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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Question and Answer -- June 19, 2016 -- The Only Living Law Firm in the United States

by Anna Von Reitz

1. I just deleted 43,000 emails.  I have also been inundated with calls.  Please, unless you have something that applies to the Big Picture, leave me alone and let me work. I am up to my ears in vexatious international claims and banking issues trying to recoup and deploy American assets.  I do not have time to sneeze, and I cannot get involved in individual law suits.    

2. I have 390 million Americans who are in deep Kim Chee, all of them wanting answers and remedies for everything from tax issues to unlawful arrests to foreclosures to correcting their political status.  If there were any simple 1,2,3  and One-Size-Fits-All answers we would have published the recipe already.  It's not that we are stupid and just need someone to suggest it, okay?  

So far the kind of solutions that average people can easily apply by themselves have been few and far between.  

You can all expatriate. 
You can all demand proof that you and your parents and grandparents ever knowingly and willfully accepted "United States" citizenship of any kind and that you complied with the Naturalization Act.  You can collect your records--- Birth Certificates and geneology.  You can get the Birth Certificates authenticated for use in a Non-Hague convention country such as Taiwan and Indonesia.  You can collect witnessed Affidavits from friends and family who have known you for a period of years who can attest that you were born in such and such place to such and such parents.  You can know for sure that being a "citizen" makes you a subject of the government, while being an American State National--- a Virginian, Ohioan, etc., makes you the master of the government.  

3. We have done successful probate actions to clear estates and reclaim property, but every state is different and has different procedures and rules and the process is not simple, so that it requires attorneys and the only attorneys who can do this work are non-Bar attorneys, who are in very, VERY short supply.  Paralegals can be trained to help people do this process, but that requires staff time and resources, too. 

4.  We have researched the MERS and other fraud systems and patent and trademark ruses being used by the banks to create secondary "loans on top of loans" associated with every mortgage in America---- obtained under conditions of deceit and fraud and used to foreclose on homes and businesses.  This is major league international fraud that needs to be addressed via class action law suits in Admiralty using Article X powers of the states of America against the federal corporations responsible.  This requires expertise at a high level and money to support the researchers and lawyers and paralegals. 

5. We have done highly successful habeas corpus actions and released people from federal prisons, but again, every case is unique and it has to be pursued one-by-one----and though much of the work can be done by family members, it has to be directed by someone who knows how to do this---- a paralegal, for example, who can assist.  Those people have to be trained and they have to be paid. 

6. Time and time again, I hear the whine--- "But what do I get out of it?"  Does it make sense to everyone that you are not existing on a desert island and that what happens to the mass of people happens to you, too?

If hundreds of millions of Americans and Canadians and Brits and Aussies and Europeans are picked clean and defrauded by these banks, you think that doesn't affect you and your business?  What does it mean to you to learn that "your mortgage" has already been paid off? Was in fact paid off at the closing table?  And that there was never any loan involved?   What does it mean to know that you have a false title on your property, so that you will never actually own it, even after you are done paying off that mortgage?  What does it mean to know that these banks are using your signature to counterfeit credit "in your name" without your knowledge or permission?  What does it mean that they are exercising trademarks and patents as a means to commit vast, wide-ranging fraud against you and your country?   Think that you and yours won't be affected by that, so that I need to explain more about why you should support the work of those lawyers that ARE throwing away their rice bowls to defend the people of this country? 

7.  How about the millions of Americans being used for slave labor in the Prisons for Profit scheme?  How much do you think their labor is worth?  And how much do you think you are paying to keep those people incarcerated?  Millions of Americans are in jail who have committed no crime according to the Public Law, and yet, they are being mischaracterized and living in the federal gulag system for no reason and you are paying up the wazoo for this "service"?  Hello?  What do you get out of seeing your brothers and sisters home and with their families and working in the private sector?  What do you get out of not having to pay these goons to keep people under unlawful arrest?  How does it benefit you and yours to see this ugly, criminal fraud scheme put down for good, so that it is no longer around to be a threat to you and yours? 

