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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Common Law v. Admiralty Law, People v. Persons

by Anna Von Reitz

Our Forefathers CHOSE the system of Common Law based on the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) as the Law of the Land and they chose men to serve as judges from among themselves in every county, state, and region. 

If we want to live under that system of law, we have to do the same thing. CHOOSE to live under Common Law, form a jural assembly for our communities as brilliantly summarized by the Michigan Jural Assembly which has already had their Common Law System in place for decades, elect judges to fill the vacant judicial offices, and live accordingly. 

This is the way this country was set up and so far as I am concerned, the way it is still supposed to run.  Those who don't want to accept that are outlaws.  Those who do are law abiding.  Simple as that. 

We are free to accept, amend, and reject laws within that system as every jury sees fit. That is why we have JURY NULLIFICATION  built into this whole process.   

ANY law passed by ANY legislative body in the Common Law System can be nullified by a body of twelve honest Americans sitting as a jury.  Such a jury can rewrite a law they find unfair or impractical or they can utterly reject one they find unjust, vague, or unworkable. 

Jury nullification is where the average people called to jury duty get to enforce their will on the entire system--- in Common Law, that is. Also, in Common Law, the judge serves the people-- he doesn't tell them what to do.  He doesn't interpret the law.  The jury does that.  He listens to the arguments along with the jury, maintains fair rules of evidence and argument, asks questions, but at the end of the day, the JURY makes their own decision and the judge executes their sentence. 

That is also why there is no appeal from a jury trial unless substantial new evidence likely to have changed their reasoning comes to light.  The JURY interprets and speaks the law under Common Law and what they decide becomes the law, no ifs, ands, or buts. 

The judge is just a referee and servant of the court and the clerk is just that, a clerk keeping good records of the proceedings and testimony, evidence and filings.  

There are other marked characteristics of Common Law that you need to be aware of;  Under Common Law, nobody can be summoned to a court without a presentment from a Grand Jury. 

Under Common Law, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  

Under Common Law, there has to be an actual, identifiable injured party--- someone has to stand up and accuse you of harming them or their own property. 

The only exception is in the case of murder or disabling injury of a victim, such that the injured party cannot bring suit for themselves.  

There is no such thing as a "victimless crime" under Common Law.  

The Judges in Common Law, (or, to use their proper name, Justices) are not necessarily graduates of any Law School and they cannot be members of the Bar Association; rather,  they are respected members of their community who are trusted to make fair decisions about rules of evidence and argument and to oversee courtroom proceedings so as to guarantee a fair trial. 

That's really their only function, because remember--- under Common Law --- the people sitting on the jury make all the decisions.  The Justice is just there to organize things properly and impose a level playing field for both sides to get a fair hearing of the issues. 

This is the system that we are heir to once we clearly decide to adopt our birthright status as American State Nationals. 

But this is NOT the system that we have been living under for the last umpteen years, because we have all been "mistaken on purpose" as "citizens of the United States" instead. 

That phrase, a "citizen of the United States" means in the words of Kitchens v. Steele, "a citizen of the federal government". And the federal government is defined as a corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES.  

Such "citizens" live under the international law of the sea, not the Common Law. 

In their courts the judge is all-powerful and juries are rubber stamps for him. 

The judge interprets the law in these admiralty courts, tells the jury what to think, tells the jury what they may or may not consider as evidence, tells the jury everything but how to wipe their noses.  

Their courts operate just as everyone can see them operating---- as prejudicial military tribunals where everyone is considered guilty until proven innocent and where no constitutional guarantees apply. 

In their courts, there are endless codes and statutes and regulatory infractions and abundant cases of victimless crimes. 

The majority of cases in such courts never present an actual injured party and both plaintiffs and defendants are represented by attorneys acting as Third Parties giving hearsay evidence that would be immediately thrown out of any Common Law court. 

You all know or should know that you are supposed to be operating as people on the land and not as persons on the sea. The Preamble of the Constitution doesn't read, "We, the Persons....."  

If you are going to live as free people you also have cause to know that you have choices to make both about your political status -- "people" or "person", Common Law or Admiralty or some other law form entirely--- and that you are then also required to know how your chosen system of law works. 

You are being misidentified and mischaracterized as "citizens of the United States", with "United States" defined as  "territories and District of Columbia", and you are being treated as  "persons" because you aren't standing up and declaring your allegiance to your lawful state of the Union, and because you aren't filling your vacated public offices and running your own American Common Law Courts. 

