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Friday, December 30, 2016

Woe to Babylon, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 10

By Anna Von Reitz

According to Semiramis (also known as the "Queen of Heaven", the "Great Abomination", the "Mother of All Whores" and the inventor of idolatry) if you want to rule over people, all you need is a "pillar and a post". 

What you do, is you take one object---- a tall vertical supporting column--- and you label it a "pillar" and you take another tall vertical supporting column, and label it a "post", thereby creating a difference between them.

Even if the difference is merely a name or a label, it is enough to fool people into thinking a difference exists.  

This is the essence of "divide and conquer". 

You divide people using the same methods. You apply labels to them and exploit their differences:  black and white, rich and poor, short and tall, Catholic and Lutheran, Republican and Democrat, Palestinian and Israeli. 

This is one of the essential esoteric teachings of Freemasonry worldwide and it is the foundation plank of the Babylonian Slave System which is now masquerading as the lawful governments of the world. 

Just call it something different. 

Exploit the differences. 

United States v. United States of America.

But what happens when we wake up like the dumb beasts on Christmas Eve and decide to look and think and talk? 

Then we notice that Russians and Americans are indistinguishable until they open their mouths, that black people have five fingers and toes just like white people, that most of the time the voting records of Democrats are the same as the voting records of Republicans.

We've been fed a line.  Old Semiramis has been at it again.

Having recognized the lies and enslavement of the Babylonian System, and having recognized the "pillar" and the "post" routine being played upon us, what do we do about it? 

We see through it. 

We stop believing the lie---stop seeing differences where none exist. It's not a pillar or a post.  It's a tall vertical support column.

We stop paying any attention to the labels.

We stop playing the game.

We aren't "United States Citizens" and we aren't "citizens of the United States" either. 

We aren't "vessels in commerce".

We aren't names or labels or numbers.

We aren't members of political parties. 

And at the moment you realize who you are, you set yourself free of all this Babylonian idiocy.  The illusions are shattered like a magic spell, and the simplicity and beauty of life is revealed.

So don't wait another moment.  Sit down right now and look at what I am telling you and say----- WTH?  What have I been thinking?  
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  1. You dont know how many of my friends, family, and sr trangers i try and talk to, who no matter how hard I try, still refer to everyone , including polititions ,as "liberals" or "conservatives"..."Right" and "left", "republicans and never ends. In essence , congress is nothing more than an elaborith and illusional version of two football teams each having its own fans. The only thing missing is the cheerleaders...And they consider themselves educated, even though none of them read anything or study, because their entire belief system is based on information attained through our "mainstream media", even though they all have access to the most powerful tool we as common people have ever had to "fact check" anything using just our phones to access the world wide web with a mere touch of a button, without ever leaving home....and the only place anyone can find "alternative" and therefore an honest media to find any TRUTH if there is any left. Right now, there is. But do people care to check it out...Hardly any. Because, their belief system is already in place, and anything that challenges that,is going to face resistance and downright anger. And they all have a tendacy to talk over you, so you can never make your point or offer evidence against theirs. If people insist they are United States Citizens, then by all means give it to them and all the fraud that goes along with it. You cant take away "free will" or choice because thats all God ever gave us. But dont take away my choice of claiming myself as am American who isnt answerable to the Corp State or any of its agents and employees, no matter who they are, including all law enforcement, because if there are no legitament "public offices" being filled, then not one of them have any authority to even talk to me, or detain me for anything. If i feel like making 100lbs of METH,and selling it...tough. As an American with higher "Status" than my inferior U.S. Citizens, which they choose through "free will" as working as illegally unregistered foreign agents, then i have every right and the power and authority to walk into any police station and close it down and arrest everyone working there, if they so much as say "boo" to me. And if they try to arrest me for anything, they can and will be charged as "traitors" working for foreign principals with only one sentence possible...the death penalty. Ignorance of the law is no defense.If you freely choose to be a U.S.Citizen, because of all the benifits, then you also have to take the consquences of that choose and go back to watching your "football game" deserve them. I already wrote to Trump on his site that i demand that our govt. needs to recognize two completely different statuses.. Full and superior America status, or inferior U.S. CITIZENS. And all Americans need and have the right to call any of our armed forces, in force if necessary, to protect the true and only inheritors of this country as "Creditors"and as "patriots" who have suffered greatly trying to expose the fraud and theft that not only the bankers and their attorneys have stolen but all their U.S.CITIZENS who were all complacent accomplises as greedy benificiaries of their intensional "unjust enrichment"created by their fraud which they help commit by enforceing "Their" laws and not Gods. Sorry, but thats how i feel. We have to face the fact that some people will always choose to be U.S. CITIZENS, even if they are fully informed....all you have to do is look at hollywood and the mainstream media to see they will never be Americans.

