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Monday, May 2, 2016

Dr. William Mount, Le Neu Republique, and NESARA On the Hot Plate

by Anna Von Reitz

First, Dr. William Mount.  I have heard numerous "reports" and watched several videos that people have sent me over the last two years, all issued by this man and absolutely not one of his prognostications bore fruit.

When one considers "the fruits" one must consider whether there are any.  And next, what has occurred by omission: people being scared for nothing; people being hopeful for nothing; and most importantly, people not thinking for themselves and acting in their own best interests while relying on the "intel" being fed to them by Dr. William Mount.

Second, Le Neu Republique, or is it La Neu Republique----?  "La", I believe upon reconsideration.  The French have the habit of considering all things that are changeable and secretive, like governments, to be of the feminine gender. Who knows?  Perhaps they are right.

Anyway, the Truth of the matter is that the French Government allowed itself to be used as an accomplice by the British Government back at the end of the Second World War.  Both countries owed a lot of money to the Americans so they were both hot to find a way to defraud us.  And they did. 

The French charted both the UN Corporation and the International Monetary Fund doing business as the IMF (which is an agency of the United Nations) well before the United Nations Charter was ever signed. 

Think about that. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

The UNITED STATES Inc., (which sponsored all the STATE OF OHIO and STATE OF OREGON and STATE OF WHATEVER ELSE franchises, all of which have been busily providing us with "governmental services" since 1944 --- and providing us with a lot of services we never ordered and not providing services we did order and basically overcharging us for everything possible, is owned and operated by the IMF,  which is in turn owned and operated by the UN Corp, which is owned and operated by the World Bank, which is owned and operated by Jacob Rothschild who is the pimp for the British Crown Conglomerate.

The French supplied the corporate charters to hide the British aim, and the British provided the mechanisms and the manpower to carry out the fraud scheme against the Americans. The whole fraud of registering our births and creating these bogus corporate entities and operating them in our names and buying and trading them on the stock markets of the world is pure British crime at its best: press-ganging, inland piracy, semantic decent, reverse trust fraud, identity theft, credit theft--- all brought to you by people you thought were your friends and Allies, people you trusted to run the court system for you.

The problem for the French is that because they chartered these infamous corporations, they are responsible for their lawful operation and functioning.

Rather than own up to their responsibility and admitting their guile and culpability, the French Government is attempting to continue to usurp our lawful government and keep all this crap under the rug, by booting up another French "governmental services corporation" and (falsely) advertising it as the "New Republic". 

The advantage of the "New Republic" from their standpoint is that if we are stupid enough to go for it, they can then use it as a means to force us to pay off the odious debts owed by the first French corporation known as the UNITED STATES, Inc. And they think nobody will be any the wiser.

The Brits are eagerly backing this plan, too, because God-forbid that their seedy underbelly and sanctimonious fraud be exposed to the rest of the world.  We might then all have the good sense to throw off centuries of British Crown domination and fraud and criminality---especially their dominance of the banking and legal industry, the criminal manipulation of which is their main source of income.

We have been snookered senseless by our "Allies", and that is the sad fact of it. General Dunford has perhaps been drawn into the net or perhaps thought he had no choice but to accept the newest con as a remedy for the old con. I certainly cannot and will not answer for him, nor even presume that he has actually agreed to play a part in this scheme.  There seems to be no credible confirmation one way or another from him.

Somehow, it never occurs to crooks caught red-handed up to their shoulders in the cookie jar that they need to admit their crime.  They need to come forward and just say--- we were bombed out after the Second World War, our land ravaged, our cities in ruins.  We had to borrow from the Americans and we did--- but we did it in a dishonest way, because otherwise the debt involved would have crushed us and reduced our people to generations of misery.  So that's what we did and why we did it.  Can we be forgiven? 

I think the answer is--- yes, but only if you straighten up your act, stop doing this crazy stuff, and finally deal with the bankers and lawyers who have been allowed --and indeed, instructed--- to promote all this criminality and fraud.

Otherwise, it is inevitable that the people in all these countries throughout Europe and throughout the world are going to wake up and start tearing down banks brick by brick and gibbeting lawyers on street corners. 

We have finally grown up enough to understand that these are not political, ethnic, nor religious issues.  These are issues of self-interested crime being promoted by members of society in positions of trust, both public and private.

So, thumbs down on the French Neu Republique.  What we need is our old American Republic fully restored with no further questions or obligations.

Third, about NESARA.... I have covered this repeatedly, but people don't want to hear it.  My Mother was intimately involved in the Farm Union Cases that gave rise to the original NESARA legislation.  It was offered as remedy by a lone Congressman and it was laughed out of the Beltway. 

Why, the members of Congress asked, should we pay our honest debts to the American People?  We can just seek bankruptcy protection instead---- and that's what they did.

There's no question that they have acted as criminals, that they and the banks are guilty of fraud, extortion, personage, unlawful conversion---absolutely none.  It has already been decided long ago by the Supreme Court. 

But here is a little history lesson people need to take to heart--- the Supreme Court can't force the Congress to take any positive action.  It can only force the Congress to stop doing a specific wrong thing.  And the Congress, not the Supreme Court, holds the purse strings.

