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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Who Benefits?.....Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 6

By Anna Von Reitz

For those who have been following along, it must eventually occur to them to ask: well, then, who or what is the real enemy?

If Britain and the Holy See---which were supposed to be our Trustees and Allies--- are actually our enemies, then who are our friends?  The Russians?  The Chinese?


If you think about it, the American Dream is decidedly different and decidedly at odds with the Divine Right of Kings and Papal Supremacy.

That's why the Monarchs and the Holy See acted in Breach of Trust and secretively signed the Treaty of Verona.

We actually have much more in common with the Communist philosophy and government.  They enshrine the supremacy of the Workers.  We enshrine the supremacy of the People. 

Workers and people, are they not the same thing, only seen with a slightly different colored lens?  One focuses on the productive capacity and virtue of people acting as workers, while the other is more expansive and embraces the concept of valuing people even if they can't perform work.

It was, and it is, to the advantages of the European aristocracy and the Holy See to create tension and conflict between the Americans and the Russians and the Chinese.  By doing so, they ensure their own security and position as power brokers behind the scenes and keep the three largest organizations from joining forces.

So when you hear a lot of loose talk and accusations against the Russians, what do you think?  The old European Monarchies are lipping off again, hoping that we ignore their false claims, presumptions, and theft of your property at the same time they try to engender fights between us and the Russians and the Chinese.

Tell the Monarchists to go home and soak their heads.  We haven't come so far, for so long, to be misguided again.  Look sharp at who is talking and what they may gain from spreading gossip  and fear and keeping the Russians and the Chinese and the Americans apart. 

Why, if we all became friends and respected our various systems of government, there would be little or no reason to go to war ever again. And where would the Harpies and the fear-mongers and arms dealers and purveyors of war supplies be? 
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  1. ....and death mongers who try to convince naive voters to chose death over life and when it's a law force patients to sign DNR orders to avoid criminal and civil liability for hospitals many deadly mistakes, time again for another Nuremberg trial.

  2. Nuremberg trial was a stacked court all jews.
    The defenders tortured no real evidence look who has majority on our courts .same old song manipulation through media and bribery of officials.untill we get our own uncensored type of u tube we can't Marshall our forces effectively .

    1. Go to it is an uncensored "u tube" style website that's just getting started. You can start uploading whatever you have because it is certainly lacking the amount of content that the tube has. The creator of Gvid has even indicated that you could create an account with a non existent email address if you worry about privacy. So check it out and add something to it!

  3. I don't bite on this one. The Russian Republic so to speak is really a top down oligarchy as I see it, and China, only one way to define communist, and none are good. We don't have to be their enemies, but we don't have to be their bosom buddies either. It's hard for me to respect a government that really doesn't stand for what it says it does. In my book, our problems lie from within. We've met the enemy and the enemy is us... and only we can rectify that ourselves.


  4. for god sake, when are you going to realize you cant just tell the monarchists to go home. this is a travesty by Anna as much as the monarchists. These people hate your ass and have you by the short hairs and you think you can just tell them to go home? How stupid can you get? There is a 30+ document process of submission accompanied by a lifetime of education of application that frees you from Anna's apparent processional brain fart and the assholes that put us in this position. Anal retentive comes to mind! (Head up your ass!) Sorry, no other way to say it. I seem to recall that Anna volunteered that she lost her home to foreclosure. Using the correct process there is freedom from that. As much as Anna knows she does not know everything. I wish she would admit to that and reach out for the necessary help to really help people on top of pissing them off about what the gov't is doing to them. More harm than good comes to mind here!

  5. Seperation is the cause of fear and confusion. All words are just another form of limitation, us and them! The real issue is, we need only look at the facts, some of which are-has there been any evidence present before us that words have the power to save lives, homes, hearts and minds? If we are unable to point to any specific progress made on any front, then the fact needs to be understood and what is the true purpose of the exercise? "There can be no success without the accomplishment of the necessary" (MPH)

  6. I said it before, judge Anna is a scolastic history teacher of the highest source. But she isnt truely versed in "Remedies". There are other sites for that who are truely focused on just the "Remedies" that can help us with legal problems, like "saving to suiters club" or "soverign warriors". But she brings up a good point about our eternal division between other countries which are intentionally created to distract us from ever finding out the real enemy behind this mess and ending it once and for all. Thank God for Trump. Just recently, the chinese stopped and confiscated a "drone" (a water drone) from a US oceanography ship , whos only function is to gather information about water ph and salinity, designed and marketed by the Norwegians and easily bought by them if the chinese really wanted to know about it. It is not a survalience drone, which is highly technically designed for that purpose. And even though the US asked for its return, Trump just said "keep it", we will just buy another one. He isnt buying into these ridigulous and intentional controvercies, even though the chinese have no soverign right in the south seas where it occured. Its beyond time that we made peace with Russia that is a creation of the United States by the Warburg family who donated billions for its creation to be a thorn in our side so we had a constant enemy to always blame so our govt. could always get the approval to increase the "industrial military complex" budget until it was second to none and become the biggest bullies of the world. Trump is making it clear to Putin, that he has no desire to be enemies anymore. And neither do I. Its time to bury the hatchet and shake hands. Putin is going to tell Trump everything he knows about these "bankers" and the united nations, and everyones real enemy. A discussion about real current events over a bottle of the "finest Russian Vodka" reserved for just this occasion.

  7. Both the Russian and Chinese peoples have now had a taste of free enterprise, independent prosperity and choice- albeit limited in that environment.
    Tho enough that they know full well better than most of us as to the value of what WE mostly take for granted.
    Esp. with the last few dumbed down generations and PC brainwashed+indoctrinated millenials.
    Trump symbolizes to them what free enterprize can become in material terms- tho the vehicle and road driven to that destination here is like a 4-lane to people of wisdom, thrift and determined work ethic.
    Even those two gubmints can't control desire and knowledge now the Genie is out of the bottle(unlike N.Korea+Cuba).
    These people are not crazy but are emerging from repression whereas the Islamist's are crazy and don't care ultimately for only one goal- the Caliphate. WAY scarier then Putin who is a billionaire personally hisself. He got his the old fashion way way- he stole it directly from the People. Guess he figures he earned it- eh ~!

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