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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Here is Joel Skousen’s analysis and take on the “Internet Coup”.  Another PsyOp on the American People?

World Affairs Brief, November 4, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (

FBI Director James Comey sent an open email to legislators this week indicating that the FBI had found new evidence on Huma Abedin’s (Hillary’s close aide) personal laptop and that they were reopening the investigation into Hillary’s use of an unsecured private server with sensitive State Department emails. Comey did not elaborate about the evidence so there are many rumors flying about what might be found this time. I don’t have time to cover all the rumors, but I will say I don’t expect the FBI to reveal anything further until after the election—and then only selectively, omitting the worst offenses. Also, there are plenty of dissatisfied FBI agents and NY Police investigators involved in this big case that may leak the rest. It is looking like there is more than the misuse of classified emails at stake here. Since Huma Abedin was Hillary’s top aide, her email stash is rumored to contain a treasure trove of “pay to play” comments for donors to the Clinton Foundation as well as details of collusion between the Clinton campaign and Hillary to hide illegal activities. This week I’ll discuss FBI director Comey’s motives behind the politically sensitive reopening of the investigation plus the bogus claim by Steve Pieczenik that a silent, bloodless coup has taken over the US government to block the election of Hillary Clinton. . . . .


The entire right wing of the internet is ablaze with the claims of Steve Pieczenik that he and others in the intelligence community have staged a silent, bloodless coup against the government in order to stop the highly corrupt Hillary Clinton from becoming president. Here’s the link to his video.

I’ve always been suspicious of Pieczenik ever since he started appearing on the Alex Jones show. He simply claims too much. He claims to be an insider within the deepest regions of government military operations, and yet on the side of Alex Jones and those who believe in the globalist conspiracy. You can be a former insider and come to a belief in the conspiracy (maybe) but you can’t be both at the same time—unless you are a disinformation agent and someone who makes things up. His latest claims seem to prove the latter.

His official bio says he is an MD and a PhD psychologist who has worked for the government as a hostage negotiator. He has apparently inflated his resume to the Alex Jones team who attribute too-good-to-be-true mythic status to Pieczenik that can’t be true—like his claim to have started the secretive Delta Force, even though the formal story says that Colonels Charlie Beckwith and Thomas Henry started it in the mid 1970's. His latest claim of a secret coup is pure fabrication in my opinion. I don’t agree with a single part of it:

1.a) He claims that on Nov. 1 the Clintons and their entourage affected a civilian coup against the government. Nonsense. The Clintons get away with what they do because they are protected insider-puppets. They don’t run the government and don’t have any power except what the insiders (the dark side of law enforcement and their killers) provide them.

1.b) He says this is done through two methods: corruption and co-opting, implying that they have corrupted (bought off) and co-opted high government officials in order to get away with what they do. He claims they have been co-opting the “White House, Judiciary, CIA, the FBI and our Attorney General” for some time now to make sure that they were “part and parcel of the group of people connected through political cronyism.”

This is total BS and shows that Pieczenik either hasn’t got a clue about how the government is controlled or he’s inventing something plausible to cover for what he really knows. I actually suspect the former. I’ve never agreed with any of his claims in his Alex Jones interviews.
2.a) The Claimed Counter-coup. “Those of us in the intelligence community have informally gotten together and, with their permission, I’m beginning to announce that we’ve initiated a counter-coup, through Julian Assange and Wikileaks.” Later in the video he claims that “we gave him” the stolen emails in order to affect this coup.

An internet coup through information leaked to a person in exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London? Only a fool would believe such a weak claim. If Pieczenik was really part of current US intelligence, he would know that the NSA has every email in the country, including Hillary’s. So if they gave incriminating evidence to Assange, why didn’t they give him the much more damaging emails from Hillary? Why use Julian Assange, who only has the Podesta emails?

2.b) He is claiming they have told “the administration” (whoever that is), “we have your number” and “we’re going to stop you from making Hillary the president of the US.” And at the same time “we will convict and indict the President of the US, Loretta Lynch, and many others who are involved in the cover-up of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation.”

