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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chinese Gold, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 8

By Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who has bothered to listen to news outside the box for the past several years has heard rumors of vast hordes of "Chinese gold" in Indonesia, etc., etc.
You've also heard mindless claims that all the gold of Africa got mined and transported over the Silk Road to China, because, supposedly, the Chinese would only take gold in trade.

That is all plain out-and-out nonsense.  The Chinese traditionally traded in jade and in food, because then as now, they had a large impoverished population and relatively little arable land.

The gold in Indonesia is Spanish gold that happens to be under the control of Chinese people. Ferdinand Marcos was Chinese, not Filipino. 

The gold was shipped to Indonesia by Spaniards and by trustees of Spanish hordes as long ago as the 1400's.  Check out the Crown of St. Stephens---- a bank chartered in the 1400's ---to begin to get a clue of just how active Spanish (and Catholic) interests have been and for how long.

The majority of the gold and silver in all these stockpiles is Spanish gold that derived from South America, not Africa, and this can proven by assay. The gold of Africa was gleaned away by the Dutch East India Trading Company and transported to mainland Europe via Italy, Britain, and the US.  This, too, can be proven by the assay of the gold itself.

A third clump of the gold came out of the Far North, from Alaska and Russia. 
Again, provable by assay.

Most of all this gold and silver was stolen by men pretending to be soldiers, but actually acting as organized armed robbers: commercial mercenaries. They enslaved indigenous people and worked them to death in horrible mines at a "price" estimated at nine lives per ounce of silver.

The Chinese Communist government recently (2011) brought suit to reclaim gold that was left on deposit with the New York Federal Reserve Bank by the Nationalist Chinese Government in 1928.  This was a sizeable horde and the New York Fed was supposed to pay interest on it, but they never did. 

This is what Neil Keenan initially brought forward and fought for and it had nothing to do, per se, with any Global Collateral Accounts.

The Nationalist Chinese lost the war and the New York Fed refused to recognize the Chinese Communist government as the successor to the Nationalist Chinese government---- and instead self-interestedly claimed that the gold left on deposit was "abandoned assets". 

This is what these banks always claim and what they are trying to claim about American gold that was confiscated by FDR back in the 1930's, too---- "abandoned assets, heirs unknown".

We actually know that the Nationalist Chinese gold came from the Chinese people and that by rights it should go back to the Chinese people.  And we know that the American gold came from our grandparents and parents, so that is a no-brainer, too.   

It needs to be returned to the American people, Ms. Hudes.

We also know that most of the gold and silver in the world was stolen from poor people in Africa, Meso-America, South America, Alaska and Russia. 

Certainly, if we are enlightened, if we are fair, if we have any sense of decency----and if we propose to use gold and silver again as standard commodities underpinning a global currency system--- then there must be a conscious recognition of the historical facts and a redistribution of wealth back to the countries it was stolen from.

The Chinese have gold because they have been buying gold for the past dozen years in ever-increasing amounts.  They have been enabled to do this by those who stole the gold of others in the first place.  These brigands have passed on the stolen goods to the Chinese as Third Party Patsies, and have made a tremendous profit by doing so.

You will notice that China is not on the list of naturally gold or silver rich nations provided above. China is simply investing in gold and silver, betting that when the Oil Economy goes bust---which it inevitably will---the world will go back to the old gold standard for lack of anything better. 

Under normal circumstances, that would be a good bet--- but these are not normal circumstances. 

Not only have new technologies providing Free Energy arrived, but new technologies allowing us to produce vast amounts of silver and gold from materials like sand and seawater, have arrived along with it.

With abundant Free Energy we can crank out tons of gold or silver at will and for virtually nothing invested.

So the good news is that we are freed from the shackles of Big Oil and also from the shackles of gold and silver.  Boom.  The end of the world as we have known it has come.  The old Babylonian Fakirs just can't seem to find a leg to stand on.

Or anything safe to "invest" in. 

Take a good look at that word----invest, and ask yourself what are you doing when you undertake an act of "investiture".

Here's a clue--- it's a religious act.  When you invest your time and labor in a piece of yellow metal, or a piece of paper, or a gallon of oil, you have made it your master and your god. 


To overcome this enslavement to the material world requires us to develop an entirely different mindset and entirely different assumptions about value and "money" which some of us already have and which others are quickly developing.

For now, think seriously about the actual situation---- Big Oil and electric companies going down the chutes, nobody buying the "reasons" for war anymore, and gold and silver as easy (or easier) to make than cotton candy.

Where does this leave us, and specifically, where does it leave you?  What do you believe in?  And what master will you serve?

What is the meaning of true wealth and what is its measure?

