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Friday, December 16, 2016

Divide and Conquer....Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 5

By Anna Von Reitz

We have heard the words "divide and conquer" since we were in Kindergarten.  It's what we did when the two Big Kids ganged up on the 500 First Graders. 

We've heard it, and to some extent, we've all done it--- yet, somehow, I have proof that we haven't understood it--- haven't quite fully grasped the concept.

The Revolution:  Brits against Colonists
The French Revolution: Monarchists against their Serfs
The Civil War: North against South
The First World War: Brits/French against Germans
The Russian Revolution: Monarchists against their Workers
The Second World War: Brits/French against Germans
Democrats and Republicans
Robber Barons and Labor Unionists
Palestinians and Israelis

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  There are two sides to every conflict. Why is that?

Because it is purposefully designed to be that way.

Polarization and labeling of two sides is a mathematically necessary requirement if you want to start a conflict.

So let's take a look at an example of where and who and how such conflicts have been started and also look at who has benefited.

Where did the whole concept of the modern political parties in America and the whole "Two Party System" emerge?   

Answer: both the modern Democratic and Republican Parties began in Wisconsin, where the concept had been imported by Socialists who immigrated to this country in the wake of the 1848 Worker's Rebellion in Europe.

These people were a mix of early Communists, Utopians, and Trade Unionists, eager to take their fight for fair wages and humane treatment of workers and poor people into the public arena of government, but not all of them were idealists.  A great many were simply self-interested.

In that, they shared a major characteristic in common with their adversaries, the early industrialist Robber Barons, some of the most ruthless and greedy men to ever walk the Earth.

Very rapidly and very early in the development of the Two Party System it became a question of who could more effectively grab the bacon and hide their tracks.  First, the Robber Barons took over the Democratic Party, and then, they took over the Republican Party, and then they mixed things up a bit, to confuse the gullible public.

The public has, for the most part, remained confused ever since.

Most African Americans will be amazed to learn that it is the Democratic Party that engineered their re-enslavement after the Civil War, the Democratic Party that fought any and all recognition of state national status for black Americans, the Democratic Party that refused to let black Americans vote once they were deprived of state national protections----and in fact, far from being the champions of African Americans or of workers or of poor people in general--- the Democratic Party which has always promoted itself as the "Working Class Party" and the "Party of the Common Man" and so forth---- is anything but.

The Democratic Party has always pretended to be exactly what it is not.

And the Republicans?  Yep, you guessed it.  They have staked their turf as the Party of the Respectable People (or those who want to be respectable), the champions of the middle class and the elite, the defenders of the status quo, the plodding, practical, stolid elephants. But are they? 


Neither party stands for anything like what they pretend to stand for.  Neither party walks the walk they talk---- and interestingly, they never have.  Some of the most profoundly socialist and communist policies put in place in early 20th century and which still impact us today, were put in place by Republicans. 

And a great many of the most oppressive, prejudiced, nasty, inhumane practices and policies of the government against the Little Guy-- and which serve to steal from the poor and to deprive them of all dignity-- were put in place by the Democrats.

There is a reason that Theodore Roosevelt billed himself as a Republican and Franklin Delano Roosevelt billed himself as a Democrat, and the truth of the matter is that neither one acted upon, believed in, honored, or cared two bits about any Party Platform. 

It was all the same to them, and if we are wise, it ought to be apparent that our practical experience is what it is and it all adds up to the same thing.  There is no actual, factual difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They are all part of the same old nasty Ball of Wax, like two football teams trading players and changing uniforms.

Now, it is true that the uninitiated inductees in these organizations are drawn in and usually believe in the "shop talk" and "shop fronts".  The vast majority of people are brought in and kept at a level below the Party Capos, like cheerleaders taught to parrot their cheers and go "Rah! Rah!" in rain or shine, without ever knowing or thinking beyond the one-liners and the gossip and the tag-lines provided by the speechwriters and other professional propagandists.