Wow, that’s a whopper of a claim! He doesn’t address the fact that the conspiracy controls the DOJ and the courts so how are you going to get a controlled judiciary to prosecute?

2.c) He claims “Their coup was silent, and our coup was silent” (inferring it has already occurred) and “happened on the internet.” Then he claims that the Clinton coup occurred through the internet and the counter coup occurred through the internet”

What planet does he live on? You can’t take down the powerful dark side of government just by leaking the mild type of emails Wikileaks has done so far. Even real blockbuster emails might not do it. Remember, the American public is powerless to prosecute. They have to rely on controlled entities in government to do so, and that’s not going to happen. This guy has just made a fool of all the AJ listeners—who have responded with euphoric comments like “God is giving us back our country.” They really believe this brand of wishful thinking. Wake up, people!

2.d) He feigns humility by claiming he is just a small part of a movement including agents in the FBI, CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, military intelligence, and men and women of “15 other intelligence organizations.” How’s that for name dropping, without names?

The mention of the DNI being part of their group of patriots is proof Pieczenik doesn’t have a clue. The DNI is none other than James R. Clapper, who lied to Congress about NSA spying. Clapper is a dark side operator if there ever was one, and not on our side.

3) The Second American Revolution. He claims his team has started a Second American Revolution, but he is quick to add (in order to avoid legal prosecution for “threatening”), “We do not have guns, we do not have weapons,... we do not intend to kill anybody, we do not intend to harm anybody. But those of us who are veterans in the intelligence service will stop the Clintons.” We will ensure that Obama leaves without any pardon (of Clinton).

Anyone who claims you can overturn the dark side of government with all its powerful groups of well-armed hit men and control of all federal enforcement agencies, plus the courts—with a simple threat of exposure from a few hundred emails is either a naive fool or a disinformation expert playing up to the movement’s fervor against Hillary Clinton. It can’t be done.

To summarize, this entire claim is bogus. This is not a coup by Clintons we are fighting against. What’s happening in America has been going on well before the Clintons. The Clintons don't control Lynch or Comey. All of these key government players are controlled by globalists, who are protecting Obama and the Clintons for being good puppet leaders. Each of the key players in government has his own dark history that allows the conspiracy to use them, or blackmail them.

In conjunction with this phony coup claim, other people are saying that all Clinton’s supporters in high places have cancelled all appearances with her, which is untrue. They also say that Julian Assange has disappeared and may be dead, which is also untrue, as points out:

Assange gave an interview to Russia’s state-run television and says his group did not get emails related to Hillary Clinton’s campaign from a “state actor.”

U.S. intelligence has publicly blamed Russia for the hacked emails from campaign chairman John Podesta. In a statement Thursday, Assange said Wikileaks’ sources of the emails “are not state parties.” It does not say how it obtained the documents, noting only that the original sources are Podesta “and his correspondents.”

-So much for the continual disinformation on the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign that Russia is interfering with the election. Finally, I think there are two possibilities for what we will see of Pieczenik in the future:

1. If Hillary wins: One would hope that Pieczenik is deservedly discredited and his disinformation claims go away. However, that isn’t likely, anymore than Hal Turner went away after being exposed as an FBI plant within the movement (he’s back with Superstation 95). In order to avoid being totally discredited, Pieczenik will come up with yet another story to explain why the coup failed to do what he claimed, or why the effect is delayed. He might also claim that she’ll be impeached or prosecuted soon, leading everyone into believing the election results will soon be overturned. I’m hoping Alex Jones won’t continue to buy into this fraud.

2. If Hillary loses. In this case, Pieczenik will appear to have been right. He’ll be praised as a hero, and will be able to lead the movement astray many more times with his disinformation. If the PTB decide to dump Hillary, it’s not because of some silent coup of internet information that Pieczenik is claiming. It may be because of her health as well as her corruption baggage, but they won’t do it unless they feel like they can control Trump, so we still lose.

The bottom line is that there is no way that Hillary is going to lose unless the establishment decides to let her lose. They have the power to rig the election, and probably have enough votes from benefit-corrupted voters and liberals to win without rigging. But they have rigged the computers to make sure. I’m betting they are still going with Hillary, rather than deal with an unpredictable Trump.


