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Saturday, March 5, 2016

PAG Vrooman: Files Bundy action – at invitation of Oregon Federal District Judge

This document challenges the JURISDICTION OF THE "COURT" TO HEAR THIS CASE.

Finally somebody gets it.

Another document filed at the "court" in the Bundy case on March 2nd, 2016.

This case has issues that are far reaching, and this will NOT be a slam dunk for the criminals prosecuting it.


  1. I commend the efforts of this gentleman, however, from what is written in his documents submitted to the court, it doesn't appear he has corrected his nationality, and is also a U.S. citizen, so I seriously doubt if he has standing, especially in that corporate court. He needs to review Anna's position on expatriation, complete the process, THEN bring his action from outside the corporation. If he doesn't do this, all presumptions will be used against him and he will think his constitutional rights, or which as U.S. citizen he has none, will have been infringed upon.


    1. It would be nice if this process of expatriation of which you speak was clearly spelled out, step by step.

      Nowhere, including in Anna's writings, at least that I know of, is each necessary step carefully laid out so that those wishing to do so could take care of it.

      For example, you say 'corrected his nationality'. How, what, etc. It is one thing to come across sounding like one who is in the know, but totally another to be able to lead those on the path of expatriation, if in fact there is such a necessary action.

      There is no doubt Anna fully comprehends the process but in reality there are very few others, a contingent that likely includes yourself.

      Why don't you write a complete paper on the subject clarifying beyond all confusion just what you, or what Anna means regarding a 'completed' process of expatriation.

      Become part of the solution instead of a sideline fault player purporting to know far more than you actually do.

    2. Stand by Keith. There are a few of us scattered across the country who are putting it together. It will still be awhile before we see the effect and can roll something out we know will work.

    3. Please get your ass in gear and do something. Write a paper file it. Do it all by mail. Don't put your personally valued ass in jeopardy.

    4. you guys wait, and wait until whatever. Make your stand. Only you can stand up for yourself. Papers not file with the court or on the counry record is a non action. Anna writes a lot of papers.
      How many has she filed in court?

  2. Fortunately, as evidenced by the two above comments, we are taking action, by a WAR of WORDS. Thanks to Margy and Keith, and, as always Paul and Anna. I dearly home that a "WAR of Words", is all that will be necessary to END THE CORPORATION. There is no progress or lasting resolution unless the Corporation is ended, absolutely. If we all become SOVEREIGN will we then be required to Repatriate?

    1. So, you demonstrate knowledge and your inability to take action on the knowledge. City, county, state, federal. Do some thing for Christ's fucking sake.


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