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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hello? Earth? This is Anna....... Houston? We've Got a Problem Here....

by Anna Von Reitz

In answer to the question ---- why is the signature line on my "personal" check actually a line of micro-print endlessly repeating "authorizing signature"?   Why is this hidden?  Why is this necessary?

I am supposing it's the truth, biting everyone in the butt-----again.

I told everyone to look at what appears to be a signature line on what appears to be their "personal checking account" checks under high magnification.

I told them that instead of it being a line, it is a line of microprint, endlessly repeating "authorizing signature" or words to that effect.

I told them that they are not the actual beneficiaries of that checking account that they believe to be their own----but instead, are only presumed to have signature authority over the funds deposited----like an account manager. 

I told them that every penny they deposit in any such bank account is "deemed to be" a "donation"---- a 100% donation--- to the entity named as the actual beneficiary, which merely appears to be them, because it is expressed as their NAME in all capital letters, like this:  MARTIN ROBERT SCHROEDER.  

I have told them that instead of "MARTIN ROBERT SCHROEDER" representing good old Martin, down on the farm, it represents an ACCOUNT---- merely a ledger maintained under that name by the bank.

In fact, the account belongs to the bank.  And the bank, being an incorporated entity, belongs to the government that chartered it.  And the government being an incorporated entity owes its existence to the Holy See, which also chartered it. 

This is how the government has endeavored to "interpret" your earnings as a living man or woman as "corporate income".  This is how the government has been able to breach your privacy and track every penny going into your account. 

It's not really your account.  It's their account.  Or should I say, MARTIN ROBERT SCHROEDER belongs to them---- literally. 

Just like all the money you donate to HIS account, you "donated" him, too---- or rather, your Mother unwittingly donated him.  She wasn't told what she was doing, but did it nonetheless.  She signed away her parental rights at the hospital and made her baby a "ward of the state".   He had a chance to correct that when he was eighteen, but he wasn't told about that opportunity, either. 

So, he just remained a helpless little ward of the state his whole life. 

You, the living man, don't have an identity in their system.  You are just a nameless, faceless worker bee.  Your entire function is to make honey for them. 

I told you all last week about my experience going into the court to do the name change.   I told you that nobody asked a word about who I was.  At no time in the entire process did anyone ask to see any identification at all.  It was blatantly apparent that if I wanted to call myself "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" I could do so and nobody would care. 

Until you go to court and adopt a name, you don't have one.  Your Mother gave yours away to them by mistake. 

You've just been allowed to use your own name all these years.  It doesn't actually belong to you. 

And this is how the "government"---- which is just a privately owned corporation like Walmart--- contrives to control everything you do, lays hold to everything you own, and maintains an iron fist over your head from cradle to grave.  You are a "Missing Person". 

Literally.  You disappeared from the Public Record when you were a few days old and so, you are literally "presumed dead, lost at sea" and all your property is "presumed" to belong to the government corporation----which belongs to the Holy See.

It's the same bogus bull crap with everything else.  We haven't had an actual "Treasury" in this country since 1924.  We haven't had a "Secretary of the Treasury"--- except euphemistically, either.  Instead, the man in that private corporate office has been the servant and chief "Governor" sitting on the Board of the International Monetary Fund.  That's his actual job.  It has nothing to do with America per se. 

There is no "United States Treasury", no "Treasury of the United States", no "Department of the United States Treasury"------none of that.  Those are just names for subcontracting bill collection agencies, tasked to collect rents and fees and taxes from you under false pretenses.  There are no functioning public offices operating under those names.  These are just privately owned and operated entities functioning under old trademarks they bought-----mostly from Bill Clinton, who sold the trade and service marks of old government agencies the same way that a brand name like "Twinkies" might be acquired by a creditor in bankruptcy or as a result of a corporate merger----and used to spin off a new product merely using the "Twinkies" name.

That's what happened with Wells Fargo Bank.   It no longer exists.  It's just a familiar trade name.  What you've really got there is a Chinese-owned securities firm operating under the trade name "Wells Fargo Bank" when it's not even a bank----just a clearing house with bank functions.

So all these years you have been a missing person-worker bee and the IMF has claimed to own everything---- your name, your bank account, your public treasury.  They have claimed it as "abandoned property" just as they have declared you "civilly dead" they have "presumed" that your states of the Union are "dead" too. 

First they practiced identity theft against you, and then they practiced credit fraud against you.  They claimed to "represent" you and they took out loans benefiting themselves and charged your credit to the limit and beyond.  Now they are in bankruptcy liquidation and they have named YOU and YOUR ASSETS as chattel property backing their debts--- fair game for their creditors to attack and make claims against.

You have one final shot at getting this right and making it stick.  You have to besiege the courts and the Holy See with your complaints. 

And you have to take whatever rational steps you can to reclaim your name and estate. 

Otherwise, these bastards are going to pretend that everything has been "abandoned" and is free to take.

