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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated and Now......

by Anna Von Reitz

The Ninth Circuit Court (15-10-117) just ordered the Federales to prove federal subject matter jurisdiction --- not just assume subject matter jurisdiction-- over property "owned" by the federal government.

Federal ownership of land may be (and usually is) merely proprietary--- meaning that the Federales are acting as property managers--- a role that does not create any exclusive use by the federal government and does not create federal subject matter jurisdiction.

This Ninth Circuit case cited above is not directly tied to the Bundy Cases, but addresses the issue of federal subject matter jurisdiction merely presumed to exist on the basis of federal property ownership.

In truth and in fact claims of Federal subject matter jurisdiction require: (1) a Federal use of the land (that is, a use related to the duties directly delegated to the federal government); (2) specific action by the State ceding jurisdiction. Neither one of these conditions were met with regard to the Oregon Wildlife Refuge.

The portions of the Wildlife Refuge including the buildings which the protestors occupied were purchased by the Federales from private land owners back in the 1930's --- under a Congressional Act that not only allowed, but which invited, adverse possession claims such as the protestors brought forward and which additionally ordered the "liquidation" of such properties back to state or private ownership.

Read that as: Federal ownership of the Wildlife Refuge property occupied by the Bundys and others should have been terminated years ago according to the very Acts of Congress which allowed the Federal Government to acquire the property in the first place.

The County Sheriff was always the supreme peacekeeping authority present at the Wildlife Refuge Stand-Off and the officer responsible for protecting the Bundys and enforcing their constitutional guarantees, but instead, Federal Agency personnel---- private corporate subcontractors working for the federal property managers-- were allowed to come in under color of law and assert authority and jurisdiction that they never possessed.

These federal "agents"---- private commercial subcontractors---- were allowed to entrap, ambush, and murder an innocent American rancher, mortally endanger his family, and falsely arrest and imprison all the others for all these months.

And Ammon Bundy stands fully vindicated. 

What do I think?  I think it is more than past time to prosecute the federal agencies and their personnel to the fullest extent of the organic and public law. 

It's time for the men involved in the LaVoy Finicum ambush to be arrested and charged with premeditated murder, conspiracy against The Constitution, and gross violation of Lavoy Finicum's most basic and constitutionally protected rights.

It's time for the mis-named DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, BLM, and FBI corporations, and the appointed politicos responsible for controlling and directing those men involved in spooling up the stand-off and allowing the ambush of LaVoy Finicum to be stripped of any claim of immunity and tried by an international war crimes tribunal for their part in these outrages against Americans who were exercising their right to peaceably assemble and to travel unmolested on the public roads they paid for.

It's time for the numbnutz County Sheriff to be charged with dereliction of duty, breach of trust, breach of contract and breach of oath, willful endangerment, aiding and abetting murder, conspiracy against The Constitution, and false arrest. 

Acting in my capacity as an Article X Judge I gave him more than fair Notice prior to all these events taking place and it is firmly established on the public record that I did.  There can be no excuse for his failure to know the jurisdictional issues because he was told point blank, not once, but twice. He knew, yet he buckled under the political pressure of federal influence and failed to enforce The Constitution and protect the people who were depending on him.

And because of that Sheriff's failure to exercise his authority and honor and enforce the Law of the Land, a good man, a true American, was ambushed and killed by foreign commercial mercenaries on his way to attend a public meeting.

It's time for that Sheriff to fry in his own oil for it.

It's time for "Governor" Brown to be summarily impeached for moral turpitude, gross incompetence, and conspiracy against The Constitution, to have all pretension of foreign or sovereign immunity stripped away, and to stand trial with the rats from the DOJ and BLM and FBI before an international war crimes tribunal.

It's time for the family of LaVoy Finicum to become multi-millionaires.

It's time for all the others to be set free and for serious compensation to be paid to them and their families for the time they have spent under false arrest and all they have been through and all that they have suffered and  risked simply to assert rights and prerogatives that were always theirs to begin with.

It's time for everyone in America to wake up and remember Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 911, LaVoy Finicum, and so much more----and to see these things in their proper light.

These things are not being done by our government. 

These things are being done by British Subjects and by other foreigners and by their hired-gun subcontractors----all in the employ of private, for-profit, mostly foreign bank-owned corporations in the business of providing government services. 

The DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, BLM, and FBI are all separate for-profit corporations which have functioned in this instance and in many others as crime syndicates and failed even the most basic tests of competency and good faith.  They have violated their charters and besmirched their names and this is not the first time.

I remember reading about Randy Weaver's wife and baby, just as I read about LaVoy Finicum and the siege at Waco and 911. 

And I thought then and I think now----these rotten, worthless, criminals are our employees. 

