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Sunday, May 29, 2016

How To Use The Glossa Judicial Notice and Order

by Anna Von Reitz

1. Realize that the "United States" is a federation of actual nation-states.  The states of the land not the federal "government" are the actual sovereign nations. You receive your nationality at birth as a Nevadan, Californian, Virginian, etc. Your nationality and your sovereignty cannot be taken away from you or changed unless you willfully throw it away.  The Founders knew this and protected your nationality 

The Naturalization Act of 1802, Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4, April 14, 1802 sets forth the exact requirements necessary for anyone born in an American state to become a United States Citizen.  Period.  

While the "United States" has always allowed Dual Citizenship--- that is, has allowed its "Citizens" to claim both State and Federal Citizenship at the same time, the States of the Union make no such allowance.  From the standpoint of the organic states, you are either out or you are in.  

So you have to make up your mind whether you are a man standing on your native land or a corporate fugitive merely "residing" here in a "Federal State of State" franchise existing only on paper. 

Most of us will agree that we are Virginians standing on the land of Virginia or Wisconsinites standing on the land of Wisconsin, and all of us can ask for proof that we ever completed the steps necessary to become United States Citizens?  

From the standpoint of the States of the Union, no such steps have been taken and no such "United States Citizenship" can be presumed absent such knowing and public declaration and action.  Also from the standpoint of the States of the Union no such thing as a "citizen of the United States" exists --- This purely corporate political status was created by the 14th Amendment of the Corporate Charter of the United States of America, Inc.deceptively calling itself the "Constitution of the United States of America" and has nothing to do with us and our nationality. 

You must know this and give Judicial Notice along with an Affidavit affirming that your nativity occured on the land of whichever state and you must demand to see any proof otherwise demonstrating that you completed the steps required by the Naturalization Act of 1802. 

Of course no such evidence exists and they won't be able to produce it.  Their claim after-the-fact that you agreed to become a corporate slave for them doesn't hold any water. And your Mother's unknowing signature on an Application for a Birth Certificate doesn't either. 

2.  Once you have a grasp of who you are and how to prove and assert it, you are prepared to lodge further objections with the court and this is where the Glossa Judicial Notice and Order comes in. 

Ever heard anyone use the expression, "Put a gloss on it"----?   It's a slang expression meaning to "sugar coat or otherwise apply a mask or other deliberate obfuscation of identity or fact".  That's what the use of Glossa promotes--- a form of knowing misrepresentation of fact calculated to promote personage being practiced by attorneys to hide the identity of both plaintiffs and defendants. 

It is unlawful and illegal for any organization promoting itself as a "court" to use Glossa or any other form of knowing misrepresentation. 

So either the "court" has to admit it is a crime syndicate and a fraud, or it has to stop using Glossa and clearly identify the plaintiffs and defendants.

3. There are two reference books called similar names (sound familiar?) --- One is the Chicago Manuel of Style, a popular style guide used widely by newspapers and other publications to provide uniform guidelines and standards for reporters and other writers; it is a large reference book similar to a dictionary or thesaurus.  The other is The Chicago Manuel of Styles, with an "s" which is a much smaller and more limited publication the size of a larger format paperback book, that deals with the subject of "styles" or "stiles"(British) exclusively. The most recent edition I can find is 1948, though there may be more recent editions.

Both of these publications adequately explain what the Glossa is, as does Black's Law Dictionary. The earlier versions of the American Bar Association guides to legal style and usage also plainly state that the use of all capital letters denotes either a corporation or a dead man's estate.  

And as I explained, the use of Glossa goes back to Roman times, when the use of all capital letters was used to denote the name of a slave----so there is no excuse for anyone pretending that the use of Glossa is meaningless and no reason for anyone to scoff at your objections to its use with respect to your good name.  If you aren't a slave, you must say so. 

If you don't object, the rats are free to "presume" whatever is advantageous to them. 

4. The authority for my Order is Article X of the actual Constitution, which the rats also adopted in their failed attempt to enclose and privatize our Organic Law--- the "undelegated powers" of the states and the people in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  There is no delegation of power granted to Congress to create any corporate "persons" and name them after us --- which is an act of attempted identity theft and a trespass upon our private property--- nor was Congress ever enabled to use Glossa to denote corporations, estates or other corporate entities in any venue affecting us.  Our Public Law requires all corporations to be clearly identified by suffixes attached to the name of the corporation, such as "John Deere, Incorporated." or "Hiram Walker, LLC".  This is required as a protection against exactly the kind of personage and barratry and other legal chicanery that has been practiced upon the innocent American People. 