May I suggest that it is well beyond the time for you to "contact" the "members of Congress" and the Vatican and the Pope and the Heads of State running other corporations in other countries and tell them that you know what is going on and you aren't putting up with it.  Whatever paper games they've played, somebody needs to hit the "Reset" button and leave you and your private and public property out of it. 

There is going to be a worldwide Revolution---- not just in America.  It will visit every country including Britain where this filthy "management system" has been employed against the living people. 

The Holy See which owns all these government corporations is on the Hot Seat for it---- literally accused of being the Great Whore of Babylon because of it.  The priests down to the local level are on the Hot Seat.  The politicians are, too.  The lawyers and bankers who implemented this fraud while enjoying so much respect and trust are in it up to their necks.  The police?  Where have they been?  Asleep?   And all the many, many "law enforcement" agencies you have paid good money to protect you from con men and securities fraud?  Snoring, too? 

What about the bankruptcy courts that have allowed this crap to go on?  The "US Trustees"?


Hello?  Anna to Earth?   Houston, we've got a problem.... Hello?  Hello? .....

Why wait for the Bank Run?  Just go down today and empty YOUR accounts, sink whatever cash you have into durable goods---- coffee, toilet paper, extra cat food.  Do the shopping now and beat the rush. 

Those in charge of liquidating the "UNITED STATES" are also in charge of liquidating the "STATE OF WHATEVER" and "YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS" as well. 

Maybe it is time you jerked away and said---- WTF???   I'm the Priority Creditor of "MARTIN ROBERT SCHROEDER"!!!   And "MARTIN R. SCHRODER", too! 
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  1. Yes Anna, we are the priority creditors. Many of us have even filed UCC liens against the ACCOUNT, yet when we go to court as plaintiff they still ignore us and continue their theft right out in the open. It is the "Just-Us" system out to fleece all of the sheep. You are right on when you tell us to remove the funds from their repositories. Time is about up.

  2. I'm with James, that's exactly what happened to us....had to go to court, filed all the papers for a living man (was for my other half) and filed more papers....just all to be ignored and the $$$ pulled out anyways with a garnishment court order.

  3. Please, let me know. Is there any country in the world that is out of this crap? Thank you.

    1. I subscride to a site called "international living postcard" which constantly updates me on the advantages of living abroad in a different country....its mostly central america. There is always updates on personal expeeiances by "EXPATS" as they are called (americans that have permanently taken up residence there because it just got to expensive to live here). You can usually live for half the price than the US even on the beach. But to answer your question, Panama, seems to have no policy on sharing your information to the US, especially when it comes to your bank accounts or finances...appearanty they want us there that bad. But there are good things to say about most of central america. And they do accept US dollars. And even though the language is usually spanish, most of them speak english and their are so many americans living there that language is the least of your problems. The US dollar is a universal

  4. One of the biggest problems we have in this country is that none of us are "united" and after 100+ years of fraud and the peoples complete intentional insistantance on staying informed ,except when it comes to their favorite football team, we are doomed to stay this way. United states. Give me a break. Thats another fraudulent misrepresentation of this country. The only ones "united" is them. Most people in this country dont even know their nextdoor neighbor let alone standing together in a united front against corruption. I can only think of ONE country that truely deserves the word "UNITED", meaning the people themselves, and proved it with "action" in 2008, but received absoluty no media attention. God forbid if any other country witnessed the power of the people when they do stand UNITED...Have you figured out the country yet.....ICELAND. The president of that counytry finally agreed, despite the peoples resentment of them, about 10 years before the morgage meltdown of 2008, to let them into the country. This is a country whos entire means of support and economy , before the banks came in, was based on the fishing industry almost entirely. And they always did well. They werent driving BMW,'s and Mercedes, but they didnt care. They had everything they needed(not wanted) to be happy. Until the BIG BANKS were allowed in and almost immediately starting corrupting their way of life and creating greed by causing inflation in the real estate industry. All of a sudden people realized they could buy a house for $100,000 and sell it next year for twice. Even they admit, it didnt make sense to them, but that is how easily greed corrupts a normally good people. The difference is they knew it. All it took for the entire country to recogonize it was the bank failures and subsequent mass "foreclosures" in 2008 of everyones home. That country isnt sunny southern california....Its COLD. Living on the street was not an option. Once the people realized they were defrauded , and found out the banks really meant to foreclose, they wasted no time uniting "in force" against all public official offices that betrayed them, and starting destroying all public buildings with anything they could find, mostly rocks. They didnt waste time on hall meetings or going through normal legal channels which takes up presious time and accomplishes nothing. They hit them hard and fast with no time for them to react....VERY SMART. IT WORKED. The people demanded that those trusted officials(???) immediately arrest the Bankers and they did. At least 25 of them. The others barely made it out of the country. Everyone kept their home and the banks learned a good leason... Dont fu!k with small countries. We arent the U.S. What did this country sports until the sherriff came to kick them iut of their homes..

