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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is The FBI Assembling Death Squads - A Commentary by Judge Anna Von Reitz

The following headline was published at the Common Sense Show website on Saturday the 23rd, 2016

The FBI Assembling Death Squads As They Bring In 200 Vehicles to Oregon

In a shocking development, the FBI has brought in over 200 vehicles to Burns, Oregon. To those that know their history, it appears that Burns, Oregon will soon become the next Waco.  If I had family (i.e. women, children and the elderly), I would have them leave the Burns, Oregon area as there is ready to be a good old fashion military battleground. ......

I forwarded that to Judge Anna hoping she would write something, and this is what she has sent back with instructions to make sure this goes viral and very quickly before these agents get violent.

Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World---
Round Seven:  Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF:
There Is No “Interregnum”
23 January 2016

Everyone needs understand that our government is not in any “interregnum” as the result of a governmental services corporation going bankrupt. 

That is a problem for the owners and operators of that corporation.  It is not a problem for the lawful sovereigns of this country.  We are able and willing to appoint new federal entities to act as our agents in the international venue and we have done so.

This is the equivalent of dropping the employment contract of a criminal housekeeper and hiring someone new to do the job.  The IMF owned and operated UNITED STATES is insolvent.  It presumed upon us, stole our identities, racked up our credit accounts to the moon --- and we have repudiated the entire circumstance and the associated odious debts.

Everyone on Earth can plainly see that the sovereignty of this country is fully vested in the unincorporated people and organic states and has never been vested in any incorporated legal fiction entity at all.   Ms. Hudes’ presumption that this country is in any kind of “interregnum” is the height of self-interested wishful thinking.

The "federal government" with respect to us is a provider of government services under contract, an association of states that has never been a sovereign government with respect to us or our assets to begin with.  

If any form of "United States" is in interregnum, it is the euphemistically named United States of America, Minor----  composed of the seven (7) Insular states and the District of Columbia.  

It isn't the Continental United States and any confusion with us will be summarily dealt with---most likely at the end of a rope for those promoting it.   

The sovereignty of our country has always been with the people and the organic states on the land, not with any incorporated vessel in commerce. 

Our country has never been bankrupt, hasn’t been at war in 150 years, and we are not obligated to explain our actions or inactions.

Suffice it to say that we have returned home to find that our hired help has acted in Breach of Trust, has misrepresented us and grossly abused our property and good name with criminal intent to defraud us of our inheritance and to institutionalize a multi-generational fraud scheme perpetuated by a joint collusion between the Federal Reserve Banks and the International Monetary Fund/World Bank/IBRD ---all of which are in receipt of stolen goods belonging to us and our progeny.

As of the sixth of November 2015 we concluded Treaty negotiations with leaders of two of the largest American Indigenous Nations, the Lakota Sioux and the Athabasca.  As a result of our Declaration of Joint Sovereignty all the  Native Americans have regained their status as free sovereign people on the land, and as a further result, we have placed our international agency with these nations whose fate and future are allied most closely with our own. 

After a National Plebiscite allowing people to express their true political status under conditions of full-disclosure and clearing away five generations-worth of fraud, semantic deceit, and abusive criminality by a succession of bank-run governmental services corporations – we may indeed call for a Continental Congress of the organic states of the Union, in which knowledgeable Fiduciary Deputies acting under full commercial liability take up the issues posed by the present circumstance and 150 years of bad housekeepers and dishonest stable boys.  

For now let it be observed by the Holy See and the entire World that the British Monarch has acted in unrepentant Breach of Trust, that Dishonor of our National Trust is entirely the fault of a succession of such Monarchs since 1845, that all debts ever accrued by the organic states of the Union are limited to those services actually received and contracted for under the provisions of the Original Equity Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America and that all other debts are not and never were our responsibility.

