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Friday, January 22, 2016

Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy from Judge Anna - 22 January 2016

Anna Von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy,  

Surely it is apparent now that the Doctrine of Scarcity hasn't worked?   And that tolerance of idolatry hasn't worked, either? 

These things have only promoted injustice and terrible suffering and caused the Church to stumble.

The Americans have repudiated the odious debt accrued against them via fraud by the British Crown.  They have also refused Jacob Rothschild's offer to buy the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. and operate it as a successor to contract. 

This is because neither the UNITED STATES, INC., nor its predecessor the United States of America, Inc., nor its predecessor The United States of America, Inc., nor any of the incorporated municipal governments of the District of Columbia ever had a consensual contract with the States of America to begin with.  

They were all interloping foreign governmental services corporations passing themselves off as the government owed to the people of this country, occupying what appeared to be public offices, and abusing those offices for private gain, operating various coercive racketeering and fraud schemes against the innocent people, and generally acting as parasites among us. 

As a result of the American action the French government has been thrown into a state of economic emergency; because the UNITED STATES, the IMF, and the UN Corporation have all been chartered under French auspices, and the creditors come home to roost.  Perfidious Albion, again. 

It is unavoidable that the French government and numerous other parties will inquire into the charters of these corporations and will learn many fascinating things as a result, not the least of which are the identities of the architects of this present messed up and fractured world. 

The Doctrine of Scarcity is a lie.  Our Father provided us with endless and generous abundance. There is no scarcity at all, and to claim that there is, is to call Our Father a cheapskate and a poor provider in the face of abundance.  There is no actual need for any child to go hungry, any elder to suffer, anywhere on this planet.  It is only the greed, cruelty, and selfishness of evil men that make it so. 

Whatever service delivery problems there have been or which still are, can be overcome now via a truthful and honest worldwide currency and credit system using block chain technology.  

Please admit the Truth and end this blasphemy, this false claim of scarcity, once and for all. Admit that there are only two things of value on the Earth so far as trade among men is concerned----labor and natural resources.   

Instead of taking one or two or three commodities and using them as standards of value---which always leads to scarcity and hoarding and manipulation of those commodities---why not flip this paradigm on its head, and use all the value of all labor and all natural resources to back a common worldwide currency delivered by block chain technology, available to everyone, everywhere? 

Test studies have already been done in Switzerland using a similar model and standard credit account technology.  People were given individual credit accounts sufficient for all their basic needs---food, water, housing, transportation, education, medical care, insurance, utilities.  They were also given individual investment accounts and allowed to invest in any business or venture so long as it was good for people and the Earth.  

Dire predictions that everyone would stop working fell on their nose. It turns out that the vast majority of people like to work at something, and though the additional income sparked a flurry of home improvements and medical and dental care that had been delayed for lack of funds, that soon died down.  

Over time about double the normal number of people changed jobs, went back to school, or retired early---but overall, the results were fine.  Job satisfaction soared, skills were improved, and the early retirees were able and willing to take on other duties as child care providers for younger family members and community service volunteers. Likewise, the investments people made were in things they cared about and were familiar with and as a result were very productive and positive, too.  

There is no reason that every man, woman, and child on this planet could not be given a basic living stipend and an investment account.  This could be delivered using two separate pre-paid credit accounts with transactions via block chain. Governmental needs could be addressed the same way, with each national government receiving investment funding for infrastructure and waste management and other needs based on population. 

We can do away with banking as we now know it. We can do away with at least 90% of the misery and poverty that are the direct result of dishonest banking and credit practices--flush out the nest of vipers and be done with it.  

And we can do away with the evils of idolatry, too.  Is it not clear enough that graven images whether stamped on pieces of paper or pieces of metal and used as money, are idols?  That these representations of value are not value?  A piece of paper is not equivalent to a man's labor or a pile of wood and yet we pretend that it is, a circumstance that renders the entire human race in a condition of insanity or delusion.  

Worst of all, this practice of using arbitrarily chosen (gold) or created (fiat money) to stand for labor and natural resources  encourages men to literally worship money, to fight for it and die for it and steal for it and go to war over it, when it is essentially nothing but a fraud scheme imposed by bankers and politicians on the rest of us.

