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Saturday, March 19, 2016

To our subscribers for the Anna Von Reitz website and Montanablog dot US

Who is Paul Stramer
From the desk of Paul Stramer
Hi everyone,

First I want to thank you all for your unwavering support of our efforts to get Anna's articles and other pertinent information on current affairs in front of thousands of people around the country and around the world. I especially want to thank the few of you who have donated financially to buy me the time to do this. You are in our prayers daily.
The first and most important tool I have is my own web server based in Canada.  With that tool I was able to buy the domain names and get all this information into one place where the search engines could find it all with a search for Anna's name. 
When Anna writes each new article it requires a multi step process to get it out there in a way where it can go viral across the world wide web.
First she sends the article to me in an email. I then post that article on my blog at montanablog dot US, and during that process there are several steps to not only proofread the article, but to make it look good, and spell check it.  You can help with that, by letting me know if I miss anything, like typos or misspellings, by sending those to me in an email at  This process can take up to an hour per article depending on how much formatting is required.
Then, once it's published on the blog,  I send an email announcing the new article, both on my blog email list called  LCW Mail, and on the automated system we have at A, which is an autoresponder system that people can opt in to on both and the blog at, by putting their first name and their email in one of the forms with the picture of the teacup at either website.
We have upwards of 5000 subscribers and still growing rapidly.  That system costs just under $1000 per year, and we are now using some other systems that exchange traffic for views to Anna's website. More about that in a later email.
Then I bring up Microsoft Word and import that article from the blog into Word, and again format so the article can be printed easily.  At this point I can add pictures, and make sure the format fits for printing and then it gets saved in Word .doc format.  Then I import that word document into another program and export the new file as a PDF (portable document file) which is cross compatible for appearance and printing on the Apple operating systems.
Once the PDF file is done I upload it to the server on Anna's website, and then bring up the home page and add a listing for the document to the index. We are over 1900 articles now in just over 5 years of work. 
The next step is to share the article on Facebook to my own Facebook page, and then share that to Anna's Facebook page.  Then If I have time, I usually share the article snippet to most of my own friends on Facebook, many of whom have between 2000 and 5000 friends of their own.  When I do that, the hit counter on both sites goes through the roof. 
Every new article is also automatically sent to twitter when I publish on the blog.
This whole process can burn up over 2 hours per article to make them go really viral around the world, and you can help.
Considering how many articles Anna writes, sometimes as many as 7 per day, you can see the problem.  You can help with this time crunch.
When the articles first appear on the blog, at the bottom of each article there is a share button for Facebook. If you have a Facebook page, please hit that button and share the new article on your own Facebook page, and tell everyone to also share it with their friends list on Facebook.
When we started this not just over 5 years ago, we were getting just a few hundred hits per week.  Now, with repeated effort week to week we are getting up to 30,000 page loads per week between both websites, and something like 8 to 15 thousand brand new first time visitors, but if we really want to make a difference we need to reach millions of people with this crucial information before it's too late and we are in some kind of unlawful "martial law" scenario.
You can help make that happen.  

I will continue doing what I have been doing, but would like to do a lot more. Since I am not HOLY ENOUGH yet to have the gift of bi-location, and since we are not wealthy, I have been trying to divide my time between this effort and making a living with our home based business.  We sell radio communication gear, and many other products in the preparedness field.  So how can you help get Anna's word's in front of millions of people quickly?
Here are some steps to take.
1. Share each article when it's published to your Facebook page.
2. If you have a mailing list, send the notice for the article to your list, and put a note to your readers, friends and family about how important this work is to their future.
3. Consider looking at my websites if you might need any preparedness equipment or communications.
Here is a list of those websites.  
For Two way radio gear:
To purchase silver:
To earn Silver
For Fuel Preservative:
For Stun Guns:

4.  If you can't help any other way, consider donating a few bucks to buy me the time to do more, or to actually buy some paid advertising on some of the major systems out there like Google Ads. Find the PayPal button to the right on this blog or click the link below.

We value a small monthly recurring donation through PayPal such as $10 or $20 per month, as much as we do one time larger donations, but are very grateful for absolutely anything you can do in that regard.  Here is the link to donate. You don't need to be a member of PayPal to use this:
5. Go to the blog when each article comes out and click on the title of the article, then scroll to the bottom and add a comment on the article. We are getting lots of comments now, but the more we get the better the search engines pick up on these articles around the world because the search engines love new and original text to index into their databases.

6. PRAY LIKE IT'S ALL UP TO GOD, because really it is, and then help out like it's all up to us, just to show God that our hearts are really true to His truth.
Thank you all and God Bless you and yours'.

Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839


  1. Hi Paul, I temporarily canceled my donation because somehow I messed up and was donating twice in different amounts. I will start a monthly donation again in July. God bless and take care. You, Anna and everyone else doing this hard work are always in my prayers.

  2. Thank you, Paul and Anna for all you do! Hugs! :)

  3. I am a disabled senior who has no extra money to donate so I am spreadding the word and sending out Anna's articles to my website members.