Let it also stand that as a result of this fundamental Breach of Trust by the British Monarchs we have been mischaracterized and defrauded and press-ganged and subjected to enslavement and peonage, that false titles have been imposed upon our assets and many false and infamous claims have been made against us and our property.  We have also been misrepresented as criminals and war-mongers and immoral libertines to the rest of the world.

All this has happened despite British assurances of perpetual friendship and amity, despite the many signatures and seals of British Monarchs and British Crown officials on Treaties, United Nations Declarations, Geneva and Hague Conventions, Trade Agreements, Pacts, and Alliances.  These perpetrators of fraud and criminality have betrayed and enslaved their own people since the 1867 Enfranchisement Act. They have betrayed their Allies in both War and Peace. 

The IMF-run governmental services corporation in America has amassed a huge commercial mercenary army on our shores, disguised as government agencies –BATF, FEMA, DHS, IRS, FBI, CIA, and so on-- when in fact these are all nothing but private, for-profit corporations lacking any public office or authority at all. These are bands of armed thugs who are being instructed to bully and rob us by criminals pretending to hold public offices and by bankers who are running governmental services corporations “as if” they were actual governments.

Imagine that you pay ABC Housekeeping Services, Inc. to do your laundry, vacuum your carpet, clean the kitchen, empty the trash, and scrub down the bathroom once a week.  They subcontract the work out and hire DEF, Inc. to do the laundry; GHI, Inc. to do the vacuuming and so on. 

Then imagine that ABC Housekeeping Services, Inc. directs all these subcontractors to boot up, ambush you, rob you, beat you, and bring false charges against you---and also pretends that you asked for this “service”.

That’s what we have going on in America and we have reason to believe the same thing is going on all over the world.  

We would like to ask Pope Francis how much longer he expects people to put up with this before they take massive violent direct action against the clergy, the bankers, the lawyers, and the politicians responsible for this?  We've seen the French Revolution.  We've seen the Russian Revolution.  We've seen the Chinese Revolution.  We've seen two World Wars and countless police actions, and at the end of the day---- it is all because of this hideous fraud. 

This Babylonian Slave System has been instituted to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy and Rule Britannia and the Marseilles--- and all these evils perpetuated from 1845 until now have been finessed by the British Government despite the fact that slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and despite the fact that war has been outlawed since the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928.   They just call it by a different name, put on a new uniform, create a new office for themselves and pretend that it’s all right.

All the purloined  and borrowed assets owed to the American people and the organic states of the Union must be returned to us, the lawful Entitlement Holders, First Copyright Holders, Heirs, and Beneficiaries and released to our control, free and clear, with interest--- with no further obfuscation or delay.  That is our counter-offer to Ms. Hudes and the banks she works for.  

Any Waco-style attacks against Americans will be instantly recognized as criminal acts by those corporations and corporate officers responsible.  Not only the immediate field staff but the entirety of the corporate chain of command will be held individually and commercially 100% liable.  Those responsible for any such acts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Public Law, up to and including Public Execution.  Their corporations will also incur an immediate and published lien of two (2) billion ounces of fine silver per American murdered by any “federal” employee or agent -- one billion to be paid to actual government of this country and one billion to be paid to the victim’s family, plus any Bounty Hunter fees, court fees, or other expenses. 

We will happily bankrupt every corporation and liquidate every agency that promotes violence or criminality of any kind.  We will happily prosecute every banker, every attorney, and every politician responsible.  We do not recognize this as any kind of “war” but merely high level garden variety crime that has not been recognized for what it is and properly addressed.

We presented our complaints to Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 in his Extraordinary and Secular Role as Trustee of the Global Estate.  We have continued to press for a peaceful settlement in which the American assets are returned to the American people and their organic states for the past eight years.   This is not rocket science and we have not hindered any reasonable solution or refused any equitable settlement.

We have appointed Athabasca Chief Michael Young to act as our Agent and have appointed General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. in his capacity as a Commanding General of the American Armed Forces to act as our Fiduciary Deputy to collect our gold and all other material assets which were illegally confiscated, mortgaged, and otherwise improperly entangled in the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and which have been received as stolen goods by the Global Debt Facility, World Bank, IBRD, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE, BIS, etc.