If you stick around and keep your mouth shut and your eyes open and do your duty plodding around selling the Party Line--- and show a certain spark of interest and immorality--- you will work your way up and inside the organizational structure. 

Do this two times, quickly, and you will know for certain that yes, the Democrats are the Republicans and the Republicans are the Democrats, and there is no actual difference at all.  At the higher levels of both parties, the same people sit, like big, fat, black spiders pulling this string and that.

It's all an illusion---- a purposeful illusion.  It's like a troupe of actors putting on a play.  They are all on the same payroll.  They are all reading their scripts.

That may be shocking enough and for most people, would be a natural stopping place to turn back and disengage and be disillusioned and walk away an older and wiser pup, but some of us are gluttons for punishment and once our curiosity is aroused, we push on through the gathering storm of freaks and nuisances and delusional psychopaths that make up the political elite of the United States, convinced that with so much manure there must be a pony.

Those who persevere long enough find out that the same play is being produced all over the world, in different languages by different players, but the same play nonetheless.

Not only are the actual leaders of the Democratic and Republican Parties one in the same, it's all the same demented nest of spiders pulling nearly all the strings in every government and creating every conflict and every evil that we have.  

The Queen jerks Obama's string and he barks at Putin; Evelyn de Rothschild jerks a string that jerks a string, and Putin bares his teeth at Obama; Netanyahu feels a sudden strong jerk on his tether and we have a crisis in the Persian Gulf and one of the Rockefellers crawls back under his rock....

And though there are some recognizable players the vast majority remain "private"-----just quiet, average, criminally insane people, living in mansions all over the world, literally feeding on the misery and death and destruction they cause. 

Just take a good look at what the Brits did in the Middle East when they created Palestine out of thin air, by drawing some lines on a map and applying a label to it, and then crowding a bunch of Jewish refugees inside. 

What did they do really?  Created one team --"the Palestinians" in the green and red uniforms---and then another team, "the Israelis" in the blue and white uniforms--- and sat back to enjoy the fruits of a nice, fat, intergenerational war.

The interminable and terrible war in the Middle East isn't about religion.  It wasn't written on the stars.  It was purposefully, maliciously, and deliberately caused and created by the British Government.

Just look at what was done and ask yourself---- what other possible outcome could there be, but generational warfare?

Understanding "divide and conquer" requires us to understand how we are in turn being sized up --- tested, stressed, to be subjected to exactly this kind of strategy.  If you think about it, our enemies who are also the enemies of all Mankind, have tried many different ways to "divide and conquer" America.

They have tried race wars and religious hatred and economic oppression.  They have tried every means available in their treasure chest of conflict to break us into factions---- Republican and Democrat, Black and White, Muslim and Christian--- and they just can't get it right.  Nothing sticks.  Nobody believes in it anymore.  Not really. 

 America and throughout the world--- wise up.  See how we are being played. 

Stop getting pulled into the "drama" and stop voting and participating in their show. Deprive them of any power or claim that they are your proxy. Deprive them of any mandate. Let them be seen for what they are: charlatans and fraudsters. 
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  1. "charlatans and fraudsters"
    To elaborate:

    This PS is open source, unsigned, and open for capture.

    PS to all vatican/corporate monsters:

    I am a sovereign your-birth-state-named-here state national. I am not a "citizen" of any legal or political entity, particularly the minions of foreign vatican/corporate statute legal franchises posing/acting/impersonating city, county, state, or federal "governments". I am not a "domestic", colonial, a British subject, or a maritime "withholding agent" for any of the minions of vatican/corporate criminal fraud syndicates acting with impunity in America. I am not a veteran/slave of any of these corporate systems being "punished" into fighting wars for profit, being experimented upon, abused, poisoned, defrauded, and lied-to.

    My children and grandchildren belong to me, not some vatican corporation. They cannot be eaten, sacrificed, tortured, sexually abused, kidnapped, or enslaved at whim of corporate monster syndicate leaders.

