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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How To Identify Liars and Fools --- They Talk About "Sovereign Citizens".

by Anna Von Reitz

There is no such thing.
It is a literal impossibility to be a "sovereign" and a "citizen" at the same time.
"Sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron.
The term "sovereign" cancels out the term "citizen" and vice versa.
Look up the legal definition of these two words and it will be absolutely, glaringly, and forever apparent.
So if you hear people talking about "sovereign citizens" or calling me or anyone else a "sovereign citizen"---- you now know for sure that they are in fact either (1) ignorant as Pat's Pig or (2) are part of the problem and trying to cause trouble by "labeling"---- a propaganda technique which you probably first encountered in grade school.
"Oh, Jenny is a ........." and "Johnny is a......." and so and so is something else.
Anyone who survived High School should hear this kind of gossip and have a retch response.
I do.
And I immediately "tune out" such people, because Number One--- they are divisive, and Number Two, if they don't know the difference between "sovereign" and "citizen"----what can they possibly contribute to the conversation?
The phrase that they are probably striving for and getting all bungled up is, "sovereigns without subjects"--- from United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay: " the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they truly are the sovereigns of this country, but they are sovereigns without subjects."
quoted in ALDEN v. MAINE, 527 U.S. 706 (1999) (2).
Please note--- we are talking about "people" being the "sovereigns" of this country, not "persons" being sovereign over themselves or anything else.
That is again why we are owed a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not of the persons, by the persons, and for the persons.
Wake up, wake up, wake up......
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  1. I have stopped at the end of the 5th sentence, and it does look like the words sovereign and citizen are oxymorons, on many levels.

  2. ... AWAKENING ! I am a Sovereign without Subjects, at least in my heart. Thanks Anna, and as always, Paul.

  3. The only exception to the "without subjects" part of that might be the head of the household inside his or her own home.

  4. You know, for all of us who have love and the eternal Spirit of energy in our soul, here are some thoughts to all of Anna’s letters.
    If I were to suggest a way to synthesize and crystalize a fast-track way to connect the dots of full crystallization of knowledge and wisdom to the subject of consciousness, space, time, Spirit-Aether anti-gravity space travel consciousness and energy as the immortal-energy beings we are that through cause and effect attribution we manifest into the world we interact, I would recommend the resources listed below.
    Thought travels at super-luminal speeds. Consciousness and not trying to force something that is not there, but relax I the stillness of your own oneness with the wave frequency of light-energy and your very core being as Spirit, you can flow as One with the laws of nature to anywhere you want, and why Ben Rich, the CEO of Lockheed said ‘we can take Lockheed home”.
    What I do not agree with Rich on, is his caution and denial of letting our highly advanced science and technology should NOT be released to the public, unlike US Navy Secretary Forrestal under President Truman who did, that cost him his life in being murdered by the CIA. Which again, tells me why this science and technology, being in the hands of people who would murder someone, is exactly why they should be banned from ever having any weapons in their hands, and why these are the exact kind of phenotypes, who must be purged from having any control over anything as far as I’m concerned, for they have shown they will always pose a threat to our security if we were to be met with those other civilizations who are peaceful but do have the capability to implode this planet with high magnetic energy weapons, and turn this place into a cinder.
    But Ben Rich also comes from the corporate world of doing things the way that most corporate trained people are who think on a material plane, with money systems, hierarchies, stereotyping, and tunnel-vision non-spiritual view of the world, nor even recognize how it all really works, and who we really are in a higher-power spiritual sense of true identity, that gets lost, when your whole life has been driven by, the same subconscious download of what he learned since childhood in mass public schooling systems in Kindergarten, and the type of information processing domain of what people are fed, that leaves out the true nature of not only who we are, but what is possible when the population of this planet lived in the truth, versus the massive fraud of the kind of world we really live in, and the potential of what is truly possible for all of us, they refuse to let be known, until now.

  5. PART 2
    And why those of us who have been blessed to have gravitated towards having a close nexus relationship and love for nature, and all life to begin with and realize the importance of not losing your connection to it.
    For the more you are interacting with the cause and effect relationship your love and spirit has with nature, you feel the oneness of that love-energy that flows through it and you are actually One, you begin to realize, just how much power of love you have and what is possible when your trust ad truth become one with it, to crate anything, as I have.
    I have spent my whole life towards this pursuit of Spiritual knowledge and wisdom and love for my relationship with it that it becomes almost an addiction and oneness you feel as that love becomes the most powerful elixir I have ever experienced in my life.
    I have found nothing more exhilarating, that feeling one with the Spirit if screaming down the face of a 20 foot Hawaiian wave on a surfboard, feeling the immense power of what we called Hawaiian Juice”, as you feel as the love energy within who you are, being one with the spirit of the wave you are one with, in a choreography and symphony, your Spirit is resonating with that drives so much passion we would be out all day in the water until dark.
    Its why in all the years I spent in backpacking in highly remote regions of all the western USA mountain ranges and in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, you will for example see a sign posted by the US forest Service on a wilderness trailhead, as sign that reads the following on entering the Payne’s Lake Trailhead.
    “You are entering the Russian Wilderness, this is a very special place, for the spiritual experience you will enjoy in this area, and thus, what you pack-in, you pack out, and to leave this area unspoiled for others to enjoy its pristine beauty.”

