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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Destruction of the constitution

by Anna Von Reitz

RE: Question about Federal Districts and claims that a federal military junta took over the Republic and the states during the Whiskey Rebellion. 

As part of the settlement following the Revolutionary War, King George III was given control of American affairs in international commerce (not trade--commerce) on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  

The actual Constitution further refined the details.  

The federal government was given control of certain activities and functions, including the regulation of certain "controlled substances"-----  firearms, tobacco, and fireworks--- as a source of income and to provide for a uniform policy regarding these potentially dangerous substances.  The creation of the Federal Districts overlying the borders of the states marked the creation of administrative units to perform this function. 

The truth of the matter is that no American is restricted in their ability to produce any substance----for example,  we can make wine, beer, gin, or any other alcoholic beverage to our hearts delight, so long as we don't sell or distribute it for profit or transport it across state lines.  

Much of the confusion about this is that Americans have been routinely misidentified and mischaracterized as United States Citizens and held accountable to the foreign statutory law of the Federal Corporation and their "federated" States of States franchises and "County of......" franchises.   

We're not naturally "United States Citizens" of any kind and the federal corporation is grossly trespassing upon our private property when it claims otherwise, but it remains our role to object to such presumptions and to uphold our separate nation and identity.  

Thus, many Americans engaged in otherwise lawful activities--- growing hemp, for example, have been arrested and charged and imprisoned under "federal law" prohibiting such activities and claiming that hemp is a controlled substance, even though it is not a controlled substance for any American to grow or possess hemp in any American state.  These arrests are taking place and charges brought and sentences executed under the presumption that the victims are "citizens of the United States" because the victims have not objected on the record of the courts and claimed their identity as American State Nationals. 

Do you see? Hemp is a controlled substance for United States Citizens and "citizens of the United States" but not for American State Nationals.  The only control over any substance for us is the obligation not to horn in on the federal regulation hegemony on the international/interstate manufacture and sale and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Congress has no ability (and no authority) it create any new for-profit regulatory role for itself so far as we are concerned. 

And as for the "Federal Districts"--- that's just their internal organizational map, designed for them to carry out their duties and functions. It's actually a good thing for people to be able to see that there is a separate entity there, especially since the line between the actual States and the incorporated "States of State" franchises has been blurred by the incorporation of state and county governmental services functions in recent years. 

The Washington State is not the same thing as the State of Washington (a foreign municipal franchise corporation), and just because you live in the United States (Continental United States) does not mean that you are a United States Citzen (Federal United States).  

And just because hemp is a "federally controlled substance" for United States Citizens, be aware that the only "federally controlled substances" so far as American State Nationals are concerned are alcohol, tobacco, and firearms--- and then only with regard to their manufacture and sale for profit, and transport across state lines. 
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  1. So if are or were born on this land of America, the Continent which stretches from Chili to Alaska, you are a member of the Republic of America for which it stands, correct? Republic of what or whom?
    Or are you an American National? If you claim to be an American national then you claim to be under a man named Amerigo Vespucci after whom America was named who represents England. This would then make every South American man and woman an American free to come and go onto any part of the land of America, the Continent! No? The Pope planted the the Roman Pontiff flag in all the South American land. So then no man should complain about illegal immigrants since this is a ‘legal" issue and man is not pat of the legal society. But Americans can complain. It must be understood that the people and the land are one, for from it you came and back to it you go once you die.

    Man then born on this planet is free to travel upon any part of this earth as long as man lives by the golden rule of loving thy Creator with all thy heart and all thy soul and thy neighbor as thyself. Do people naturally do this? Is carrying a bible in one hand and a gun on the other living by the golden rule, love thy enemy? i digress.

    Now the Constitution was drawn up to limit the Federal Government infringing upon man and his unalienable rights given to man by God the Creator. At least this is the facade we see in the writing of the Constitution. This contract was for WE THE PEOPLE which by the way was NOT ratified because not all states did not signed on to it. What do we do about this?

    i a man or those who did not signed on to it am not party to the constitution;; i am in the world but not of the world. It has no force on man but on the employees of the Federal Government. By the way what god are they talking about in the constitution, what did they intended since theses people who drew up the Constitution were members of the Masonic lodge who pledge is to the Prince of this world, Satan. AND the judge with the black rope is a priest of Baal representing black magic and spells from the book of the dead using sematic deceit. Since the forbidden fruit deception has been the tool used to enslave mankind.

    See for more information on the court system.

    Where are we then in our minds (this is a battle for your mind you know), on the land as man or a party to a constitution, a republic, nationality, a religion etc.? Should we expect Pope Francis to suddenly have a heart and response with affirmation of the injustices being done on man? Is not the Catholic Church, the religion of Rome still ruling the earth who’s cup of blood runs down it’s strong arms who Pope Francis is head of and all the Priest of Baals, all Christian denominations? Who was behind the King of Tyrus and his high head, why the same enemy controlling the Pope which means Father who’name is rightfully belongs to God the Creator alone and none other!!

    Where is the Most High in all this? Is he managing a damage control situation from his throne?

    Be Blessed

  2. How do you obtain a passport as an American State National and travel? Can the states issue passports?


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