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Monday, October 31, 2016

Why Would Canada "Help" the United States Clean House?

By Anna Von Reitz

There are persistent rumors saying that Canada stands ready to help us drain the swamp, fumigate the house, and dynamite the snake pit in Washington, DC. This surfaced again in a Ben Fulford Report recently, and right beside it, a news item about Queen Bess offering to come take over administration of our government.

This is the sort of snide British humor that passes over most heads.

The Brits have been in charge of of key portions of our "government" since Day One---- including our commercial life and foreign policy and trade policies. It's their administration and mis-administration and Breach of Trust that has provided the habitat for all the most vile creatures inhabiting our capitol.

It's their "snakes" and "alligators" slithering around the Halls of Congress. Even the few forthright Americans who try to stem the tide and bring reform to Washington are stopgobbered from the start by being forced to pledge their allegiance to a foreign government and to act as British Subjects for the duration of their terms in office.

As usual, the Brits aren't offering to help us. They are offering to help themselves and make it appear to the rest of the world that it is our problem and they are just helping. 
Hegelian Dialectic to the Moon: defraud, mischaracterize, and abuse the people of another country for 150 years, do it in Breach of Trust, while pretending to be a friend and an ally--- then pretend that this is all their problem and offer to help? 
Rich irony. Really rich.

One can only shudder and wonder what Queen Elizabeth's idea of "help" would be?

Shall we give her some suggestions other than armed invasion of NATO or UN forces through Canada? 
How about taking care of the mess you created, You Royal Hypocrite? These goons are all British Subjects, every single manjack of the "United States Congress" plus the President is a British Subject and as a side job, they run a nice little plenary oligarchy in the Washington, DC international city state, which you rule by proxy. 
So, don't smile and wave at us, Grandma. We know whose problem this is--- who created it, why they created it, when they created it, and who benefited from it----- and guess what? 
It's all your problem, Ma'am, not ours. And that is the usual case throughout the world, for we see wherever your gloved hands have touched, no end of criminality and misery and fraud result. 
Let's look at the Middle East for example--- where the British "helped" establish a "Protectorate" and instead set up the game plan for eternal war in the region by creating two opposed populations--- first the "Palestinians" created out of thin air according to where they happened to live, and second, the Israelis, defined by their religion--- and then you set them down on the same scrap of land and washed your hands and smiled and watched them fight over it for generations.

Shame on you! You think that we don't know the truth, but we do. You think that you can escape detection, but you haven't. 
Just look at what you and your Father and your Grandfather and especially, look at what Queen Victoria did? 
She enslaved the English people by "enfranchising" and then used the influx of credit gained from selling them into slavery and taking false title to their property and "hypothecating" debt against it, to wage war upon and subjugate the Indian Subcontinent and enslave all those people, too.

And you and all your progenitors simply carried this process of commercial colonialism and enslavement by corporate proxy (a crime, Ma'am, known as "personage") from India onward and outward throughout the world.

This current deplorable practice of mischaracterization, political genocide, deceit, fraud, racketeering, and Breach of Trust in America is just our small portion of British guile, deceit, greed, dishonor, and perversion out of a whole worldwide dogpile of it. In fact, we can't think of any major war, war crime, or travesty that your government hasn't been behind and at the bottom of for at least 150 years. 
So forgive us when we find the idea of you helping us wonderfully droll and laughable and know for sure that we are enjoying the joke---to a point. 
Only to a point.

And that point is that you are responsible for all the misery you have created and promoted, all the deceits you have employed, all the fraud you have maintained, all the misery and death that your policies and actions have promulgated.

Let's agree that you need to go home and clean up your own mess on a worldwide basis and without delay? Thank you, very much, Ma'am, but you have "helped" the Americans and the Canadians and the English and the Scots and the Irish and the Aussies and the Germans and the Japanesne quite enough already, not to mention your "assistance" to all the nations of Africa and the Middle East, the Baltic States, Southeast Asia, and all of Middle and South America. We especially note all the "help" you have given to Haiti.

With friends like you, Ma'am, we truly don't need any enemies.
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  1. The universal laws work with mathematical precision without fail and they are in motion.

  2. Parisites have Parisites .the British colonialism in effect.however another international conquering force that in history always acts as tax collectors for monarchs and get special favors/status one could argue they rule the world with finiance , media,academia , government , courts, commerce, entertainment , gambling , sextrade,organ trade,weapons of war,drugs.

  3. Furethermore, you knew it from the moment you excepted your position of Queen under a totally false "Coronation" and false oath you took to do just the opposite of what you were supposed to lawfully do, which was to protect the "people" as your true linage of "king David" was supposed to do. But like so many other people, you sold out everyone for money and betrayed your true heritage. And now, as in America, you have been exposed as the "traitor"(and fraud) you really are by trying to railroad a truely good and religious man , that wound up backfiring on you because he already knew the "truth" about you and because of your arrogance you and your courts were all exposed as a result of it in 2011 in the case of "Regina v JAH"(John Anthony Hill) where he was acquitted of all charges by a jury of your own subjects. So much for being Queen of England. You traded your birthright for a pot of porrage.


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