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Monday, May 2, 2016

Fool Me Once.... Unanswered Letters 5 -- Reply for Robyna

by Anna Von Reitz

Far be it from me, a German's German of virtually pure German lineage as far back as public records go-- to not value the many fine qualities of my own heritage and being: my mind is a German mind, my hands are a German's hands and my heart is a German's heart--- all that said, all the accomplishments and virtues of my race duly noted--- I think you are suffering from some common misinformation and then also suffering from the prejudices that result from that false information. 

First of all, the Tribe of Jacob that causes all the trouble all over the globe is NOT Judah, but the Tribe of Dan, whose symbol is the Serpent.  Go back to Jacob's blessing and see that it is Dan who causes the rider, the conscious mind, to "stumble"--- that is, falter, make mistakes, suffer delusions, commit errors and sins.  The Chief Elder of the Tribe of Dan is known as The Great Serpent for a reason. 

So you have misidentified the enemy of the German People, and indeed, the enemy of ALL people on Earth who are not of the Tribe of Dan.  

The Tribe of Dan was one of the Ten Lost Tribes, but they were not "lost" in the sense of being physically lost or their whereabouts unknown.  They were lost in the spiritual sense because they turned away from the True God, the Creator, and followed after Ashtoreth and Ba-El and Molech and the rest of the vile Sumerian pantheon. 

Dan was in fact the only sea-going Tribe. They inhabited all the port cities. Their headquarters was at Sidon and their Chief Elder was the "King of Sidon".  They established bases of operations throughout the Mediterranean, but the greatest of these was Carthage.  Everywhere they went they spread their "religion" which was basically about sex as a sacrament; blood sacrifices-- especially infanticide; burnt "offerings"; death cults; public orgies; tree worship in "sacred groves"; witchcraft and spells of various kinds; and most of all, the spread of idolatry and the use of money as a "symbol representing value" in the same way that a statue was used to represent a god ( or a Congressman is used to represent a state). 

The Tribe of Dan dominated maritime commerce for thousands of years and they still do. They authored the venal Law of the Sea and the Law Merchant, and if you wish to see what they think of anyone who is not part of their tribe, read the Talmud. 

These people worship the Father of All Lies, Satan, literally.  That is why Jesus referred to them as "the Synagogue of Satan".  Every lie is a prayer in their system of things and any sexual act no matter how perverse is sacred in their view.  

Ever wondered who the Phoenicians were? Ever used the word, "phony"??? 

The Tribe of Dan and the societies they have commandeered and dominated have been so bad that they have been ruthlessly and repeatedly suppressed and forced underground, where they have spawned "secret societies".  You may be sure they are "secret" for good reason and that reason is that they promote and practice an occult religion that the rest of us find abhorrent. 

Partly because they and their beliefs have been repeatedly suppressed and partly because they worship the Father of All Lies, these people relish semantic deceit and euphemisms which are just another form of lie.  They have also adopted a predictable practice of pretending to BE their enemies. 

Are the Catholics hot on their trail? They will don clerical collars and recite the rosary most fervently--- while diddling little boys.  Are the Muslims catching them? They will pretend to be Muslims, put on a turban, sharpen their scimitars and start beheading people--- and diddling little girls. 

That is what the Tribe of Dan is and that is what it predictably does.  

And that is what they have done in Germany and what they have done in America, too, and they have done it all in such a way that they have you all fooled into blaming the Tribe of Judah for it. 

You have to admit that they are good at what they do and we have been very dull not to catch on before now, especially as many parts of the Bible that have survived continue to give us fair warning about these people. 

Where is their headquarters?  Well, in modern times, they started  out in Jerusalem and spread West to Sidon, Greece, Asia Minor, Carthage, Crete, and Malta.  Eventually, circa 545 BC they reached Ireland and Cornwall. 

Ever wonder where the Druids came from? 

When the Romans sacked Carthage the Tribe of Dan moved to Rome and started over. When the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD to get rid of them, they moved on again. 