8. How about the billions upon billions of dollars collected every year from Americans as "federal income tax"---- when in fact, the vast majority of you don't owe any such tax at all? 
How would it benefit you and your family to tell the IRS to go blow?  And no longer have to lay in bed at night in fear and terror of these godless bill collectors intent on extorting the value of your labor from you? 

9. How would it feel to take back America from the Big Box Stores and restore mainstreet?  How would it feel to force Monsanto to act responsibly?  End chem-trails?  End forced vaccinations?  End "government" encroachment on your life and property?  

10. In the UN and at the World Court, the rat scumbags responsible for all the miseries enumerated above are trying to say that you no longer exist, that you agreed to all this, that you are all nicely corralled and ready for "slaughter" and that the Republic no longer lives.  They say that you are all good liitle "United States Citizens" and that you no longer run your own government and have no "Natural and Unalienable Rights"----- according to the treasonous vermin inhabiting the Beltway, you are just human "chattel" backing their debts, subject to their whims, "voluntarily" submitting yourself to be a "United States Citizen" and "voluntarily" using their funky I.O.U.'s in place of money, "voluntarily" putting up with all this fraud and extortion and crime against you and your property.  

What is it worth to you to effectively tell the UN and the World Court that all that simply isn't true and never was true and is all a bunch of self-interested hokum being promoted by agents of the British and French Governments and their banks, operating under conditions of deceit and fraud and breach of trust?   That you are very much alive and owed a LOT of consideration from all those who are otherwise pretending to be your creditors, but who are in fact your debtors?

What's in for you?  Your freedom or your enslavement.  You choose.  Does the government serve you, or do you serve it?  You choose.  

I have assembled the best team anyone could ask for and everyone on that team is working hard to bring forth the badly needed answers and remedies to address these issues and more, but if you want a better world--- it's up to you to get on your hind legs and push for it now.  

But HOW?  

Support the team.  Get behind The Law Firm ---the only law firm on this planet that really, truly has your back and is pushing for broad spectrum remedy for you and yours.  

The PayPal account for this is:

(Note from the editor:  Use the above email address from inside your own PayPal account by clicking on tools at the top, and in the drop down menu click on Send Money.  Then enter the amount you want to send, and enter the above email address. You can also write a short note if you like stating what it is to be used for. If you don't send a note your donation will be used for the People's Law Firm effort.  This goes directly to Anna.)

The thanks you get is in the form of:  (1) first notification as the remedies and class actions come down the pike; (2) generally increasing access to non-Bar attorney lawyers and American Common Law; (3) assistance reorganizing your government on the land so it is no longer confused with corporate "service" organizations; (4) representation internationally, so that the rats can no longer pretend to "speak for" you and sell you down the river at the same time.  

And lest anyone be confused--- this is very TEMPORARY need.  We are well on our way to not only being self-supporting, but also being able to fund many actions without donations. This is a one-time-only plea for seed money help to get the pump primed. 

Also, if you would like to give and get at the same time, you can always support the effort by buying copies of "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and distributing it to friends, family, and bureaucrats.  This helps educate people about the problem and generates funding that is reapplied to the work before us. 
See this article and over 200 others on Anna's website
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.   


  1. Hi Paul, is that Anna's correct email for paypal, can't get it to go through...thank you!

    1. I didn't get through at first also with the link mentioned above and then I went to my paypal acct. and put her website name on it and it went through, thank you Pam

    2. I will try that Sally, thank you! :)

    3. I think it should be


    4. The address is correct

      Log in to your PayPal account and under tools, in the drop down menu click on Send Money and put that address in the box, and enter the amount you want to send.