These are eternal questions that we must answer for ourselves, each one of us and all together. Soon.  And the answer has nothing to do with Chinese gold.
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  1. kesh.using his technology can create metals, food , working in space technology .
    Astronauts need supply s.and technology answers. Understand everything is electrical in nature energy = mass. Fusion burn matter on the atomic level not molecular as a camp fire.

  2. Reminds me of a "twilight zone" episode in which 3 theives concoct a brilliant scheme to steal a ton of gold, then take everything into a cave where they have already set up a cyrogenic lab, that will freeze them for 100 years , making them rich and no longer wanted as criminals when they awaken. The plan goes well. But when they awaken there vechicle no longer works and they are in the desert, miles away from civilization. They quickly realize that the most important commodity is "water" not gold if they are going to survive. After killing one another, until only one is left, he is finally found by a couple in an antigravity car who find him just as he dies trying to offer them gold for water. But after a 100 years, man already discovered how to manufacture it commercially until it had no value....he was really ahead of his time, the writter that is.!!! Good lesson for the rest of us..

    1. Yes- that was very well done like most most Rod Serling's work with Twilight Zone - always food for thot.

      The one where an 1860's pioneer crosses a ridge for help and walks in a 1960'e diner was "timeless"...

    2. Yes- that was very well done like most most Rod Serling's work with Twilight Zone - always food for thot.

      The one where an 1860's pioneer crosses a ridge for help and walks in a 1960'e diner was "timeless"...

  3. Anna - People in the "truther" circles seem to think that if the Rothschilds are not in control of our banks, then we've won. But isn't the Royal families and Vatican in control of our banks? Would the Rothschild control just be a front for the Vatican and Royal family?
    People keep saying that the banking system is being re-worked and that we the people have won? But how can that be if the Vatican and Royals are the ones that really control us. Are we just being conned with disinformation that we won and we are free now? It seems like we are being fed B.S. on a constant basis through alt media.
    Also people mention "the good guys" helping us. But how could any good guys have the wealth and power to stop this control system? Everyone is one paycheck behind losing their house, how could "good guys" do anything against people who have armies and drones, assassins etc?
    Is there any hope to free ourselves? It seems hopeless.

  4. Thank you again Anna Von Reitz.
    You are a true hero and your writing is heroic.
    I suppose I could have gotten there on my own, over time.
    However, I am unfortunately, short on time.
    So, that makes your writings life saving.

  5. Believe it or not, we are the ones in control. By our consent we enter into all sorts of worldly contracts thereby giving the proverbial thumbs up to the system that enslaves us.


    1. That doesn't make the victim of the fraud responsible in any way. Once the victim becomes aware they have the responsibility to do something about it, but that doesn't change the fraud into something good, or negate the crime itself. The perpetrator is always the criminal, and his crime never touches the victim, unless that victim actually understands the whole thing. Most people are not capable of becoming responsible, because the crimes of fraud are so institutionalized today as to be virtually impossible to understand, and they are designed to be that way on purpose, which makes the perps doubly guilty before God. Even terms and conditions are not understandable by most because they are written in code or double speak.
      I say NO amount of saying so will make the victims of this fraud responsible, even when they sign with terms, because they are pretty well forced by force of arms to sign most of these agreements when it come to "government", and because the whole of society is under the spell of the fraudsters at the basic institutional levels.
      Judgement day will be very interesting, because there is only ONE JUST JUDGE in all of creation, and that day you will see perfect judgement before everyone.

  6. Dr. Joe Champion was also successful in the area of transmutation of elements. His collaborators in the last years were not successful reproducing his alleged results.

  7. Anything on the stopping foreclosures Anna, Paul? They just filed for WRIT OF POSSESSION on my house.

  8. The only commercially lawful system for putting necessary new currency money, or Allowance Notes into circulation on the street, on the full faith in, and on the credit of i.e., the natural persons of a Nation, is a system in which the application of the law would be equal relative to all natural persons, standing for an equal amount of Money would have to be given to each natural person to spend into circulation on the streets of the Nation.
    The term "natural persons" excludes corporations and all other fictional limited liability entities, which do not think, and hence cannot be held accountable for the intent to commit criminal acts.

    With the current "missing money system" in place a scenario ocuring many times to take peoples private properties and sometimes their life is the mortgage foreclosures. Few have the innerstanding banks can & will foreclosure on a mortgage early demanding payments in advance to fully pay off of the mortgage unbeknowst to the buyer and since collateral property listed to obtain the loan and when borrower cannot pay then collateral property listed ends up going to the lending bank. The system is in place with kickbacks for all involved in suit except for the buyer is left high & dry. Buyers Beware, its in the Promissory Note.