They are sticking their filthy paws in our pockets and drawing a paycheck for the "service" of preying upon us--- for racketeering, for falsely arresting, for mischaracterizing, for thieving, for violating our constitutional guarantees, for trespassing upon us and our property, and yes, even for murdering us----all in violation of their commercial contracts and in violation of the treaties allowing them to be here. 

They need a jack boot so far up their butts the steel toe sees daylight.
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Here is what you are looking for. An emergency motion has been filed to dismiss the Bundy case.


  1. This is the best news I've ever heard and it's about time. HALLELUJAH!!!

    1. What news? Ammon Bundy hasn't been vindicated. He's still on trial. And when the Oregon trial is over, he will be tried in Nevada.

    2. Violation of Oath is a cause of action very easy to do but remember they have a Constitutional trust indenture, NOT us as we are sons and daughters of God under natural Law, unalienable, substantive, perfected rights. The Constitution is for them BUT if you dont accept their contract and provide certified evidence in court, well you just may be SOL similar to the Bundys... Its their game, so you better learn to play it until you have bigger guns!!!

    3. otherwise everything you say is just a legal argument and/or heresay.

    4. Thank you Judge Anna for this Bundy is vindicated article. I just read the Motion to Dismiss due to Jurisdiction, and finally it looks like the turning point in this issue has arrived. Regarding prosecution of the Sheriff, DOJ, BLM, Governor, and FBI, etc. you took the words right out of my mouth! Definitely the govt owes the unjustly and unlawfully jailed patriots and their families millions in restitution. If only the main media will now speak the truth as you have!

  2. Does this mean that Bundy is free, or do they have other charges against him?

    1. I think they all still have the Bundy Ranch standoff to answer for. In the eyes of the feds that is, not mine.

    2. No. Ammon, Ryan, Shawna, etc. are still on trial. When the Oregon trial is over, Ammon and company will go on trial in Nevada.

  3. If you put it that way federal corporations operating under color of law muscled in and executed a national
    And incarnated the other protestors.

  4. Yeah, I remember Waco and Ruby Ridge, too. Murder. And FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who shot pregnant Mrs. Weaver in the head through the crack in the door as she stood behind the door. It was intentional. She was the primary target that day because the was considered the "spiritual backbone" of their family. Horiuchi had already shot their little son in the back when the boy ran to his dog, which was also shot by Horiuchi.

    Murderers, and Horiuchi was given a medal by the government. He was also at Waco, shooting women and children who were prevented from evacuating the fire, per order of Hillary Clinton. I curse these people. From the center of my soul, on my knees to the Lord God, I curse them.

    Luciferians run the United States.

    Jerry Davis

    1. Jerry, my email is It's time for intervention by those who have resolve. I saw your website. contact me if there's anyway to begin effective strategies at placing effective safe-guards against this crap.

    2. Good recall ATF.shot wife the son and the dog.

    3. Whoops- in the woods 1/2mile from the house-it was feds Cooper+Degan-(Degan was shot in return fire by Harris) that opened up on little Sammy Weaver with silenced fully auto 9mm's(after fed Roderick first shot and killed Sammy's dog Striker.223)and shooting the boy in the back killing him right there with their 9's.
      Later at the house- Horiuchi shot all three Randy, Kevin and Vicki killing her outright holding her baby while opening the door to help the two men escape being killed or shot again while they went outside to view Sammy's body one more time.
      Gerry Spence(Weaver's attorny)took the feds apart one piece at a time and won the day but top level fed parasites walked.
      Tho $4-million was paid out by the entrapping+murdering feds as they were proved to have lied from day one.

      Thot they were above truth justice and the American way = tried by 12...WE have never forgotten but have watched and waited to better understand exactly what is going on here in America with the federal gubmint. It was a wake up call.
      Nutty+naive as the Weaver's were(ZOG+Nazi's mindset) they were entrapped in a fed plot and were bothering no one- as American's minding their own business.
      It was all wrong from the start....
      Read- EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW - by Jess Walter

  5. I agree, but I don't know how to make it happen.

  6. Most office holders in this country are in treasonous rebellion. Perhaps it is time for the injured parties to start filing claims (liens) for damages against these criminals.

  7. They owe the feds nothing, the federal government has no Constitutional right to own any land other than D.C., ports and military bases. Prove otherwise.

  8. You, richard evey are sadly mistaken and grossly uninformed, we all have a word for this type of person, baaaaaaa. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for plausible or any other form of deniabilty. Quick, i think i heard your masters bell ring at the along now and graze in another're not amongst your kind.kindly know your facts, and get them straight or kindly move along. That is all.

  9. If it is true that there is power grabbing, possible conflict of interest-(selling uranium/plutonium to Russia, etc.) and corruption within our government we are already at the point where 'Stryker' the pig from Animal Farm says, "Some pigs are more equal than others.." I fear our freedom may already be too far gone.

