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Thursday, December 29, 2016

American Civil War, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 9

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, folks, the results are in and the results are these: there is no such thing as the American Civil War.  No War of Secession, either.

There is no Declaration of War commencing such an action.

There is no Peace Treaty ending any such action.

It does not exist as a war between states, between nations, or nation-states. 

What we have been taught to call the "Civil War" or "War of Secession" was never a war at all. 

So what was it?
It was an illegal mercenary action.

And it still is.  The so-called "war" that isn't a war is ongoing.  It has been staged as a perpetual war for profit on our soil. 

Those criminals responsible for setting up the scam are long dead.

Those who have perpetuated it and who continue to support it deserve to be made aware of the facts and given a chance to cease and desist---- and if they don't, they deserve to be hunted down as international criminals, tried, and executed for crimes against humanity so dire that they beggar description.

And all of this, with all its unspeakable consequences for us and for others, has been ongoing for 150 years, right under our noses.

So here is the Public Notice:

Both the United States, Incorporated, and the United States of America, Incorporated, their heirs and assigns since 1860, have been operated
in Breach of Trust and contract and both have violated their charters and
have engaged in unlawful and illegal actions against the innocent American states and people;

Both the United States, Incorporated, and the United States of America, Incorporated, their heirs and assigns since 1860, have operated under color of law on American soil and have presumed upon and against their unwitting hosts;

Both the United States, Incorporated, and the United States of America, Incorporated, their heirs and assigns since 1860, have practiced inland piracy, kidnapping, enslavement, extortion, racketeering, conspiracy against the actual Constitution, genocide, war for profit, unlawful conversion, bank and securities fraud, constructive fraud and other crimes against the American people and have sought by various means the illegal overthrow of our lawful governments
and the pillaging of our estates;

Both the United States, Incorporated, and the United States of America, Incorporated, their heirs and assigns since 1860, have promulgated constructive fraud and used deceptively similar names to confuse the American people so as to seize upon our names and estates and secretively hypothecate debt against us and our assets without our knowledge or consent;

These non-sovereign incorporations have served as international crime syndicates benefiting foreign powers and by Law they must be liquidated and their assets must be returned to their Priority Creditors, the American states and people.

Everyone please stop for a moment and consider the immensity and duration of the fraud that has been played upon us by men and women who have sworn oaths to protect us and our property interests? 

Think of what this information about the so-called Civil War actually means: not a single action undertaken by the "federal government" since then has been valid. 

Nothing that has happened here since 1860, and quite likely before then, too, has been honest.  Absolutely all of it has been conceived in fraud, implemented by fraud, and enforced under color of law by people functioning as criminals in nice suits.

This explains why the sum total result of the so-called Civil War was to enshrine slavery instead of abolishing it, and to move slavery out of the private sector and into the public sector. 

Instead of men owning men, corporations masquerading as governments have claimed to own men via proxy, using legal chicanery, non-disclosure, and deceit to accomplish these ends. 

They have seized upon our given names while we were still babes in our cradles and claimed all assets held under our names--- our bodies and souls, our land, our homes, our businesses.  They have declared that we are 'decedents" with respect to our own identity, our own birthright inheritance, and falsely told the rest of the world that we agree to all this in "equitable exchange" for "benefits" that we paid for ourselves.

If you are working for the "federal government" in any capacity at all, search diligently for other employment and consider well the source and the authority for any orders you are given.  If you can't do something in a private capacity---- for example, can't assault, can't pillage, can't murder---- you can't do it in a public capacity, either.  Doing such things in a uniform just makes it worse.

Come now, join with me in giving all the members of the "Congress" sitting in Washington, DC, a rousing chorus of, "Take Your Limey Asses Back Out to Sea" followed by a send off round of "What Frigging Civil War?" and "Here We Go to Postal Court Among the Leaves So Green", "Ballad of Elliot Ness" and "Communists, Fascists and All The Rest".

Sing your hearts out, Ladies.  And all you veterans out there?  Send the Secretary of Defense Notice that you have retired from all military duty,  severed all political association, and returned to the land jurisdiction of your native state.  

Suck it in, Shorty.  Realize that you have been misused the worst of all.  You've been used as gun fodder for the British Crown and left as a slave to pay their debts.  All to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy".  So return their commission with your compliments and don't let the screen door hit your rump on your way out. 