    5. Thank you, Paul! I finally got it to work! Hopefully it was just being overloaded with people donating and we just had to take! ;)

  2. Everything going on in this country legally is working against the people that live here. Come on people there is only one way to address this problem and it involves and begins with educating yourselves and others as to what went wrong and why, and like Anna says it's all in her easy to read book " You Know Something Is Wrong When...Do you understand that we no longer have our Natural and Unalienable Rights"----- our God given natural right to thrive. We have and our parents have and their parents and our children have suffered beyond comprehension because of these diseased parasites sucking the life force out of all of us and making people suffer hardships they should have never experienced all because of their greed....This is why we have to change the game and unite in truth and justice for all. It will not be easy but nothing is when you are fighting evil and inhumanity. This world is not normal, the air the food the water everything we need to survive is compromised because of these evil parasites. And saving your family and friends here and now and ones to come, we owe them that, That's what we will "get out of it"

  3. Get behind this living law firm DO IT TODAY. These are our new founding fathers, they deserve the same respect.

  4. Thanks Anna!
    Thanks Paul!
    Pleased to say I made a dono. More to come ASAP!

  5. Would love nothing more than to be able to make a monetary contribution but am having to keep myself deliberately in poverty to cover the costs of defending myself from a criminal conviction for redressing grievances with a local judge. I do have time and knowledge to contribute to the greater cause. Please call on those of us in a similar position. The weight of this can be spread across many shoulders.

  6. So why doesn't someone who knows about programming set up a Facebook type community site where people can answer each other's questions, and interact with one another? There has to be some semblance here or this whole thing is never going work. It's too scattered, and apparently this woman is getting annoyed and it's becoming a bit overwhelming for her. If there were people who were already knowledgeable regarding these things, and they could monitor the site...then this woman wouldn't have to feel so burdened. You put this out there Mrs. Von Reitz. You started the fire so you can't really bitch and moan if people are seeking your assistance. Like I said... If there were a way to contain all this. Say...starting a community app where members could answer each other's questions, and if there were a feed that would automatically load Mrs. Von Reitz's new articles this would keep everything contained. Plus...more people could be reached and informed on a grander scale and faster. It would be seamless...

    1. Facebook would probably sensor or call it hate speech, paul has it set up on a secure server where anna can say what she wants.

    2. Satan has NO APARATUS TO REPRODUCE!!! This is a false doctrine!

      Mar 12:25 For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.

      We shall be as angel not giving in marriage and REPRODUCING.

      If you want the Kingdom of God, YHWH on the earth you are gonna have to get rid of the doctrine of lucifer

      Let him who has ears to ears year.


    3. This is an excellent suggestion. I don't use facebook but there are alternatives. I am willing to participate to try to help others but I think we will have to have some general catagories such as foreclosure, infractions, minor criminal and major criminal cases. Here's where the discussion to get this going happens. I can be contacted separately at berrybestfarm at yahoo dot com

  7. God created man in his Image and he made woman from man. God is not a female. catholics are not christians they worship the queen of heaven the virgin mary was only to be honored not worshiped. Remember mary and jesus brother came to speak to him and he said anyone that does the will of my Father in heaven are my mothers and brothers ,denouncing mary.

  8. How do we expatriate? How do we demand proof that we and our parents and grandparents ever knowingly and willfully accepted "United States" citizenship of any kind and that we complied with the Naturalization Act? How do we get our original Birth Certificates? So that we can get the Birth Certificates authenticated for use in a Non-Hague convention country such as Taiwan and Indonesia? How would we use (to our advantage) collected witnessed Affidavits from friends and family who have known you for a period of years who can attest that you were born in such and such place to such and such parents? How do we apply the mastered knowledge that being an American State National gives us jurisdiction over the government? Anna can't do it all for all of us ... if we (the burning trees in the forest) quench our own fires, doesn't that reduce the size of the burning forest Anna is trying to quench all by her little old self? We need help that money can't buy .. understanding what went wrong doesn't give us the resources needed to help fix it. How do we fix it?

  9. If I may recommend a crowd funding platform like to raise funds for this effort. It would make it easier for people to donate (1) and you wouldn't exclude those who refuse to have a PayPal account.


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