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Friday, March 4, 2016

Counter Criminal Complaint filed on behalf of Shawna Cox in the Bundy case.

Read this ASAP


  1. keep in mind the job of the clerk of courts is to naturalize you into their jurisdiction by any means whatsoever. when she says penalty of perjury and omits under the laws of the United States of America she is under their jurisdiction

  2. This sounds very good to me. I read the complaint filed on behalf of Shawna Cox in the Bundy case. If there is anything I can do to further help, please notify me via email.

  3. Shawna Cox this is for you:from me,Ernie Wayne ter telgte: go to " the Johny storms radio show", 2*MIdweek / February, 2016. There is an archived Interview of me exposing the ancient , yet completely present land-grabbing system/program of 1871 STATES UNITED UNDER JURISDICTION FALSE:PRIVATE CIVIL CONTRACT CODES/STATUTES/AMENDMENTS, etc., for the aeternal purpose of COMMISION: farm - overthrows. I specifically seek to em-power accurate knowledge, by peaceful study/means, all who seek to stand and reveal the piggy-backing of a totally corrupt system of SLAVERY,perpetuated by the central bankers, and brought in thru Abraham Rothschild Lincoln. You will find verification/validation of my name, research and BANKCOURT activities on u-tube, under "the Montana natural man",and even more at "the mental", link to my name. Blessings upon you , the people, and special thanks to Mr Stramer.

  4. For those who could not open the link, you need adobe reader, since the file is a PDF file.

    This is the correct link.


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