  1. Pieczenik is sent out by deep state to do damage control. Clinton threatens to bring the entire system down because arrogance and hubris. This claim of counter coup is shadow government/deep state trying to preserve all they have worked for.

  2. "those who believe in the globalist conspiracy" Does that comment mean you do not believe there is an Agenda to create a One World Government with a One World Religion and a One World Currency?

  3. Well, if the globalists are so unassailable and it's impossible that a counter-coup could have sufficient well placed people who are willing to overthrow them...we have to give up on Anna von Reitz' attempts to replace the entire corrupted financial, legislative and court system with a constitutional one. Meanwhile, no one in the corrupted system pays the least bit of attention.
    Reminds me of a movie I saw where the sheriff is alone, unarmed and totally surrounded by bad guys with guns and he announces, "You're all under arrest!"
    Sometimes I wonder whether all such heroes are just CIA "hopium" to sedate the masses while they pull their agenda off. Hopium is paralyzing to most, who feel someone else is taking care of business and it's all gonna be okey-dokey. Hillary will be downed, the Constitution restored and we will be free of whatever has us by know.

  4. I disagree with Paul on most every point. Dr. Steve Pieczenik is the real deal. His credintials are a mile long. Why is it so hard to believe that a counter coup of Americans, who work in the intelligence field, CIA etc., who want the Republic back again have formed a silent coup. My question to Paul Stramer is WHY WOULDN'T A COUP FORM? It is perfectly logical to discover their is a silent coup like this I just hope they can stop Hillary. Aren't we,those who are supporting Anna Von Reitz a coup. Of course we are. I have listened to Dr. Steve Pieczenik and find no reason not to trust what he is saying. Since 911 there have to be sooo many people who want to stop Hillary Clinton and the AshkeNAZI Zionist New World Order Globalists that are not sound asleep. Many Sleeping Sheeple are waking up to the New AshkeNAZI Zionist New World Order TAKE OVER. I am an author who has been writing about this now for years. I just hope they can stop Hillary from being elected. Yes the poles are rigged but let's see what happens if a coup, along with the Trump machine can successfully deal with a rigged election and go after the AshkeNAZI Zionist riggers. If "The Donald" wins the election but the rigging goes to Hillary than she is not the rightful winner. Let's all do our part to engage in what ever coms of this rigged election to stop the AshkeNAZI Zionist Hillary machine.

    1. Corrected copy
      I agree with most of what you say. But you say that you are an author, and then you write "the poles are rigged". Unless you just didn't catch this typo, you can't be much of a writer. It distracts from what you have to say otherwise.

    2. There's a monumental difference between being "supporters" and a coup. If I need to explain this, you're not plugged in.

    3. Henry Kissinger is a personal friend. The Clintons and the Kissingers regularly spend holidays together at a beachfront villa.

  5. The real "revolution" is within us all, in how we see ourselves and how we see government. That is the Revolution that has to happen for anyone to be responsible enough to be truly free.

  6. Maybe its easier just to claim to be a Panamanian State National. Cut and run while we still can. And dont forget, there are only two nations on earth that dont share financial info with anyone..the U.S. and Panama. Panama is the new Switzerland. There are all kinds of xpats(Americans living abroad) in Panama and other central American countries that rave about how nice these countries are, and the people, not to mention how much cheaper it is to live for retireise. Just saying. The dark forces here have roots so deep they can never be completely pulled.There are too many conflicting stories here. No one really knows whats going to happen you...!!!

  7. Steve pieczenik.fires red flags left and right like alex Jonestine.they always miss the elephant in the room . Who pulled off 9/11 oh so now the found courage to fight some straw man or woman hillery.
    give me a brake.