The pernicious and delusional idea that gold is or ever was so very valuable rests on its use as money, and money is just a symbol of value that allows us to exchange value. That can now be done using digits instead of Silver Dollars and the sooner the better. 

The bankers have traded for centuries in idols and delusions of value and con games of all sorts. The simple Truth and the reduction of their false "god" to a mere implement of trade means the end of their cushy jobs and demand for their services as pundits at every paid-for-plate dinner, but it also means the end of suffering, economic malaise, and fraud that has plagued hundreds of millions of people for generations. 

Please stand up now for the Truth. 

Wouldn't it be appropriate for the Church to oppose the blasphemy embodied in the Doctrine of Scarcity and to take action to stop the false worship of money and the practice of idolatry in our midst?   At an earlier time in history many things including idolatry and usury were deemed "necessary evils" by the Church,  but those days are long gone. We have other means to expedite trade, including international trade. 

So long as the spotlight has been shone on the evils of money and the blasphemy inherent in the Doctrine of Scarcity, let's shine another ray of light in another dark, dusty, cob-webbed, nasty room in the House of God.  

While the idolatry of money dates from Ancient Sumeria and Babylon, this ongoing evil dates from Thomas Aquinas and Summa Theologica and the days when people didn't know what an Afterbirth was. They superstitiously assumed that it was a horribly deformed and dying second baby, a sort of Doppelganger or monster that inevitably followed us into this world. 

We have long known that the Afterbirth is not a who, but a what. 
There is no reasonable excuse for giving the Afterbirth our names or calling it a “human being” and registering it as abandoned property, giving it an estate as if it were a dead baby and treating it as a ward of the Church and the state.  All those provisions rooted in Medieval medical ignorance merely serve to create a false persona and promote the use of that "person" as a vampiric siphon to steal the labor and assets of innocent living people.
This has been going on a long time and has made for very cozy and profitable business dealings between the Holy See and the governments acting as beneficiaries of this secretive parasitic activity, but a reasonable man would conclude that it has to be brought to a stop.

While we are on the topic of fraud, let's also note that all contracts are fraudulent by nature and that the Church has known this as long as there has been a Church, yet has said nothing. 
Year after year and generation after generation, the Church has stood by and not only let the practice of contracting continue but has participated very actively and at a high level. 
Reason and experience and scripture all admit that we don't know or control our paths in life, that we can't even put one foot in front of the other, that time and unforeseen circumstance will have their way with us.  That being so, none of us is competent to sign a contract promising to perform in any way. It's simply not in our skill set.  Multiplying that basic incompetence and granting it to a Monarch or a Pope or President in no way creates any Higher Contracting Power. 
Zero times zero a billion times is still zero.

Corporations made by living people may live longer or not, and are subject to the same uncertainties of fortune, life or death, as the people creating them. Corporations regularly go bankrupt, disappear in a liquidation or merger, and are often terminated within a scant few years of being chartered. 
Obviously, corporations are not competent to contract, either. 
Consider the insanity of signing a document promising to perform on a mortgage for the next thirty years, when we can't guarantee the next three minutes?
We have no guarantees ourselves and can make no guarantees to others.  Obviously, too, everyone accepting our false claim knows that we are incompetent to guarantee anything we agree to, so the solicitors of contracts---banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies and so on---are knowingly accepting a false contract which is owed no enforcement of any kind. 
In entering a contract we are all just sitting around lying to each other, bragging, gambling, promising things we can't really promise, while the Church appears to condone this and signs contracts right and left, providing us with no righteous example or warning.

This, too, is a form of blasphemy in which we pretend to be little gods---in charge of our world and in charge of our destiny---when very clearly we are not.  
It would seem that the Churches and the Clergy need to stand up and admit what is simply true and honest about our condition, and the condition of all our human institutions, too---that we are mortal and weak and subject to all manner of adversity, that we cannot guarantee our breath or our footsteps and err every time we contract to do anything.
It also seems necessary for the Churches to oppose the unreasoning and coercive violence and racketeering of the banks and mortgage companies and other contract solicitors and their collection agents.  They knew they were dealing with mere mortals up front from the beginning of any contract process.  They have no right to ask for surety when surety is not in mortal hands to give.

