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Wednesday, November 2, 2016



  1. All public official involved in the Bundy case and Finicum assassination should be indicted for conspiracy to commit murder and numerous other felonies. It is becoming more apparent, that public officials are the biggest criminal element in society. Congress and Legislators continually pass laws which criminalize the People. What the People need are laws which criminalize public officials who violate the law. The crimes should include removal from office, penalties, fines and jail where appropriate. In addition, the People should not have to pay for defense attorneys."Justice, my ass"!

  2. Public officials...What public officials. There all foreign agents working for foreign principles.....and ignorance of the law is not a defense. Just about all of them need some jail time at the very least, and life sentences for the worst of them.

  3. You are being too merciful. The assumption that they are foriegn agents is correct , therefore that makes them enemy combatants involved in war against civilian American Nationals which is a crime punishable by death. I vote death to all of them no matter what little involvement, forfieture of all of thier assets and deportation of thier families . Dissolve the BLM and lien thier Bonds for a few Billion dollars paid in silver . Any " Law Enforcement " involved should get the same deal including FBI, State Troopers and any local Police. This is the end we will work towards. This terrorism and criminal activity is going to end .

  4. I hope your right but in order to correct the problems caused by over 150 years of fraud and semantic deceite, we dont need a president, we need a dictator for at least 4 years. But if he doesnt leave after 4 years, hell be there forever.

  5. This will be turned around in due time.


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