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Monday, October 31, 2016

Preet Bharara --- The Hero You Never Heard Of

By Anna Von Reitz

Preet Bharara is the U.S. Prosecuting Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  Pray for him.  It was he and the New York Police Department (NYPD) that have forced the FBI into doing its job with respect to Hillary Clinton and her emails. 

It was the NYPD that discovered the full, uncut, actual emails on Anthony Wiener's laptop, but more importantly, it was the NYPD and Preet Bharara who  brought the information forward instead of trying to paper it over.

They forced the FBI's hand.  They made it impossible for Director Comey to cover Hillary's butt and his own at the same time.   It's one or the other, Jack. And I can just hear the conversation going down:

The Boys in Blue:  "I don't give a crap.  She's guilty. Book her."

Men in Tights: "Wh-wh-whuddya mean?  She was the sec-sec-Secretary of St-St-State.....she's BILL CLINTON'S wife!  Sh-sh-she's running for PRESIDENT.  You can't prosecute her no matter what she did."

The Boys in Blue: "Book the Bitch."

Men in Tights: "Whhaaat?"

The Boys in Blue: "You heard me.  Book her. Write her up."

Men in Tights: "Wha-wh-wait!  We have jurisdiction!  We'll take the case over!"

The Boys in Blue: (grimly) "Yeah, now you'll do it. Did you finally find a dozen eggs somewhere?"

Of course, this is just my rendition, but I know how they talk when the girls aren't around (actually a lot spicier than this sometimes, but dogs and children may be reading) and I know how much guts it took to flush the FBI toilet.

I also know that there are plenty of Americans right now who wouldn't spit on the best part of FBI Director Comey if someone could find it and point it out. 

Comey's disgusting admissions that Hillary was guilty but wouldn't be charged shocked the nation, but they didn't shock me.  I watched the footage from Benghazi.  I heard nasty little Rodriguez relieve General Carter Ham of command. I knew what to think then and I know what to think now.

The brave men of the NYPD who are actually responsible for the second FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton's emails and who faithfully did their jobs, are now targets for the Clinton Mafia and the Bar Association thugs and DNC and FBI-- which doesn't appreciate having its laundry cleaned for them in public no matter how filthy dirty it is.

Watch for the small print announcements of deaths and obituaries in New York, looking for Preet Bharara's name and the names of men and women working for the NYPD Investigations Unit. Make it your business to check in on Preet's health in the coming days.  Pray for him.  Light a candle.

Better still, pay attention and if anything happens to him or his family or even his dog ---- come down on the media and the politicians and the FBI like the Wrath of God.

Any attempt to wave any flags and claim that the FBI has redeemed itself by reopening the Hillary Files needs to be doused with the real world facts of the matter.  It was the NYPD that held the line and did the job and forced the FBI to do theirs.

Now, it's true that NYPD has its share of dirty cops and New York has more than its share of dirty politicians, but like the actual Mafia, they still have a soul. The "people"--- and I use the word lightly --- lying and covering up for Hillary don't. 

Somewhere between the pate and the second round of caviar, they lost theirs. 

For them, everything is for sale. Everything is relative.  The only good is their own good. The only danger is not being politically correct in public, or telling the truth.  And there is precious little chance of that happening.

Thank you, Preet Bharara, for doing that simple, extraordinary thing: telling the truth.  I will remember your name and look for you among the heroes of all that is good.
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  1. This attorney general of NYC. is the only honest guy around and this taking on the machine is very dangerious .

  2. Whats that got to do with the price of eggs? They have no connection to us correct? Especially police. They have no writ to ask our names even. Correct? If i'm wrong then i should vote correct?

  3. Well it does prove one thing. Even in their world where corruption is the norm, there is always a "few good men" willing to hold the line before it completely disappears. Up to this point, i thought Comey was a hero. Silly me...I guess its a no brainer now that it is in the hands of the "CIA" to "clean up the mess".


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