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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Genesis of the Fake Corporate "Personas"

by Anna Von Reitz

One of the concepts that people are having a lot of trouble with is the difference between an unincorporated business and a corporation---- both are "corporate" in the sense of being fictitious, but one is engaged in private trade under full commercial liability and accrues only private property and the other seeks the benefit of limited liability and incurs the obligations to the State and accrues income by definition. 

ABC Company does not equal ABC Corporation.

ABC Company is a "corporate entity" and can do business with ABC Corporation without breaking the "in kind" rule of contracts, but a living man named John Raymond Doe acting as a living man cannot.  He can only contract with other living men.

This is what necessitated the adoption of "doing business as" names at the beginning of the 20th Century.  More and more businesses were operating as corporations and those corporations wanted to be able to deal directly with living customers who were NOT organized as any kind of business entity.  Likewise, many living people wanted the goods and services provided by corporations, but did not have a company or company name that would allow them to do business with a corporation.

So the "State of_________" stepped in and began the process of issuing "doing business as" Names conceived as foreign situs trust franchises doing business within the fictitious "State of Ohio" and subject to the statutory laws of the "State of Ohio".

Foreign situs trusts are named using the same style conventions as those being used by living men at the time, so there was no way to know the difference between "Hans Luke Jorgenson" the man and "Hans Luke Jorgenson" the foreign situs trust.  People could do business with other people and with corporations without ever actually realizing that they were "presumed" to be acting in separate capacities.

It never crossed their minds and they were never told that they were acting as corporate "persons" when they walked into a Ma Bell Office and signed a contract to receive telephone service, but for the purposes of that transaction, they were considered by the State and by Ma Bell as acting in a "corporate" capacity.  They had to be, otherwise the in-kind provisions would have been violated and it would not have been possible for corporations to sell services to individual people on contract.

Then along came another layer to the puzzle--- in addition to American corporations, international corporations began coming on shore and selling goods and services.  This opened up another can of worms.  Not only did Americans require a "doing business name" to be able to contract with and receive goods and services from American companies and corporations under "State" law, they needed another "doing business name" to be able to do business with international corporations under international law. 

So, the Washington DC Municipality began registering Cestui Que Vie trusts under the doing business names of all the American foreign situs trusts and the additional all-capital letters name was born: HANS LUKE JORGENSON could now do business with international corporations and he was "presumed" to be a franchise of the UNITED STATES (Inc.) and obligated to obey federal statutory law and international law generally.

The problem of course is that poor old Hans back on the farm was never told any of this and never educated to be able to responsibly conduct his own business affairs.  The "State" and the "federal government" decided to "indemnify" him as a "ward"---in exchange for him granting all control over his name and estate assets to them. And from that, all the abuses have sprung.

Not only was Hans not told about the meaning of names being "presumed" upon him by the self-interested corporations, but he wasn't informed of their offer to copyright his name, convert the ownership of his estate to their control, and micro-manage his life according to their statutes, executive orders, and corporate policies.

He was never told about their offer of his labor and his private property including his interest in his land and his business enterprises as collateral backing the debts of the "State of_____" and later, the "STATE OF________" corporations, as well as the debts of the United States of America, Inc., and the debts of the UNITED STATES (INC.)......and soon poor old Hans was "presumed" to be bankrupt.....

The corporations are by nature evil, irresponsible, and self-interested entities created for the sole purpose of making profit and avoiding liability.  Unlike companies which bear the burden of full commercial liability, the corporations routinely get away with murder and discharge their debts through abuse of bankruptcy protection.

We have looked high and low and can find no justifiable reason for corporations to be provided with protection from liability in exchange for paying off a portion of their profits as "protection money" to yet another corporation in the business of providing governmental services. It has both the plain appearance and affect of racketeering and extortion under armed force---and all under conditions of semantic deceit and constructive fraud, personage, and impersonation of public officials.