    I am not subject to store-front controllers of any alphabet nomenclature. (IMF, UN, IRS, FBI, CIA, NBC, MSNBC) Any undisclosed alphabet "government" agencies, be damned!

    My hard earned currency/money is not the apartheid fiat money of foreign owned vatican/corporate syndicates operating illegally within our boarders and destroying the economy.

    As a sovereign state national, I cannot be experimented upon by adding fluoride to my water, chemicals to the air, mercury to vaccines, oil to the rivers, wi-fi to electric meters, GMOs to food, food additives, food pesticides and hormones, unknown and un-understandable chemicals added to personal shampoos, soaps, detergents, and cleaners. I am not subject to poisonous experimental pharmaceuticals prescribed by "practicing" corporate syndicate doctors that weaken, sicken, or even kill. I am not subject to corporate syndicate doctors, without a cure, making false diagnosis and treatments, impervious to prosecution, hiding behind fraudulent vatican/corporate legal-syndicate systems.

    I cannot be jailed for victimless crimes (Bundy family) or vatican/corporate royal-delusional-imagined statute offenses. I am not subject to vatican/corporate control officers, wearing store-front uniforms, of any size, shape, or variety. I am not moved, no matter how shiny the badge, convincing the storefront, or impressive the financing.

    Myself, my family, my home, and private possessions are protected by Natural laws of Creation. Laws of Creation exist exclusively under human free will to align or not to align.

    I am not Abraham Lincoln, John or Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or, more recently, La Voy Finicum, expendable, subject to assassination, for exercising human right to speak or assemble.

    The queen of england can take back all legislation since the vatican/corporate coup/takeover and assassination of Abraham Lincoln. She can take home her red/blue storefront political con-job. She lost the second revolutionary war of 1812. Leave America alone, with its original Constitution for the united States of America, circuit 1791, or lose a third revolutionary war. Pack it back home, queenie.

    Take back to England all loyal royal British BAR lawyers, all fraudulent vatican/corporate "federal", "state", "county", "city", and other local "government" institutions.

    Take all British subject vatican/corporate crime syndicates back to England where they were conceived. Retreat from America in favor of American life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Leave the birthright of all Americans to all Americans. Retreat now or face real American justice.

    1. Bravo my friend, thank you for this gift .. Look me up on fb or email me at Hotmail.. Dadwithallthecoolstuff.. Marshal Cote

    2. You can write these 'cool' things all day long. You are 'signed' into many adhesion contracts via accommodation. You are all truly U.S. subjects whether you like it or not. They own you! The current criminals running this nation and the entire rest of the world for that matter love it when you whine about what was, they knowing full well about twenty in 10,000,000 will ever do the necessary research to overstand them. But let's keep being cool and writing all this stuff that makes us at least sound like we're not in submission to them. You should be fasting in sackcloth and ashes, that's what you should be doing!

  2. I agree with the fasting principle, but disagree with your analysis of what is 'cool'. If done properly, which isn't all that hard, one can cancel any and all presumed adhesion contracts, known and unknown for lack of full don't have to name them all to get out of them. So, I would recommend we fast AND correct our nationality. I wouldn't call it expatriation or it would appear we admit we were a U.S. citizen, but if we simply correct our nationalities, it does the same thing.


    1. How do we correct our nationalities? Or, is this too "large" of a question.

  3. Coach 2540060: Thid is at least the 5or 6th time youve posted this same message on yhis blog. Why dont you just name it "YOUR" "Declaration of Independance". Have you sent that declaration to any heads of state that will "certify" it for you and be recognized by all enforcement agencies giving you "diplomatic immunity". Otherwise, it is certainly is good reading, or a way to vent what we all think. But not a "Remedy".

  4. Trump may just be the deal breaker- as he bested both parties and disavowed the globalist mantra. And the People helped pull it off despite everything including the kitchen sink thrown at him/us all the way.

  5. It was definitely informative

  6. Hello very nice article u made


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