    Politician Flips Out

  9. Bear northpole: I hope you can last until Trump takes over. If you go to utube, Trump is fullfilling Gods prophesy and is already going to correct all these wrongs taking place right now. But in the meantime, if you really feel like you will lose your house, you need to get an "abstract of title" on your house/property from the title company. The abstract should reveil the fact that your house was "paid in full" at the closing of escrow. Then file a claim with their "errors and ommissions" dept and tell them you want to file a claim on their insurance carrier for fraud. Jean Keating does an excellant explanation on how to handle foreclosures. Just google in his name/foreclosure defense...According to him all "abstracts of title" prove that the house was paid in full at closing. Pretty hard to fight that by the banks when presented in court...!!!

    1. Thank you James. They transferred the title weeks ago. It is their property I think now by fraud. And why would I go after an insurance corporation? Thank you Multi disabled bear. They allegedly collected $323,000 on a once $152,000 dept that was void by law 9 yrs ago and of course they want more for the house.

    2. James that was the problem the judge was presented with the proof of thief and just over looked it like just a piece of plain paper.

    3. look at Camden...these people have no chance of winning thousands.

    4. abstracts of title but I can't fight that in court I'm multi disabled.

  10. This president is way more than just the head of a service company for the Corp. United States. Not this time. He has the blessing of god, and has come to do battle on our behalf. And everything they try to do to destroy him, are all going to backfire on them or anyone else that tries. If you dont believe me go to this utube site....

    This president isnt the CEO of a service company. He has been specifically choosen by god as his prophet for "his people" and America for redemtion. I told you we werent capable of doing it ourselves. Let the "lord of host" do battle for us. The "globalist" are in for a big surprise and they know they have meet their match. God has finally heard our prayers and there is nothing they can do about it. Trump doesnt have to be "perfect" for god to use him to accomplish and expose these satanist. They see it coming, but the more they defy him, the more they will be exposed and ultimately defeated. Anyone who defies Trump now, will be defying God himself.....its over...!!!

    1. James, I love your fervor for the Lord, but strongly disagree with your analysis of the worldly situation and Mr. Trump's part in it. Trump's history does not confirm your analysis and the Lord will send no prophet. Now I'm no prophet either, but if I were to set forth an educated guess as to what the future holds, it would be this. The criminals know the "jigs up" and they've been exposed. So they front Mr. Trump as the "savior of the world" (in place of the Christ) who is going to right all of the wrongs and usher in a "new system", which like Anna has said, will accomplish the same thing that was done before except in a different format. There will be an apparent reprieve for a while, 10 years maybe or less, but then it's back to business as usual when the novelty wears off and people "forget" as they always do. I'd like to think you were right James, but don't believe this is how it will unfold. God will work through His people, not send someone to do it for us. This system has to be dismantled by us, with God giving us the knowledge and strength to do it. It will be very difficult to re-establish truth, with many casualties, but it's always been that way. I DO believe the Lord is causing an awakening however, which will prove to be a favorable thing as time passes.


    2. Yes I agree. Trump maybe their trump card to the new world order.

  11. The Lord will sort out the mess described in this post in accordance with His will, using His people to do so, but what I found intriguing in this article was the short description of the word "investiture" and it's derivative "invest". My problem is I'm no expert researcher like Anna and her team are, and after searching the internet and law dictionaries, I can't find anywhere the explanation she gives. I did discover it's a religious act, but don't see how it connects to the statement "When you invest your time and labor in a piece of yellow metal, or a piece of paper, or a gallon of oil, you have made it your master and your god". I always like to expand my knowledge base, so would appreciate it if this could be expanded upon further.


  12. Bear northpole, i truely sympathize with your situation. I can try and support you, but by no means do i want to give you false hope because we are dealing with an evil system, and our courts are supporting it. But you have to stop fighting over the property and start making a claim on the "LAND" the property sits on...because they will always own the property because of the contract you signed. We all did the same thing,because we thought the banks were playing fair with us. But if you look at it you will see that you waived "power of attorney"(meaning you gave the banks attorney the right to file anything on your property now on your behalf), and then you also waived "power of sale", meaning you gave them the right to sell yiur home without your permission. But you didnt give anyone the right to commit FRAUD. And these judges were no smarter than would be shocked to know how many judges are in foreclosure also. Your own judge in your foreclosure case is probably in or was in a foreclosure himself recently, and was dealing with the exact same banks and attorneys that foreclosed on me...can you say "conflict of interest". Unfortuneately, i didnt find that out until i lost my house. I was so pissed, i went down to the county recorders office(like i keep insisting all of you do even if your not in foreclosure) and i pulled up all the records on the judge herself in my case....well,well,well. Guess what i found out about my real adversary...she just recently went through a foreclosure herself and barely saved her home at the 11th hour. She owed over $80,000 and was trying to get a loan for $125,000 which she finally got, but only after her home went to auction twice. If it went to auction one more time, the banks would have owned it. But she finally got the loan before she lost her house from the same banks that were foreclosing on her. And the same ones that foreclosed on me. I wonder why i lost my home...???