  8. I think we are all being played and manipulated on a daily basis. The worst posts i see are those from channeled entities saying the cabal are being rounded up and cleared off this planet. And people actually believe this nonsense. Ashtar command, the Galactic Federation, Zorra, Prime creator are all channeled people that are taking the cabal off planet. And it's really scary that people believe this and think everything is going well.
    We are on the verge of one of the most chaotic moments on this planet. When a human race reduces it's immorality and values to ones where love does not prevail, sex is used in animalistic ways, the planet and all creatures are being killed, while masses focuses on entertaining themselves, this usually does not end well for the civilization. Think Atlantis, the Great Flood. We are coming to the end of this experiment on this planet. Evolution has not happened. The truthers feed the immorality with their hate and anger. The New Agers are also feeding hate, and then pretending to be all "love and light" while they spread anger for others across the ocean, who are just like them.
    This planet is on the throws of kicking the fleas off the dog. The human race are the fleas, and most would not be considered to be at the level of human, by higher forces. Most are considered to be of animal nature. I'm sorry to say, but things are not good, and it's the immorality of man that has allowed this to happen. Don't blame only the governments. The spiritual forces would only allow this evil, if the human race is aligned with it. Very few walk the walk of the great Masters who came here to teach love and compassion. Instead of helping to bring peace and unity, the truthers are spreading hate and blame, like animals.

    I'm sorry, but science shows that this reality is a "holographic reality" as the book Holographic Universe proves. Don't blame the evil governments, blame the human race. For the energy that they create with their thoughts is what is being reflected in this holographic simulation. The religious organizations fail to teach about energy, and it has kept our planet from evolving. So the human race is getting what they deserve.

    1. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ WE are the ones responsible for allowing the present chaos to exist. Our need for "stuff" Including technology, gave our innate power to false comforts. Most humans do not even 'think', they follow every whim, cult and fad that the tv dictates. They haven't discovered their magnificence yet✨🌟✨ Cladon

    2. Thank you Unknown. A very sensible post! You are correct in that the human race has given our consent by default. It does appear that The Singularity / Machine Kingdom truly is the next paradigm shift in human affairs.

  9. Excellent, thank you. Peace-nik congratulates Kissinger? Peacenik congratulates Bush Sr for his failed assassination of Reagan by the son of his friend Hinckley? Gradual revolution? Bill Clinton is son of Winthrop Rockefeller. Hillary was groomed and placed since high school, and probably earlier. Thanks for excellent article. The myth of the white hats busted.

  10. Anyone who cites Benjamin Fulford as a credible source or thinks New World Order Pope Francis could be of assistance restoring The Republic has as much credibility as Alex Jones and Steve Pieczenik. In other words, not much...

  11. "It can’t be done." Well, millions believe otherwise. It is either that or civil war, at best, to stop these criminals. They are the 1% and we are the 99%. Guess who wins?

    1. Sorry man but it appears we are too far gone. Wild Ride dead ahead!

  12. I read and anonymous blog somewhere allegedly and FBI insider. Seemed likely that the emails ( and he said they would try to focus just on them to cover) reveal only the tip of a much greater corruption quite wide spread. Our own "government"? The DC folks? Corrupt? Yep, such a big problem it would be like war with FBI and other agencies, a total rotten apple tainting the bin having now due to lack of maintenance having grown near out of hand. Doesn't matter what accused of if not indicted and tried. Trials reveal details, details that could expose.....They will try to sham out of it again but that looks like a dead end too. Rock and hard place.

  13. If we don't pull together now as one mind and one body and do what needs to be done instead of thinking that other people will take action to end this corruption in OUR Government,that we will loose our once Great Government and statis. If that is the road you want to go down. You can go down it by yourself. I am not an orginazor or a leader but I would be a small stone in the bad guys shoes. A pain that you can't reach. I want the original Republic back and honest accountable people working for me and my interest so I can go back to sleep and explore my life, hopes and dreams.