    1. The full meaning, definition, vaLue and purpose of Liberty is unseen even in the light of day by the spellbound shills.
      Their definition of "freedom" can only lead to anarchy.
      The true-"freedom's under Liberty"-OUR wise, courageous and Faithful Founders gave everthing for- can still be apprehended if intellectually, spiritually and legally understood by a humbled + grateful = Spiritually Awakened nation.
      Whether such an awakening will be brought about sufficiently in time is to be seen.

      An engaged Constitutionally minded electorate-
      large enough in numbers can take advantage of this window of possible reprieve to reach and teach the uninformed
      uninformed tho willing slumbering Patriots in heart to illuminate OUR situation sufficiently to take America back to Founding Principles and bar both the Progressive /statist's and their Globalist overlord's from retaking OUR nation. These usurper's started with their foot in the door at the beginning of the last century by infiltrating education.
      Yes of course before and after with monetary control but this was a deliberate control for the hearts, minds and souls of America's children. And John Dewey clinched it- the gradual Pied Piper indoctrination and ommisions have culminated in what WE now see in 'man on the street' interviews of college kids = not as smart as pets.

      This is not just ridiculous but verifying the 11pm plus hour to an hour of destruction of everything right, true and good traded for the frivolity of clueless fools ~!

    2. Comment excerpt: "Whether such an awakening will be brought about sufficiently in time is to be seen."

      An awakening is ocuring as we text. To go back to the past is the question to ponder. Is it even possible? Tried different color of law remedies & still being ignored by con trollers. The pretenders know we know and don't care as they continue their suicidal mission. This Too Shall Pass.
      With pretenders artifical intelligence technologies mingled with great intention to override human consciousness- is an individual choose each get to make.
      They project two-thirds of  human workforce will be replaced in the next decade. Eventually pretenders will be amongst themselves with like others of same arps. ARPS?

      Different angular rotation of particle spin (arps) of biological atoms places us in different reality fields as the awakening unfoldment continues. A bio-physical process.
      "Happy Bubble" unfolding in early 2017 (Jan/Feb) for collectives highest good- a first time ever event on earth. ;) Smile, stay centered as much as possible, owning integrity in all we do since we never give-up our Divine Heritage and mission.

  2. Same old story 1776 we still had Federalist loyal to the crown and the party of Jefferson not loyal to the crown.who knew they were not just being stepped on.

  3. Actually, admiralty/maritime law was born out of shear necessity, because of "piracy" on the open seas, where there are no laws or no protection like there is on land. Your on your own on the high seas. Thats why the captain of all ships(and now our judges) were given absolute authority over everyone on his ship, in order to insure the cargo on board his ship got to its intended destination. That kind of power can easily lead to the creation of an absolute despot instead of a captain. In fact, that has been the impetus of many a good sea novals, like moby dick. That was also the reason insurance came into play. Manufacturers had to have a way of minimizing a loss due to piracy. But if you ever start to investigate and study international maritime law, you will find out that it is so complicated that hardly any judges or anyone period truely understands it...that comes from straight from judicial decisions/determinations made by judges who had to actually make determination of laws based on the "sea" and not the land. What we call admiralty/maritime law now is a quisi law at best to make it easier for judges to understand but without giving anyone full disclosure of the true nature of our courts, except to the priviledged few representing a closed union shop....BAR ATTORNEYS...!!! Once people reached land, the Common Law took over, which was very cut and dry....either someone or something had to be damaged, or there is no crime. The only remedy left after that was "civil" which could cost both parties a lot of money and usually does. I wonder why there are so many attorneys..???


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