  13. She owed those banks a favor and the way i was headed with proof of all the fraud, she realized, just like the banks i put on notice, that i was going to win. I cant prove it, but im sure the bank called the judge and told her to do anything it takes to keep him from filing my last filing for not only dismissal of the case, but turning the whole thing over to the attorney general for criminal prosecution of everyone involved in a criminal conspiracy. But when it came to my finances, i was running on fumes, like the rest of us. So i sent the whole legal filing, which was a 28USC1333 saving to suiters clause, in admiralty, turning the DISTRICT COURT Of UNITED STATES into united states District Court, the court of original jurisdiction, for a diversity case(one involving a stated claim of a difference in citizenship and therefore lacking in jurisdiction) and demanding a "common law" court, even though the filing is plainly stating Admiralty, because thats where they hid our "common law courts". But even though it should be filed in Distric Court, I filed it in the closest Superior Court(because the District Courts still allow lower courts to hear the case when it involves "diversity" under "saving to suiters" clause. I sent the legal filing "registered mail" straight to the judge, ex parte, marked "in camera"(meaning in chambers - private) and specically commanding her that the plantiffs failed to state a claim for which relief can be granted(FRCP12(b)6) and that there was no "judicial decision to be made by her, only a ministerial one because the already lost at the administrative level. The good old judge knew what was coming in the envelope, tipped off no doubt by the banks attorney, and didnt even open the envelop, marked it "REFUSED" and sent it back. The case was supposed to be continued a month later by the courts own motion(i have the letter). But as soon as she got that filing, the next thing i know, the court immediately filed a 3 day notice of eviction. This is what your dealing with. And you think the sherriff wanted to hear my evidence or the truth....hell no. Hes got a court order, and thats all he cares about..."hes just doing his job"...famous last lines.

    1. Thank you James. First I'm unable to go to court because I'm muilt disabled, one involving not being able to be in a room like that with important people.
      My case was the banks would not work out a proper pay on my pay scale.
      Now for the fraud. They sent it to a 3rd party dept collector which means the dept was paid off and my note and mortgage is now void.
      That is what I was fighting they have no writ to steal my house they even added false charges to it. They did not have the note in court and the judge said nothing on the transcript.
      And found out most judges have stock in these corporations all hiden in a trust.
      My note and mortgage was separated 7 yrs ago voiding it.
      Did a Mortgage Securitization Audit.
      So I was and still am fighting them by appeal to the appeal courts.
      So entity a had entity b ( a bank ) service the loan.
      Entity b took as a lose with added false charges then sent it to entity c ( 3rd party dept collector )
      They added false charges and foreclosed on my house and sold it.
      Now entity a bought it back $100 and now is selling again at near normal price. A kind of triple dipping through trusts.
      It was an empty seat at the trail without a jury.
      I'm so close to posting the transcript of the trial and hearing but... I still may do this because in my case of them stealing my house unlawfully my result in my death.
      They are mafia.
      They entity a now has the deed.
      I still could win the case by appeal but?
      records on the judge I knew about this 6 yrs ago but didn't know how to go about it.
      judges home went to auction twice I don't understand mine was once and entity a bought it.
      Since the banks own UNITED STATES INCORPORATED the bank bought it back.
      I was most willing to pay the bank a small amount and unlawful property tax. Someone said that here there is a statute that one could use to not pay property taxes. I can't find it.
      Now does everyone understand a little of my case?

      Now the LAND how do I fight for the land please?
      I have 1 day to 2 months to get out of my house worth $130,000 and paid most of that off.
      I even have a home equity loan I'm still paying.

      Ps even by the laws of our constitution we were never lent any money because money is silver. But thats another issue.

    2. Sorry James for the way I posted that info because for me typing is the worst form of communication. Thank you :)
      How do I stop them? There is more to the story but I can't type it all.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Anna said:
    >> The gold in Indonesia is Spanish gold that happens to be under the control of Chinese people.

    "Happened accidentally?" Anna was assuming on this one 100%. Spain is and was of the poor countries in Europe. Spain was/is not stupid in Solar and Tech. Spain issues are "lacks of Natural Resources." IF the gold belongs to Spain, why would they let England taking controls of them?? Why wouldn't it wants to profit from its gold? I agree with her that the Philippines did not own the Gold, due to the president MARCO was a crook, committed crimes. He can't have wealth at age 32. The gold belongs not to the British neither. The British laughed at Anna. If you want to know where the gold came from, you need to look at which country the British distance itself from, after their Gold-theff ? in the area near Indonesia. Due to the GB Theft and shame. Which country has a 30 year mercenary war? That should give you a clue, of the British-French digging the earth for gold, while separating and confusing the natives away. Gold is the GB main desire to back its paper currencies.

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