Like any parasite they settle down to feed off a host and eventually damage it so badly that it is no longer a viable host or is destroyed. 

They left Jerusalem as their HQ in 70 AD and moved it to Rome, with a secondary Kingdom taking root in Great Britain. Today they still have a major presence in Rome and they still control the Throne of Great Britain, but as always, they keep on the move. 

They readily moved to the United States shortly after we set up shop for ourselves and took over the District of Columbia as another one of their de facto strongholds. Most recently the Americans are waking up and realizing how they have been defrauded and by whom; so, the exodus is on and they are moving their base of operations to China. 

Now getting back to where we began with the excellence of the German People. It's true-- we can be too trusting, but at the end of the day we are not dumb. 

Herr Hitler was not a German, it turns out. He was the illegitimate half-brother of George V and we have the photographs and documents that prove it distributed worldwide.  

That's right.  True to their kind, the British Royals, who are Tribe of Dan through and through, sent one of their own to play the same trick in Germany then, which they are attempting to pull off in America now. 

First, by fraud and deceit, they "enfranchise" everyone and everything, laying a secretive and undisclosed false claim of ownership on it all.  This is basically a national level identity theft.  

Then they borrow against the assets of all the people and land and other assets belonging to the "host" nation (as in parasitic host) and charge up their credit cards to High Heaven. 

Sooner or later this "credit card" theft goes bust and all the other nations come demanding their payment.  The people in the host nation wake up with a jolt and say, "What is going on?"

That's where the Americans are now and where the Germans were in 1933. 

And what did Hitler, the English operative, tell the German People?  That it was the Jews -- the Tribe of Judah-- that was at fault.  In fact, lulled by the idea that Hitler was a German, the members of the Tribe of Judah had put their life savings and investment capital into German Government Bonds; so, when Hitler blamed them and began his genocide, he was actually  and literally killing his creditors.  

Got that? Hitler did in Germany what FDR has done in America. A national identity and credit theft fraud scheme, and now as then, the vermin are desperately looking for a scapegoat--- ANY scapegoat -- to pin it on. 

These criminals don't care who or what they pin the blame on, just so it sticks.  You can watch them twist and turn like worms on a hook, trying out one cover story after another--- first trying to get us to blame Muslims, and then trying to start a race war with black against white, and then a class war with rich against poor, and most recently a big scare campaign against non-existent sovereign citizens and another attempt to blame the Jews from the Tribe of Judah. 

Wake up and smell the roses. 

This is coming from a real German with blood Blue as the Danube in summer. I am here now trying to wake all of you up so that you can recognize the actual "Enemy", know their tactics, observe their ploys---- and reject them.  

The Tribe of Dan always tries to separate people into groups and warring factions. They play on your virtues as well as your vices.  They make use of your willingness to just assume things.  They play both ends against the middle. They would like nothing better than to deceive Americans into fighting each other--- thereby killing off the Priority Creditors of these vermin via a Civil War that would serve the exact same purpose as the gas chambers at Treblinka. 

If we are too stupid to remember history and see what their objectives are and who they really are and how they operate, then we get what we deserve. 

Left to themselves they will engineer WWIII somehow. 

But this time the cat is out of the bag.  I think enough people have a Bible and are beginning to catch on.  Even the American politicians are waking up. 

Are you, Robyna? 

If you admire the German People for their many virtues then admire this one, too-- we learn our lessons. We examine the past. We ferret out the Truth. We figure out who our REAL enemies are. We sharpen our wits. We overcome our prejudices and refuse to be misled again by these penny-ante charlatans. 

They will try to stage some kind of False Flag to save themselves. Don't buy into it. 

They will now start the same process of trying to enfranchise the Chinese and buy off the Chinese Government by providing them with "limitless credit" all based on labor and assets naturally belonging to the Chinese people. They will TRY to pull the same trick they played in Germany, the same trick they are trying to play right now, right here. 

But the Chinese Government and the Chinese People have been forewarned, along with you and the whole rest of the world--- right here, right now, by me, a card-carrying German Lutheran. 
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