Mulligan Ex Parte very clearly states that wherever our American Common Law Courts are up and operating, the admiralty courts must cease operating as military tribunals and revert to their proper place as courts merely concerned with actual maritime contracts and other admiralty issues.   

These foreign international courts which are doing so much damage to our property and our people are merely opportunists filling a gap that we left open through ignorance. When our courts stand on the land, their courts cannot usurp--- but when we allow our Common Law Court System to stand vacant, the cat is away and the rats can play. 

I can hear some people asking, "What do you mean, our courts are vacant?  How?  When? Why?" 

It's simple, really.  It happened through ignorance and pen strokes and greed. 

The moment you incorporate anything, it leaves the jurisdiction of the land and sets sail on the international jurisdiction of the sea.  So the simple act of incorporating a county government changes its jurisdiction and its character and its law form. 

It never mattered if the "federal government" acted as a corporation because all of its duties assigned by the actual Constitution were international in nature. They were assigned and limited to international jurisdiction and under international law from the start.  

The state and county governments on the other hand, are responsible for operating the land jurisdiction. That's why our states and counties are geographically defined, and the reason that they all have borders.  

But back in the 1960's all those organizations that were entrusted with running the state and county governments at that time were seduced, by the lure of "Federal Revenue Sharing"---- a cut of the kickbacks from federal racketeering, into signing up as incorporated franchises of the federal government--- that is, as franchises of the federal corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC.  

Now, just because all those organizations took the bait and obligated themselves and incorporated themselves  and agreed to act as franchises (like Dairy Queen franchises) does NOT mean that you can't form your own unincorporated state and county governments to do the job you still need done.  The important word here is: "unincorporated".   

The land and Law of the Land and people are all part of the unincorporated Body Politic.   

You have to elect Sheriffs to represent the land jurisdiction and to enforce the actual Constitution and Organic Laws because, with the stroke of a pen back in the 1960's, the Sheriff of the newly incorporated "County" became a law enforcement officer concerned with statutes and regulations and code enforcement instead.  He stopped working for you and started working for the local federal government corporation franchise instead. 

Your Common Law Court System which had existed since the early 1600's disappeared, too. Why?  Because the people then operating the courts, circa 1950--1965, incorporated them as part of the newly incorporated state and county franchise operations, and thereby converted our courts into an admiralty court system instead. 

If you want your Common Law Court System back and functioning and want to send these foreign admiralty courts packing, you have to set up your county and state courts as unincorporated Jural Assemblies.  Thankfully, there have always been Americans who stayed awake. 

The Michigan Jural Assembly organized their state and kept it organized through thick and thin. The Nation States Project came forward and filed its claim to Pennsylvania.  The Union States Assembly kept the fires burning on the Eastern Seaboard.  In Texas, in Colorado, in Florida, in Wisconsin, in New Mexico, in California and throughout the land---- by Townships and Parishes and even Home Owner Associations--- Americans have kept their local governments alive and denied the corporate interlopers any claim of "exclusive legislative jurisdiction".  

And now that more and more people are waking up and realizing just how far down the tubes things have gotten without their participation, Americans are stepping forward by the millions and doing what needs to be done. 

Ignorant men have raised objections to what I and Bruce Doucette and Gary Darby and many other Americans are doing by occupying the vacated offices and acting as judges serving  the American Common Law Court System.  They think that we are somehow impersonating offices in the admiralty court system, which is obviously and abundantly untrue.  

They also think that we have to be members of the Bar Associations---- when in fact we can't be members of the Bar and serve in any American Common Law Court office whatsoever.  

They think that we are offering to oppress them in some way or establish an additional unwanted or improper authority over them, but the fact is that they have the same choice they have always had---- they can function as "persons" and submit themselves to international admiralty law, or they can function as "people" and submit themselves to the law of the land. 

We are simply choosing our traditional law form and organizing ourselves to provide Common Law Court services for the land jurisdiction of these United States, and thereby exercising a prerogative that has always been ours. 

Each one of us has the ability and responsibility to choose our political status and our form of law and to act accordingly. It would be just as wrong for us to force anyone to act as one of the "people" of these United States as it would be wrong for them to force us to act as a "person" under international admiralty law. 

Which is the whole point. 

They are free to identify themselves as "citizens of the United States" with "United States" defined as "territories and District of Columbia".  They can operate as "persons" if they want to adopt that status and they can incorporate federal franchise "STATES" to serve their needs. We won't stop them.