  5. In the above comment, i meant to say... the peoples complete intentional insistance on staying...UNIFORMED( not informed). And with the internet a touch away, there is absoluty no excuse. Even senator Elisebeth Warren told people to stay in their homes. What happened to her. Hillary actually wanted her to run and back her. And she did. They sure turned her around. You just cant be honest for long in their system. Very sad how these people would rather turn to the dark side rather than give up their career...SAD.

    1. Anna`s intelligence, thinking, understanding the subject in depth is BRILLIANT. I can not wait the next day to see what else she discovered and figured out. In addition to her BRILLIANT observation and articles, you might find this writing and explanation of how dark sites/evil attack, interesting:
      Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life (ifyour internet provider block this site, T-Mobile does, download Tor Browser)

  6. Instead of going into their court with a notarized document (I have no state I.D. and can't use a notary) and petitioning for a name change, it's just as effective to publish a notice to the world exposing the fraud with the names, etc. and putting it on a site like giving world wide notice. Much cheaper too. You even get an affidavit of your notice as well.


    1. This should work, and maybe file a copy as a public notice in the local county recorder's office taking care that the "return to" address has the state spelled out (Arizona, California, etc.) with no zip code.

  7. This is all good to know, but please give us the place to find evidence of what you say. A checking account in the NAME actually belongs to the bank? I'll go in and contest this, but need more than Anna says. I know about the line being words all all, but I didn't know I wasn't using my own funds, and that it was theirs. What a scam and I want to do my part in ending, and need help on how to do it...something tangible I can take in there.


    1. Well all I can say is this. When my wife and I went to the ANZ Bank in Manurewa, New Zealand, I read the master terms and conditions in regards to opening a very standard savings account. It stated more or less that you agree to pay all government and local government levies taxes etc... With this in mind I asked the young Indian lady helping us "Tell me, who OWNS the account" she said "we do". TRUE STORY. So make of that as you wish. Remember the first page of the banking code: "You" or "Your" is the customer. "We", "us" or "our" is your Bank.
      Our person I believe is a registered Bank.

    2. Oh by the way, when I said to her "what would happen if we were to cross those sections out regarding paying fees to the government" she said "we won't open the account"

    3. Come on margy. The use of federal reserves notes, military scrip, they own so all the good little prisoners of war give them jurisdiction even from that. Benefits,opportunities and priviledges we own NOTHING

  8. I am worried about those who may want to come out "her" so as not to receive or "her" plagues. I am with the Father when it comes to the "long-suffering" part. I have just discovered your information. We do want out. We need help in finding the way. Expeditiously please. We arent all Ignorant. Or choose to be. Many of us love the truth, were just waiting for the latter day rain. Is this it? Are you the ensample spoken of by the apostle paul of Zerubabel spoken of in Ezra and Nehemiah.? I don't know much. I just want out of Bablyon. or sodom and Gomorrah if you prefer.

  9. How about this as a solution...."A Declaration of your own Independence" declaring all the abuses of the original declaration plus new ones we now know about, including how they stole our "identies" using "personage and "barratry"using the law of the sea against us, plus other crimes of deceite and fraud against us, and publish it either in newsprint for 3 weeks or like the guy above said on a site like legal if that qualifies as "Notice") which pretty much gives everyone notice of our true/newly declared status and giving everyone a chance to contest it publically and why. But if no one contest it, it should act like any other uncontested public notice, and become a legally established fact. I saw, and i think i still have a copy of this declaration, from years ago, but i never used it because it could easily be interpreted by our corp military controlled STATE as an open Declaration of "WAR" against them if we try using it...because it makes it perferectly clear this is a "divorace" from the "FORUM STATE" or "STATE OF THE FORUM" where contracts are formed. The original Declaration sent to England started the Revolutionary War. We never really know what they will do. They might just declare us "terrorist". Everytime we try something , we take a chance because we are never "united" together like them. I cant even find one person to come with me to court as just a witness. And from what i hear from people fighting criminal charges from patriots like us, they wont allow anyone to even enter a courtroom with them anymore unless its their attorney. Thats how bad it is getting. They want us all alone, with no witnesses. And scared. Of course this is california. But considering everything else we have tried , its about the only thing we are going to be left with to do. But the only way im doing it is if everyone does it with me. Im not doing anything alone this time. Id rather be a slave. Who is willing to do this with me if i draft up "The Declaration of our Independance". I want everyones name on it to let them know we are "united" in this effort. If you charge one of us, you charge all of us. Our insperation should come from the small country of ICELAND who not only the only country to arrest and charge the bankers in 2008 but not one home was foreclosed on. Thats the power of numbers. Ill look for that Declaration in the meantime. Its either one for all, and all for one, or lets just admit they won. And get on with life as much as possible.

  10. Well that makes one...boy, are we ever "united". You wonder why we are in this position.


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