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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Expatriation Ad Project for Anna Von Reitz

This Expatriation Ad Project is working.

We have gone from 2 or 3 new subscribers each day average, to 20 or more new subscribers per day, with over 6000 people asking for the announcements of Anna's new articles. The newest ads are really fueling the subscriptions, and Anna's articles are getting better every time she writes. Here is an example of one of the latest new ads.

Of course we need hundreds of new people coming in to this system every day to really effect the change we want for freedom.
This is the beginning of what it will take to get enough participation to make a real difference at the grass roots level and drive justice over corruption in our country.
Please spread this as far and wide as you can.  The idea is valid, and people are seeing it's value and volunteering to spread the concept.  The banners we are using are just the beginning. Check out the page below and ask me how to help.
Thank you for your effort for freedom.
Paul Stramer

From the desk of Paul Stramer

I have spent considerable time over the last few months putting together an advertising campaign to introduce thousands of people to
Anna's work.
I am calling this the Expatriation Ad Project, and you can see what we have in mind at this link:
Up until now I have not used much paid advertising. Yes I have an automated email system at A Weber that costs about $800 per year.
And I have some costs associated with hosting, and building and maintaning the two websites.
But I have not used any of the major search engines' paid ad systems.
Please take a look at the link, and tell me if you think you could support such an effort.

We need a lot more participation than we have, even though the mailing list is well over 6000 people now who get these emails.
We need a hundred thousand just for openers, then millions to create overwhelming power against the enemies of freedom.

If you can see the value please tell me, or tell me what to change.
If you know how to place banners on your website please do so. Each ad has it's own landing page, so be sure when you place the ad it's connected to the right landing page. All that information is available with a right click on the ad.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ (ham callsign)  WQVW245  (GMRS callsign)
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839
montanablog dot us


  1. Paul, I appreciate all you are doing to promote education and activism for freedom. I would like to help and maybe put the banner on my websites on blogger. Here in Louisiana I am finding a few who have had enough of the BS, and are getting involved, but unless I reachout on the the internet, I feel like I am not reaching anyone because there are so few who have a clue as to what is really going on here in Louisiana. I have not opened up the backdoor on my websites for years, so you may have to point me in the right direction as to put the banners on my site.

  2. You should call me when you are ready to work on this project and I will walk you through it on blogger.

    Send me a personal email at and I will respond with my phone number.

  3. Paul,
    After extensive research over the last 30 years, and a steady cramming session of law, a thing I have found, a person = a legal entity in the US corp law system. Do not claim the name. Especially when in court. Always deny. Proclaim you are a man under the jurisdiction of each Constitutional States original jurisdiction. In California (1849), because only men are recognized as being free and independant. Lastly, and I am still researching this, the birth certificate, otherwise known as the Cestui Que Vie [situs trust] is a slave contract for the Jesuits in sheep clothing. Be they of ANY religion! Thus far I am of the opinion that to be completely free, I have to file a death certificate for the legal entity name! Seems to be the only escape. I understand thats a hard pill to swallow, but then the devil is in the details and it isn't going to be easy for us to come out of her, that whor of Babylon! If anyone can prove me wrong, or has alternative ideas that check out, please present your information!

    1. I cant edit the previous. I meant on California State. Not in.

    2. From Anna:

      If you were paying attention to all that had already been discussed here you would know that we already know what is going on-- but beg to differ. You have to claim back your Trade Nane and re-convey it to the land and soil of the organic state OR YOU HAVE NO COUNTRY and can be attacked on that basis. Remember the Queen gratuitously calling us "disregarded" and "stateless" entities???

      You have to go home and take your Trade Nane with you and if you are called into one of their COURTS you need to identify the Name as a peaceful American vessel engaged in international trade.

      They are then obligated to act in your best interest and can be jailed and fined if they do not.

      On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 6:54 AM Paul Stramer at wrote:

      Anna has written about all this a lot.

      Here is the immediate information you should look at on her website first.

      639. The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

    3. Thank You, Anna. This post is extremely helpful. Its so hard to recall which article was about what. Will proceed w the list. You're addressing some of our very questions we were discussing today.
      You're perceptions are keen to have put this list together.

    4. OMG, you people are incredible... incredibly gullible. I hope there is enough jail space for all of you lemmings following Fake Judge Anna, as you will certainly be filing it up. But the good part is it will get you out of the patriot movement, and not making us look like the crackpots YOU are.

    5. I'd bet $1,000 you don't even know we're no longer a Republic since our bankruptcy in 1933. You need to do some extensive research. Try Vatican Assassins - that should keep you busy for awhile. Or you could read Anna's anthology and learn the truth there, too.