And by the same stroke, we can identify ourselves as members of the "free, independent, and sovereign people of the United States" ----- these United States of Wisconsin, Oregon, Texas, and so on, which are the actual organic states of the Union; and we can operate our lawful government owed to the land jurisdiction of this country to serve our needs. 

Recently, there has been a flap with the ironically named "National Liberty Alliance" and its leadership.  They have ignorantly and falsely accused us of "insurrection".   If anyone is guilty of insurrection against these United States, it is those presently operating admiralty courts on our soil and practicing personage-for-profit against the people of this country. 

We, the people, are the living, actual, factual government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  There is no such government of the person, for the person, and by the person-- a fact that those who adopt "personhood" should consider carefully and well. 

Believe me, our ancestors had no trouble recognizing how a Common Law court works (think John Wayne) versus how Admiralty Court works!!!  And we have to get to a point where all this is common knowledge now. 

So in answer to your question-- once people decide to act as people and not as persons, as free men and not slaves, they can also choose the form of law they live under, and can operate that system as it is supposed to operate.

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  1. Liberty is a demand. Tyranny is submission.

    This Admiralty law things is a form of submission and a cop out.

    Imagine if you will that you have leased a home from someone. Now imagine that that person then began to do things that infringed upon your use of that home, and not permitted in the lease. Things like using the garage for their car, moving their in-laws into the basement, and hosting parties. With lease in hand, you'd demand that they cease and desist from their actions.

    Now imagine that they then said, "Sorry, but I changed up the least to permit me these things." You'd laugh. If you weren't in a party to the changes, then the original lease is still in affect, and the "modified" one null and void.

    You would most certainly not acquiesce to the owner's assertions, and will forcefully assert your rights as found in the lease.

    Humans, people, come into being with certain unalienable rights, that need not reviewed here. You are born under a compact of sorts between you and nature, God, or whatever.

    The Constitution is a compact between the American states and American people. It has never been unratified, and is still "The Law of the Land." As such, the Constitution only bestowed certain powers upon the US government. All other powers were expressly prohibited to the US in the 9th. and 10th. amendments.

    Therefore it follows, that the "Unalienable Rights" compact, and the Constitutional compacts have never been changed or rescinded by the aforementioned parties, and so then those compacts are still in affect. No amount of machinations and subterfuge can change that fact, any more than a dodgy and crafty landlord can change up your rights under a lease.

    But it does fall to you the holder of such rights to resist such trespasses against you. To demand, resist, and if comes to it, violently eliminate said trespasses.

    As the Declaration of Independence so eloquently put it, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

    So, it is not just your "right," but also your "duty" to assert your rights. To acquiesce to their machinations and usurpations is not only submission, but a dereliction of your duty.

    Admiralty law, etc. has know force of law, and is null and void, unless you submit to it.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  2. When I took oath, to Sail The Seas under the Flag of Stars and Stripes, did I submit to the absolute EVIL of the Veterans Administration..., to the worst medical care available by third world Doctors and white hating Sharia Freaks? Did I submit to having 9 or more of my (VA)patients murdered by incompetents carrying Falsified credentials and empowered by their racial enfranchisement ? Did I agree to having that Admiralty Courts system, Nefariously dispense with resolution of any and all grievance ? Did I agree to being shot in the back, half a dozen times, then in the face 3 more times, by a Wild Court of Whorrors ? When Hitler, or Bill Clinton bent an unwilling participant over a table and had their way, was that OK too? We are aware of the intent of our governments to murder us. The CHEMTRAILS are poison. The police in UHmerica did gun down 1300 people last year while Alqueda, and ISIS (combined), average only 439 such kills per year over a ten year period. Judges LOCK UP and imprison more people in this God forsaken country than any other place in the world. You suggest a means to access my own death or imprisonment, via the "violent elimination of these trespasses". Under COMMON LAW, the New Testament suggests we bend over and take it..., PACIFISM. That doesn't work either. I suggest we whip out our keyboards and verbally (violently)challenge..., to Truth and Justice under Common Law. Take some kind of stand, or die very soon. I hope to survive an attempt at approaching my government, to within "hearing Distance", such that I can study and learn the weaknesses of these criminals. Then take meaningful action under Common Law.

  3. As usual...well said. Mention is made of states of the Union that have established the common law in some of their counties and even gives the name of the organization,but then other states, such as Texas, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and California are mentioned without identifying an existing organization. I live in one of those states. Are there already existing organizations in these states too that we could join with? It would be good to know that so we aren't opposing an already functioning body.


  4. For people who asked about my yt...a inspired video...ENJOY!


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