    1. Hi Jon, are you Noj Nitram from Orlando in the 80's?

  14. If any of you are retiries, i would still like to recommend going to Panama or some other place that "International Living" recommends as safe havens for living on SS. One thing is for sure, no one will ever "nuke" Panama. Not only is it a financial haven for the rich, but it is also a major player in international commerce because of the "Panama Canal" which has just been updated to accomodate the latest huge carriers of ships. And they arent even big enough for even newer ships being in the works to create. No one is going to touch Panama. America and China will both see to that. We need an exsit stratagy when the shit really hits the fan. We just might have to face the fact that people woke up too late here. And someone above called it right when he said that in order for America to truely be great again, we must first turn to our creator and ask for foregiveness for our laziness, even when our brothers and sisters have been totally abused by this system, while we just stood and watched, just being glad it didnt happen to us. We can do more for America if we just pray for it now, rather than change our status or start jurial societies locally. Its become to big of a beast. Pray or get out of the U.S. Thats the only play left. See you in Panama.

  15. Paul: Are the the inclusion of NESARA and GESARA and the various changes they represent visable to the public and how can I get my hands on the Paris Climate Agreement so that I and are local study group can examine it. Are we correct in assuming that the form of government has changed and with the implimentation of the Paris Climate Agreement we have a stepping stone back to Constitutional Government and access to the Bill of Rights. Anyone who has this information may freely contact me at

  16. You always have a access to "their" trust indenture enter it as evidence and agree to their contract hold them to it. it is for them not you. you must enforce.

    you have unalienable, substantive birthrights so stand up and claim them. you have to know who you are first.

  17. I don't believe all their propaganda about NESARA. Too much "new age" heresy. Nobody has proven a darn thing. They just keep talking and giving false hope, to stop people from doing what they really need to do to stop this evil.

  18. If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far from election 2016 it’s that the American people do not innerstand the USA Corporation in DC called government.

    The perception is that we have a democracy, and that in this democracy we the people have vested power in our government which we exercise through the act of voting. ‘Throw the bastards out,’ has long since been the war cry of the impotent democrat, yet we no longer even have a democracy to cling to, and although most people choose to ignore it, this fact of life has been visible for decades.

    An oligarchical corporate government is a form of rule in which a small group of wealthy individuals have control over the critical mechanisms of state power, industry and economy. These people are unelected, unaccountable and they exercise control on behalf of their personal financial interests, drawing on the productive power of a nation to support their lifestyles and geopolitical ambitions. The ruling class in such a nation is often comprised of dynastic families who pass the baton of power back and forth between themselves, managing the illusion of change and evolution while never actually ceding their franchise over the masses.
    Voting as a Tool to Create the Illusion of Consent, and declare your citizen debt slave status to the US Corporation in DC.

    Even many true dictatorships hold political elections as tools to manufacture the illusion of consent for their party.

  19. Skousen loses all credibility when he says he doesn't agree "with a single part" of a secret coup. Read to see if you agree that Skousen is extremist in his opinion.

  20. The reason why most people cant see "the fraud" is mostly because they have never know different. How many of us were born in 1933 when Rosevelt was president or even further back to 1913. And our only sourse for knowing anything about history came from our public(disinformation) school systems. Add to that all the disdractions they throw at us everyday on TV and "professional sports" and bingo....instand zombies.."the walking dead". If they could just unplug from "the matrix" for just a couple of weeks, maybe they could start looking for the truth. I remember a story some 30+ years ago about a large compamy that decided to conduct a little experiment to see if they really understood how much the govt. was actually taking out of their checks. He told all the employees that from now on he wouldnt take out any federal or state taxes out of their monthly checks until the the end of the year when he would just add all the taxes that would normally have been taking out during each check and total it up for them at the end of the year. The taxes were identical to what they were paying all along except for the fact that just a little was taxed on every check, so it wasnt obvious to the employee just how much the govt. was taking from them...Well as you can imagine when they first started to receive their checks they were litterally jumping for joy....that is until they got their last check at the end of the year showing the total amount they were paying in taxes for the year in one lump sum, which amounted to almost 1/3 of their pay. The employees were fuming. All of a sudden the IRS was getting calls right and left from these employees. When the IRS investigated what was going on and found out how the company was handleing their taxes he was ordered to stop that practice immediately and start deducting it out of every paycheck again. That was a very clever businessman that the public has to shocked into reality in order to see what it really is..."Theft". Somehow we need a similar test for the other half of the American public that still didnt get it this election. Lets come up with some good ideas and post it on this site....


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