  10. Jerry, you are so right! I had recognized Hildabeast in the Waco documentary as the order giver in the slaying of innocent women and children, Who want not to be a part of the Jurisdiction of the Matrix. They were guilty of being Americans! Who believed in God. War is coming.

  11. I would really love for this to be the case. However, Ms Von Reitz does not offer the document from the Ninth Circuit Court making this order. It appears to be based on case law.

    Or Shawna Cox's declaration from 25 August that the Ninth Circuit declared that the Oregon District court recognize jurisdiction. The Oregon court has already ignored that declaration.

    So it seems Ms Von Reitz is relying on case law, which the Oregon court can and will twist to suit itself.

    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz.

      No, new findings--- I garbled the case number because the message I received was verbal and distorted in transmission, but we will find it and shove it down the throats of the US District Courts. They have no jurisdiction related to any of the Defendants and they know it and are being called on it.

  12. Mr.Evey I am afraid that you have been mislead as all of us have been. You need to realize that you were also robbed of your inherited estate. You do need to realize the fed is a foreign business that has declared you as the enemy of their foreign STATE, and continue to rob you on a daily basis. That is if you are american as I assume you make that claim.

  13. Hillary is a Borg!
    With Earpiece, eyepiece,
    Hairpiece hoards,
    Clinton has controlling cords
    Harnessed to Top Secret Guards
    We might expect in Hospice Wards.

    We hear her coughin' ...often.
    Choking on the evidence.
    Should we Borg-Warn her?
    That her Back implants
    Don't enhance
    That email dance
    With Interviews un-sworn.
    Extraordinary Renditions,
    Insider Editions,
    And is-is Definitions.

    "Resistance IS-IS Futile", Fool!
    You just became an ISIS tool.
    Check her Foundation
    Garments... for Wiki-leaks!
    And Arab shieks!

    Nature abhors her vacuum...

    Princely Rumors
    of Bahrain Tumors.
    Recall Homely,
    Agent Comey.
    "Home James!" Mystery:
    What country is your history?
    Get outa Dodge (DOJ)
    Resign... It's time.
    No lie, Nikolai.
    Russian hackers
    Back her.

    Retract. Bring back
    Retire. Aspire!

    Close the watered email gate...
    Behind you.
    Say... ten!
    Minutes. Go!
    Don't say I didn't tell ya so!
    (C) GregMN - 11SEP2016

  14. Ignorance is bliss Richard Evey, and you pardner, are obviously ate up with it!

  15. There are two things i dont understand. One, why isnt Hillary Clinton, who occupies the third highest position in the UNITED STATES allowed on any server in the US. Who are these 5 people in the entire US THAT have higher clearance then all 3 of the highest positions in the world...who the hell is running the UMITED STATES. Who are these 5 people that are the only ones allowed on those servers.. The US Military..???? And second, Did i miss something in this article about the Bundys. How were they "vindicated". Are they out of jail. Were the charges dropped?? It doesnt appear so.

    1. It's just more BS. No one has been "vindicated".

  16. Amen and Amen!!! I like your kind of Justice!!!! We do need to wake up!!
    We have been and are being invaded by foreign entities including but not limited to Muslim influence, United Nations!!

  17. Here is what you are looking for. An emergency motion has been filed to dismiss the Bundy case.

  18. Paul Yoder, the Property Clause and years of case law prove otherwise.

  19. Exactly, case law, not organic law. It's a matter of jurisdiction, and the feds don't have it. You must be a BAR card attorney. In any case I don't think you understand what is presented by Anna Von Reitz at all. In fact I doubt you have read much of her writings. There is a lot more out there besides "case law". In fact unconstitutional case law bad decisions by corporate tribunals masquerading as courts ARE THE PROBLEM not the solution.

  20. That doesn't make the "judge" right. Jurisdiction is still THE issue, and unless the Bundy lawyers pursue the feds lack of jurisdiction they will lose. There is no jurisdiction."

    1. The jurisdiction issue has been addressed. There are no questions that have not been answered. Anyone who claims that this is still an issue and that there are 'serious questions' is peddling pseudo-legal nonsense.

    2. Where is it addressed? There is no proper court to address it. There is only a corporate tribunal with a huge conflict of interest.

  21. WOW- this really made my day and Anna could not have stated everything she succinctly stated here better= great stuff. The parasites will finally get the Ivermectin they deserve to flush them from the true American body of "WE the People".

  22. Thank you Paul for a superb needed answer for those in the dark as policy shills.
    "My people perish for a lack of knowledge"

  23. A warning. If you express ANY other opinion on this site you will be attacked voraciously and called a troll, shill, sheep, or any other word they can come up with to try and bully you into submission lol. It's a strange bunch!

  24. Vindicated means vindicated.

    So we can look forward to these men returning to their families no later than tonight!



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