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Monday, February 15, 2016

Letter of Support for Sheriff Palmer, Grant County, Oregon

by Anna Von Reitz

Sheriff Palmer and Sheriff Clarke in Oregon have both realized that the "Federal Government" corporation and its for-hire agencies have usurped unlawful jurisdiction, but they may still not realize exactly how or why, so I wrote the following Letter of Support to Sheriff Palmer to make it absolutely clear:

February 15, 2016
Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer
Grant County Sheriff’s Office
205 South Humbolt
Canyon City, Oregon RFD 97820

Dear Sheriff Palmer,
I want to thank and congratulate you on your strong stand in behalf of The Constitution and for honoring the guarantees that both the States of America and the living people are owed.
Although you are currently employed by a “governmental services corporation” that forces you to spend your time and effort on corporate law enforcement activities---- enforcement of “Public Policies” and “code” and “statutory law” and “regulations” instead of enforcing the Organic and Public Law we are all owed---- Sheriff Richard Mack brought this very issue all the way to the US Supreme Court in Mack and Prinz v. USA and it was determined that you have every right to exercise your office in defense of The Constitution.
If anyone tries to intimidate you or tell you that you can’t enforce the Organic Law of this country, you just waive that under their noses.
That said, it must be clearly stated that as things now stand, you are not occupying any Public Office.
This isn’t your fault and I am not criticizing you. This circumstance resulted from the units of State and County governments choosing to “incorporate” as franchises of the USA, Inc. back in the 1950’s and 60’s.
When you take a company operating on the land and under the Law of the Land and incorporate it, the resulting corporation then has to operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the international Law of the Sea.
The Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land” so far as the Federal Government is concerned, but without an unincorporated County or State organization to access that jurisdiction, you are stuck operating as you now are---- a mere employee of a governmental services corporation, placed between your stated and moral duty to enforce The Constitution and the Organic Law of this country and the demands of those operating the private corporation management for you to do nothing but enforce their edicts and regulations instead.
Mack and Prinz v. USA guarantees your right to enforce The Constitution, but a man cannot ultimately serve two masters.
The move is on to elect men like you to the true Public Office of Sheriff on the Land in restored Counties operating as unincorporated body politics owed absolute control of the land jurisdiction of this country once again. As a peace officer--- as opposed to a “law enforcement” officer--- you will be able to occupy the vacated Public Office of Sheriff on the Land and hold the highest peace keeping office in America. You will be able to deputize as many men as you need to deputize to guarantee The Constitution and enforce it and the rest of our Public Law. You will be able to commandeer whatever equipment you need.
The De Facto Rule of the Corporations as opposed to the Rule of Law and their usurpation upon our jurisdiction is swiftly coming to a well-deserved and ignominious end, as these organizations are being recognized internationally as the self-interested crime syndicates they have become. The banks that have been running these “governmental services corporations” as storefronts and misrepresenting them as if these organizations were in fact our lawful government have been caught red-handed in mammoth fraud, unlawful conversion of assets, and enslavement.
From the “Governor” on down, people have knowingly or unknowingly been impersonating lawful Public Officials and appearing to act in our lawful Public Offices, while in fact occupying private corporate offices instead. Many of them have taken secretive advantage of the resulting lack of accountability to plunder our country and our people. Those who have abused our trust and used these similarly named private offices as a means to abuse the power of Public Offices for private gain and purposes of plunder are guilty of terrible crimes. They will be prosecuted accordingly.
Please try to inform your fellow-Sheriffs of the facts so that no more of them fall into the trap of obeying unlawful and immoral orders. The Nuremburg Tribunal has been reopened to serve those who, like Sheriff Ward, continue to follow orders that are: (1) not issued by anyone holding valid Public Office; (2) violate the Organic and Public Law of this country; (3) result in harming innocent people and their public and private property interests.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska RFD 99652

***Please, take the time to add your voices. Send your letters and cards of support to Sheriff Palmer at the address above. He has been under a lot of pressure from the criminals operating the Federal Corporation and its "Oregon" franchise to stand down from his support of the actual Public Law of this country. He needs your support and he needs to know why he is right and why those criticizing him are wrong.***


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  1. Thank you, Judge Anna Riezinger.
    America needs people of your skills willing to stand and it's very much appreciated.
    Yes, one day due to Patriots such as you, William Cooper & LaVoy Finicum, etc.,...We, the People will actually be truly Free and Independent.
    Just like how JFK mentioned & warned us of in his famous speech about the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy from the secret societies that have taken us all over from within.
    HOOYAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

    1. "do not ask what your country can do for you
      but what 'you' can do for your country." - JFK

      Cooper and Finicum stood tall for their country.