So, the Supreme Court can find in your favor all day long, but if the United States of America, Inc. is bankrupt and the dodgy characters who made off with your assets are not willing to make things right using other funds, the old adage about "blood from a turnip" applies.

Of course, the rats should never have been allowed any bankruptcy protection in the first place.  The crimes they committed amount to malicious fraud and should have pierced the "corporate veil" like a knife and ended the bankruptcy proceedings instantly, but instead, the Supreme Court "sealed" the cases and has sat on the whole stinking pile of manure ever since.

The members of "Congress" and Billy Boy Clinton sat there in their posh offices laughing at the defrauded farmers and the millions upon millions of other honest hardworking American families they snookered--- they still do.  They think that's their job and their privilege, since we were so stupid as to vote for them and hand them our proxy as "representatives" instead of fiduciary deputies. 

They can do what they like with no accountability at all--- until the American People and the American Armed Forces finally wake to hell up.

But back to NESARA..... the only way  that NESARA will ever be passed is if the halls of Washington, DC, are scrubbed clean with bleach and a completely new Congress composed of lawfully elected and fully accountable fiduciary deputies votes for it. 


There is no way that the currently composed Congress will or even can pass the NESARA legislation. 

I hear you all scratching your heads and asking, "Wait a minute, Anna, you just said that the members of Congress are free to do whatever they like, including selling us down the drain? What do you mean now that they 'can't' pass NESARA?"

They can't pass NESARA because that would cost the already insolvent UNITED STATES, Inc. even more than it owes already.  The only way they can pay their secondary creditors is by pretending that their Priority Creditors (you and I) either don't exist or voluntarily "abandoned" our claims against them, plus, the members of Congress took their Oath to the United States----not the united States of America.

Look up the "Oath of Office" the members of Congress have taken.  They didn't pledge their allegiance to you, their "presumed" constituents, nor to this country, either.  They pledged it to the IMF doing business as the "UNITED STATES". 

That's why they can't do anything like pass NESARA, even if they wanted to.

Real remedy requires a lot more than "hope and spin and wishful thinking".  It requires insight and critical thought and meaningful action from all of you.  Just letting the members of "Congress" and the "United Nations" and the "Joint Chiefs" and everyone on your email list know these facts might be the single best thing you could ever do.
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  2. Well my biggest concern right now, is NATO and American troops that are boring their way through Moldova right now, with Moldvian protestors waving signs and protests telling NATO and Amrican troops to go home.
    If you don't know a thing about military history, the very fact China is issuing gold backed money and we have none in circulation and at any time they can refuse to accept any more phony Fed notes and with Puerto Rico debt payments now in defualt, why are we moving towards war with Russia? And you can bet your bottom dollar guven the silence since we had 100's of 1000's in front of the WH to end the Viet Nam war, the people who live in Americe, won't get up off their ass to walk across the street,let alone go down to the WH to save their own nation from what will be vaporized with not just potential nukes, but high powered elecromagnetic energy weapons tht will tur your brain to mush.
    They won' do anything eve to save themselves for that, because their love for life and being hypmotizied to electronic gadgets is their whole life.
    What ever America you thought you had, this place went to the sewer in 1963, after they murdered JFK, and its now Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids.
    People no more care about life and each other thn the man and the moon and why restoring this place is also a nother wishful thinking, as I am moving to the southern hemisphere for this place is too far gone in my opinion.

    Here is a link to the PRESS TV live fed of Amrcan armored troops heading through Moldava today on its way to Russia.

  3. When your not even smart enough to know when your getting *ucked in the ass, then its over.
    And I have known since at least 1972 when my father and Eustace Mullins predicted we would be right where we are now, because people don't take the time to learn from their own history, they bought the kool aid of debt slavery and materiality to impress others how much fiat money you think your worth, while Rothchild and his bunch steal you blind and you don't even understand enough about how money works in the first place, that you get what you pay for not being as Jefferson said, eternal vigilant"
    And this nation wsn;t except for a few, and that's way we are now faced with shuveling crap uphill, against the very people who put in all the "Behold a Pale Horse FhEMA Camps" in William Coopers book laid out in meticilious detail, that people didn't do anything about that either,except one Federal Lawsuit in Houston,TX that naturally went nowhere when these same low life bottom feeders own the entire 3 branch system of criminality they force on us as nothing more than a war machine on steroids that is now threatening world peace and the life of everyone on this planet, over what? You tell me what is worth more than what it means to love life, that you would destroy this beautiful planet for and give material support to these people by your refusal to walk away from it and leave it rotting on the vine for what it is when Armageddon rears its ugly head, because we did nothing to stop them of any note, and even with chemtrials over head where I am, they don't care nor do they even consider whats being done to them.
    This nation is in silent reconciliation of complete utter demoralization, because Secret Weapons for Silent Wars was a master stroke on them of social engineering tools to turn them into learned helplessness dependent individuals who need a road map just to get to a bathroom, and eve then you better show them how to read the map.
    Its pathetic that even in real time they simply said yeah, "*uck me while you can and Ill help you get the job done and even pay you to do it to me.
    Cause in short that's exactly what happened.

    1. Robetrt you are right on with everything you said. I have been studying history, politics,religion , etc. for over 65 years and now evil reigns and the world is an insane asylum. It may be too late to turn things around because m0st people are so mind controlled and "don't want to make waves"!!!


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