If people have made a good faith effort to carry through on a contract or have realized the fraud involved and turned away from it, there should be no punishment; rather any punishment or loss should levy against those who are knowingly soliciting contracts from people and institutions that in the most basic sense possible are incompetent to guarantee performance.

People who through innocence or misplaced confidence or simply lacking full disclosure of the nature of the contracts they have bumbled into should be set free by the Mercy Seat of Justice, not evicted from their homes or deprived of their freedom or hounded by employees of predatory creditors. 
From these and other frauds and evils the Churches and the Clergy need to stand as a defense and as Shepherds for all those who depend on them for practical and moral guidance.

Too often the Church and Clergy through their own myopic failings preach the Word without hearing it, dictate behavior without modeling it, and neglect their most fundamental mission---to nurture and protect Christ's sheep.  
Hundreds of millions of people are suffering on this planet because the Church has not grappled with such basics as the establishment of an honest banking and credit system, has not weighed in against the practices of idolatry and false Witness, has not warned against usury and contracts, has not sought much less ensured justice,and has too often tolerated immoral and downright criminal practices, allowing them to continue and to come forward from ancient times into the modern day for no better reason than chasing after money and political power.

Francis, it's time to confess the sins of the Church. It's time for all churches to confess.  And having confessed, it is time to step forward and step up.

We are all aware of the problems that our Earth is suffering.  We are aware of the gross pollution that reckless corporations and criminal governments have spawned.  We are aware of the weather modification technologies that exist and which were addressed by the ENMOD Treaty forty years ago. We have suffered through all the domestic and Black Ops, the chemtrails, the induced storms and tampering with the Jet Stream, the holes in the Ozone, the horrific experiments that have caused mass die-offs of birds and fish and animals, the deployment of CIPPA, the deployment of Gabriel's Hammer and the plasma weaponry of the other Three Angels that were bound long ago in the Fertile Crescent.  We aren't stupid.  We aren't really dumb, driven cattle.

We know that these problems are not being caused by cow farts and are not the result of increased carbon dioxide per se. Instead of  supporting yet another fraud as an excuse to increase taxation of the already overwhelmed and overburdened populace, the Church needs to join with the people in putting an end to corporate greed and lack of accountability. The corporations have caused these problems.  The corporations---not the people---need to pay for correcting them and cleaning them up. 


  1. This is yet another article that is near and dear to my heart. I have long believed the tremendous human potential was being wasted by the current system. Obviously the amount of suppression and repression in the world is a deliberate undermining of mankind. There's no good reason in the modern world why people aren't free to pursue what they are constructively inclined towards. How many inventions and creativity have been lost is unfortunate but correcting the system will head us in a very bright future.

  2. Incredulous. Absolutely incredulous - Plasma Technology of the other three Angels bound in the fertile crescent? Well, O.K. But No, that's not what's incredulous to me ... It's the appeal to the Fount of Evil to be anything less! Has no one here read Hislop's Babylon? Fox's Book of Martyrs detailing the horrors the Pope's did? White's The Great Controversy? Saussy's Rulers of Evil? The Catholic Church heads the Cabal according to them. The bankers are they're instrument. Why else was the Vatican banks head hung under Friars Bridge adjacent to the City of London? And Pope Francis is ominously considered the Last Pope by Tom Horn and other thoughtful Christian writers.
    The catholic Church is eagerly awaiting the coming of the antichrist with its telescopes searching the skies looking for the arrival of his intervention. Read Exo-Vaticana by Putnam. It has been suborned by the anti-Christ working through the homosexual lobby and the Jesuits according to Malachi martin. And finally, remember what they did to the actual church of God, the Cathars?
    And then Anna calls for the elimination of solid money and the implementation of a credit scheme. Unbelievable. Our Constitution tells us plainly what money is: Gold and Silver.
    It is inherently valuable APART from it's relevance as a form of 'money' - read Genesis of the Grail Kings by Laurence Gardner. Gold can be induced to a separate molecular state known as mon-atomic to rebuild DNA. Taking gold from the people robs them of the opportunity of it's use in technology those who control the world want to deny us. And the use of any electronic credit system will always defraud humanity. Why do you think the establishment is eagerly promoting the subcutaneous microchip? What else but to implement complete control of the populace through using it as the Credit card under your skin AND the means to always track you. We are always better with the Gold under our beds people!
    I am absolutely ASTONISHED that Anna would say these things when she is so knowledgeable about the replacement of actual law in this country by false means.