All legal presumptions held against individual people obligating them to perform under commercial contracts that are and always manifestly were NOT in-kind and NOT fully disclosed should be dropped immediately and without recourse as unconscionable and the people should not suffer any loss or claim against their labor, their private property, or their public property interests as a result of the constructive fraud being practiced against them by these corporations----including and especially the governmental services corporations which have passed themselves off as the lawful government owed this nation.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. Right on Anna! Thank you for sharing, and continuing to share so more of the people can get a handle on things. Each time I read your posts they are filled to the max with knowledge that is priceless to anyone who truly reads them. Thank you again -Nick-

  2. I have been listening to Michael Tellinger from Africa and he seems to have the answer to "What do we do about this after we know the truth?", than answer, to me, is the UBUNTU movement of community unity through contributism instead of using the old money system of Babylonian Magic Money System. Please let me know what you think of this solution.

    Many thanks!

  3. Judge anna is requesting funding support, but she wants a funds/check sent to he AK address? Is there not a simpler way, like using PayPal whereby I make a monthly deposit automatically?

    1. Larry's question should be answered appropriately that all who may read may become further educated, regardless of the level of insight they currently possess.

    2. The answer is that you can use the PayPal button on the right side of this blog, and in the notes box on PayPal you can tell us if you want part or all of it to go directly to Judge Anna as a contribution. If you don't stipulate funds to go to Anna, the money gets used to keep this blog and her website at on line and to push this information to every wider audiences around the world.

  4. Thanks Anna, this is even a better more complete answer to the question I had regarding the release and discharge to the judge. Knowing who you are when acting is key, and that I've known for some time, but you've opened more doors regarding the different trusts than I ever knew, which although it complicates things, actually makes things more clear. Now we need people to act.


  5. We have lived our whole lives under this corporate, all cap letters name and have been educated to do just that. Now that word is coming out that this is not how we should be conducting our lives, have you or others you know gone through the process personally of removing yourselves from the error and living daily as you should be in this country? Also, do you or anyone you know who has accomplished the process change have it written down so others who desire to do the same can accomplish this process of change in their lives. If there is not a way to educate the complete process to others than this is all just hot air and will not benefit even the most diligent seeker. Thank you for your response to my questions. Take care

    1. try jonah bey at hindsight radio he seems to have the best organization so far as to how and what to do as far as templates, videos, audios and webinars. winston shrout is good too.

    2. I believe it is important to consider rightly there is not one, reduced to form, solution to nullifying each of the various components of the web woven by, literally, the enemies of our souls.

      Not to wax philosophical here, but this truly is a journey of discovery, these blogs and such, for example the vital importance of expatriation, as expounded by Anna in her very enlightening writings.

      Her website containing her well over a hundred fifty power packed articles of truth allows you to search the word expatriation, Expatriation Act of 1868, and from there it takes personal time invested in learning.

      Learn to trust yourself, your Creator created you trustworthy, did you know that?

      Remember, 'you are in the world but not of it'.

      The ability to hear your inner knower is enhanced by an ever increasing hunger of the human heart. I mean that literally. There is way, far, deeper, more to the human heart than most know.

      We have the opportunity to become one in this endeavor!

      Regarding a process.... the power of an overwhelming diversity of the application of the truth, numbering in the millions, sending letters of truth to the U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Jacob Lew, by the millions, each letter in their own words, all pertaining to the subject of expatriation, containing same message each one. Hmmnn...

      I am in the process of preparing my own letter of expatriation.

      It is best if each letter is sent as a result of personal understanding of the real truth regarding things being done to us personally by these corporate scum....

      Well that's a good beginning.

      As far as accomplishing the process, we are certainly learning as we go. It seems there is no one thing that frees one from the clutches of the deceitful web so successfully woven by evil.

      Their evil is deeply interwoven throughout the systems of our world everywhere you turn and none will easily be turned out of their power structure.

      Keep a hungry heart for from it comes forth the well spring of life!

      One thing is sure, we will get there together, for it is our time to regain the American Republic!

      I have a disheartening/enlightening read for you if you have interest.

      In your internet search line type in Thomas Jefferson vs. the Muslim world. Learn the truth of how Muslims feel about America.


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