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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Calling Out John Daresh and NLA

by Anna Von Reitz

John Daresh has made his accusations with his so-called "Information" ---all of which are unsubstantiated and untrue.  Now, I will make mine.

Daresh doesn't know anything about the American Common Law Court System that the Citizens Common Law Grand Juries are supposed to be part of.  He doesn't even know how the Common Law Grand Jury is supposed to interact with the Federal Courts.  And here's the killing point--- he doesn't want to learn.

We have the facts and history and research and court cases to prove that what we are doing is correct---- and we have offered to share that information with NLA.  

In return, Daresh spreads gossip and spews arcane verbiage designed to impress the ignorant.

The result is that five years down the track the NLA is still out in left field, ineffective, and indeed, worse than useless--- a problem and hindrance to actual progress and a literal danger to its own membership.  

As is apparent in the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, there are two bodies of people on this continent---- and always have been: the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the "inhabitants"--British subjects who remained here after the Revolution. 

You have to know which is which--- apple or orange? And you have to know and be able to prove who you are with respect to the two groups--- free or subject?

If I were to flatly ask the NLA Members their intentions, I know that 99.9% of them would reply that they are "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and they would all believe that their activities in NLA are an effort toward exercising the inherent and lawful powers of the people.

But according to the public records, all the NLA members including Daresh are classified as British subjects and British subjects have no ability to exercise our Fourth Branch of government nor any other prerogative of the people of these United States.

Instead, the most they can do is act as "citizens of the United States" with "United States" defined to mean "territories and District of Columbia" or as the UNITED STATES --- the corporation formed to act as the government of the "territories and District of Columbia". 

As far as the records show, the members of NLA  are all oranges pretending to be apples, and they have made no credible effort to declare or record their political status otherwise.  To make matters worse, these "oranges" are operating or attempting to operate in an office belonging to our government, not theirs--- which is, in fact, an act of insurrection against these United States.

Imagine a bunch of deluded Spaniards showing up and attempting to operate an Irish court? 

Or what's closer to the truth--- a bunch of British subjects showing up to operate an American court, and then accusing Americans of "insurrection" when they object to this idiocy?

The sad fact is that with respect to our government, the government of the people and of the "several states" of the Union known as "these United States" as opposed to "those United States"---- the "territories and District of Columbia" or the "UNITED STATES" ---their government set up as a private corporation, the members of NLA are in insurrection despite their good intentions.

British subjects can no more operate any part of an American Common Law Court than they can flap their arms and fly.  The most they can do is operate a Martial Common Law Court under international law and try to confuse everyone into thinking that they are operating under American Common Law instead.

So, either John Daresh knows these facts and is purposefully trying to set up such a Martial Common Law Court while pretending to represent the people of these United States-----and is misleading the NLA Membership and exposing them to the charge of treason and insurrection against these United States as he does so---- or he is a complete numbnuts, a British subject earnestly trying to operate one part of an American Common Law Court and just as earnestly wondering why he isn't getting anywhere with that.

NLA Members, get yourself some decent, knowledgeable leadership.  As it stands right now, you can't operate an American Common Law Grand Jury, and unless you are totally misrepresenting yourselves to the public, you aren't  desiring to operate an international Martial Common Law Court---which is your only other option.

John Daresh has led you into a blind alley, wasted your time and effort, told a  bunch of senseless lies and half-truths about the rest of us, and he continues to be both ineffective and stubbornly ignorant. 

Worse than all that, he has exposed all of you to factually supportable charges of insurrection against the lawful government of these United States and done nothing to expedite your (most likely) intention to reclaim your lawful birthright status as an American and one of the people of this country.

NLA Members, you've gotten nowhere in five years but up the creek and around  the block. Admit that.  Look it square in the eye.  If I am wrong--- if I am blowing any sunshine up your skirts--- where are all your successful prosecutions? 

They don't exist, do they? 

The Federales won't accept any of your indictments or prosecute any of their personnel because they know you don't know what you are doing and that you are blowing wind like a bunch of old teapots under Daresh's leadership.  And the Americans can't hear you, because you are all citizens of the territories and the District of Columbia. Have fun serving as part of the Home Guard on Guam.

So there things sit, right where they have been sitting for years.

Ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black?  Ever heard of playing both ends against the middle?  While Daresh is accusing us--- people who have no "organization" whatsoever--- of insurrection, that is precisely the charge he is leaving all NLA members exposed to.  

Time to put up or shut up, NLA. 

Apples or oranges. 

You decide.

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  1. It is very gratifying to see the referenced distinction between "the inhabitants of the United States" and "the People of the united States."

    1. There is, however, no such text in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. In fact, citizens of both the United States and Britain are both referred to as inhabitants. As to Anna's claim that the treaty refers to "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" -- that text exists only in her mind, not in the treaty. The single reference to "sovereign" is in regard to the "the free sovereign and independent states" of the United States. There is no such thing as a "sovereign" citizen of the United States.

  2. Oh! How funny! Fake judges thrashing it out about which one is genuine.

    1. And you consider the "judges" within the municipal corporations as lawful?!? Take your willful ignorance elsewhere!


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