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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Cabal is under a perfected lien for 279 Trillion Dollars as of Friday at Midnight

As of January 15th at Midnight Friday night the 279 Trillion Dollar lien is a perfected instrument lacking only someone with backbone enough to go collect it.

Found here:  Read this article.

The video is taken from a television series call The Blacklist. Very interesting series that you should watch. It's propaganda, and the old saying that "A liar has to tell 95% truth to get his 1% lie believed." might be true, but in this case they are giving away lots of stuff most Americans don't have a clue about. The series has nothing to do with this actual lien against the ABA, IBA, and DOJ, but I thought the parallels were interesting.

And here is the actual lien filed in Mesa county Colorado on October 15th 2015. with SEC trace number of  2640220 THAT WAS NEVER ANSWERED.

Keep checking at the following websites for news on this.


  1. Do we need someone in Colorado where the lien was submitted to physically appear and ask for the payment?? If so can we hire an attorney or sheriff.?

  2. No, the lien was never answered and never will be answered.
    The point is the Constitutional system defeated itself. Those who wished to corrupt it became, however unlawfully by misrepresentation, the arbiters of social intercourse and governance. The corruption was so complete that no institution was not compromised nor powerful individual tainted.
    Consequently, Constitutional Republics are inadequate to the challenges of maintaining freedom and human sovereignty. This valiant effort failed because our Founding Document was metaphysically inadequate in not announcing the enemy of human progress. The fact of the matter is that humanity is not one species. The 'timeline' of human development, confuted by Jefferson's insidious and taken out of context proclamation that "All Men Are Created Equal" could not contemplate that "Some Men Are Created Evil".
    No human governance is viable until we can determine scientifically the genetic and historical provenance of evil.
    There was one who announced it. You know his name. We denounce him because he did not recognize political freedom
    as essential. His movement stressed 'cleanliness' first. Is it not time to recognize that politics will always fail until we resolve the issue of human ecology? You can start to understand this by reading Lobacewski's "Ponerology, the study of evil in Politics".

    1. I am an American and a living breathing man.

  3. hmmmmmm maybe the OPMG? provost marshal?

  4. So...where are the scans of postal receipts of the registered mail that was required to send this lien? Also would like to see the actual scanned signed lien before it was mailed..the pdf is not wet signed by anyone. Also..the SEC number is not searchable on the website.


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