    Thank you Paul for all of your hard work to make sure Anna is successful. We are beholding and willing to do our part even if all it is is sending out your data.

    1. Angellica your help is greatly appreciated.
      God Bless you and yours.

  4. Hey Paul , send me a paypal link ; I'LL check my e-mails later ; you ANNA and Robbb are on my lists I'LL HELP

  5. If you would like to help us continue and expand this work of Anna's:

  6. Hello Paul,i have sent to you then to Anna though snail mail. Are they all going for same cause? Thank you for all your efforts!!!


    1. Yes we use the funds where they are needed most. Some go to the Living Law Firm, and some to advertising, and some to travel and internet expenses.

      Every penny is appreciated and used to fight the good fight.



    2. Need help. Will donate what I can. My life and mission here is at stake,thank you. I sent email

  7. We need to get this info to those who have already an established followers around the globe like David ice and Santos bonnacci there aware to some extent but not as Anna s info details these people will run with this info and preach it feverably

  8. Do you have any thoughts about the people at ? And has anyone got any ideas about Cindy Kay Curriers latest endeavors? I studied OPPT One Peoples Public Trust, years ago, which was meant to collapse all corporations... anyone? I do like Anna's articles. Thank you for all this information, my worry is those bullies with guns, how could we win?

  9. I heard a rumor that trump signed a document that would give the Vice President the roll of president when NESARA is signed. This was today............... Is this true?

  10. We have a rendition of the same system in Canada, only the titles, actors and statutes are all different, is there any work that Anna has done for Canada? There is an Alberta ruling about 5 years back for the case Meads v Meads, now judges are classifying people as OPCA litigants and throwing them in jail. I understand that the vital statistics act and the warehouse receipts act are the enslavement tool but we have no session laws here to claim the assumed name back, so do we put the notice in the paper to get it recorded on the public record? Canada is listed as a corporation but the way the government is run the people are still treated as subjects (chattel), I don't know enough about law to siphon through the documentation to see when the Queen gave up control, this is where Anna's help is valuable because she would recognize where the system and the lie becomes weak to support their deceit. Canada is going through its own turmoil right now, libtard governments are destroying the economy and people are looking for an alternative method to combat the criminals in power. There are approximately 40,000 people called Freeman in the country that are a formidable force but that energy must be directed efficiently. I could see if Anna did a little work deciphering the Canadian system and arm these 40,000 pissed off people with more tools to repel evil a formidable force form the North would re awaken, Why not unite the North American fight??

    1. Hello Tax slave, All the worlds problem are tied to the Vatican and its employees...the Queen of England being the main one...Anna's articles are very pertinent to both America, Canada and the rest of the world...wherever people seek freedom and the end of slavery, Anna's articles are the fuel to feed the fires of freedom that burn in all of our hearts. Anna does have patterns to follow for England, so maybe those can be of help.

  11. I love the" pray like it's all up to god"

  12. I say Creator as "God" is misinterpreted these days. Same essence. Much love

  13. Hi Paul did you receive my previous comment
    Susan James

  14. Paul
    I’m interested in becoming a recording secretary for CA we need more! Please advise or direct to me to someone who can advise me what to do to get there and also advise me on what equipment I’ll need such as CPU scanner camera printer and software etc. also is there funding provided for the purchase of equipment if not that’s ok. I’m still interested.
    Please help.
    Go In God’s Grace

  15. I am fairly new to your site but have known about Anna for some time. I simply haven’t taken the time to read and learn! My first step is finding how I can become a state national and try and volunteer some of my time to the cause. Thank you for all the work you’re putting in!
    Denise W. So Cal

  16. thank you for your truth of what is, and what is NOT law! I'm a "private attorney general" and have WON 2 of 2 Fed. Rico Actions, in their courts, with a "bar carder," in any of except the FED judge that wouldn't allow them to "dismiss 20 Federal Felonies, against the 20 TOP ranked PO in Austin, Texas! I read about a old case, that "Pvt.AttnGenrls" could input "stipulations" with the Charges, and if the HANDLERS of the PO FIRED the 20 PO, case would be dropped. SO the "Fired" the bad PO 21 Days after filing, and so case over, and done! Never even had a "day in court!" OPPS! The case's name is " Sliger vs Woodward et al " on pacemoniter!
    My next case is 120 Page Federal Criminal Complaint with 43 Fed. Felonies and 30 Intl. charges, which also has "stipulations," but I'm now 74, and need "hands on" collators to assist, to learn HOW TO WIN!
    I'd give my Element name, but this page has not Security what so ever. And as you know... "WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY!" IT states "Not secure" before the http://

    1. OPPS! That was supposed to state "NO bar carder"

  17. If I can get the help to fill out and file all papers required to completely own my name, titles, passport, and c├ęst trust account. Upon completion, I would happily give a large comfy donation to help with many years to come. And i will contract if needed to show the bond of my word when it come to that donation. I have the time and financial to cover all filing costs, simply wanna do this process correctly, effectively, and in the quickest amount of time capable given all possible scenarios. Any whoo awesome page, I look forward to diving in through the process. Much love and god bless.