After intermission, please join me for a Sing-Along featuring "Put a Cork in It",

"Requiem for a Fake Nation", "Criminals in Robes", "Battle Hymn of the Actual Republic", "Go Tell It On the Intercom", "Do Your Ears Hang at All?", "Black Hats in the Sunset" and that perennial favorite, "What's It All About, Donald?"
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  1. I am a displaced limey who came to the--good ole U S A way
    back in 46. I was so advanced --school wise, they had to put
    me back 4 grades, so, as they said, to, be more comfortable. I sat in the back of the room and read books for 4 years, until the teachings caught up to my level It was not the fault of the teachers, it was because in the early 1920-s, the powers to be did not want the Americans to obtain a good
    education, so they paid an attorney 400,000 DOLLARS to figure a way to --dumb down the general populace . That is many, many millions of dollars today. He was clever. He made
    sure the education system was horse shit. He did a wonderful job. Not only can high school level kids--in most states--not read and write well, but there ability to think and analyze is dismal--to say the least. There was a man walking around a city with a mike, stopping senior level students and
    older people, and asking them what the D. C. stood for as in Washington D C . Yes--you guessed it--9 out of 10 did not know. THIS IS THE PRIMARY REASON FOR TODAYS SITUATION. As it is said--My people suffer from lack of knowledge. It is going to take a long time to bring them up to speed. I pray that a system is developed that can correct that--condition-- in record time. GOD HELP US---And GOD BLESS TO ALL---PJ

    1. I just covered that at my last visit here= John Dewey and the rest of the socialist/statist anti-American parasites.
      Called themselves Progressives= anti-Constitutionalist's.
      Primarily Globalist Democrats initially-
      Wilson/FDR/LBJ/Clinton/MAO'bama- w/Repub help along the way. Money and power can control human nature outside of true knowledge= the beginning of which is "the fear of the Lord"(that He is).
      They assuaged themselves by glumming unto evil-lucion as "their religion they can cling to"- to justify it and all they do. Perfect tomic structure/time itself/life+DNA is merely spontaneously generated don'tcha know.The fact that 2017 yr ago Jesus happened is of course only a silly myth for the stupid folk(opiate of the masses of course). Gotta get that notion out of these kids heads- it might do them harm like believe in the 10-Commandments and Christ as man's salvation- promulagated in that stupid book the Bible claiming to be the prophetic word of God- hah whatta joke the fools actually believe it.

      Guess I'm one of those fools and 2,000+ fulfilled prophecies of which Christ is 384- as well as His personal revelation to me is more than enough to understand and see the writing on the wall of what is unfolding and "to come".

      I only hope "WE the People" can have that "Great-Awakening" as did the Founders- in time to postpone the inevitable to come later as it will be beyond horrendous in comparison to all of mankinds long dark history past. Mankind is now only in the eye of the full fury of the storm prophesied to come and WE really should be more concerned.
      As de Tocqueville and Charles Finney stated if America faulters or fails it will be the fault of her preachers(like the ecumenical's over the last 100yrs). The powers that be want a combined One World religion to unit the nations and belief systems- Ishmael doesn't seem to agree. When the catagory 10 storm hits with 400mph winds it'll be too late as the End of Days is fulfilled on the Earth ~!

    2. Not to mention, most people don't even have an accurate definition for that activity called "thinking". Most people would agree that they "think" and that when they make a mistake, they better start doing it! But, none-the-less, haven't a clue of what the essential fundamental of that activity actually is.
      Data analysis? Gimme a break...That's way upstairs!
      In case you don't believe me, do your own survey. Ask 100 people to clearly articulate the definition of "thinking" and precisely note their answers. You may be surprised, or not, you'll likely get 100 different answers!
      That's also known as a Clue.
      All the Best for a safe & productive New Year!