The banks and trustees responsible have been notified and there is no excuse for continued attempts to avoid the truth and misrepresent the circumstance.
We remark with Mark Twain that rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated.  The lawful unincorporated government of this country is alive and well; the free, sovereign and independent people of the United States are here to rebut any claim that our sovereignty has faltered much less entered any interregnum.

As we have repudiated the odious debts compiled by the IMF dba UNITED STATES and refused any claim by the World Bank to act as Successor to Contract it should also be clear that we do not recognize any actions by Barack Hussein Obama creating bankrupt Puerto Rican public transmitting utilities named after us or any other American living or dead and styled like this: JACOB J. LEW. 
We do not recognize any franchises created by False Usufructs in our names and employed by the same False Usufructs under conditions of fraud and deceit to enrich themselves and the corporations they have employed as a means of theft and violence. Any and all such legal “persons” and all debts or charges associated with them are the responsibility of the corporations that created them and nobody else on Earth---least of all the victims whose names have been seized upon and copyrighted by criminals.

Since 1860 a succession of imposters have presented themselves as public office holders while in fact occupying similarly-named private corporate offices instead.  This fraud and deceit has allowed them to abuse what appears to be public office for private gain and to coercively and abusively impose upon the people of the United States.

The American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service have both been owned and operated under false pretenses and clandestine fraud by Northern Trust, Inc. and have functioned as Undeclared Foreign Agents on our soil for decades. They have been employed to act as private bill collectors and privateers while posing as lawful judicial officers and employees of our government while in fact being employed by bank-run governmental services corporations and used to promote racketeering and armed extortion under Color of Law.

Fraud begun during the Administration of Abraham Lincoln has led to 150 years of war, misery, and enslavement of hundreds of millions of innocent people worldwide--- the American people among them.  Deluded victims of misplaced confidence we supported the perpetrators of these crimes and acted as their unwitting accomplices. 

May Our Father in Heaven and all the people we have harmed forgive us as we deal with this outrageous criminality in our midst.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

Translation of Karen Hudes’ Correspondence to Members of the “Development Committee” dated December 28, 2015

Concerning the Global Currency Reset from the assets in the Global Debt Facility, as described in  

Karen Hudes:  This is a draft of the fifth and eighth action items in the Letter of Intent. It was agreed with twenty delegations during the Annual Meetings in Lima, and subsequently cleared by email with the New York Missions and Tokyo Embassies, that any country which disagreed with my proposals would go on record in writing. The purpose of these measures is to frustrate the efforts of the Network of Global Corporate Control identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich to bring on another Dark Ages through quantitative easing.

Anna’s Translation:  We got the boys together and figured out that quantitative easing would bring on the Mother of All Depressions and because of our unlucky Derivatives positions and other misdeeds, we would not be able to benefit from that.  So we have to find some way to steal the assets owed to the Americans, use their assets to pay our debts, claim that their government is in “interregnum” because our own governmental services corporation went bankrupt, and use the American’s own assets to reboot another round of fraud and plunder against them.

Karen Hudes: Successive measures in the Global Currency Reset will be agreed transparently and peacefully in due course. In addition to discussions in the Development Committee, the United States will join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and a means of converting the excess liquidity of Federal Reserve Notes that were acquired through economic transactions (and not through black operations) will include allocating shares of the publicly traded companies that are in receivership in the Global Debt Facility.

