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Friday, October 28, 2016

Late in the Evening Comes the Dawn -- The Bundys Exonerated

By Anna Von Reitz

For months now members of the Living Law Firm have labored to bring forward vital information to the patriots imprisoned over the stand-off at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon.  They have labored side by side with Bar Attorneys who risked their careers and honored their calling to seek justice for all. 

And last night, just before bedtime, I got a call. 

The Bundys, Shawna Cox, and all the others misidentified and falsely accused by the corporate scum have been exonerated and found "Not Guilty" on all charges.

This is a true victory and one that was won against a stacked deck. 

The trial was held in a Federal Court--- a court owned and operated by sister corporations of those corporations that brought the charges.

Imagine that you and Cousin Bobby Sue are squabbling over the ownership rights of a doughnut.  She has already eaten hers, so she grabbed yours.  You objected.  And her aunt from the other side of the family gets to decide who gets the doughnut.

Not exactly a level playing field.  Her Aunt knows her and doesn't know you from Adam.  And Bobby Sue is jumping up and down and pointing her finger at you and saying, "It's my doughnut!  It's mine! He tried to take it from me!"

You are standing there as Aunt Bertha comes down on you, knowing full well that you spent your allowance for the weekend buying the doughnut Bobby Sue already wolfed down, plus the doughnut she is trying to steal from you.

You did your part and more.  Without you, there wouldn't be a doughnut to fight over. You were the source of the property from the start, but Aunt Bertha doesn't know that.  She's standing there in her Size 11's, glaring at you, moving her tremendous bulk into position to seize the doughnut back, give it to Bobby Sue, and paddle your butt.

That's the position the Bundys and Shawna Cox and the others have been in from the start of this fiasco.  The truth of the matter was utterly obscured and they have had to fight uphill every step of the way against the prejudice of the Court and the Media and the zombie-like ignorance of millions of government slaves.

Throughout the trial the judge kept redacting evidence and disallowing evidence.  Sometimes it seemed like the Bundys weren't going to be allowed to present their side of the story at all.  The jury wasn't allowed to know their political status.  Historical facts were "disallowed".  It was gag order upon gag order.

The protesters had to stand trial as if they were "citizens" obligated to obey and serve the government, otherwise the government couldn't claim jurisdiction over them, so the government judge just "disallowed" the evidence showing otherwise.

And the jury?  Well, the jury pool was --- you guessed it --- all government "citizens"---- people who at least on paper admit to being employees or dependents of the government and who owe their "allegiance"---- as in serfs and kings, to the government. 

Now imagine the situation.

Aunt Bertha has you by the ear and is dragging you into the house where all Bobby Sue's other relatives are gathered.  They are going to be your jury.  And Aunt Bertha isn't even letting you tell your side of the story--- just bits and pieces of it that she deems credible.

You are being tried as a stranger in a strange land.  You are being judged by foreigners who have a natural conflict of interest and bias against you, because "one of theirs" stands to gain if you are found guilty and dispossessed of your property. 

Against all odds against it, that unlikely jury found the Bundys and the others not guilty on all charges.  Somehow, somewhere, the truth rang out and they heard it despite every attempt to squelch it.

God bless the jurors.

Even if they weren't actually "peers" of the Bundys and the others, even if they were "pledged" as infants to be stoodges owned and operated by the government and its franchise corporations, like the BLM and FBI, they still delivered the only right, true, and honest verdict possible.

It was a long, hard, dangerous proceeding, but in the end, the jury prevailed. Justice was done. And it only took six hours of deliberation.

For the Bundys there is one more challenge to be faced, because there were also charges brought in Nevada.  There, again. they will face the same situation, the same false presumptions, the same trial as strangers in a foreign jurisdiction, being judged by people who have a natural conflict of interest. 

But within that conflict of interest lies the germinating seed of truth--- and the realization that in truth, we are all Americans.  We all have a dog in this fight.

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  1. Nevada prosecution has no case to prosecute. In my opinion I would think they the prosecutors would realize that they are way over their heads now. The end results are going to be very very expensive if they proceed any further down the path with appeal staring in their face with jurisdiction subject matter.

  2. The Nevada 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff with the BLM and perhaps contracted mercenaries, was on Bundy land and their right to defend their land and their cattle from federal employees gestapo tactics. Thank heaven the Bundy family rallied support and stood strong or the feds would have slaughtered them! I can't imagine how the feds can presume to prosecute these brave Americans or what kind of bogus charges the feds will come up with, only to lose again in court to a well informed jury.

  3. This shouldn't even go to trial if the attorney's do it right and challenge jurisdiction from the get go, never deviating from it. The proceeding can't commence until jurisdiction is established. I personally know people who have prevailed on the lack of federal jurisdiction on land not ceded to the U.S. It took almost 2 years while the government tried to get them to argue subject matter, but in the end, they didn't and won. I pray the attorneys understand this and don't let it go to trial.


  4. As thebook fruit from a poisonous tree points out Lincoln 's general order 100 using marital law to deal with the rebels (us).and emergency powers act .give the judge complete controld .judge curry says you point out to the BAR.1947 swore to not break the constitution , that boxes him in you can try your court of record then.

  5. If in fact at the 2014 Bundy ranch standoff these armed government and contracted mercenaries was on the Bundy's property they should all be personally be charged with including but not limited to 18 USC 241 & 242 and sense they were armed and a threat to the lives of the people, they could and should be fined up to $20000.00 and/or 20 years in prison each. Only problem is, who is going to file the charges and who is going to enforce it and what court jurisdiction will they be tried in? We the people don't have enough bolls to enforce it or a court of records aka justice court to try them in yet. Until then we are all going have to learn to live the way they say, like it or not. We all need to stand up together. We the people are the only authority, the law makers. The laws belong to us, they are our property and we have the right, duty, oblation, responsibility and authority to defend them and if we don't we are guilty of dereliction of duty so who then are the criminals, the government corporations, us or both?


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