  2. Thank you Anna and Paul for your dedication and works to present information I applaud all of you who have made sacrifices to "work out your salvation" by removing yourself from the beast. Become lawful, mature and becoming adults. For those of you who lack the courage to take the necessary steps (doing). If you need a mentor or assistance just ask. WE are growing in number, You don't need to be alone. The body is alive and supportive. contact me if you need

  3. Peter...thank you so much for your input of personal experiance. Ive always been told that the British and Europe in general are better educated than Americans, because the motivation and mindset for learning anything is based on truely becoming knowledgeable irrespective of how it will impact them financially. But here in the United States, there is only one motivation or reason to go to school at all irrespective of knowledge or wisdom...."MONEY" the sole and only reason for getting any education at all. We are brainwashed from an early age that the only way to succeed in life is to get a good education. But our definition of success here is directly related to financial wealth. In other words, the more money you have, the more successful you are....knowledge,wisdom, and empathy for others taking a back seat or no seat at all, turning everyone into self centered, selfish, materialistic bastards, with complete dissregard for their fellow man and eventually leading to people with no consciouse willing to lie, cheat, and steal to attain the biggest and most dangerous "DRUG" ever conceived of...."money". But they never stop and realize why with all their success and material wealth, why they are still unhappy. Because the more you focus all your attention(actually an addiction) on one thing like that, the further separated you become from "The Sourse" of all unconditional love...our creator. And i think the attorney you yourself referred to as "clever" made sure not only to dumb down the populace, but made absoluty sure of it by backing it up with a secondary diversioary tactic called "professional sports".....presto, institionalized least for "the 99 percentors". The real 1 percenters of this country has nothing to do with wealth. It has to do with patriotism and the knowledge and courage to keep this nation "free" the way our forefathers envisioned it.

  4. more thing i want to add to your post giving it even more truth. About 17 years ago, i had become so feed up with this system , which i already knew was rigged and unlawfully taken over by the "banks" that i composed a "congressional bill" demanding that all our public school systems , starting from 8th grade on that both "law and money/currency" be taught and clearly understood before anyone could graduate high school, and even added criminal penalties against teachers and school administrators if it wasnt taught properly and sent it to my assemblyman. His response to my letter mimic yours exactly, so here is his response..."Dear Mr Pansini, i received your letter and find it surprising that people like you still exsist. But here is my Proplem. We are only allowed to pass a total of 33 bills in any 2 year period and although your suggestion is a valid one and i agree with you, before we can teach our kids law and money,(and this is the clencher), before we can teach them that, we first have to get them to read and write"...unquote. That was 17 years ago. What happened to our school systems.?? Where is all our technology and engineering coming from. Bill Gates lived and educated in the States. And so did Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook. And Steve Jobs didnt even go to school. How come the "dumbed down" educational system didnt work on them????

  5. The Civil War is and was a fraud, what isn't with this so-called government. Anyone currently working without a social security number or receiving their mail on call at the post office? I think not, these so-called employees are trained well to thwart any attempt to detach from their feudal system. Do we send in the Corporate dissolution forms to the IRS, the notice of withdrawal or cancellation to the Secretary of State, or do we just disregard our citizenship by filing with the IRS form 8854. I believe being the name holder may be the answer as by statute we illegally use our own names on their forms because of their appropriation of our names at birth. With the name holder certificate we prove we are not the owner and therefore not liable for any taxes or repayment of fictitious debts. We then should be filing a 1040NR as a non-resident showing all our so-called income as a business loss on the return. I'm leaning towards filing the 8854 and leaving the U.S., as if I was ever born or residing there and I've seen the federal register of all the former citizens who have done the same. I know you said Anna that the name was bad and I know there is no real trust but it is tempting to claim that credit. I do know the IRS calls it a fraud account as well in there own media. I know it is a trust Bank account at the fed and we don't own it and accepting it would mean accepting the price on our heads but what's a national to do?

  6. It apparently was not a "declared" war and not a "legal" war - however it certainly looked like, "walked" like and sounded like a real war. How about if we call it an illegal undeclared war? Would Bouvier have agreed?:

    WAR. “A contention by force; or the art of paralysing the forces of an enemy.
    2. It is either public or private. It is not intended here to speak of the latter.
    3. Public war is either civil or national. Civil war is that which is waged between two parties, citizens or members of the same state or nation. … (This apparent legal definition does not qualify "Civil war" with a requirement that the war be declared or that it be legal.)
    4. War is not only an act, but a state or condition, …
    5. …War is offensive on the part of that government which commits the first act of violence; it is defensive on the part of that government which receives such act; but it is very difficult to say what is the first act of violence. If a nation sees itself menaced with an attack, its first act of violence to prevent such attack, will be considered as defensive.
    6. To legalize a war it must be declared by that branch of the government entrusted by the constitution with this power. Bro. tit., Denizen, pl. 20. And it seems it need not be declared by both the belligerent powers. Rob. Rep. 232. …”
    From: Bouvier's Law Dictionary - 1856 Edition:


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