  6. PART 3
    The more you are connected to the artificial world of the material one, as Ben Rich and most of those who attach themselves to it, the more meaning you attach to the thread-lines of thought forms and self-reinforcing socio-cultural paradigm of much lower evolved spiritual beings the ruling class is, who have very little love and appreciation for who the rest of us are, and thoroughly underestimate its truth, because it is us, who are not like them and why we are not where they are, because it is the vast majority of humanity who does know how to live in harmony and they don’t as self-evidence by the need to create money systems and hierarchies and massive armies to protect their fraudulent material enterprise’s they put so much lack of love energy and spiritual expression into.
    And in that truth, lies the very essence of who they are and why we are, and while I admit my mind lives in a world of grey matter, here are many levels of spiritual evolution, that largely depends on how much effort you put into understanding who you are and how you have been lied to by them, and the systems and the fence lines they construct that separate and not unite, what are people who are very insecure in the extreme and why they have such difficulty in being in harmony with all life and why they can’t let go of control, for they are the ones that fear has mastery over them and not us.
    Its why even though I grew up around relative affluence, especially my grandfather who turned down an offer to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth for having saved the lifeline of food and war materials that Britain was being cut-off from during WWII, he chose not to accept a title of nobility, for he said he was now an American who did not recognize such meaning to his life.
    In my view, what my life is worth in the end, is how much love I gave to all life that I can measure by the state in which it sits when I left.
    The human footprint of love we leave on this planet, will be reflected by the state of love and happiness everyone feels who lives here in their heart.
    If you put all your energy into accumulating money and material things, than you are taking, more than what you give to it.

  7. PART IV
    And when you combine the fact that those who take the most and use the most as the means to bribe, corrupt, live with no rules and no laws, and no love towards life that govern your behavior, the it is no secret why we who don’t, end up with people who uses those means to control us and destroy life, that we are letting them do this to us.
    It’s not rocket science.
    It’s a matter of changing this paradigm with the power of love and spiritual consciousness we have that they don’t.
    It’s how you achieve type IV Civilization status, and how those in the rest of the universe would be happy to connect with us, without weapons, but love and generosity of who we are as Spirits of Love-energy, no different than when you bask your Spirit in the middle of a springtime day, feeling the love-energy of resonating wave frequency flowing through you as One with it, such as I have experienced throughout my entire life, and especially in Tuolumne Meadows in the High Sierra mountains of CA, when you are co-mingling with the pollinators of butterflies and bumblebees, who are blossoming in the love for life this energy has, particularly when you know they have like many trans dimensional space craft, that use Spiritual consciousness neutron-electrical accumulators, to resonate with the wave frequency harmonic of the earth, as the bumblebee does to move through space and time.
    It is what love for life I gave to it to experience, because it is the unconditional love you give to those you interact with in this world, that reflects back on you in what love you feel in your heart comes back, for what you feel, is the reflection of what you feel in an affluent family with very loving and spiritual material world of money systems, hierarches etc., are the very constructs the ruling elite use to keep the ball of the natural world and your spirit from ever becoming with the power of the universe you have with you as spirit, that gave birth to this universe.

  8. PART V
    The sources I have listed below were for me anyway, what I believe is one of the most time-effective ways to cut to the chase in learning, to connect the dots and crystalize the truth of what has been laid buried in our memories and replaced by all the insidious downloading into our subconscious minds from birth, of who we really are as Creators, by being Spiritual Energy beings, from which the multi-verse was created to begin with.
    A way to connect the mental constructs, and spiritual-truth in our mind, body and spirit, a conceptualization that allows for all of us to reach unity of truth that we all share, as the nexus to changing the self-destructive paradigm that humanity has been captured by, and housed in a body of fraud, lies, deception, and social engineering tools(Silent Weapons for Secret Wars) of complete fraud the ruling class pathological psychotic insanity they express themselves by to us, that must be purged from our reality, by the rent space of the mind we give to them as having any legitimate place for us to give time and energRESOURCES
    Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology
    Ralph Ring - John Searl - Jason Verbelli - Alternative Energies
    y that is pure fraud.


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