Call the court on it.  Issue Judicial Notice that there is no evidence that Congress was ever enpowered to name corporate persons after living American State Nationals, nor is there any provision for Congress to require or even request registration of any child born on American soil --- which is a repugnant and internationally forbidden activity resulting in involuntary servitude, press-ganging, and enslavement outlawed throughout the world since 1926.  Any claim that a private contract can overcome the Public Law of this country or the International Law as a whole is in their favorite word, "frivolous"; while anyone might enter into such a contract, the contract itself is unlawful and null and void from inception. 

5. Every "court" public and private operating on American soil is required to take Judicial Notice and stop accepting claims using GLOSSA. Both the plaintiffs and defendants must be clearly, explicitly identified.  

I have the right under Article X of the actual Constitution and under the provisions of The Alaska Statehood Compact to require this correction and I have done so.  

If they want to argue that they are dry docked on American soil and acting under treaty, they had better start obeying the treaties they owe us including the Treaty of Ghent 1814 and start operating exclusively within their proper jurisdiction.  When they trespass onto my jurisdiction and address my people under false presumptions they have to answer to me and my directives.   

6. It might appear that the wording of my Order is awkward and that the subjects and verbs mismatch.  This is because the Order is stated in Legalese.  It prohibits--separately-- both the conventions using Glossa and the Glossa (NAME) itself---- both the deed and the word. This may seem a fine distinction, but it is necessary to prevent any additional fudging and chicanery. 

The judges and lawyers reading it will grasp the meaning and implications readily enough. 

This is all background information for you to know and use. 

The Order has been forwarded via Registered Mail to the Hague and also via email to the Office of the Special Prosecutor.  These outrages will not be allowed to continue in any event, but you can all assist by calling these courts and their personnel on the carpet.  When they trespass on you and your name and address mail or anything else to you using Glossa--- feel free to stomp them flat with objections they cannot answer.  

7. And always remember that it is impossible to be "in contempt of court" with respect to a court that has no jurisdiction related to you.  When they operate in disrespect of the actual Constitution and our Public Law, they are owed no treaty. 
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  1. GLOSSA, is a term i am happy to learn about, cause ANY entity wearing a MASK, needs to be sent to jail for using our Creators property, without compensation..This world will become a better place, once all the roaches are raided out from our walls and

  2. Wonderful read especially on Memorial Day. Thank You, Anna and Paul

  3. Another excellent article, however I would like to know the process, having been born in Washington DC, to change from a United States Citizens to an American National. How can this political status be changed for those of us born in Washington DC?

  4. IMPORTANT to know what Public Law states that YOUR FOLLOWING QUOTE "Our Public Law requires all corporations to be clearly identified by suffixes attached to the name of the corporation, such as "John Deere, Incorporated." or "Hiriam Walker, LLC". This is required as a protection against exactly the kind of personage and barratry and other legal chicanery that has been practiced upon the innocent American People. "

  5. IMPORTANT to know what Public Law states that YOUR FOLLOWING QUOTE "Our Public Law requires all corporations to be clearly identified by suffixes attached to the name of the corporation, such as "John Deere, Incorporated." or "Hiriam Walker, LLC". This is required as a protection against exactly the kind of personage and barratry and other legal chicanery that has been practiced upon the innocent American People. "

  6. As much as i appreciate much of what the alleged judge has to say, i find it a bit disturbing when she makes mistakes that should not be. I confess i've never heard the term, Glossa, before this reading; so i did what i've done most of my life: i looked it up. I don't know how Anna concluded what she has about its actual meaning; but i found absolutely nothing anywhere to corroborate her statements. As a medical term, Glossa simply means "the tongue". As a legal term, it only refers to explanatory notes, as in footnotes or margins. There is nothing sinister about it. I've seen this sort of thing a lot over the past 23 yrs. in the "patriot" community. Usually this kind of disinformation is relatively harmless; and some misunderstandings are inevitable when newthink is encountered by the masses. I have seen things being promoted over the years that serve only to mark those who use such templates, as Anna has described, as novices ripe for the picking. So, i admonish you to take care before following anyone blindly through this maze.

    1. GLOSSA: Lat. A gloss, explanation, or interpretation. The glossæ of the Roman law are brief illustrative comments or anno­tations on the text of Justinian’s collections, made by the professors who taught or lec­tured on them about the twelfth century, (especially at the law school of Bologna,) and were hence called “glossators.” These gloss­es were at first inserted in the text with the words to which they referred, and were call­ed “glossæ interlineares;” but afterwards they were placed in the margin, partly at the side, and partly under the text, and called “glossæ marginales.” A selection of them was made by Accursius, between A. D. 1220 and 1260, under the title of “Glossa Ordin­aria,” which is of the greatest authority. Mackeld. Rom. Law, § 90.

  7. i think you'd be better off pushing mistaken identity or misjoinder of parties, criminal conversion of a NAME


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