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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

American States and Nations (Trading) Bank -- Part One

By Anna Von Reitz

The question has come at me from multiple sides for many weeks now--- sometimes softly, and sometimes loudly, but the same question voiced in many different ways and even languages: “Our world is in trouble, because of crooks infesting and controlling the monetary system--- what do we do about it?”
Before I can deliver my answer, I have to cover some basics.
First ---- Money versus Legal Tender
The world has used many forms of money, but central to the definition of “money”, it has to have actual value as well as any symbolic value we attach to it.  For example, the United States Silver Dollar (that is, our “United States”, not THEIR look-alike sound-alike version) is defined as a weight of fine silver. That is the actual “value” of it—the weight and the purity of silver. 
In addition, because people around the world trust Americans (not citizens of the United States) to deliver the actual weight of silver in the specified purity, the United States Silver Dollar has also acquired a certain amount of “non-tangible value”.  Given a choice between our United States Silver Dollars and coin from other places, many people would still rather choose our coinage because it is known to be a quality product.
That is what lawful money is---- an actual specifically defined unitary measure of an asset (an ounce of fine silver for example) with a brand name (United States Silver Dollar, for example). 
Money is a commodity like any other. 
Our actual money, our real coinage, has to be issued by our land jurisdiction government because it is an actual asset, as opposed to being a legal fiction asset.  Lawful money is always a land asset and can only be issued by an actual land jurisdiction government ---- not a corporation.
That is, the body having authority to issue our actual money is the Continental Congress which is an unincorporated body politic composed of sworn Fiduciary Deputies from every state participating. 
The United States Congress represents our states in some strictly delegated arenas of international jurisdiction----and it only controls “commerce”----not “trade”. 
Commerce is business conducted between incorporated entities--- think GM, the Public Broadcasting System, and SEARS.  Trade is conducted between living people and unincorporated businesses---think me and you and the Mom and Pop Grocery Store and Brady and Sons, Lumber Company.
The United States Congress as it is presently composed can only issue legal tender, that is, “commercial instruments” – such as bonds and letters of credit, as a result of its failure to operate with full commercial liability and its members’ failure to act as sworn Fiduciary Deputies of their states.

From the beginning the members of Congress were enabled to operate in two roles--- on the land as Fiduciary Deputies of their home states, and on the sea as Representatives of their home states overseeing the functions in international jurisdiction delegated to the federal government. Over time they ceased to operate as Fiduciary Deputies (See the 19th Amendment to their “Constitution of the United States of America”) and ever since have vacated the land jurisdiction side of their office, which is the Public Office.
That inability or unwillingness on the part of the United States Congress to operate in Public Office explains why all the “quarters” and other coins have been altered and “redesigned” and had base metals added to them to make them separate and different from our actual money. 
Even the coins have been adulterated and falsified and made to look like, but not actually be, our money.
This is why no actual United States Silver Dollars have been issued since the 1920’s and the reason that the rats had to contract to use legal tender “as” money.   
Their further agreement with the Federal Reserve Banks to rent the Fed’s private bank script at interest was just more pure gross corruption, greed, and disregard for their duty to the American states and people--- a simple siphon or “conduit exchange” used to double dip and unlawfully transfer our assets into their coffers, with the Federal Reserve Banks getting a nice cut of the proceeds.
As landlords and sovereign entities and Protected Persons, we can fill our vacated Fiduciary Deputy offices and send our State Fiduciary Deputy Delegations to a Continental Congress in Philadelphia and they can lawfully issue United States Silver Dollars and take care of a great deal of the other long-overdue laundry list of work-to-be-done.  We simply need to get busy, organize, and do it.
So yes, we already have lawful, asset-backed money and have always had lawful, asset-backed money in circulation and we still do have sufficient quantities of it in circulation worldwide.  We can trade on the new Chinese IEX system tomorrow.
In the meantime and in the same vein, we are enabled to operate under Article X of the actual Constitution and issue, for example, “American States Silver Dollars” using new designs for the mint imprints.
That is, even though all “United States Silver Dollars” are ours, there is nothing stopping us from issuing other forms of asset-backed coinage and currency so long as we are willing to operate under full commercial liability for the quality of our product.
“Full commercial liability” in this case means that when we promise that each coin is a specified amount and quality of metal, it has to meet that standard and be that product, or we are liable to pay the difference and whatever damages result. 
If your intent is to deal honestly with other people, there is no reason to fear full commercial liability.
So let’s get back to the actual, factual United States and recognize these foreign corporate interlopers for what they are, before the entire world.  We are not responsible for what these British Subjects have done in Breach of Trust and commercial contract, nor are we responsible for what they have failed to do without our knowledge and consent.
The United States Congress now seated in Washington, DC is functioning in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as an incorporated commercial entity composed of elected representatives----- proxies, in other words.  Not Fiduciary Deputies.  Not able to issue lawful money.
Let me say it in another way, to make sure everyone understands it----actual lawful money, for example, our United States Silver Dollars, are issued by the land jurisdiction government, our Continental Congress, acting in international jurisdiction under Article X--- the reserved powers of the “states and people” in that jurisdiction. 
The United States Congress operating as a foreign corporation can only issue legal tender---bonds, stocks, letters of credit, etc.   That’s why they have issued all this fiat money and contracted to use private bank scripts instead of lawful money.

The Founders left them no other choice.
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  1. Why do we allow corporations to exsist at all. There very for exsistance is for the sole purpose of "limited liability", which then requires insurance companies to exsist for the same reason, which eventually works as a virus infecting every individual, because not one person really wants "full liability"(responsiblity) for anything in this world. People want to be able to drink and drive without real consequences except a slap on the hand. And with limited liability comes the necessary evil of attorneys being involved causing all law to become "colorable"(all grey) and corrupt peoples natural moral character of taking full resposibility into "persons" who in reality want "NO LIABILITY" for anything they do. Simply put, Corporations can never exsist side by side with real people. Therefore, all corp. have to exsist as an unincorporated "man or woman" and liable for taxes like any other man or woman without transfering any of that liability to their employees. Their only incentive for becoming a huge company will come in the form of a lower "flat tax". "NO MORE CORPORATIONS PERIOD"....EVER. And if someone even tries, they get a one way ticket to the grew bar motel...problem solved.

  2. The big zionest banks all have safe havens offshore secret accounts . For example the camen. Islands british Switzerland dutch.petro dollar is sheer military muscle for sale..when it's jeopardized heads roll.hell of a way to do business.


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