Anna’s Translation:  The “United States” being referred to is the UNITED STATES, INC., an insolvent governmental services corporation operated by the IMF.  This corporation --- once it is purchased by the World Bank using American credit and assets--- will sop up all the “Federal Reserve Notes” issued after the Federal Reserve System was already bankrupted.  And on top of using our assets to do this after we, the Heirs,  have specifically told them NO, they propose to  seize upon American corporations---like the bogus public transmitting utilities recently created by Obama “in our names”--- that have been improperly included in the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES to siphon off more profit for the perpetrators

Karen Hudes:  The Global Currency Reset is not deflating or contracting the amount of currency required for economic activities; Federal Reserve Notes will continue to circulate alongside Treasury Dollars and local currencies; excess Federal Reserve Notes will be retired in due course. Legal tender laws are no longer in effect; parties will decide which currency to use.

Anna’s Translation: The perpetrators will buy back their pal’s I.O.U.s called “Federal Reserve Notes” and issue new I.O.U.’s called “United States Dollars” printed up by the so-called “Global Debt Facility” all based on our credit and assets--- not their own---and continue to bill us and blame us for this criminal chicanery and abuse.

Karen Hudes: The initial procedure for exchanging Federal Reserve Notes for uncut United States Dollars held in the Global Debt Facility will be as follows: residents of the United States will mail a notice to the Development Committee on a form to be published, the amount of Federal Reserve Notes that they propose to exchange (up to $1 million per resident), and the address to which the Development Committee's certification for the exchange is to be mailed. In order to exchange Federal Reserve Notes for Treasury Dollars, certification will be required.

Anna’s Translation:  Government insiders and Federal United States Citizens (Congressmen, etc.) who stand to get burned by all this can write a note to the Development Committee and exchange their utterly worthless “Federal Reserve Notes” in quantities of up to a million digits for the new worthless I.O.U.’s, provided they ask nicely and get permission—a “certification”---look up the legal meaning of “certification”, folks--- from the “Development Committee”.  

Karen Hudes: Although initially demand deposits, savings deposits, money market mutual funds and other time deposits can include Federal Reserve Notes, eventually these will have to be disaggregated since only Treasury Dollars will be eligible for exchange into aurum. The design and denominations of the aurum will be determined by the US Mint pursuant to the Monetary Agreement that will be entered into in due course.

Anna’s Translation: only those people who get permission from the “Development Committee” to exchange their Federal Reserve Note I.O.U’s will be able to get the new “Treasury Dollar” I.O.U’s and then be able to convert those into “aurum”--- gold or gold-backed certificates. All the “little people” will be out of luck, forced to deal in more “federal funny money” and have to pay for all this fraud as a result. Same scam, different day, new names for the same old crappola.

Karen Hudes: Because of the corruption in the international financial system arising from the Network of Global Corporate Control, additional certifications for the exchange of Federal Reserve Notes will need to be determined after the United States has ended its interregnum pursuant to Article V of the Constitution of 1789. The amount of United States currency will be equivalent to its gross national product, and will also include local currencies in the villages, towns, and other local areas.

Anna’s Translation:  Because they all got caught making nasty they have to come up with something to blame so Karen hit upon the “Network of Global Corporate Control” as a name for the scapegoat Bogey Man.   Nobody will notice that they are the Bogey Man if they point fingers at another Bogey Man, right?  So after they have pretended that the American Government has collapsed along with their criminally mis-managed governmental services corporation and that the sovereign people of the United States all just “disappeared” and/or “volunteered” to act as slaves for them,  they will try to hold a bogus “Continental Congress” and pass it off as the real thing, just as they have pretended to hold public offices.  Using incorporated entities to merely “represent” the people they propose to re-instate their corporation as the de facto government, and then say that they will issue I.O.U.’s equal to a year’s worth of the GNP to float enough fake “money” to keep things moving.

These infamous scoundrels have claimed that we, the people, are “dead” because their nasty, criminal, incompetent, coercive “governmental services corporation” went insolvent and now the parent corporation of all this evil---- the UN Corporation, the IMF, and the UNITED STATES, INC. are having to come in and buy up the debts and spin off a new round of the same old fraud and they are proposing to keep our assets and use our credit to do all this in our names.

