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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Unanswered Letters, 2 of Second Batch---- For Rodger

by Anna Von Reitz

Question: If there was never a Peace Treaty ending the Civil War, and we are still under martial law as a result, what can the counties operating the land jurisdictions do to declare peace?

The land jurisdiction IS at peace and the living people are owed all the guarantees of The Constitution ----it's the international jurisdiction of the sea which has remained at war.  That is what makes all this so unpredictable and unpleasant and confusing.

The "United States" is not "America".  I keep saying this, but nobody really stops and listens.  People stubbornly keep operating on their assumptions instead of facing the facts.  

The United States is a separate entity, a totally foreign independent international city-state, functioning as a corporation headquartered in the District of Columbia.  Everyone needs to read that little one-liner over and over and over until it begins to really sink in.

The federal corporation has 8,500 dependent subsidiaries operating as state, county, and municipal governments all over this country, and 185,000 corporations that it claims to own via their federal registrations.  It is a multi-national conglomerate with no particular loyalty to America.  We and our states have merely been customers of theirs and convenient, trusting, gullible cash cows.

Those 8,500 dependent subsidiaries are supposed to be our states, counties, and municipal governments operated on the land jurisdiction, but they aren't.
They have been "federated" and reduced to being corporate franchises of the "federal corporation", which has done business under various names---- "United States of America", "UNITED STATES", "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", "USA", "US CORP" and so on.

This happened back in the 1960's when all the states, counties, and municipalities incorporated as federal corporations in order to get racketeering kick-backs. It was engineered by the Rockefellers and organizations they sponsored, calling themselves the "Council of State Governments"---- a private club for bureaucrats and hangers on, where the paid agents of subversion preached all the advantages of "States" sharing in federal racketeering kick-backs.

We have it all on record and they are caught, condemned, known enemies of the People and the actual States. 

When you incorporate anything, you remove it from the land jurisdiction and place it in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  And this jurisdiction is where the Civil War is still raging, the venue where the rats have waged their secretive "commercial war" against us while receiving their paychecks from us.

All "United States Citizens" and "citizens of the United States" are British Subjects, not Americans.  Read that until it sticks, too.

All the "government officials" operating what appear to be your states and counties and municipalities are British Subjects, not Americans.  And those British Subjects---- whose only reason for being here is supposedly to provide nineteen "essential governmental services" ----have instead served themselves. 

They have created an overlay of corporate entities run by and for British Subjects and they have created --- on paper--- 390 million such subjects, all strawmen operating under names styled like this:  JOHN MARK DOE and also
fifty-seven "States of States"---- like the STATE OF MICHIGAN. 

Well, it's up to you, folks.  Are you British Subjects?  Are you in the business of providing governmental services?  Do you consider yourself at perpetual "war" with all the innocent people around you,  and obligated to serve the British Crown Corporation as a slave unto death?  No?  Doesn't match your MO?  

You ask what the actual county governments operating the land jurisdiction government of this country can do to enforce the peace? 

First of all, you never incorporate.  Never.  You don't incorporate as much as a dog house.  And you liquidate any and all corporations that you may have formed in the past. 

Churches---- you were never subject to taxation in the first place.  Liquidate the 201 (C) and 501 (C) structures.  All they actually do is put you and your congregations under the thumb and forefinger of criminal foreign corporations.

Most small to medium-sized businesses realize absolutely no benefit from incorporating, but when they make this mistake, they do "voluntarily" subject themselves to tons of federal recordkeeping and regulation and are forced to fork over large portions of their own income and the income of their employees. 

Here is what everyone and I do mean everyone should "voluntarily" do---- liquidate all corporations associated with you. 

Second of all, you correct your political status and start keeping your own records asserting the fact that you are not a "United States Citizen" nor a "citizen of the United States" and are in fact a native born Virginian or Ohioan or wherever you were born in this great nation and don't choose to adopt any other political status.

Third, you gain control of the NAMES these vermin have created and used as a means to attach you and your assets to their debts. Adopt those NAMES as the lawful Holder in Due Course and re-convey all "beneficial interest" in them back to the land jurisdiction using a recorded Deed of Re-Conveyance.  Place these ACCOUNTS under the exclusive control of your proper English Trade Name written in Upper and Lower Case, cancel all other Powers of Attorney, issue an Act of Expatriation for YOUR NAME and "dry dock" them on your native soil.

This deprives the vermin of any "handle" they can use to press-gang you into their service and also deprives them of any means of addressing you in their fake COURTS as a "United States Citizen Corporation" doing business as YOUR NAME.

Fourth, you seize back the assets that are owed to you and to your actual States on the land and you sever any presumed contracts they may think they have with the living man or his county government on the land.  Neither the people nor the actual counties have ever been involved in any contract with the United States. 

The Constitution is owed to your actual states on the land, and that "original equity contract" provides for protections and guarantees owed to the people (and the counties). 

As our unincorporated States still exist and as we have stood up and given Notice of our intent, the vermin have no excuse for failure to honor every jot of the actual Constitution. 

So, Fifth, the people acting in each unincorporated county have every right to control every stick, stone, and centimeter of the land jurisdiction they are owed.  All it requires is to: (1) officially declare the fact that you are not a "United States Citizen" nor a "citizen of the United States"; (2) stop participating in their elections and sponsor your own; (3) gather the people together, educate them, and peaceably "assemble" to establish by public election a parallel county government to serve the actual people under American Common Law.   

I anticipate that once people truly understand what has gone on here and what their British Trustees and Allies have done behind their backs, there will be a virtual stampede to repudiate any assumption of "United States Citizenship" and a great willingness to withdraw from the "federated county" system.

To those who say, "But, we need money to operate a county government!"---- I say you have plenty of money and we have laid claim to it via the Non-UCC Liens just published favoring each actual State and Commonwealth of the land jurisdiction.  Operate your unincorporated county on a volunteer basis until we get the details sorted out, or better still, inform the local "franchise" county of its sins and errors and secure cooperation to vacate the corporation. 

Do unto the duplicitous British Subject vermin what they have attempted to do unto us. Voluntarily liquidate the "county corporation" by popular vote and conduct a forensic audit.  You will find your stolen assets all neatly cashiered away in slush funds that do NOT belong to the bankrupt STATE OF__________. 

It does not matter what a small group of ignorant or corrupt people did in 1966.  It only matters what you do now.

Having elected your actual public officials and having filled the vacant public offices, you can now declare peace in your county and release any and all presumption of "war" in any corner of it and mandate that any British Subjects or United Nations operatives  residing in your country as Foreign Agents report to the Sheriff and declare themselves and observe the peace. Any foreigner failing to obey the Public and Organic Law of this country can be arrested and deported.

And now, finally, having crossed the t's and dotted the i's, the counties can hold statewide elections to select Fiduciary Deputies for their state to attend a "Continental Congress" to take care of business, including the signing of a Peace Treaty formally ending the Civil War.

Notice of this Peace Treaty can be given to the corporate "United States Congress" and the corporate "President" ordering them to stand down and resume normal peacetime operations.

And that, as they say, is that. 

That we Americans have been gullible and placid enough to fall victim to such outrageous chicanery--- literally being robbed blind and mischaracterized by our hired help for 150 years and also deluded enough to think that the British Government is now or has ever been our friend or Ally --- says a lot about our national character.  We hate politics. But the time has come when we have to get up off our sovereign butts and do a sovereign's duty. 

We must use our power at every level---as people, as county assemblies and as state assemblies operating on the land jurisdiction and also using our reserved powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea--- to get our Ship of State off the rocks, to kick the perpetrators of all this fraud in the teeth, and to forge a new destiny for America.
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