  3. Matthew Crawford is undoubtedly NOT a Robot and I have read all he talks about and more especially on monotonic Gold as in David Hudson's research.etc., I never deal with banks and have always used gold & silver for exchange I believe Plasma Technology and the knowledge from N.Tesla, W. Reich & V. Schauberger is our way to future in this age of Aquarius. I would like to get Mr.Crawford's email if possible,mine is

  4. It is so wonderful to hear the things we are hearing these days! We have been lied to for so long. The voices of real freedom guaranteed in our derailed Constitution are calling us home.There is another group I've discovered that is working in every county and moving on to governors and tell them that the corporate "governments" they work for are SEDITIOUS and they need to desist or be charged with being the traitors they are to our country. Go to (Takes a few minutes to load.) They are working in the area of re-establishing our true courts, not in bringing various actions associated with sovereign citizens. They have a free "civics course" to get everyone up to speed on the issues and solutions. Everything they provide is free. There are opportunities to study up and work in the counties. Very intelligent group.

    1. I want to add that they are not just "telling" officials, they are creating filings and setting up with sheriffs who are filed against first and so must enforce the ones higher up or be charged with sedition themselves. So it's a domino effect moving up. Let them tell you.

    2. Supposedly we live in a World of contract , well who died and made You King ! without full disclosure their is no contract it is all an illusion on their part and their job is order out of Kaos ,to try and maintain the fear so that we will not come to the realization as to how powerful we truly are with love & respect keep up the great work !

  5. anything digital that is meted out is not freedom. It could be taken over easily by the central banks and taken away like they are going to do now since depositors are uninsured investors and investors lose their money if the banks go down. No more are the depositors creditors to the bank. They make the law that deposits are assets of the banks andthe people don't know how to say no. There is no mechanism to stop these changes favoring the banks. What would be different if money or credits were deposited into an account for our needs? We can still have it taken away by the ones giving it? And who would be meting it out?
    The only way that we have control, sorry if the world economy is inconvenienced, is if we have the solid metal in our control. And I don't mean a gold or silver stock. Stocks are still paper with no value. Anything that resemble digital currency worldwide makes it easy for the Rothschild's bank and oligarchs to take control over the ones that are authorized to mete out to the people. Then voila we have a one world currency controlled by the New World Order Rothschild's banks.
    Freedom is being paid for our services. Why can't a small dime sized piece of silver be a dollar. That would stretch the metal that you say causes scarcity because there is a limited quantity. In Park Ridge New Jersey a Wampum shop existed. It made a medium of exchange out of tiny shells and called it Wampum.I think they wore the wampum around their necks like a necklace. At least it is in physical form not electronics that are controlled by others.

  6. I too am very disappointed about the contents of Anna's current post, and agree with Mr. Crawford and the others who have expressed the same. Along with the publications already cited regarding the atrocities of the Catholic Church and it's Popes, add the book titled Ecclesiastical Megalomania to that list as well which recognizes Pope after Pope ad nauseam for what most of them have been, and it isn't pretty...and this one is a Jesuit on top of that. I'm very surprised that Anna would recommend the monetary system that she did after all of the talk she has done about what constitutes lawful money. Those who ohh and ahh about this post obviously can't see the forest for the trees.


  7. The governments must enforce total control of online data, a secure internet , before they can and will bring in conversion to digital currency. A global economic collapse will help them in this their aim, a new world game.


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