FINAL TRANSLATION:  Karen Hudes is trying to steal your country.  She proposes to use your own assets and credit to pay for bailing out her Bosses and the rats at the Federal Reserve who colluded with them to steal you blind ever since 1913.  She is pretending --- in her own self-interest – that the lawful government of this country is gone and lacking sovereignty because an IMF-owned governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES is insolvent or because the so-called "United States of America, Minor" is bankrupt, either. 

Just more Shinola, in other words.  More attempts to confuse us with them. 

The actual sovereignty of our country resides in the unincorporated organic states and the people as it always has and never had anything to do with those merely “representing” us.  Now that we have stood up and are presenting ourselves, Ms. Hudes and her ilk must stand down and admit that we are still very much alive and that we have named other Parties to represent us in the international venue and have refused Jacob Rothschild’s offer to buy out the bankrupt UNITED STATES and run it as a Successor to Contract to initiate another round of the same old fraud.

The banks now owe us—the American People--- the return of all our assets as we have detailed in our Sixth Round Reply to Ms. Hudes--- free and clear, with interest.  No liens, no debts, no attachments, no retention of claims upon us or our lands, nor our resources, homes, copyrights, businesses, livestock, or anything else.  These banks either pay up peacefully or reveal to the whole world that they are nothing but crime syndicates subject to immediate liquidation. 

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website


  1. It would seem to me that a bankrupt and insolvent USA minor would not be able to hold a claim of martial law against the Continental united States?

    1. Correct--- that's why the World Bank is offering to buy the UNITED STATES, INC. and cover the "debts" that the Federal Reserve Notes represent---- which are debts owed by the colluding banks including the World Bank--- using our assets. We get to pay three times that way--- once when the I.O.U.'s were issued and accepted, again when we paid for goods and services that we already purchased, and lastly, now, when we pick up the tab for the criminals who did this to us.

    2. How about we simply learn that the Constitution limits the President of the United States and Congress to a ten square mile area known as the District of Columbia. That is the only territory where they possess exclusive legislative authority.
      EVERYTHING they have enforced against the states through subterfuge or otherwise is simply unconstitutional.

      What if 50,000,000 American state citizens learned that for themselves? It would bring an end to the tyranny committed daily by the pretended sovereigns of the 50 Commonwealths of the Union.

  2. they are ALL false claims against the unincorporated, living people of God on the land of the united States of America, major.

    question to anna what about the OPMG? (provost marshal) you keep bringing up General Dunford do you think the OPMG has any role in this?

    1. Unfortunately, the OPMG has been taken over by lawyers, and lawyers are the foot soldiers of the Other Side. The function of the OPMG is to prevent this sort of thing. Ditto the Coast Guard which should be preventing Inland Piracy. But the fact is that these organizations are being mis-directed at the top by Bar Attorneys and until that is corrected, very little can be done to change it. The only "weapons" we have are the Truth and public awareness and outrage.

  3. In Canada lawyers take their oath to the Queen of England.
    ... Canada is a Monarchy disguised as a free and sovereign nation with
    some freedoms, not many, and those that are 'granted' can be taken
    away by the 'not withstanding' clause in the Canada Constitution being
    a fake documented to make it look good on the surface a a document
    not accepted by all provinces making it an 'illegal' document.

    In the United States lawyers take their oath to the U.S. Constitution.
    Lawyers are 'bound' to the U.S. Constitution.
    The U.S. is 'not' a Monarchy.
    The U.S. is 'not' governed by the Queen of England or any King and Queen.
    The U.S. is 'not' governed by any Pope and has no allegiance to the Pope.
    The U.S. is 'indeed' the land of the free and the land of the brave however, U.S.
    has allowed itself to be bewitched beguiled and deceived by the Evil Sickness and has given up their 'God given' freedom and great Constitution based on Gods' 'word.'

    The U.S. is now a nation of dumbed downed, water downed, sissy, sellout Christians that have turned their backs on God.
    ... the great and enormous price for doing so is about to be paid.

