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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Role of Evil --- Unanswered Letters 4 --- Reply for Doreen

by Anna Von Reitz

If we would all get on the same page and start moving in the right direction it would not take long before every thinking American, Canadian, German, Japanese, Brit, Aussie.....everyone who CARES on this planet would join hands and put these fraud artists permanently out of business once and for all.

There is more to the name "Israel" than meets the eye.  It is an ancient anagram and abbreviation that symbolizes the loss of the Ten Tribes to "Isis" (the Egyptian name of Ashtoreth) and "Ra" (the Egyptian name of the Sun God) and "El" (the Egyptian name of Ba-el), which left Jacob (the Hebrew nation) "crippled".   The "unknown angel" he wrestled with was none other than Satan, not the Creator, and the new name given to Jacob was symbolic of the loss. 

You have to remember that all things are subject to the Will of the Creator, that even Satan's Rebellion and his being "cast down to the Earth" is part of the Creator's plan and necessary for our experience and growth and ultimate triumph over the Evil that we are constantly faced with.  From that perspective, even the worst things that happen are part of the long, long process of education about "Good and Evil" which we have been forced to undergo. 

We are now obliged to learn the lesson of Adam's Choice and all the complexities that result, for he chose to love that part of himself that betrayed his best interest more than he loved God, and so alienated himself from All That Is, became self-conscious, afflicted with Ego, bombarded with lies and conflicting information all day long, every day, having to struggle endlessly to identify the Enemy within, to sort the lies from the Truth, to make endless mistakes ("sins") and finally to come through this terrible process to enlightenment and finally, like the Prodigal Son, to come home again.

Seen from this standpoint, as one of my favorite Bible commentators put it, "Satan is God's Vice-President in charge of Evil."  Satan has a job appointment, and it is a job he does very well.  His job is to deceive us, accuse us, and if possible condemn us, just as it is the appointed task of Adonai to show us the truth, forgive us, and redeem us from Death--- and by this, I mean the Ultimate Death, not the petty "deaths" we suffer now.

Ultimate Death occurs when a soul is so defective, so worn away, so depraved--- and so stubborn about it, that it chooses to remain in that condition and that state of alienation instead of integrating the lesson of Good and Evil.  There are some souls that will choose the Abyss, which is permanent alienation from Our Father, and they, like our sins, will be remembered no more.  It will be as if they never existed.

This is not the loving desire of Our Father, but it is the result of the gift of Freewill.  We are free to choose death, even Ultimate Death, instead of life---- and even the Ultimate Life available to us.   Each one of us in our growth and our consciousness is constantly making choices that lead to one or the other conclusion.  Do we make the hard choice to choose life and follow the hard and upward path, or do we choose death and follow the easy and downward path of the Ego and its self-bound alienation and separation?

I think everyone here now on Earth today, incarnate in the flesh, has a sense of where we are at in this Passion Play, the struggle between what is material and temporary, limited and alienated, and what is energetic and immortal, unlimited, and connected to All That Is.

Let me point out that we, here and now, in America, are still struggling with the results of the American Civil War.  We are still grappling---hard---with the concepts of race and slavery and the forces of delusion and suppression, dishonesty and greed, pride and prejudice of all kinds, plus the concepts of debt and idolatry, struggling to perceive what is real and what is illusory.  This is a spiritual struggle every bit as much as it is a material one. Why? 

Because America is the Tribe of Manasseh in Biblical prophecy and as you see in 1 Kings 5, the Tribe of Manasseh is split in half---- a reflection of the separation between brother and brother that we have been struggling with in earnest for the last 150 years.  The name "Manasseh" means "He who makes to forget"  It is our struggle that leads ultimately to the "forgetting" described above, the final sorting out of the wheat from the tares; those who are going to "pass the test" from those who will choose to be forgotten, permanently alienated, left behind---- those who will "weep and gnash their teeth".

Even now at this late hour, there are workers sent out here among us, great teachers and shepherds who quietly serve and protect and defend against Satan and his Legions--- evil forces who are struggling madly to push each one's consciousness to the brink of enlightenment so that we are forced to know the Truth and make our choice once and for all.  At some level of consciousness, we are all aware of this mighty spiritual and intellectual battle raging around us. 

Thus it is, that paradoxically, and without any intention of doing so, Satan serves the purpose for all of Mankind that Judas Iscariot served for Jesus.  He betrays us and misleads us and bears false witness against us and steals from us, so that we may overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit alive in us and through the grace of God which passes all understanding.

Peace be to you, Doreen, and to all those of all faiths who long for peace and justice and compassion.  Whether Jew or Hindu or Muslim or Christian, your sighs and your longing will be turned to joy.  You will know great gladness, when all those of ill-will have been removed from among you and the scales finally fall from your eyes and these long labors are finally ended.

Peace be, and love be, and charity to all mankind.
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  1. What an amazing Revelational spiritual and Biblical perspective here- Thanks 4 sharing. What of Doreen's was Anna specifically responding to here?

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Anna on most of this except the free will part. I believe there is a definite Divine Provenance on the part of God toward man, but all out free will is the opposite of foreordaining and predestination. Free will makes it appear that God creates us, then waits to see who will turn to Him and who won't. Since we all have a sin nature, wouldn't we all reject Him if he hadn't first called and made Himself irresistible to us?


  3. Really, seriously? Where do people get their information and worldly wisdom? Why from the world, but what does the Creator said?

    Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 “An Experience of Evil God Has Given the Sons of Humanity to Humble Them”

    If you have ears to hear and eyes to see let me know.




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