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Friday, October 28, 2016

Bundy Brothers Acquitted

Bundy brothers, 5 other Malheur wildlife refuge occupiers not guilty of conspiracy, firearm charges!

Proof that the Jury System still works sometimes in America, even in the corporate tribunals calling themselves our federal courts.


  1. They won on the lack of federal legislative jurisdiction over land that was NOT ceded to the United States. That defense has never lost if properly presented. My friend also won a federal case on that defense. Praise the Lord.


  2. Hopefully there is an organized push to bring murder charges to the mercenaries that killed Lavoy. It appears the agents had no valid reason to be there in the first place

  3. I just sent this to the US Department of Justice via their website, to the FBI, and to the congressional committee on Oversight and Government Reform: All of the occupiers of the Malhuer National Wildlife Reserve in Oregon have been found innocent of all charges by a jury of their peers. The marshals refused to release the innocent Bundys whom they have held illegally for 8+ months and have tortured while imprisoned. The marshals violently attacked the attorney of Ammon Bundy in court and tased him when he asked for the proof of their authority to hold men found innocent. They did not present their proof of authority but instead arrested and charged the attorney for defending his client. This is lawlessness within the marshals department and treason of the highest order.

    The fact that the occupiers have been found innocent of ALL CHARGES despite the force of the government with unlimited funds to oppose them means that the corollary is; the federal government has been found guilty of the murder of the innocent LaVoy Finicum, conspiracy to commit violence on innocent Americans, false incarceration of innocent Americans, dereliction of duty, illegal use of tax funds to create a conspiracy against the American people, paying for agents provocateurs and spies to create false evidence against lawful Americans, violent gang armed force and ambush of innocent American people, presenting false evidence to a court in a legal attack on innocent people, torture of innocent Americans while illegally held by the government, refusal to follow the law when directed by the people to do so, rejecting any legal remedy at every level and thereby forcing the people to use extreme means to get their voice heard and law applied …

    What will be their penalty for this? Is there anyone in the Justice Department free of the influence of the Clinton cabal with the courage to fix this? Will you do your duty and get the Bundys free of the Marshal Service and federal government overreach? Please fix this today.


    Patricia House, AR

  4. What happened to all those thousands of lawful National State Marshals we supposedly have. What good are they if they cant march right into the jail and demand custody of the Bundys.????? After all, hes not a "person" is he. The Marshal should demand custody of the "man" on the land. You can keep the water...!!!


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