    The Fed Res is an illegal entity.
    It has been defeated two times previously by the U.S.
    The time to defeat it a third time is way over due.

    The IRS is an illegal collection agency for the Fed Res being a privately owned
    bank consortium.
    The IRS is nothing more than UN Thugs on Mind Control Drugs Terrorist Organization.

    Tax is only to be paid by corporations that show a profit.
    No tax is to be paid by anyone else.
    If you can find a law that states, otherwise, I would like to know about it.

    Karen Hudes is cleverly 'setting' up the people of the U.S. and the world for
    that matter for another round of fraud and corruption as has been taking place since 1913 when the Fed Res was illegally given the right to print money by a bought off and paid for President.

    There was no tax previous to 1913.
    There was not Fed Res Private Bank consortium printing and controlling the economy and 'everyone' prospered greatly.

    It should be noted that only the Congress can print money for the use of money in the U.S. and elsewhere and no one else therefore making the Fed Res Private Consortium Bank an illegal entity printing worthless paper notes money backed by 'thin' air and nothing else.

    It is time and time is way over due for the U.S. to get back to its roots.
    If everyone decides to get the job done good and proper is can be done easy
    and quick.

    Here is what is required by everyone in the U.S. and Canada for that matter and all Christian based nations;

    - Repent of your sins
    - Accept Lord Jesus the Christ as your saviour.
    - Read your KJV Bible everyday.
    - Walk with God
    - Talk with God
    - implement 'spiritual' warfare prayers against the enemy
    - implement 'imprecatory' prayers against the enemy.
    - save your country
    - save your soul
    This is all that has to be done.
    There is no other way otherwise;
    The 'land of the free' and the 'land of the brave' will become
    the 'land of the few; and the 'land of the enslaved.'

    God gave 'no one' the 'spirit of fear,' therefore go a do what you know is right.
    Walk with God and there is 'nothing' to fear and you will once again 'prosper.'

    william rallis

    1. I wish you were right about the "U.S." not being in the thrall of the Queen and the Popes, but it is and always was. Like millions of Americans you don't know how the government was organized in the first place and are making assumptions that don't agree with the facts.

      The only sovereign people or states are the living people and the organic states. These organized in 1781 under the perpetual Articles of Confederation to create the Union of states, which, operating as the united States of America concluded The Constitution agreement in 1789.

      The Union of states created by The Articles of Confederation didn't disappear when the Constitution was signed--- far from it. It retained the generalized land jurisdiction of the United States in total and those parts of the jurisdiction of the sea not specifically delegated to the "United States"--- a foreign entity charged with protecting our National Trust, guaranteeing the Bill of Rights and providing nineteen agreed upon essential governmental services.

      It's THAT version of "United States" that is and always has been British-backed, British-controlled, and which is in fact a Constitutional Democracy and not a Republic at all.

      Our Grandparents called this the "Federal United States" as opposed to us, which they called the "Continental United States".

      Additionally, along the way, the rats created a separate independent international city state in the District of Columbia known as the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and later as the Municipality of Washington, DC.

      This entity is an oligarchy run by members of Congress.

      Hope that jars you awak.

    2. william rallis said and had faith in lies. :
      > There was not Fed Res Private Bank consortium printing and controlling the economy and 'everyone' prospered greatly.

      William didn't know the US went in bed with the UK and France in 1850's in se Asia. The French was at least honest telling what happened then, said in their books That the UK, France and US (Inc) profited from the poor se asia resources.

  4. If the Governor of Oregon can call in the FBI then she can order the FBI out
    otherwise another Ruby Ridge and Bill Cooper incident will take place for no good reason whatsoever.

    These are good people standing tall for their country.
    They have drawn the line and are not going to put up with the trash
    They are implementing their second amendment for good and lawful reason in a good a lawful manner.
    The FBI is not required.
    Negotiations are required.
    The Governor of Oregon must resign immediately.

