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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Corruption in Harney County Oregon exposed

Brandon Curtiss
3 hrs ·
**3% of Idaho Official Statement for Immediate Release**
January 24, 2016
The recent statement released by the Harney County Sheriff’s Office on January 21, 2016 further attempts to discredit the lawful presence of the PPN and our continued efforts to support the community. Rather than address the grievances of the community, Sheriff Ward and Judge Gratsy continue to ignore the growing support within the community, and would rather engage in fear mongering to push a false narrative. Ward also continues to ignore the deep level of corruption surrounding Judge Steve Gratsy, the FBI, and officials within the county.
The Facebook post by the Sheriff’s Office claim the references to federal individuals caught posing as militia are inaccurate. However, intelligence confirms that the vehicles associated with these individuals are in fact registered to a government agency. Ward is selectively releasing information to the public regarding the PPN’s presence which illustrates an inaccurate portrayal of the PPN’s attempts at negotiating a peaceful resolution. Statements made in a previous Press Release by the PPN can be verified through and through.
Furthermore, Sheriff Ward continues to prove himself as an unconstitutional Sherriff by not only ignoring the underlying issues of federal overreach, but by removing a reporter for exercising his 1st Amendment right during a recent open assembly. During this assembly, Oregon State Representative Cliff Bentz read a list of laws which are supposedly being broken by the Occupiers. These biased interpretations of the law are gross misrepresentations of the Constitution and completely ignore the illegality of BLM behaviors. After hearing this list, a reporter asked “What about the Constitution?” He was immediately led out of the building for “disrupting the assembly”.
Ward has also failed to mention or publicly acknowledge his push for excessive use of aggressive police behavior is conducting unnecessary traffic stops of local supporters and PPN members in an attempt to intimidate. Officers have reportedly conducted traffic stops with no probable cause and without having established necessary driving patterns to justify these traffic stops. These instances are professionally inappropriate and can be verified by several local witnesses
The PPN will continue to maintain a neutral presence within Harney County to encourage open dialogue, a peaceful resolution, and to expose the dishonest conduct of Judge Steve Gratsy, the FBI, and officials within the county. The misinformation tactics being employed the Sherriff are distasteful and misleading. The refusal of Sheriff Ward to address community grievances, his restrictions of 1st Amendment rights, ignoring corruption within the county, and pushing a false narrative must be exposed so that a peaceful resolution can be attained.


  1. Elsa Canelon, born in California. International Commerce, General Contractor, Interior Design and Renovations, Business Development, Human and Animal Rights Defender,Advocate for a Free America off of Law if the Sea into Land Natural Law, as man is a natural sentient being.

  2. WeThePeople that do care and acknowledge that we are born free and with rights (not priviledges) to freedom, will not stay indiferent but fight with all our resources to establish peaceful order in America not allowing social abuse, immorality, deceipt, greed, corruption and lies. You bankers, bars, polititians and accomplices including President Obama have committed treason against the American People. Step down, we will restore order, this is a fact.


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