    6. klysron525 Actually apparently you are just too stupid to understand this knowledge. You are a slave and your "patriot movement" is nothing but a slaves movement lol whereas our movement is free men and women with all constitutional rights reserve. Stay in your lane shudra and cry to the bankers when they come to take all you property about how patriotic you are clown or hell shoot it out with them like Waco or ruby ridge if you prefer your choice I mean when you don't have brains all you have to fall back on is violence I guess

  4. I will donate soon. It's my 1st day back to work due to a injury and my finances are unstable. My heart is with this movement and I'm very excited about Anna's work and your work as well, Paul. Thanks again y'all for all the love.

  5. I am spreading the link to your splash page on Skype and Facebook and Twitter and just people that I talk to. What these evil people have done need to go to jail, at least the ones that are still alive. What this crooked government has done is a sin and its every government in the world except for about three but they have there own problems. So I ask everyone to help spread the word. We will get millions and that will set us all free.

  6. Thanks for your efforts Anna and Paul; what we are doing on a small scale in Africa is doing basic workshops on what law is and what rights are; we do not have the internet literacy and mass usage and wifi as the US does; this could also greatly assist American jural assemblies as many are still confused especially when it comes to jurisdiction; thank you; brother-thomas

  7. Concerning the ads... the only one that I think would not brand you as a nutcase (in the eyes of those you are trying to reach) would be the one about American nationals vs US citizens...all that straw man stuff will cause newbies' eyes to glaze over...advertising is for spurring interest, not passing on intricate details.

    1. With all due love and respect to Anna and Paul I agree with you Unknown.

      Some of these banners will loose a significant number of people immediately.

      Keep it short and simple. For Example: "Got Milk" Or "Where's The Beef" remember those?

      Here's a possibility:

      "A US Citizen = A Person =
      A SLAVE


      A National State Citizen
      = An American"


      From here I would suggest links to definitions of "Person" as corporate entities then links to any state penal code and federal statue showing their verbage always begins with "Any Person..."

      Then link to definitions of US Citizen and then to American National/State Citizen.

      It is along the way here that encouragement and further explanation of definitions are provided if needed and or chosen.

      Those who are lost here - you never had or they never had a fighting chance and we must do everything in our God given power to help our brothers and sisters who want out - to get out - but need help 💔

      Be well.

  8. Past articles; some good, some not so good. You can't build a core of people of/by belittling them. If, taking time, you will find another way to get across the same message, without stepping on their toes, and when you're done, they'll feel good about your impute.

    There has been a tremendous amount of information shared with us, over the past many-months, but if it is not understood by the multitudes of people who are hurting (in need), if they cannot understand how to implement the process/procedure, then what good is it. If you truly want to help people, and I believe that you do, then, you must lead, from the front, and at times you must push from behind. Think of it as, when you've run out of gas (your car) and you only need to push the car 50 yards to the gas-station, the hardest part is to get the car started rolling, and the rest of the way is just leaning on it. One the car is full of gas, it's on its own, so to speak.

    Positive reassurance. Some people don't catch on as quickly as others, so, do you want to help/work-with, only those who catch-on-quickly?

    I have been in the study for the "perfect-application-of-the-law" for the past 44 years, and I have worked with multitudes of people who are lost in the system, i.e. they don't have a clue of what's happening to them, and of course, they don't know what or how to get out of their hell. I view this "mission" that Anna's on as being the same. This is combat, much like when I was in the U.S.M.C., you can't go into an operation without knowing/understanding who the enemy is and how you're going to handle your end of the operation.

    I have access to a large number of people who don't understand what Anna is talking about. They like the "idea" but they don't understand how they are going to implement. They have many questions, that I can't answer, and they won't move, on it, until they get the answers.

    Do you want the people to "buy" on emotion, or on understanding.

    Most "sales" are made on emotion, (anyone in sales, knows that) to better explain, "who did you get married?"

  9. yes i dont understand whats going on/ why must one have a deathe certificate filled out when u living something dont sound right

  10. Why not advertise something as simple as "Americans, pay less tax, simply by filling in a little known form." Or something on those lines.

  11. We (my mom and I) are incredibly interested in doing this. However, I am not to knowledgeable when it comes to the law., and she was a federal employee (now retired) who gets her pension from the federal government. She has questions. I have questions. I want to get started, I just really want to spit fire off my questions to some one and get some better understanding first.

  12. Yes. I am also interested but I am having problems with my mortgage. I was on a forbearance for over a year due to COVID. I am self employed and haven’t paid into their system since 1998. I can’t refi bc they want all the showing proof of income which I cannot show. I have over 150,000 in equity now since I purchased the home in 2004. They want all the money now 25,000.00 or I have to sell it or short sale it. I’m stuck. How can I keep my home. I made my 3 payments but they are declining Nov and December payment due to me going through Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae declined their offer bc. Now they are saying I’m
    Not occupying the residency . How did they come to that conclusion . This sucks!! Now I have to hire an attorney to stop this in its place. They want my equity & my home.