above detailed reply to james, and many tools you offer for one's enlightened understanding of well-hidden Truth! Using a Verified Rebuttal Affidavit, Mandatory Judicial Notice (anna’s #339 …Open accusation of Worldwide Fraud), Appeal to higher court with Injunction and Cease & Desist Order, Demand for Trial by Jury and a Writ of Error: PERMANENT WRIT OF RESTITUTION (“BANK CAN STEAL YOUR LAND AND HOUSE NOW with Sheriff agent assistance” order), among many other previous works for one’s court of record also noticed and in public record, “judge” finally recently issued ORDER DENYING MOTION FOR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION in our favor, admitting “Not having the jurisdiction to grant the relief requested by” alleged FNMA. Halleluyah! One had already challenged COURT jurisdiction long ago, and consistently distinguished between the DEAD and the Living wo/man and denied joinder between them and did not consent to any of their nonsense, promptly honorably countering/ returning every presentment. We were twice denied the right to Trial by jury before property was to be taken. We have educated the Sheriff with anna’s Affidavit “comic book” and other offerings and placed more than one into court evidence in different causes, for the record. We still endured 2 evictions but the third attempt was successfully rebuked in a dramatic victory with much help, for which we are most thankful. Standing one’s ground in honor as steward of The Almighty’s blessings of land and house(s) has been an incredible growing spiritual journey keeping one close in Spirit’s Presence. I was invited guest on national program to share that victory, knowing we did have “divine” assistance for same. BE’ing and DO’ing right is certainly not necessarily easy, but can certainly be a great growing experience, allowing one to occasionally assist others in their similar struggle.

    5. Well stated Tracia. Its nice to see someone stay so strong even after losing to the courts twice. And your right on the money when you say its a learning experiance, because we cant learn anything by always avouding court at all cost. They have to know that people like us still exsist and if push comes to shove, we will show up and make a stand just to make their job just a little harder or actually get them to actually do some work for once instead of giving them "carte blance" to simply roll over and play DEAD, like so many people do. Just out of curiosity, did you get the court record of every court case you lost or won. If you did, and absolutly have to, you would have to agree with me that you learned as much or more about the cases you "LOST", than the ones you won. Theres no other reason to show up to court unless you go back and get the court record. They are all courts of record no matter what anyone says. And without demanding it from the judge. Its automatic. If you havent done that yet, then you are really cheating youselfes of very valuable information from the stamps and red marks by the court, that led to you losing in court. That record is invaluable...its priceless because of the transparency it exposes. You will never make those mistakes again. Keep up the good fight...

  4. There is only ONE God. He is at the same time Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier. He is the Blessed Triune God of all time and eternity. He is ONE God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    We can not understand this mystery of the Holy Trinity with our frail human mind, at least not in this life.

    Any human who attempts to create his/her own religion will fail in the end.

  5. Man makes God according to his own image/concept/likeness which explains everything going on presently. "By taking thought, can you add one cubit to your stature" Thought is not a power, it is a limit on Omnipotence. "Freedom from the known" Anna is right, there is no lack. The planet maintains all bodies that emerge from it cyclically. This is where the idea of reincarnation comes from. Cyclic periodicity is the one outstanding characteristic of nature without exception. "Mediocrity is self inflicted and genius self bestowed"


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