      How many more are willing to do so?

      It must be a 'grass roots' effort by at least 3% of the population.
      ... that is all it takes just like the 3% Patriots from Idaho.

      What is 3% of 300,000,000 ( three hundred million 'plus' ) ?
      Its a lot of people working to together, that's what it is.

    2. Roger that.
      We need roughly 9 million people coming together...but doing it county by county...Sheriff by Sheriff.

  2. Elect people like Sheriff Glen Palmer and especially like
    Sheriff Buford Pusser R.I.P.

    Sheriff Pusser cleaned up real good.

    They did not want it to be cleaned up real good.

    Everyone was on the 'take' as they are now and more so.

    They did him in.

    No one appreciated his efforts and success in cleaning up as he did.

    Peter said to Jesus;
    How many people are going to Heaven, anyway?
    Jesus replied;
    3 out of 30,000 per day.
    ... odds are not too good - its in the KJV Bible
    ... where is everyone else going to go?

    Perhaps Sheriff Palmer is putting forth great efforts to get into the top three when the time comes as it will for everyone.

    If you don't try, how do you know if you are going to make it or not?

    What would happen to Sheriff Palmer if he cleaned up like Sheriff Buford Pusser, which he is capable of doing? - the same - you must try anyway, - you just don't know until you do.

    Perhaps the good judge can write a letter to the U.S. Marshall's office and
    ask; - What is the reason that you do not walk into the White House and arrest the President? - the U.S. Marshall can do this and no one can stop him.

    Why is the U.S. Marshall not doing it?

    The judge can write all the letters she wants.
    Nothing is going to happen and nothing is going to change.
    The 'Pope' is certainly not going to help.
    He is the 'enemy.' - do not write to him for nothing.
    He is 'not' 'Christ's representative on earth.
    ... he is a filthy dirt rag sinner just like every Jew Rabbi and every Baptist Pastor and the like, just like me, just like you, - probably a lot worse that you or I.

    We all fall short.
    We deserve nothing.
    We can 'never' pay the debt we owe.
    Lord Jesus the Christ paid a debt for us that he did not owe and
    that he did not have to pay on the cross.

    The 'grace' of God is the only way through Lord Jesus the Christ.
    No amount of 'good' works will do you any good unless you require a
    few extra points in a border line case, therefore, good works must be
    done by everyone. Play it safe. Why take any chances?

    You get the idea.

  3. It was said above "elect people like Sheriff Glen Palmer and especially like Sheriff Buford Pusser R.I.P.". While this is a well intended comment, all elections are organized by the de facto government, so the present election system won't work. If you are a "voter" you are a U.S. citizen and beholden to their so called laws. What we need to do is form an organization in each county, and when it becomes strong enough, take the county back, THEN, hold an election for real public servants. This is the hard part, as these people aren't going to step down gracefully.


  4. Presedence

  5. downriver, it's obvious you have never studied any history, or done any good reading, so may I recommend Start at the top and read the whole site. You need it.

  6. What is RFD? By the zip? Mean & why didn't anna put [ ] four corners around her zip

  7. Having been doing my do diligence as to understanding the 'How's and Why's" of this problem and the current it has taken with regard to Our Country; Learning that effective since: 1938 we've been under public policy and not Public Law, transformed June 5, 1933 by: President Roosevelt. Learning that the "Color of Law" has been put into place which violates your God given rights, and usurps the Authority of the United states and Not "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" but in fact; The United states for America. I look forward to seeing more of the true, willing and upright Law enforcement people to stand tall. Thank you Judge Anna von Reitz for you great work and commercial lien, which gave us a wealth of information needed to pursue other means of standing tall. I now know the difference between Public and Private and what is being done; I tell it everywhere I'm able. God's Speed to all.

  8. That here is some original frontier gibberish

  9. Song of the freeman.

    Heroes among us.
    Heroes unite us.
    I'm my own hero.
    We save each other.
    Everything's all right.
    Everything's just fine.


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