    1. The FBI is a criminal organization, just like all the rest of the three letter agencies!

  5. Replies
    1. If the "Governor of Oregon"--- an imposter occupying a private corporate office pretending to occupy a public office takes any such action, she will be subject to arrest and trial for war crimes and her corporation will be liened for billions of dollars and rendered insolvent. Since this entire exercise is about money and getting more money that outcome would be counterproductive.

    2. I pray for the folks of Oregon. U wanna know why the constitutional leader didn't give the FBI agent a copy of ur DEAR FEDERAL AGENTS...All officials in every office needs a copy of that. Can we do a mass email to educate them without falling into spam laws?

    3. I wanna know why not U. Sorry for the typo

    4. People from Oregon need to stand up for Oregon. It's enough that the rest of us are there to back them up. They need to get their knickers in a knot and screw up their courage and tell the fake "Governor" where to get off. Now. They need to do this for themselves and serve Notice.

    5. Does anyone have the video footage of the shoot out that took place tues jan. 26? Someone should have taken it that didn't get arrested....

  6. An affidavit of truth concerning the Oregon Siege to be signed by all occupying the disputed area, a sort of declaration of independence. Any volunteers to author it?

  7. Perhaps:
    An affidavit of truth to each aggressive government agency at the scene.
    Ask each agency the unanswerable hard questions.
    Who are you?
    Who owns you?
    What is the source of your authority?
    What are your motives?
    Why is this any of your business?
    What proposals do you offer?
    Who stands to gain from your proposal?

  8. Education is the primary ingredient of a peaceful resolution.
    We need 100 copies of Anna Maria Riezinger's book,
    We need 100 copies of David E Robinson's 2 books
    New Beginning Study Course
    Disclosure 101
    We need 100 copies of DEAR FEDERAL AGENTS...

    1. I totally agree! But how can we do this when people don't understand this? They think I'm nuts.

  9. Everyone, on both sides, needs to educate themselves, ASAP.
    Ignorance is the enemy.

  10. I see two flags flying.
    100 government war flags.
    100 occupier civil flags.

    I see a great competition starting.
    I see all dedicated to sportsmanship.
    I see everyone standing, together before the event.

    I see....

    A Sovereign's Oath to the Peace

    As a sovereign inhabitant of this great nation.
    I pledge allegiance to the peace.
    I pledge allegiance to peaceful conduct.
    I pledge allegiance to peaceful solution.
    I pledge to arrest my impatience, frustration, and fear.
    I pledge to seek understanding of all sides.
    I pledge to always honor the space of my fellow citizens.
    I pledge allegiance to the peace.

  11. This is what the Evil Doers always do--- create two sides and profit from them fighting--- only this time we have the actual culprits clearly identified and its not going to be our sons and daughters sacrificed. It's going to be the bankers and lawyers and politicians hauled out of their comfy beds, and the church leaders, too---- the people actually responsible for this, not the dumb cows "following orders" but the people giving those orders and their business operations, too. Pay attention. Look sharp. We have enemies, true--- but not the dimwit Order Takers---- their bosses are the ones who are going to be fried and not in butter.

  12. What,specifically, can we do to support our brothers in Oregon???

    1. Education is the primary ingredient of a peaceful resolution.
      We need 100 copies of Anna Maria Riezinger's book,
      We need 100 copies of David E Robinson's 2 books
      New Beginning Study Course
      Disclosure 101
      We need 100 copies of DEAR FEDERAL AGENTS...

    2. Add to that 100 US war flags.
      Add to that 100 US civil flags.

  13. 4 U.S. Code § 72 - Public offices; at seat of Government

    Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

    US Code

    All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.
    (July 30, 1947, ch. 389, 61 Stat. 643.)

  14. Does anyone know if these folks unincorporated themselves? If so what at authority did they have to shoot at innocent protesters? I am very worried for our world.


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